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Rianne's Cave by Rianne Hillen

Blue43 5 6 5 6
eTux 6 6 6 6
G.Croft 6 6 6 7
Gerty 6 6 6 5
Jay 6 6 6 6
Jose 4 5 4 5
Kristina 3 4 5 5
Leeth 3 4 2 3
MichaelP 5 6 6 5
Navi 7 6 7 7
Obig 6 5 6 6
Orbit Dream 5 5 6 6
RaiderGirl 6 7 6 7
Ryan 5 5 6 6
Sash 4 6 5 5
Treeble 5 5 5 5
TrueRaider 7 8 7 5
Wendee 7 9 7 7
Wizzkiddo 6 7 7 6
Zhyttya 3 4 3 2
release date: 22-Apr-2003
# of downloads: 69

average rating: 5.53
review count: 20
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file size: 14.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Despite it's shortcomings, this helped me pick up my TRLE'ing routines after one of my all-time lows. It's a short level although I'm not sure it knows what it wants to be, from the title alone you'd hardly expect to find computers and offices, but that's what you get amidst a series of caves using Tomb of Seth assets. The clash was especially obvious as these offices are lit by wall torches, but hey, who knows what kind of secret cults are using these. The "JS" doors (and the enemies) seem to come from Going Skyhi, which by chance is one of the levels I've played recently, but I have to admit at first I really thought I'd lost my mind. 15 minutes. 10/20" - Treeble (19-Oct-2020)
"Quite a diminutive and simple raid compared to most out there, but for a young (at that time) builder, this is a cheerful and competent little effort. Surroundings and texturing are a bit crude in places but not badly done and the gameplay manages to provide a bit of entertainment for the 15 minutes it lasts. You get a few enemies to slay, a fire jumping challenge, a small block puzzle and a quad bike/elevator sequence. The overall lighting was perhaps a bit too dark though, and there were a couple of minor sound problems. Still, I felt that there was definite potential here and it's a pity that we haven't heard from Rianne since." - Ryan (12-Feb-2019)
"Not a bad debut and, if you think about the author's age, it's even better. The usual defects as paper walls, simple architecture, missing textures, absence of cameras and musics, no worked lights... There are a couple of ideas for the gameplay: the couple of moveable blocks and the floating blocks with fires, but the remaining tasks are only press buttons and find keys or cards to open doors. Although you play inside dark caves with enough flares and even a torch, I think the lighting is too dark in many areas. Even so a promising young builder who, unfortunately, never released more levels until this date." - Jose (14-Sep-2016)
"The only thing good on the level was the decoration on the office rooms. The rest was just bad. First, making a level almost completely dark IS A BAD IDEA. Yes you are given a lot of flares but that doesn't compensate. And also the quad bike part, is annoying as hell...the elevator was a nice touch but then you have a completely dark corridor ahead of you, which makes it impossible to do it with the quad bike. I had to get out of the vehicle and use flares every time. However the flares don't work on the 'no floor room part' which is a shame. It's actually pretty hard to understand that the whole room is floor-less. The enemies were...weird. I like their different animations and they hurt like hell! But their sound is missing sometimes. Oh yeah! That's one thing that is horribly missing: the sound effects. A lot of them are missing. At least the level is strait forward, you don't have to explore much, which is a good thing. Considering the absolute lack of lightening on the whole level." - Zhyttya (04-Sep-2015)
"Poor guys living in a cave without any lighting.. some of them are on complete dark! Poor them... But really, this level is way to dark.. And the sound is buggy.. And the rooms are random.. This seems like really unfinished. And the quad bike elevator its a great mechanic but not really clear what you have to do there. The enemies hurt like a truck! Oh and talking about vehicles, if you hit a wall with the quad bike and you cant exit by the right side.. you are doom.. you will died of starvation on that place.. It really is a broken mechanic and a bit unnecessary in this level. Better lightning and a bit of bug fixing would help a lot.. Not really recommended.. but still, could be worse.. you could have no flares" - Leeth (04-Sep-2015)
"This oldie from the early years had simple and straightforward game play without any challenges or puzzles, but there were quite a few combat sequences with thugs and soldiers and several encounters with nasty hordes of silent brown dogs. There are a couple switches to push to progress and a hefty amount of pickups all over the place. Everything is in plain view so there is not much searching and exploration needed. A short ride with a quad and interesting use of a one-way elevator are additional treats. A few sounds were missing here and there; especially the bike being silent was somewhat of a bummer. The texturing is very basic and rooms are kind of boxy, but overall the level had decent lighting and was fun to play through. Not a bad level and recommended if you are looking for a short old school raid build with the classic editor. Easy and well suited for beginners. (Less than 20min, 0 secrets)" - Blue43 (14-Oct-2011)
"Lara has fallen into red caves full of soldiers and needs to find two cards a key and with the help of the quad bike escape. It's pitched black but as you start you get many flares. There is a room with fire blocks which easy to pass and just a few buttons to push. The elevator to lower the quad bike was nice but that's the best it gets. Very short about seventeen minutes with Lara wearing her Tibet outfit with long trousers though. Take a look at it at night." - Kristina (04-Sep-2003)
"A nice debut in the world of the level editor which I could describe as a half-base half-cave level with some neat ideas. There isn't much difficulty in getting through here only the star had me stumbled for a bit and I had to turn to the readme for tips how to go on - which I found there too. A nice effect there :) The fire block part was interesting too even if the flare bug kicked in there. The level was quite dark but the author provides you with a torch and a lot of flares so it's not so bad. As said this is a nice effort and the author has a potential for being a great level builder just an improvement in the looks the brightness and making the gameplay longer with just as innovative ideas like here is needed ;)" - eTux (25-Jul-2003)
"I know it isn't fair to overrate this level (made by my own sister) so I'll be honest. Rianne did a great job creating this level since it's her first and I hate to admit: it's WAY better than my first level. Too bad that the flare bug takes control at the end and then you finally see how dark this level is because you will have a flare lit until that moment you REALLY have enough flares. Fairly linear gameplay but not boringly. The (last-minute added) quadbike track upgraded the fun of the level. Some small beginner mistakes and a few wrong sounds but that doesn't spoil the fact it's a good start in the level editor world so I'll just say: Keep up the good work Rianne!" - Wizzkiddo (26-Jun-2003)
"This was a fun little level that ended too soon after only fifteen minutes. The elevator for the bike was a great idea and much appreciated since I'm not very good at the really hard bike jumps. The customized objects and textures are always nice to see as they add a personal touch to the level and really make it your own. The level itself is pretty straightforward with a few key cards to collect doors to open and a hand to find. The fire/block jumping puzzle was fun and I always enjoy running over some soldiers with the motorcycle. Hope to see more levels from this author!" - RaiderGirl (23-Jun-2003)
"This level is a bit short and dark. You have to fight with armed men and dogs. You will collect 2 Cards and 2 Keys - the last one is got down from a shelf. First it wasn't explicit for me that the bike should be get into the lift for getting down however you don't need the bike below. The flares are also not important for the game they are only used for lighting. I didn't find secrets. There are some cool added sounds. Congratulations the author on his/her first level I am sure that the next installment will be even better! :-)" - Obig (24-May-2003)
"It's just phenomenal to see that a girl of eleven getting her hands dirty and making a level of her own. Set in a cave you soon find out that it is a deceptive cave at that as it is also a hidden away base where you don't only have to defend yourself against a variety of guards but also some very vicious dogs. This is a fairly simple just over 15 minute level and I couldn't score any higher because it was a bit short but there is an effect with a quadbike and an elevator that was superb and you also get a well thought out fire block jumping puzzle. Rianne should be very proud of her work and hopefully she will keep building levels and improving with each one if she reads this I just want her to maybe lighten any future levels a little as this was quite dark (though yes it is a cave so why not be dark) make the game last a bit longer and add plenty of secrets for us to go in search of as for some of us the secrets are better sometimes than the actual game. Good on you girl!" - Sash (18-May-2003)
"Lets get the criticism's over with immediately. Flare Bug. Easy gameplay (key cards in close proximity to their respective doors). Game crashes if you use the Motorbike for the return journey. There that wasn't too painful was it?. Now the praise. For a first level by someone so young this was really lovely. A good subterranean atmosphere is conjured up along with an intriguing little story that hinted at nefarious secret military goings-on in this underground environment. The texturing was rather pleasing and not restricted to cave textures. The re-modeled items were fun and the simple puzzles were likeable. I actually got stuck looking for a way to open a door until I found the lever immediately adjacent to it (I blame it on tiredness from a long Night-shift myself); and I thought the Lift sequence was cute (especially as the Quad-bike repositioned itself before the doors re-opened). Rianne is not the youngest person ever to have released a Custom Level but with this little adventure she has proved herself the more successful and gifted." -Orbit Dream (01-May-2003)
"Game time: 20 minutes. The readme included with the download says that the author is only 11 years old and that this is her first effort at creating a game. I think she did a great job. She starts out as I wish all authors that create dark games would by having three flare-packs as pick ups. Make sure you get the two medi packs as the baddies truly live up to their name! Lara gets to climb ride swim pull and push pull in this not quite (but mostly) linear game. The elevator effect was a nice touch. Great job Rianne." - Wendee (29-Apr-2003)
"To start with I find it amazing that an 11-year-old has the courage to work with the level editor and build a small but nice level J. It really wasn't bad for a first attempt. The level takes place in caves. There are levers to pull. Main objective is to find a star and end the level. Lara needs to eliminate baddies and dogs. As a reward she gets two chip cards which also uses. Puzzles were not so hard and graphics not bad. Maybe a little dark but not a problem. Lara finds enough flares. There were not many cameras but the path is easy to find and the level is not big. Suitable for beginners. Rianne will end up being a great level builder - please continue building a good debut!" - Navi (29-Apr-2003)
"A small underground level. Find two cards and a Hand and you can breath some fresh air outside again. There is a nice block jumping to do. The level is a bit on the dark side but you'll find enough flares. Still not sure what to do with the torch tough apart from extra light. I kept that thing clutched to Lara's heart. Enemies are SAS men and dogs. Couldn't find the Hand and although I did read the readme file I completely overlooked those instructions a neat effect indeed. Ride that bike and if it takes you fancy ride it back again. After placing the hand you are outside again and there the level ends. Keep them coming Rianne. 25-04-2003" - Gerty (28-Apr-2003)
"On the one hand you could say this is a fairly linear level set in 32 rooms with two key card and a key and a Hand to pickup and use along the way a torch that only seems to have a purpose of giving some light (which is not needed as you get loads of flares right at the start) some beginners mistakes (thin walls a missing texture an baddy running around in water) a few sound problems and I had strange crashes sometimes when getting off the quad bike. But considering how junior the builder is this is a remarkable and for the 15 minutes it lasts also a very entertaining little level which I enjoyed playing. The fire block room is fun the dog cage scene scary and the quad bike elevator very cool. A good start into the magic world of TRLE Rianne please give us more..." - Michael (27-Apr-2003)
"As a first level by Rianne this is marvelous work with a lot of effort obviously put in. I liked the nice switch at the start which opens a door and turns on some flames nearby. I thought the key card with Rianne's name one it was a great touch to the level too nice to see some customisation. There is a mixture of objects from past tomb raiders and some cool enemies although their animations and sounds were a little odd but that was no problem. One thing which I don't want to bring up because it's such a nice little level was the issue of darkness. It is very very dark and the flare bug kicks in after a while and even with a bright monitor like mine it's very hard to see and using the binoculars will crash the level. However I'm looking forward to playing more of Rianne's levels if you decide to make any more which I recommend you should!" - TrueRaider (27-Apr-2003)
"Well what were YOU doing when you were 11? Yes that's how old Rianne is and I think this is a most impressive effort for such a young first-time builder. We've all seen far less playable levels from mature supposedly experienced builders. It's a short level (about 20 minutes) set in a cave/base type environment with a few guards and dogs as enemies. The part with the bike and the lift is a delightful touch and overall the gameplay whilst simple is nice. A promising beginning indeed." - Jay (27-Apr-2003)
"It's really really hard to rate this level. It is an eleven-year-old who has made it! And only considering that I would rate it straight tens. But to be fair (or as fair as I can be) to the other levels out there I have rated according to them. Lara has fallen down into a cave system and has to get out. Among these caves are offices guarded by bad guys and dogs. Find keycards and ordinary keys. Take the quad-bike down an elevator and take a short ride to find a star-shaped key for the last door. The raiding time for me was 18 minutes. As I said it is a brilliant level from such a young person. Keep up the good work Rianne and I hope that I will get to play more of you levels in the future!" - G.Croft (26-Apr-2003)