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Cosmos 2199 by JP

Blue43 5 5 7 6
CC 6 6 6 5
G.Croft 6 5 5 7
Gerty 6 7 5 6
Jay 6 6 6 6
Jose 3 7 5 8
Kristina 6 6 7 7
MichaelP 6 7 5 6
Moonpooka 4 5 4 6
Obig 8 9 8 8
Orbit Dream 1 5 7 8
Phil 6 6 6 8
RaiderGirl 6 7 6 7
Ryan 5 6 6 8
Sash 6 7 6 6
TimJ 7 7 6 7
Treeble 4 6 6 6
release date: 20-Apr-2003
# of downloads: 47

average rating: 6.09
review count: 17
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file size: 14.99 MB
file type: TR4
class: Base/Lab

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Well, I'm a bit underwhelmed. The level title might have hinted at something entirely different, but this is pretty much a standard base level. The very beginning had me stuck for a while, not realizing some floor panels were trapdoors, and I was fooled by this same trick just a few moments later. Other than that, it was pretty straight forward without many surprises. There is a secret which is pretty much mandatory, as it's a Token which you need to proceed; and then, towards the end, the one outside area is pretty much bound by the end of the world without any effort to cover it up. Most of the textures seemed new, but whether they fit their purpose or not is another matter altogether... Ah, yes, the intermittent blaring alarm got old fast. 30 minutes, 1 secret. 08/20" - Treeble (30-Aug-2020)
"The setting is this level is rather neat. Taking inspiration from "Return to the Blue Planet" (another level on a similar theme), the animating, colourful textures and lights are nice touches in this space- age environment, and the robots and "Happy Girl" are also well done. But the gameplay alternates between underwhelming and unfair, and didn't do a whole lot to enthuse me. On one side, there's a lot of running along huge corridors and climbing huge ladders, but on the other side, you have an unmarked floor trapdoor (a handle should have at least been present to make the damn thing more obvious that it was openable), tight timed runs and a booby trapped switch that did absolutely nothing useful as far as I can gather. I had to quit playing legally when I reached the timed run over an unmarked tile. I thought the run began when you stepped through the door, but instead it begins when the door opens. I saved at some point then, but couldn't get back out as I'd done it wrong. So I just popped medipacks and ran hell for leather across the spikes and continued on. From there on, it's not too difficult (aside from a medipack (!) opening the exit door) and after a quick demigod sequence, the level abruptly ends. Not an enjoyable experience for me." - Ryan (11-Feb-2019)
"Another one-shot level from back in 2003. It has an appealing futuristic setting but offers little out of the ordinary by way of gameplay. There are two timed runs, the first of which I considered unfairly tight, and the second of which I made on the first try. There's also an unmarked floor trap door, a horrendous no-no, and a door that locks you in without warning and with no hope of escape unless you're quick enough, which is absolutely unforgivable. Without Moonpooka's walkthrough to guide me along, I would have been hopelessly lost. Still, you get a moderately entertaining raid of about 40 minutes, assuming you're able to get past that first timed run." - Phil (08-Mar-2018)
"For me, not a level to enjoy, 'cause it's very easy to get stucked often, there are some situations where you are forced to reload and sometimes there are not cameras to show you're triggering something. The level is colourful with a lot of flashing and new textures, I like the well balanced enemies too, but few more. I explain my first sentence: a trapdoor without handle or camera hint is not a good gameplay setting; the timed runs are too tight for most players (at least for me); if you aren't fast in the corridor with the jumpswitch at the end you'll have to reload, also reload in the junction before the room with the alien if you choose the left path; what happens when you pull the jumpswitch in the corridor with the timed door? How can you know that the final door is open when you dive into the lake? In both cases there's not a camera and I got totally disoriented. If you decide to play this level, sure that you'll need the walkthrough." - Jose (14-Sep-2016)
"Here we have an interesting little level where Lara explores a futuristic base. The looks of this level are simple and sterile in many places but there are a few rooms with animated textures, which create a totally different look for a change. Lots of areas are really plain and boxy; others like the control with the dead Alien have a rather detailed look to them. The game play is pretty straightforward: Find levers and keys, open doors, shoot guards and escape. Several of those levers are timed and some are actually very tight. One took me quite a few attempts to accomplish. There are a couple of interesting robots around and also a female soldier who helps Lara getting rid off some of them. One thing I really liked about the level was the use of cameras and there was also an interesting flyby. While this setting and game play might not be for everyone, I think it is worth the download. (30 minutes, 1 secret found)" - Blue43 (22-Mar-2011)
"This is a short and strange level. I can't say if I liked it or not. Anyway there is some interesting ideas and the gameplay is quite good. I needed several tries to do the two timed runs but there was nothing impossible. There isn't a lot of tricky jumps or hard tasks like these. Most of the time you are searching for hidden levers or killing enemies. I liked a lot the robots by the way ! They are really funny. The custom textures are nice. The level is a bit too dark and there isn't enough flares in my opinion. I found 2 secrets." - TimJ (05-Aug-2007)
"Well it is certainly different than the classic TR. It is supposed to be in space I guess judging from the textures but the SAS guards and demigods seemed to be a little out of place. The robots though were nice but that fire wraith was a lot of trouble it was difficult no to catch fire while running all the way back to the pool. All you do is find switches to open doors and there are two timed runs one of which is hard. That trapdoor in the office was very difficult to spot you could search forever and never find the way to proceed unless you light a flare and see a difference on the floor. Of course since the level is well lit there is no reason to do that so make sure the texture is different on it or put a handle. An average level but not to my liking." - Kristina (07-Aug-2003)
"A few things that really stood out for me in this 'out of this world' base level were the cool new textures a new ally for Lara and the great robot enemies that have bloodied and scary looking weapons and wake up when you least expect them too. I'm not sure what Lara was after at this base but there are some tricky timed runs to get through very hard to see trap doors a fire elemental demigods spiked hallways dogs soldiers and a few switches to find before you get to the end where you see some huge smiley faces on blocks. Overall a straightforward level but there were a few confusing areas that had me scratching my head for a bit especially the hallway filled with flames with a very well hidden switch to put them out." - RaiderGirl (23-Jun-2003)
"In a far away galaxy in the not too distant future we find ourselves once again placed inside a base on an unnamed planet not knowing what our objective is nor by the end really caring. What started out fresh with a few nice tight timed runs and a tricky jump across a fire trap ended a little more like a run through shoot 'em up which was quite a shame. I did however like the environment with the very ultra modern texturing of the base somewhat resembling the style of Blue Planet the robot enemies and the one female ally known as a 'happy girl' who really wasn't much help and wasn't really so happy. I expected this to have lasted longer than the 30 minutes it did but as it was running out of steam game wise it wasn't a big shock. You'll also find one secret but as it is an essential pick up (token) it really can't be classified as a secret." - Sash (18-May-2003)
"Strange level this and I don't just mean because it's set in an alien base environment. There's something rather odd about the whole thing. Some of the textures are lovely and the gameplay is quite entertaining but somehow it just fails to spark. You need to look very closely at the rooms preferably with binoculars as there are unmarked trapdoors and grates to shoot that you could easily miss. Enemies are mainly guards and the odd dog although you do get an unexpected demigod right at the end. The Happy Girl was a nice touch and I loved the cute little robots but for me there was just some essential ingredient missing here. I don't know how many secrets there were; I only found one." - Jay (29-Apr-2003)
"Sorry to say I didn't like most of this level the timed run to the gold key at the end was too much and I finally cheated I totally missed the Lara friend and I must have shot her LOL. Would have been better to let you know she was there although in the end I didn't need her help anyway. The annoying siren drove me to switch off the sound and give my nerves a break I also wanted more puzzles more enemies and more to do in those wonderful rooms. The flybys did nothing much to help and they should have been where the most difficult puzzles were the spike run was a sprint job in and out which was cleverly though of it had me thinking for ages in the water room I saw no point to the flyby. The hatch to the switch to put out the fire was a nightmare I had to ask for help on that one did light a flare to see it but it still it didn't show up it's the sort of invisible task that I hate not wanting a big red X on it or anything but some sort of clue or flyby even wouldn't have gone amiss. The beginning of the level was quite good but then it got bland and empty once I reached the alien room. Saying all that I loved the textures and spacey effect a lover of the space levels so it kept my interest the star room was brilliant I didn't want to leave it! Now I know about the Lara friend I will go back and look shame I missed it because it's the sort of addition to a level that doesn't happen much and it's a great asset. The Robots were great it was a big surprise when they moved I'd say a few more of them hot on your tail would really get the heart racing they really were very good. I can't complain about the atmosphere too much but some spacey music or sounds would have spiced things up a bit some dramatic bursts even although drama is what this level lacked. Pleasing moments and others not so it's worth a look at if you're a lover of tamer levels." - Moonpooka (29-Apr-2003)
"A Tut level with very modern textures. Find the keys and some levers some ammo and weapons and you are on your way in a base like level very much in the future. Enemies are SAS men and one dog and demigods (a bit out of place) and re-textured tin men. I just jumped in my chair when two started to move just have a look than you'll understand. There are some nasty timed runs with no indication whatsoever yuck yuck. Had to get the big strong boys to help me out with this one. There are traps throughout and you have to do some hard thinking to go further. Still don't know what made that last door go open but after slaying that demigod it did (might have been picking up that small medpack in the water as well). Oh and that alarm that got really on my nerves. 22-04-2003" - Gerty (28-Apr-2003)
"Well I actually enjoyed use of the textures and some of the animation effects on them and some of the light effects. Most of the textures are from Uwe Froehlich's Blue Planet texture set but they are put to good use here. I also thought the custom objects were nicely crafted (even though the couch has some collision problems) and the early parts of the gameplay are reasonably interesting but in the second half of this 30 minutes adventure it becomes very much a linear run through. The three timed runs spice things up nicely the one trapdoor to find the lever that turns off the three fires is pretty much invisible but you can see it when you light a flare the two flybys are utterly pointless and the repetitive alarm sound is very annoying. Have a good watch out for shootable grates covering up the vital crawlspaces in which you will find a token (the only secret but it is actually a required item) and two keys. The alien room is quite nice but the outside area near the end suffers from the 'end-of-the-world' and the 'disappearing horizon' problem. Enemies are about a dozen SAS a few dogs a cute flying fire skull a demigod (utterly out of place) and some robots (don't remember from which level they are but have seen them before). Anyway it's quick and it's kind of fun so give it a try - if only to meet the 'Happy Girl'." - Michael (27-Apr-2003)
"It looks like a space station in the desert but maybe it's on Mars! It's guarded by SAS (which means Space Alien Security ha ha) and a red eyed dog. No seriously great imagination is shown here. Very clinical looking environment with unconscious aliens long corridors huge rooms doors to open switches to pull (one floor switch appears after you use a wall switch!) keys to find. You have to find a coin(?) near the start to open up the area more and at one time you come across a 'friend' in a corridor. Further in is the reason she's there - a lot of robots I think only two came to life maybe three but you needn't worry about them because your friend deals with them for you. She and the robots follow you into a high room with stairs around the edge a switch for a timed run to a door that needs a key and another robot. Your friend can shoot him if you run to certain part of the stairs. Out to a weird outside area that could be on Mars! and a fight with a demigod and guards he leaves nothing behind but I think he opens the door to the other building and the level end." - CC (27-Apr-2003)
"I can't say that I enjoyed this level very much. There are an unmarked trapdoor (that I never would have found without help) a really annoying alarm through the second half of the level too many demigods and one ridiculously hard timed run I had to cheat to pass. The 'Lara look alike happy girl' made me laugh though and she was quite helpful. The texture is set together to look like something alien/future but it didn't appeal to me especially not the blinking lights. Near the end you come out into the open and have this huge alien ship hovering over your head cool - but then the level ends quite abruptly." - G.Croft (26-Apr-2003)
"It's very hard to write an objective review when you're feeling mightily aggrieved but I shall do my best. In appearance this is one of those levels that you either love or hate; set in the future it involves funky futuristic textures and flashing lights all rather well done. The atmosphere thus invoked is quite effective if (and it's a big 'if') you enjoy seeing Lara in this sort of crazy futuristic environment (which I don't; but that's immaterial). However gameplay which involves next to impossible timed runs; non-resettable levers; secrets which are also key pick-ups; and utterly obscure puzzle solutions with no proper clues provided is absolutely to be avoided like the plague. Play this only if you are tired of life." - Orbit Dream (26-Apr-2003)
"This level is a very good one. Although there are 3 nerve-racking timed runs in the level but it was a good fun for me. You have to find 2 Keys and the Crowbar. In one of the control rooms it's a bit difficult to find the floor tile but otherwise you can't get over the fire tiles. However using the binoculars they can be discovered. And it's important that at which end you open it. The story takes place in a base where UFO researches are carried out. There are plenty of enemies: dogs robots fire wraiths and even a demigod in the end. For my first game through I found 1 secret. The textures are great they fit well to the level. The added sounds are also superb. I recommend it to anyone.:-)" - Obig (26-Apr-2003)