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Astrodelica 4 by Richard Lawther

Aims 9 9 10 10
bERT 10 10 10 10
Brigidsgirl 9 9 10 10
CalrOsario 10 10 10 10
CC 10 10 10 9
Cuqui 10 10 10 10
Dimpfelmoser 10 10 10 10
DJ Full 10 9 10 9
Engelchen Lara 10 10 10 10
eTux 10 10 10 9
G.Croft 10 9 10 9
Gerty 9 10 10 10
gfd 8 9 9 10
Glow 10 10 10 10
Jay 10 10 10 10
Jez 9 8 9 9
Jon Black 10 10 10 10
Josi 9 10 10 10
Juan Carlos 10 10 10 9
Kristina 10 10 10 10
Lorena 10 10 10 10
Loupar 10 9 10 10
manarch2 10 10 9 9
MichaelP 9 10 9 9
Navi 10 10 10 10
Patson 10 10 10 10
Phil 9 9 10 10
RaiderGirl 10 10 10 10
Ryan 10 10 10 10
Sash 10 10 10 9
Staticon 9 10 10 10
TifaNazah 9 10 10 9
Torry 7 9 8 10
Treeble 10 9 10 9
Tune Razor 10 10 9 9
Whistle 10 9 10 10
release date: 07-Apr-2003
# of downloads: 88

average rating: 9.69
review count: 36
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file size: 35.20 MB
file type: TR4
class: Fantasy/Surreal

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This is one of the best level i have ever played. The concept is incredible. After the previous aventures, this one makes great sense and i enjoyed myself with this fantastic level sets. Funny in severals moments, with fantastic atmosphere and unique textures/concept. Some of the puzzles are amazing, in concept and gameplay: very challenging, but fair and elegant (mindfully speaking)… The Astrodelica series is very well structured and are in my favourite games, where nearly everything is just perfect. I only found 2 secrets and the game takes me about 3 and a half hours to finish. Absolutely recommended!! I think Richard Lawther is among the best custom level creators. The full serie of ASTRODELICA must be played!!! A masterpiece no one should miss. Four tens, of course!" - CalrOsario (25-Nov-2022)
"It gets more aesthetic and interesting after you survive the first offputting minutes. Avoiding spoilers, I won't point out every creative thing here, but they all have one thing in common: guidance and focus allow any kind of outbox content, so it doesn't get boring. Death to the bigger Bobs!" - DJ Full (28-Jul-2022)
"I started my foray into Lawther's levels in this year, and I'm very happy to wrap up the Astrodelica series as it's one of the earliest landmarks in TRLE culture. And a well deserved one, too, even though it's definitely not for everyone in the sense that these might have been the most alienish levels I've played. This final installment is quite impressive and filled to the brim with ingenious gameplay, such as the jumping sequence with alternating tiles, the chess plays, guiding a creature through a maze, among many others. On top of that, you also get a very impressive rollercoaster track to navigate with the quadbike, which might be a bit harder than intended as you can't reverse drive and some of the corners are quite tight, but saving often will mitigate any frustration. The very outworldly theme is further enhanced with alien sound bites which made this quite unique (and rather creepy at times), indeed. 90 minutes, 2 secrets. 12/20" - Treeble (20-Dec-2020)
"Oh, I absolutely loved this. This surreal game may not be to everyone's taste, but I have to say that I thought it was excellent. All of Richard's trademarks are here: ingenious puzzles, cool music, a quirky vehicle and funky texturing. Great retextured weapons and medipacks too. Do NOT miss it, if you do it will be your loss." - Ryan (24-Mar-2016)
"I wasn't fully satisfied with the first levels in the Astrodelica series, but couldn't have been much more with this last installment! In fact, this has become one of my favourite games, where nearly everything is just about right. The gameplay has some of the best puzzles I've ever seen and while none of them is extremely hard, they all pose a good challenge while being completely unique and plainly fun to solve. It all starts calm but deeply atmospheric with a floating island style and several paths leading away from the central hub - and each of the side areas is chock full of marvellous tasks like a great chess area, drones you have to lure to the right tiles, alternating platforms, more extended bike tours, timed runs against a boulder and of course several humorous encounters (among lots of other things to admire which would seriously lenghen my review if I listed them all, but do believe me it's all just most excellent). And when you think most of the action is done and you'll place the two main items you're treated to yet another full level, with a very large three-dimensional hub area full of walkways you have to traverse with the bike. Yes, this is all fairly complex and maybe even confusing, but this is one of the cases where non-linear settings actually do the level a favour, and the gameplay in the side areas is also pretty great and original as usual. And finally you get to solve yet a very long timed run with the motorbike which you won't forget, before entering the grand finale and all greats which are combined with it. I must say that Richard has outsmarted himself with some of the objects again, and they also help to create the unique atmosphere of the game, which is rather strong throughout. It's perhaps not the most inspired part of the game, being not maximally perfected with many simplistic areas, and there are still some parts where you can see through the floor/wall textures seeing other rooms in the distance, though that element is thankfully cut short, I won't ever like it even if it's intended. The visuals are overall also stronger than before, with a rather strong colour scheme and rooms not looking as plain as in the other parts of the series, but still the lighting could need a small bit of work. Overall this is, as I already said, one of my favourite games I've played and absolutely recommended from start to finish, there's nothing more I can say. Found three secrets in 70 minutes. More than highly recommended for the great vision in the puzzles and the object design - unbelievable this game hasn't been reviewed since nearly eight years! Go and play the full series now!" - manarch2 (10-Apr-2014)
"Here's another non-traditional raid in the style of Astrodelica 1/2, and you get another extended fling with the whiz-band near the end. Although there are a few enemies scattered here and there, you'll want to play this one for the puzzles and the whiz-bang ride. Harry Laudie has written a marvelously clear walkthrough, without which I wouldn't have been able to get past square one, and even with its aid I savored my way along for nearly three hours before reaching the extended closing flyby. It's not in the same league technically with the Demon Smalls series, but you'll enjoy this nice romp through an alien setting with cleverly reconstructed weapons, objects and enemies (even the "friendly" ones). Highly recommended." - Phil (25-Oct-2006)
"WOW what a great experience. I know there are loads of other reviews here so I won't waste anybody's time with details. This is now up there with a very few all-time great levels to my mind. I've said this before and I'll say it again if a builder is going to go 'alien' it's better to go all the way for people to accept the unique environment rather than mixing up reality and abstract which doesn't work at least for me. Great textures (even if some of them posed a few questions) architecture lighting puzzles flybys unique sounds climbs jumps swims objects enemies the whiz bang and above all a great sense of humour throughout. What an imagination! A word of warning to anyone who hasn't played the levels yet be very careful and bring the whiz bang all the way through each section (you only need it for one but I brought it with me through three different doors) and I lost it at one stage and had to start from the beginning all over again. Oh and as it doesn't reverse get into the habit of saving a lot." - CC (25-Jul-2004)
"You either love them or hate them and I am not even talking about this level but the humor that is in all Richard's levels. I for one love his humor and the second meeting with the Penguin had me cracking up so bad that my sides did hurt from laughing. About the level well I had some help as my fear of heights did kick in again so doing most of the Whiz Bang ride was my good old TR buddy (btw his age is 25). There are some surprises in here like that bloody tight timed rolling ball puzzle grrrrr. Then there is also that bit with the death bugs that had me going. I loved the maze with that small little creature (hilarious). Had some problem with finding the last of those shooting balls and wouldn't you know it was on the ceiling LOL. Had a hard time with those collapsible tiles but made it after a couple of tries so I am happy. As I wrote earlier the driving was done by my friend but he let me do the stuff in every room and I even drove the Whiz Bang at that 84 seconds race heh heh. I also love that you can choose which way you want to go first as it doesn't matter as long as you find the things you need. Never found the last secret so I only ended up with 2 not bad in my book. 08-06-2004" - Gerty (14-Jun-2004)
"Atmosphere: Nearly only own textures which shows a lot of work... I don't think everyone will like it but I was impressed after I got used to them. Puzzles: There are so much from easy Switches to Puzzles Objects and Holes until quite hard Puzzles where you have to use your brain. Enemies: All self-made - they are future-like but pretty cool... Flying round balls throwing arrows at Lara... small red Points getting you to be fed up of them... Engine-Bugs and many more unseen Enemies...Weapons: also self-made very interesting and the ammo has its own style. Sound: At the right time own sounds are added. I really loved the sounds of the flying bike called Whiz Bang. Specials: Lara wears a new outfit - instead of the normal medis there are Proton and Neutron Power to heal Lara. And special is of course the Flying Bike called Whiz Bang that is pretty coloured. Conclusion: Really amazing levels the author put a lot work inside with self-made objects enemies and so on... This level will be amazing to every Star Trek Fan und but for everyone else too!" - TifaNazah (12-Jun-2004)
"Thankfully not quite as tough as part 3 and not quite as unfathomable either. Lots of 'new' puzzles and environments. The whole thing really feels like the product of a warped mind ;) Dick really does excel when it comes to strangeness. I must be honest and say that I'm not quite sure why people have rated this level quite as high as they have. But I guess tastes differ and I seem to be in a minority that thinks that these maps are anything less than some of the very best. It took me 2 hours and 45 minutes. I only found 1 secret." - gfd (05-Jun-2004)
"I am once again dumbstruck. This is by far the coolest TRLE level I've encountered so far! It's so unique and original there were spots where I literally jumped out of my chair (like when I thought I would jump 'over' the mines and got a little surprise) spots where I had to do something 50 times before I saw how easy it was and realized that I was making things WAY too difficult! Dick's levels are my fave...amazing vision you are a brilliant man if I weren't already married...(okay jk I wouldn't really propose marriage on a website but now you understand how cool these levels are so go download now!)" - Brigidsgirl (08-May-2004)
"What a brilliant level! I've never seen anything like it the puzzles are original the backgrounds enemies everything! What a job well done! To play one of Richard's first levels and then play this you can see how much he has developed as a level builder and for the better definitely! Some of the puzzles were a bit too hard and I did get stressed with the quadbike because as it couldn't reverse I found myself having to reload a lot! But if you forget the bad things you have a masterpiece! I won't go into too much detail as I'm sure the other reviewers have covered it. All I can say is a brilliant level recommended for everyone you'll laugh you'll cry (if you get upset at Lara dying lol) and you'll love it!" - Aims (30-Apr-2004)
"Speechless. . ...Whew got my voice back. I thought Astrodelica 1/2 was great but this one blew me away. Virtually everything I would like to say about this level has already been said. It is very nearly the perfect level - wait - it IS the perfect level. One moment I am frustrated by a timed run the next I am laughing myself silly listening to 'The Funky Gibbon' one of my all time faves. Next I'm racking my brain to solve a puzzle then laughing as I watch a penguin swimming around wearing a crown then its underwear changing time as I navigate the Whiz Bang around precipitous narrow tracks. Richard is either a genius or certifiable. He has the ability to create levels that frustrate me beyond endurance but keep me coming back for more. I'm just going to have to play his other levels now. BTW - where can I join Richard Lawther - the fan club. :-)" - Staticon (02-Feb-2004)
"It occured to me that I would actually downrate this level if I gave it anything less than a perfect score but I wasn't going to anyway. Well I reckon finally the merry people at got used to Richard's weird way of level building and being a fan of his style right from the start I can tell you that this makes me very happy indeed. But even if you prefer the traditional Egyptian tomb you have to appreciate the sheer inventiveness of this masterpiece. It all comes together so beautifully and if you need any evidence that the custom level scene could virtually go on forever you will find it here. This is so perfect in every respect; the clever puzzles the appropriate sounds the new enemies the challenging tasks the diversity of the gameplay the stunning visual effects the underlying humor the convincing atmosphere but best of all in my view is that it's just not like anything else I've played before (well apart from Astrodelica 1/2 of course). Only it doesn't seem at all contrived like Richard was deliberately trying to build levels that are different but rather that he builds the levels that he feels he has to build. Always a good omen in my book. True I had to refer to the walkthrough on two occasions but that is bound to happen when you come across things that you haven't encountered anywhere else. It also features my most favourite gameplay that is rather linear in a non-linear kind of way; or is it non-linear in a fairly linear kind of way. Anyway once you decide which way to go parts of the game are pretty straightforward but in between you get the illusion of being able to make all the decisions yourself and you always return to the point you started out from. The hopping over the dis- and re-appearing blocks and the timed racetrack are only two of the many highlights that make this space adventure an utter delight from start to finish. It remains thrilling and enjoyable the whole way through cause you're never quite sure what to expect next and whenever it becomes a bit frustrating you can be sure that you will be rewarded with a real treat before not too long. What can I say; a class of its own and the Hall of Fame won't be complete without it." - Dimpfelmoser (11-Jan-2004)
"Yet another marvel by Richard Lawther in keeping with his previous Astrodelica style. In this the fourth in the series the player finally gets to meet the alien Captain. The level itself is not too difficult but the variation is superb with a little of everything from raptors to the now popular Wizz Bang. All interspersed with a sense of humour added in the way that Richard has made unique. All in all a very enjoyable level and let's hope that Richard decides to come out of retirement." - Jez (03-Jan-2004)
"What a brilliant level! It's perfect. Lovely design clever puzzles nice colours and ingenious gameplay. I specially loved the chess game. I enjoyed the difficult ride with the whiz-bang. Really fun to play. Definitely a masterpiece." - Cuqui (16-Oct-2003)
"Thank you Richard Lawther very much for giving me the opportunity of really enjoying this excellent game. This is a complete and professional game full of very smart thinking puzzles full of great work of flip maps that create a new and excellent puzzle work (like the one controlled by rolling rocks). For the gameplay and puzzles I can only say: the best game I really enjoyed like the first time I play Tombraider III (my first Tombraider game). Talking about enemies and objects well and artistic and creative almost perfect (or maybe perfect) work. This is not a level to kill enemies (congratulations for that) this is a level for your skills and for thinking. The new objects are very good but the last aliens are a gift to be enjoyed. Secrets are easy (except the last) but all of them funny. Atmosphere sound and cameras a very good work. Lighting and textures: Well almost a very good work but.... Some big areas without lights and Lara looks with out volume many textures in wrong size some looks good but not all. But if you compares this small 'mistakes' with the rest of the work it is not an important thing. Even I must admit that I should give an eleven in gameplay and puzzles and also in objects. Don't miss the opportunity of enjoying this level!" - Juan Carlos (10-Oct-2003)
"Wow! Nothing else to say! It has been a long time since I played a level that really kept me captivated in itself and I say this not thinking in technical things I am talking of the game indeed. I finish my work very late every night tired of work at the computer but every night I arrive and have a half hour or an hour I wanted to play and discover what will happen now! This is a level for all kind of pleasures it is very complete. The level works without 'dirty tricks'. You don't need to look for a tricky book just only stop watch and think and you will always find the solution. The game also has a good sense of humor in every message. Mr. Richard Lawther if I were the Queen you would be Sir Richard Lawther. Being honest I begin to hate you! Who teached you to do all this work? Teach me please!" - Lorena (10-Oct-2003)
"This level is so good I feel obligated to rate it before I even finish. I'm about halfway through and I can already tell that before I try any level after this it is absolutely essential that I do all the other Astrodelicas! It is so alien and different than any other TR I've played that it is striking. The puzzles are just about perfect and by that I mean that they are just hard enough to stump me for a while but not so hard that I have to rely on the walkthrough excessively. The timed sequences are brilliant. The alien hint signs are ingenious. The weapons are great. Thus far not a bug in site. This is a must play." - Jon Black (05-Oct-2003)
"This is the 4th and as far as I know the final level in the Astrodelica series. This level is awesome! I give it straight 10s because there wasn't anything about it that I didn't like (except the difficulty but that's MY problem.) The atmosphere is great back on the ship! The central platform is indicative of the kind of expertise this builder has that he can change so much of the 'typical' scenery and come up with something so different that it is a joy to play. I do love the typical levels but sometimes it is nice to have something different for a change. The 'Whiz-Bang' is back and am I glad you only NEED it to go to one of the areas from the central platform. The other two areas it is optional. The object is for Lara to make her way to meet the Captain and to do that she has to find 3 keys (not the secrets!) There are 3 secrets to find but they are not necessary for the end of the game. There is the Inner Space the Outer Time and the Alien Mind. I started with the Outer Time and was able to complete it just fine. So the 2 side tracks to the left and the right can be done in either order. The most difficult parts for me were the tower with the boulder at the top that Lara has to divert (and not get squashed!) and the part above the 1st race track. I whiz-banged Lara to the bottom many times before being able to move fairly smoothly throughout the track system. And finding 2 of the secrets were easy enough but the second one was definitely a challenge! I made it to the room all right but finding the way to the top took a while. There was even some music that played by the Gibbons when you picked up one object. This was by far the best of the series for me! Thank you Dick for another great level!" - Patson (20-Jul-2003)
"Refreshing to have a good level without impossible puzzles and very difficult jumps that have to be repeated. Several regions to visit and keys and artifacts to find so that you can complete the final area. Textures and graphics are excellent and the wizz bang a joy to ride over the tricky course. Definitely a level to play." - Whistle (20-May-2003)
"For all the puzzlers out there this is by far one of the best levels you could ever think to play as it is just cram packed full of a wide spectrum of varied and ingeniously smart puzzles. In fact each room in this multi levelled game seems to have been built solely to house each puzzle instead of having the puzzles be built into a set location that doesn't mean though that you'll find an average looking environment here but rather a wonderfully funky place to play similar to Astrodelica 1&2 with in one spot an amazing web of roller coaster track that you must manoeuvre through very carefully with the Whiz Bang. There are also some of the most brilliant enemies/allies you are ever going to see such as some large rat/pear looking things floating beach ball like enemies and at the end some amazing cat aliens. The only thing I was a bit disappointed with in this 100 minute level was that I missed a secret in Inner Space and couldn't return to collect it as doors had closed to it indefinitely so ending any reason to find the other two (although I did) as finding all three leads to another special pick up. But who really can complain when you get such a fantastic and at times humorous level such as this!" - Sash (18-May-2003)
"I think Astrodelica 4 is the best of the series. The puzzles are not difficult but always clever the objects and enemies never seen before. The sound and the custom music are perfect for the world that Dick creates. I've finished with only 2 secrets but I won't play it again to get the third; that's not because I didn't like it: I'VE LOVED IT. That's just because riding the whiz bang was too hard for me. Astrodelica 4 is a great end and a very good reason to play the whole series." - Loupar (06-May-2003)
"Here we are again with another one of Dick's creations and I just can't bring myself to say that I really really liked it. Whilst this was better than the first installment the whole series is far too ethereal for me but I may just be an old traditionalist. So why did I not like what others have described as a wonderful excursion? The puzzles themselves were either so simple (and did not work in all scenarios) or so far off the wall that without the hints in the readme players would have been stuck forever. Case in point. The chess game. The idea was to arrive at checkmate in two moves. This COULD be accomplished two ways however only one way was accepted by the game. Sorry but not good enough. If it works in the real world it should work here. The puzzle after revealing 'The Four' was nice and simple IF it worked. For many it did not and I think this is not so much a bug in the game than in the save. Same as the minefield. Save in an area above the mines and reload it the mines will be reset and live no matter that you had already set them off. The earlier hunt for 8 white ball targets was great except for the one hidden in the tree. Was not overjoyed after reading 16 pages of help threads to find that this white ball was nestling in a white tree against a cream background. Onto something more positive now. Some of the objects and textures were extremely well done. Case in point the King Penguin the feral aliens at the end the little robobots running around and the nasty mozzies patterned after the 'waiths' were all well executed. I felt the dancing Chuppa Chups after revealing 'The Four' was somewhat absurd though. Some of the custom music was unexpected and if I never here The Gibbons again it will be far too soon. Finally and really this is a left over bitch from Astrodelica 1. That bloody uncontrollable Whiz Bang marred the whole last half of the level for me. I was so pleased in the beginning when I realised you could dispense with it in the first two sections but alas not the last. Add to this the roller coaster you were forced to negotiate over and over again and you will understand my frustration. Although I do admit to enjoying the Racetrack and happily or fortunately got through it under time on the first try. Overall this is not a bad attempt at giving the player something different but unfortunately for me it just did not work. Some will like it others won't." - Torry (04-May-2003)
"How nice to finally meet capt. Astrodelica. Not that it's easy to find him (or her) but with a little perseverance you'll get there. You start in an area with three keyholes and of course you have to find three keys. If you go through the INNER SPACE section you have some nice and difficult puzzles to solve like the platform puzzle find targets to shoot and you also get to meet King Penguin. In OUTER TIME you have to solve a chess problem and do a very tricky timed run (thanks to bERT I made it after a zillion tries) let some mines explode without getting killed yourself. The drone in the maze puzzle was very nice (not difficult) and I felt sorry to shoot the little thing but I needed the captain's eye so I didn't have much choice did I? After having found two keys the Proto Element and Cosmodelia it's time to get the third key in the Alien Mind. There's a great racetrack a Gibbon studio (I'm not much of a Gibbon that's for sure) and a test area. If you finally get the third key you go back to the keyholes and then you go to the central structure to finally meet capt. Astrodelica. If you found the three secrets there's something nice to collect also. Anyway a great and very enjoyable (except for the timed run that is) level again from Richard." - Josi (03-May-2003)
"Of course I could not miss part 4 - and it is absolutely ingenious. Everything fits together so well :-)) Enemies were of 'alien beauty' puzzles were not so easy and some of them timed. The chess game was great especially the design of the playing figures. Cameras helped you along the way sound was brilliant especially when Lara travels with her cool vehicle - yippie a roller coaster ride - just great! The architecture is really good and there are three secrets to find to reach...well find out for yourself. Thanks a lot to Richard one can see the amount of work put into this especially the objects. My Lara is proud of you - please continue building! :-))" - Engelchen Lara (20-Apr-2003)
"Inner Space (9/10/9/8 35 min. 1 secret): The whiz bang is back and Lara - with cool sunglasses - is back from the icy world of Astro3 into space with a lot of blackness and funky texturing all around. The first part is surprisingly short and rather linear but the tasks you need to complete are as unique as it's gonna get. Lots of custom objects here helpful drones end not so friendly ones a 'climb-the-alternating-steps'-puzzle some target shooting and the usual humorous touch when you encounter King Penguin. Three gems and two guardian keys pave your way to the Key to Space and the Proto Element. Outer Time (9/10/9/9 45 min. 1 secret): Similar structure to the first part but again a great diversity of puzzles. This time round you get a brief chess match a very clever short and tight timed run the encounter with Big Bob - LOL a minefield timed trapdoors a really cool 'guide-a-drone-through-the-maze'-puzzle and a few more drones to fight. Using to gems and another guardian key helps you to get the Key to Time and Cosmodelia. Alien Mind (10/9/10/9 40 min. 1 secret): By far this is my favourite part of the series for the absolutely hilarious fun as you ride the roller coaster style skyways with the whiz bang. Quite a bit of work to do here too as you need to complete a fairly simple security test a timed racetrack and a nice 'jumping room'. The Gibbon's single is great and the added music very suitable as you approach the Key to Mind and use the zipline back to the start of the level. Interesting use of elevators though as usual this can be a little confusing if you don't let them get to where they need to go. Eventually you can enjoy a cool slide collect the 'Magic Thing' if you picked up the secrets (maybe a little bit of a let down this one) and after all the adventures in Astrodelica finally you meet the Aliens and their Captain and the story ends. Bottomline Astrodelica 4 stays in the brilliant tradition of the series but despite still more fresh ideas for puzzles and despite the fabulous whiz bang course I would probably prefer Astro1/2 over this set of levels. But only just - so make sure you don't miss to play the whole series." - Michael (19-Apr-2003)
"This level plays in the future. Hats off to the builder because something like this I have not seen in a custom level yet. There are four levels and Lara has many puzzles to solve but there are also many hints. Three keys are needed to progress into the levels and fantastic adventures await: a chess game a roller coaster ride with puzzles to solve around it and Lara driving some kind of vehicle. There are new enemies and they are built very well. There are also a few timed sequences. It is really kind of hard to describe you have to play it to believe it. Sound and cameras fitted in very well and there are three secrets to find to receive a... well I won't give it away. The atmosphere was simply great and you never know what to expect next. It is a bit a matter of taste but from me it has earned its four 10s. I admire the fact that the builder created something that I have never seen before. Bravo!" - Navi (19-Apr-2003)
"I'm sad to read that this is the last of the Astrodelica series - they were all great and keep getting better with each one. As you travel through Inner Space and Outer Time not only do you learn the secrets of space and time converse with cats and penguins and stare in awe at all the spectacular custom textures and effects there are also some brilliant puzzles that are so clever you need a good hint or two to solve them which the author usually provides nearby. They include a chess game an area with steps to climb where the steps change positions a shooting gallery with eight objects to find and shoot a wicked boulder puzzle with a trapdoor to activate races on the 'whiz bang' that are pretty tough and my favorite - a small maze where you have to open and close doors to let a little creature through. There are also three secrets which allow you access to another object that you can keep unfortunately I only found two of the secrets my first time through. I don't expect to hear the Gibbons single on the radio anytime soon but I sure had fun doing the Baboon bounce. I'm curious if any of the creators of Tomb Raider have seen/played this series - they probably never imagined all the places that Lara would travel to when they released the editor. Thanks for the great game Richard you sure know how to show a girl a good time!" - RaiderGirl (16-Apr-2003)
"Puzzling puzzling puzzling that's what this level is mostly about and I love it! New puzzles all the way not many enemies but the ones you encounter are really cool not to talk about the aliens that you finally get to meet! (Don't shoot them!! as the readme says.) The atmosphere and the textures are the ones we have got to know in the other parts of the series. Drive the Whizz-Bang through the levels balance it on the narrow roller-coaster like route to finally end up in Captain's quarters and meet the 'man' (?) himself! ;-)" - G.Croft (13-Apr-2003)
"It's beyond me how someone can create so many diverse and original puzzles but Richard did it and excelled even his Astro 1+2 levels. I ran out of vocabulary when I rated the first two Astro's and if I should list all the sequences that were superb I had to mention all of them. Everything's here again: the downplayed humour (the Bobs and Gibbons the King"If you need me I'm in the pool" Penguin) the weird enemies (special mention for the little gizmo you have to shoot at some points or have to lead out of a maze in another sequence) the sometimes hard to find spots that in the end are so obvious you'll kick yourself (hours I searched for the last white ball to shoot) the tips (even for non-chess players or people not really accustomed to it Richard even took time to build a little display showing what moves each chess piece can make). Only found one of the three secrets and saw one of the others but no doubt I'll be replaying this one in a few days to find the others. If it's really been his last level then already a big thank you to the big Lawther for these motherhumpers of levels! A big example of the FUN-FUN-FUN principle: King Penguins and taxes hilarious!" - bERT (13-Apr-2003)
"A perfect level! The gameplay and puzzles are quite difficult and very intelligent too nothing is obvious and already seen. The atmosphere is very well created by a mixture of sounds and beautiful music that I had never listened to I think they are original by the author. The lighting is perfect stars are sparkling in some rooms they seem real! Textures are perfectly created and placed I've never found a bug everything worked fine for me. Enemies are easy to fight if you use your intelligence if you don't you're dead so don't wait for shoot shoot shoot this is a different level in every way! Cameras are well placed and used. What makes this level different from every other level I've played is humour there's always some funny moment or sentence in Dick's levels sometimes in the end (I love his endings! You always laugh in the end) Well done!" - Glow (13-Apr-2003)
"After our brief sojourn into a mix of this world/other world settings in Astrodelica 3 we are now firmly back in alien territory with our lovely Whiz Bang and lots of mysterious objects around us. Richard Lawther is the only level builder who brings us a truly alien environment which makes puzzle solving fresh and fascinating. We are all so familiar with the level editor objects that we automatically know what to do with them. Not so in Astrodelica. I loved the puzzles in this level particularly the chess game and one or two of the manoeuvres were really challenging. The race track must be the best one every created. Richard is endlessly inventive and can create settings of quite ethereal beauty truly other-worldly. I also love the humour throughout the level (Big Bob and the Bigger Bobs - my word they breed them strange in Scarborough)! I honestly don't know which is my favourite Astrodelica level - whichever one I'm playing at the time probably. Certainly this is every bit as good as the others and a wonderful ending to the series. From Richard's readme I infer that he does not intend to build any more levels which is a great pity as he has a unique talent and will be sorely missed. Change your mind Richard pleeeeeeeeeease." - Jay (13-Apr-2003)
"The last level of this series and I enjoyed it as much as the others. The gems and guardian keys you need to collect require you to solve difficult and very interesting puzzles. Like a timed run which involves a boulder and a trapdoor without this being the only timed action in the level hidden targets to shoot a race I loved with the lovely retextured vehicle and many more. The enemies are really interesting too little things running around and being apart of a puzzle that got me stuck for a while one of those small things going through a maze with your help round balls on air bugs hat can't be killed and red dots on the floor replacing the beetles. You will also need three keys to end the level and navigate through tracks finding new areas to complete a lot of tasks. The cat-aliens were brilliantly made and I laughed so much with king penguin wearing a crown. The textures and lighting are as usual very good and applied perfectly. I am sure this kind of level will be missed but the best things must end when they are still on top. I would like to believe that the author will keep giving us great entertainment with singled levels from now on. I enjoyed his work and thank you Richard for the many hours of fun. All the best for the future." - Kristina (10-Apr-2003)
"Just like other parts of the Astrodelica series I really enjoyed this and I'm happy that I could do most of the puzzles on my own even if I was confused at some points. Inner space: Right where Astrodelica 3 ended after going down the alien-like tunnel. You collect some stuff you need and go on. The 2 spheres in the middle made me curious as to what their purpose is too. You have 2 ways to go one that leads to another level in the series and one that continues your quest here. Leading the small red cross(?) or snowflake(?) through the maze was fun as was the releasing of the big pear looking beasts and getting the 2 gems at the end to go to and get the key of space and piece of the fifth element up the wicked stairs. This is all pure fun though maybe not the easiest task. Outter time: Starts with a chess puzzle what I am happy for since I haven't played chess for a year at least and it's nice to refresh my memory on how the game has to be played and you don't win in a chess game against Kasparov every day so it's really a nice change. The rolling ball timed run was challenging but you can master it if you try. What confused me here were the Bob's. At first I didn't understand which ones were meant to be the Bobs but with a little shooting around it showed soon. Revealing the "4" was an interesting task too consisting of 2 sections which have a challenge to offer. I was first mad at the seemingly impossible timed run but once I found what to do I wanted to do evil things to the author... Getting the key of time at the end where the lollipops (lol) start swinging has it's own look just like all the other areas too. Alien Mind (part 1) Lots of roller coaster alike driveways which make your search for the 3 racetrack keys more challenging as you pass through a security level with 4 parts another racetrack and a studio to get to the last key. Some places reminded me of Astrodelica 1 to 3 because some of the same elements were use here but that's not a problem here. Alien Mind (part 2): After a short revisit in Inner space you get to this short section of the game beginning with a very impressive slide down in the water to finally reach the HQ of Astrodelica's captain. Unfortunately I couldn't find ANY of the 3 secrets but that's just a sign that I'll have to replay this someday. In the HQ you just run towards the captain and see the ending sequence revealing what happened afterwards. You can also see the King penguin swimming in the pool again. Overall I have no complaints if you have played the previous parts of Astrodelica be sure not to miss out on this one!" - eTux (10-Apr-2003)
"Richard's other-worldly levels have won him many admirers myself among them. This the latest and according to a rather ominous note in the accompanying readme last in the Astrodelica series is about as good as any custom level gets. True the setting will not be to everyone's taste but the sheer quality of the level's construction and puzzles deserves the highest praise. The level is divided into three main sections: Inner Space Outer Time and Alien Mind that must be completed before proceeding to the final and concluding section. Astrodelica 4 places greater emphasis on timed and coordinated runs than Richard's earlier levels. Some of them are quite infuriatingly tricky but none so difficult that you end up cursing Richard for not having enabled the flycheat and all short enough to make the task in hand feel doable eventually at least. The more cerebral puzzles are up to the usual standard well 'signposted' enough for the solution to be worked out analytically whilst still being challenging and satisfying. Once Inner Space and Outer Time (whichever order you choose to play them) are under your belt you can tackle Alien Mind. This section was my least favourite requiring careful maneuvering or in my case crashing of the 'Whizz-Bang'; around the roller coaster like skytrack. Three puzzles have to be completed in this area to gain access to the final area. Dotted along the way are Richard's usual visual jokes and quips as well as useful help and hints from assorted notices helpfully translated from their native alien whenever Lara steps on the nearby tiles. Enemies hardly come thick and fast but when they do they are not like enemies you have ever seen before. I particularly liked the invincible 'Death bugs' that descend on Lara whenever she has failed to complete a puzzle correctly. Visually stunning with original enemies and more than a touch of humour what really makes this level are the imaginative puzzles and carefully controlled gameplay. Several times I was temporarily stuck but any problem is sufficiently well 'bounded' so that perseverance (and keen eyesight) will eventually bear fruit. The exception to this was one of the three secrets (frustratingly in an area where you just knew there was a secret to be found) but that I just couldn't find without Richard's help. The Astrodelica series has been so consistently good that it's difficult to judge if this level is better or worse than its predecessors but I'm giving high marks for its being hugely enjoyable and a fitting conclusion to the series." - Tune Razor (10-Apr-2003)