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Entrance to Y'ha-nthlei by Jose Cobos

Blue43 3 5 4 5
CC 3 4 4 4
eRIC 3 6 7 4
Gerty 5 5 5 6
Jay 5 5 5 6
Jose 3 3 3 4
Kristina 3 4 5 5
Magnus 2 2 2 4
MichaelP 4 5 5 6
Moonpooka 4 5 4 4
Mulf 2 2 3 3
Obig 4 5 4 4
Orbit Dream 3 5 3 4
RaiderGirl 5 5 6 6
Ryan 4 4 4 5
Sash 3 5 5 6
Treeble 4 4 5 5
Whistle 3 4 5 4
release date: 01-May-2003
# of downloads: 36

average rating: 4.24
review count: 18
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file size: 15.30 MB
file type: TR4
class: Cave/Cat

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"A quick debut level. There isn't much going for it gameplay wise as you zoom by from one room to the other, throwing levers and collecting keys, and while the author has combined a lot of different textures (ie Peru and India, for instance), visually the level didn't feel off-tone. Rooms are mostly boxy and empty though. I like how the sound effects are customized though, that took me by surprise. 15 minutes. 08/20" - Treeble (06-Sep-2020)
"Easy to play this lineal level, you'll only need to pull some switches and advance to the final room. The only "problem" could be to find the keys lying anywhere, but never too hard to find. The rooms are empty, but there's a decent architecture and the general appearance is not bad. Not agree with the placement of the enemies in the final water room, I think excessive and also you can easily shoot them from the distance with no danger. In the sea with the two ahmeths on the small island I couldn't find a finish trigger. Playable, but not interesting." - Jose (27-Jan-2018)
"The title may not be Lovecraftian, but it does observe the rules established by D. W. Jones’s Tough Guide to Fantasyland. So? Well. It wasn’t much of anything, was it? At first glance, it looked slightly better than the typical beginners’ levels of the time, but a few steps in I encountered the first jumpswitch attached to a wall of ice: wonder how that mechanism worked? Continue through the usual series of boxy rooms, shoot some bears who have been tranquilised prior to the plot, end up in a large room which looks like we’re about to witness some gameplay eventually: turns out the entire room is merely a decoy: you’re supposed to look for one (1) pickup in it, sitting-duck Ahmets notwithstanding. It ends, poignantly I daresay, out at sea." - Mulf (20-Jan-2018)
"A very fast paced effort which isn't half bad, although incredibly underwhelming and brief. The settings aren't bad if a little repetitive in texturing terms. Puzzles are absent aside from a lever/door sequence and the fights against ahmets, bears and crocodiles are made somewhat less unsettling by the fact you can shoot then from a distance. Lara's outfit is pleasing too, although I would have liked to have seen some boots on her, the poor girl would be lucky if, as another reviewer mentions, she didn't contract frostbite. I would also have liked a finish trigger; it just ends in a bland sea area." - Ryan (20-Nov-2017)
"In this simple and easy level Lara has to open a few doors, pull a few levers, find a couple of keys and shoot quite a few opponents. There were plenty of Ahmets, a bunch of cool looking crocs, bats and a few bears, which unfortunately had the wild pig sound. Textures were fairly repetitive and here and there were a few missing or stretched ones. Lighting was a bit flat and gave Lara a 2D look in many parts. I spent some time looking where to go in the end until I checked and realized that there was no finish trigger. Besides that, the level was fast paced and entertaining, so if you are looking for something quick and simple for in between, this might not be so bad. Just don't expect too much. (About 20 minutes)" - Blue43 (28-Feb-2011)
"I must admit I enjoyed playing this short level. Despite rooms that could be a bit better and no work on the lighting , the author has succeeded to create a good atmosphere for this raid as it takes place in a forgotten world which is what TR was all about. And I really appreciated the quality of the sfx sounds. There is basically no puzzle , except finding a couple of keys and activating switches, but the idea with the picking up of the key with the falling rock is a great one. I also like the enemies , bears , mutant crocodiles and ahmets. The big water room is atmospheric. A pity that the level has no finish trigger." - eRIC (15-Feb-2009)
"This wasn't a very good level but it shows great promise. It's an easy level without much to do and it ends after just over seven minutes but it was still quite nice to play. There were quite a few enemies which I chose to avoid since there were so many Medipacks to be found. Besides I knew that the level was both short and easy. The texturing was okay without many stretched textures. The texturing wasn't that interesting though and the lighting wasn't very good. Also the last room should at least have been finished before the level was released. Overall it's a quite nice little level which could have used much more work." - Magnus (29-Jan-2004)
"Poor Lara walking barefoot on ice with bears and mutants chasing her. That's the setting ice and pools. It's a short level and nice for a first try although we get no puzzles just two keys and few enemies; the ones mentioned above and some crocodile like fish. Twenty minutes and the level ended b the sea with two mutants on an island." - Kristina (27-Aug-2003)
"It's great to see Lara wearing the diving outfit again which is my all time favorite outfit from the TR series. Who cares if it's cold and she has no shoes on - she looks great! The level itself has an atmosphere that reminds me very much of the caves of TR I with the same textures switches and keys used plus plenty of bats and a few bears. It's not very often you see bears in levels so I couldn't bring myself to kill them and finished the level with all three alive they run fairly slow so it was pretty easy. There are also a few ancient reptiles to get by plus two ahmets in the very last room but there's really no reason to kill them. Overall a fairly easy level that allows you to revisit the memories and atmosphere of the very first TR game." - RaiderGirl (12-Jun-2003)
"Not a very exacting and short level. Use drop switches find the key and end up in the sea area where the level is supposed to end. Some thin walls and bland graphics. Enemies are 3 bears (no Goldilocks though) some 'lizard' mutant crocs and two monsters on the island at the end. Rather a disappointing level which seemed to develop promise but fizzled out." - Whistle (24-May-2003)
"This is an interesting level. You start on a snowy area and Lara is on barefoot. Well a boot should be useful! You have to collect 2 Keys meanwhile bears bats water and continental mutants attacking Lara. However she has an AK-47 this weapon is unnecessary as you can kill them from a fair distance. Unfortunately there are some bugs in the end of the level: in the textures and the final trigger is also missing. I didn't find secrets. There are no added sounds. This level is a quite short one the next installment surely will better. :-)" - Obig (24-May-2003)
"This is the author's first work and I have to say it is much better than the follow up 'The Great Race of Yith'. You get a decent little icy environment with a lovely looking watery room with ruins and stupid sitting duck ahmets that are easily popped off this though still isn't what I would class as a really good level as the gameplay is just a bunch of switches and a couple of keys with no end trigger once you get to the sea after just over 15 minutes. What I loved was the inclusion of three bears that took me by complete surprise but puzzles and length was what this level lacked and what this level needed." - Sash (18-May-2003)
"Although a very short level it was quite enjoyable. A simple and straight through jobbie with TR 1 type textures caves bears and a few Ahmets lurking at the end who you didn't really need to kill unless like me you positively hate them! I loved the reconstructed crocs who had fins on their backs to look like some prehistoric beast well done to the author for that! It's those small additions of adding an unseen before item/enemy/object to an otherwise very basic level that makes all the difference would have been a good idea to have had more of them and on land as well as in the water as they were quite scary I wouldn't want to meet one in a dark alley and if found creeping up on Lara would have added some element of surprise to this level. Lots of levers to pull and doors to open close by so nothing too brain aching to sort out. I didn't know the level had finished though swam around for ages before seeking help only to find it was at it's end. A good basic start and would be a handy beginners level. I recommend having a look at it to see those wonderful croc additions." - Moonpooka (07-May-2003)
"This is a first by this author and a pretty fast paced one as well. Bears yes you encounter three and sort of dinosaur looking crocs and two ahmets sitting on an island and some very pesky bats. Finding two keys and pulling levers that is it. Luckily for Lara she can run around a bit as I would for sure be cold in this level wearing only a wetsuit. There are some traps but nothing I couldn't handle. 01-05-2003" - Gerty (04-May-2003)
"For a first effort this is not at all bad. The construction is quite solid and the texturing reasonable. But the gameplay needs a little more thought. I have no problems at all with a 20 minute level (in fact used properly those 20 minutes can often be as entertaining as 2 hours in a weaker level) but the short time you spend playing really should be filled with fun and challenge. This particular adventure (although having its moments) is basically a 'run pull lever shoot enemy enter next room' scenario; which is fine in its own way but as the player is never in any doubt as to where to go next (and the enemies although varied offer practically no threat) it's all a bit too much of a stroll. I loved Lara's wet-suit however. And thought that the idea of her lugging an Oxygen cylinder on her back through an arctic temple was hilarious. An 'end of level' trigger would have helped as well." - Orbit Dream (03-May-2003)
"Starting off in a cave Lara is in diving gear and she gets a cool new shotgun. After killing the bear you enter cave buildings to get the key. I jumped when the boulder fell and killed Lara clever trap. Loved the adaptation of the crocodile to look like a Dimetrodon. And on into an underground grotto where Lara must look for another key aaaaaand finds the local inhabitants. A very short level but also shows great potential so keep up the good work Jose." - CC (03-May-2003)
"The first thing I want to know is why poor Lara was running around in the snow in diving gear and bare feet. Hasn't she enough to contend with without the threat of frostbite? The textures are very TR1 which I like (although I really HATE having to shoot those bears poor things). Apart from the bears enemies are mutant crocodiles and a few ahmets lurking around the pool area like a bunch of gargoyles waiting to be shot. Pretty pointless really as they are just sitting targets but then nothing cheers the place up more than a few nicely burning ahmets. True the gameplay is largely of the 'pull a switch/find a key to open a room to pull another switch/find another key' variety but the environment is pleasant and it's a short level so think of it as a coffee break diversion. There isn't a proper finishing trigger; the author advises that the level ends when you reach the sea. You can choose whether or not to shoot the ahmets on the tiny tiny island or just ignore them and call it a day!!" - Jay (03-May-2003)
"A first attempt at level building and what we get here is a small 20 minutes adventure which is easy enough and quite linear but does have a few moments. Poor Lara starts out barefoot on snow in her wetsuit outfit (?) and encounters battles with bears crocodiles bats and ahmets along the way. I thought the ahmets were extremely funny sitting like cure pets on their tile after being triggered - patiently waiting to be shot. The textures are a bit of a wild mix with a slight attempt at creating a TR1 atmosphere. There are 10 levers to pull and a Gold and a Bronze Key to find. The AK-47 is cool as always and just when the overall setting gets a little better the level ends in an untextured little sea without a finish trigger." - Michael (01-May-2003)