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Vendetta! by Treeble

Anurag 9 9 10 9
bERT 7 8 10 10
Capt. Abbey 9 8 8 10
CC 8 10 9 9
Celli 7 9 9 8
Croft Storm 9 9 10 9
Danny Rex 10 9 9 10
Duncan 9 9 8 8
EssGee 9 9 9 8
eTux 8 10 10 9
G.Croft 8 9 8 9
GeckoKid 10 10 9 8
Gerty 8 10 8 8
guss18 8 9 9 9
High Priestess 10 10 8 9
Jay 8 9 9 9
Jorge22 9 10 9 9
Jose 7 8 8 9
Knuxx 9 10 9 9
Kristina 8 10 9 9
Lady Lara 10 8 9 10
Loupar 9 9 8 8
Magnus 7 7 8 8
MichaelP 7 10 8 8
misho98 7 7 8 9
Moonpooka 8 9 8 9
Navi 9 9 8 8
Obig 9 10 9 9
Orbit Dream 7 8 8 9
Phil 8 8 9 9
RaiderGirl 8 10 9 9
Ravenwen 8 8 7 7
Ryan 8 9 10 9
Sash 6 7 8 7
Sherry 8 8 9 10
Torry 9 10 10 10
Tortoise3 8 9 8 9
release date: 10-May-2003
# of downloads: 105

average rating: 8.68
review count: 37
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file size: 22.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: South America

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"One of the coolest older levels about. Wonder why I had not played this before. Lara dons a risque outfit that really is more suited to a night clubbing than raiding and she has been watching far to many cop shows on TV, holding her guns sideways to fire. This really is not reliable and accuracy suffers. Believe me, try it in real life and you will see. Some of the cut scenes would freeze on me momentarily which wasn't an issue except when a guard decided to appear at just that instant to start firing at her. She was for those moments absolutely defenceless until the cut scene faded and normal control re-engaged. Enemies are numerous and they generally attack in packs. Health becomes an issue so look carefully for those med packs. The narrow passage to swim through in the shark pool area was far to narrow and I found Lara getting hung up for moments in the crevices (could be her bosom is just getting in the way though). Nice to have another go at Sophia. She certainly is a survivor. I mean, how many times do we need to bump her off? Great little level. Thanks Treeble." - Torry (01-Apr-2018)
"Judging by her outfit, it seems that Lara has raided Christina Aguilera's wardrobe in the meantime. Not exactly appropriate clothing for a visit to the zoo. Joking aside, this was fun to play and indulge in a bit of nostalgia (I always liked the zoo textures). The guards have sensed Lara's arrival, so you should look for more weapons as well as flares for the dark areas. The secret was a nice touch too. It all culminates in a boss fight with Miss Leigh herself." - Ryan (01-Sep-2016)
"Short adventure placed in a zoo where you can choose which rose to collect first so you can place all of them and fight Sophia in the end. There's a few problems I have with this level - the fixed cameras, although sometimes giving the level almost cinematic effects, can become annoying and you can overlook important things because of them. I also enjoyed how action packed the level is but in the beginning where you have only pistols it becomes too repetitive to fight 3 or 4 guards at every step and use tons of medipacks to survive. Also Sophia didn't seem like a boss at all - she didn't to work properly and couldn't do any damage to Lara and the whole level felt much more dynamic at any other time than the final. There's lots of interesting ideas though - the grapple hook, the different rooms inspired by the different elements like the room where you can see the sharks swimming all around. Nothing too hard but the tasks are still fun. The visuals are great - not so great to get a 9 alone but since there's some very original room structures - there you go! I definitely enjoyed this, even with its problems, so give it a go!" - misho98 (12-Apr-2016)
"Great looking level and a fairly straightforward raid but an enjoyable one. Not at all keen on the frequent fixed camera spots which made it hard to navigate Lara safely in parts but this doesn't detract from the overall enjoyment. Plenty of ammo to finish Sophia off. I was sad when it ended as I hadn't managed to get into all of the animal enclosures as I had hoped!" - High Priestess (05-Jul-2015)
"It's always nice to play this kind of old-style levels. In this zoo, Lara must find three silver roses to get access to Sophia's lair, fighting with animals and guards in her way. Perhaps excessive enemies and some annoying cameras in certain places. Medipacks were enough but I missed some more ammo for the good-made new guns. It was a pain the bug at the end 'cause Sophia didn't shoot and was very easy for Lara to kill her. Not difficult gameplay, only the hidden passage in the dark could got me stucked for a while. The best were lights and textures." - Jose (09-Oct-2011)
"I've been going back to play some of the higher-rated older levels that I somehow missed, and I found this one to be a pleasant and not too difficult diversion. Lara is wearing a buttcheek-exposing outfit that makes the act of backing out of crawlspaces something to be enjoyed at leisure. At least by us guys. I wonder if this level would be rated as highly if it were to be released today, as it's rather linear and provides little out of the ordinary. Still, it oozes with ambience in its zoo setting, the environs are tasteful and pleasing to the eye, and the encounters with the surprisingly resilient crows and the Sophia beasts (not to mention Sophia herself) make this a somewhat a challenging adventure. I also liked the use of the grappling gun, which we don't see much of these days. A nice level to play for that "good ol' days" feeling." - Phil (25-Jan-2011)
"Started raiding again after a break of an year or two I had this level on a backup DVD since long that is why thought of giving it a go. I really liked the setup and ambiance of the level not to mention the new objects like Grappling gun and Lara doll that also way back in 2003. The game play is not really complex, the raiders have to retrieve the Ground, Air and Water roses and then encounter Sophia and get the 4 meteorite artifacts not to mention; it also includes lots and lots of shooting and medipacks on the way throughout the quest. I am glad I tried this level and this is one of the most futuristic levels I have played from the pre NGLE era." - Anurag (04-Nov-2009)
"I have had this on my computer for a while and finally decided to give it a go and I am so glad I did. Can't say I was crazy for the outfit, except the chaps. Loved the zoo setting, it was so well done. Gameplay was fairly simple. I was so afraid I would not have enough med packs to get me through all the guards but everything worked out fine. Your quest is to find the three roses so you can battle with Sophia, even though the battle was far too easy. I also loved the grappling gun. I would have preferred to just release the animals instead of killing them, or better yet let them take care of some of the guards. All in all a very enjoyable level that I can recommend." - guss18 (17-Oct-2008)
"Funny how certain levels can leave a lasting impression on you, while others fade away. I can't say exactly why, but I just 'liked' this level and always have a fond memory of playing it. Not overly hard. Lots of animals to encounter, effective zoo settings and you get to use the Grappling gun (nice work). The gameplay was not too hard and quite fluid. Now I'm not complaining, Lara's raunchy (rock concert a la Christine Aguilera) outfit distracted me quite a bit whilst playing (in a good sort of way), but it did seem a little inappropriate for a visit to the zoo. A minor detail though. Play this when you're in the mood for a 'feel good' raid." - EssGee (10-Mar-2007)
"I liked this brief and enjoying adventure because despite it's 'dark' title, it was rather humorous and pleasant. Lara sort of returns to the 'scene of the crime' so as to fight Sophia Leigh again, and to get to her she must complete some missions in the zoo. The area is split in several rooms and you can explore each one in any order so as to find three items. Although there are some tricky things to do (in that it's not very clear at some points what you are supposed to do), the level is overall very straightforward. The gameplay is easy, and there are no complicated puzzles to bug you - only simple switch-pulling stuff. There are a few traps but you can easily pass them. What I didn't like was some weird fixed cameras at certain points, as I couldn't see what Lara was doing because things got in the way due to the camera angle that was impossible to escape from. Also the enemies were far too many for such a short level, but I found it so funny when that group of tigers attacked Lara all of a sudden. I liked the inventive use of the classic golden roses (with a different appearance here), but the final battle was a bit too easy, in spite of having many 'participants'. Quite entertaining as a whole though." - Ravenwen (31-Jan-2007)
"'Vendetta' is an interesting level that takes you through a sleepy Brazilian zoo in a quest to find 3 roses; air, earth, and water. On top of numerous guards (too many in fact!), you will become well acquainted with the local residents. The areas for the roses are not too difficult, but are lessons instead of observation. Placing the roses in the underwater caves opens gates to a room of vast nothingness. Grabbing the artifact transforms the room into a bridge above lava, and a confrontation with an old nemesis begins. I don't know if this was a problem that occurred while downloading, but I found this section to be very glitchy. The beasts kept falling off the ledges and down into the lava at random, they also kept getting stuck in the walls, and Sophia's staff wasn't shooting anything. An okay level overall, frustrating at times because of all the guards, but enjoyable in the end." - Celli (28-Aug-2005)
"I loved this level. It has great storyline, how Lara chased Sophia to the Zoo by the jeep, how the first intro flyby show this, just brilliant. Lara needs to collect pieces of roses to unlock the path to meet Sophia, she comes across the middle of a shark tank, that's a novelty! Also there are quite a few other highlights in the level, like the excellent bird cage, and the cute little bears in the cages, to name just a few.... oh let's not forget that cute secret! :D I am not really such a big fan of Lara's outfit, but it's not bad! I was not stuck in the level except for the first time, in the first pool with the fixed camera, I couldn't see that there were more paths underwater! That's why I took away a mark from cameras. The boss fight is just brilliant, how the suspense was created etc, fighting the ahmets before killing Sophia the last time, just brilliant. It is not an epic adventure like Piega's work, but it was a very, very good level, relaxing, and fun. Just go and download it now. I am sure you will like it :)" - GeckoKid (09-May-2005)
"A highly original level with Lara in a highly provocative outfit. Lots of good ideas here and decent gameplay but rather dark. Not a cookie-cutter level and not one the player is likely to run into again. Well done!" - Duncan (21-Nov-2004)
"This is the kind of level I love - lots of shooting not too much thinking great music and a fun battle at the end. A zoo is a great (and original) idea for a level it allowed for a variety of enemies and atmospheres. Mixed together plot that acted like a sequel to TR3 this worked really well and Lucas finally gets to fully show off his skills as a builder. The only major improvement upon this would be regarding the size because this isn't a huge level. It might be over a year old now but I'm still hoping for a sequel- this is one of my personal favourite levels. And not just because of the outfit..." - Croft Storm (15-Oct-2004)
"Great Level really good animal enemies that attack Lara in groups (Tigers Birds Sharks Werewolfs) smart human enemies (except for Sophia didn't work well). Great zoo atmosphere (the shark tunnel is so cool) good roses puzzle. I loved the Xlara Dirrty outfit (so hot and so well done) great new weapons (sub-machine guns grappling gun) good secret (the Lara's doll is so nice and original). I really enjoyed it congratulations ;)" - Danny Rex (25-Jul-2004)
"Wonderful level by Lucas but is Lara's outfit really suitable for raiding? The level takes place at a zoo with her dressed in only what can be described as Christina Aguilera's 'Dirrty' outfit which isn't too bad until she starts crawling (you get the picture). The main goal is to collect three roses hidden in various parts of the zoo in order to find Sophia Leigh's hiding place. Along the way you will encounter many animal and human baddies luckily there are a lot of ammo pick-ups so don't be afraid to use the more powerful weapons against them. I was very fond of the 'a ha's' as Lara picks up an item brings back memories of the older TR games. The Secret in this level is one of the best custom items I have ever seen. It's very unique so do not miss it!" - Knuxx (14-Mar-2004)
"Oh wow nice outfit Lara. Being a female I didn't give this level such high marks for her underwear and chaps ensemble however it was pretty funny. A lot of the things Lara did were changed like she shot her pistols sideways and didn't grit her teeth. I was upset that you didn't get to drive the jeep but other than that I really loved this level. Cool rooms (like the shark one) and I loved the Secret. Also the battle at the end was great except for one thing: Sophia didn't work. She just shot at me but nothing happened. Oh well. Great level great textures great use of a grappling gun interesting camera angles (if it hadn't been for those I'd have finished the level a lot sooner). Good one!" - Capt. Abbey (04-Feb-2004)
"I really hope that this level isn't the last in the series as previously stated because that ending really makes you want a sequel. Oh and the level is good too. I played the demo of this level quite some time ago and I wasn't that impressed. Almost the only thing you did was shoot enemy after enemy after enemy. The enemies are still there (every last one of them it seems) but now there are also more interesting things to be done. I've never played The Lost Artifact so I don't know how much this level borrowed from the zoo level in that game but it really feels like you're in a zoo when you play this level. Well there are a lot of things that don't make sense but as the author so kindly reminded us about: it's just a game. So I won't complain about the traps the oddly placed levers or the strange hallways. Really I won't. Even though there are a lot of enemies in this level you don't have to be afraid of dying because there are a lot of Medipacks and also quite a lot of ammunition. The texturing is nice and so is the lighting but Lara's outfit... Well let's just say I wasn't too fond of it - just like most other reviewers. Not really my outfit of choice if I was to hunt down one of my adversaries. All in all the best level of the author to date. It's a shame it only lasted for twenty-five minutes though." - Magnus (29-Jan-2004)
"I just finished this level and I must say this is the most fun I've had playing a level in a long time. The first thing you realize when you start this level is that Lara has just been to the beauty parlor - had her nails done (fire engine red) and a bikini wax. Ouch! I must admit I downloaded this level because people spoke about her original outfit and it is well - original to say the least. Chaps and a bikini - where the hell were the fashion police when Lara left the house? But there is much more to see and do in this level than her outfit - which is funny if you're a woman and if you're a man - well.... Enough said. I really enjoyed the gameplay here because it was just challenging enough to keep you busy but not frustrating. Many might find it too easy but I enjoy the flow of a well-cued game. The zoo setting was so refreshing and soooo well done. The aquarium was just breathtaking and I loved the way the sound of her footsteps changed when she ran in different rooms. Speaking of sound thank god someone brought back her 'aha' when she picked up items - I always liked that. The ending was challenging and fun - disco and earthquake and ahmets and an arch-enemy. What more could you ask for?" - Lady Lara (16-Dec-2003)
"An excellent game by Lucas. A zoo with animals all around in cages crocodiles monkeys dogs and sharks inside a pool. There are many areas available at the same time I didn't know where to go first. The player is in pursuit of artifacts. During the quest there are three roses to find in different parts of the level. The grappling gun and actually being able to use it was a nice surprise. One crawlspace very cleverly hidden had me tearing my hair out and running around like mad. Always light a flare even in not very dark areas trust me. Sophia at the end which didn't damage Lara's health and some mutants are the enemies you will finally face and also place the artifacts you have collected. The end comes not long after and what a nice way to spend your time. Definitely a must play." - Kristina (26-Jun-2003)
"Vendetta takes place in a zoo and is as much fun as a trip to the real thing! Walk around and enjoy the animals in their natural habitats and you can even explore their cages yourself. Don't try this at home though I wouldn't recommend opening the door to the tigers cage at your zoo even if they do bark like dogs as these do. Must be a new breed. Anyway the reason for searching this zoo is to collect three roses and use them to gain access to an as yet unnamed artifact that is well guarded by some werewolf ahmets and even Natla herself - this artifact must contain some beauty potion or something. I don't know where Lucas got the idea for the new outfit but I absolutely loved it as well as the new health packs and weapons the new objects the great Lara doll the grappling gun that lets you climb or swing using a rope the tank full of hammerheads and the giant bird cage the custom jeep (not drivable) the shark tank you walk through and the big surprise at the end just when you think you're going to place the last artifact and open the door to the exit. Thanks Lucas you really know how to show a girl a good time! ;)" - RaiderGirl (23-Jun-2003)
"Being an animal lover as soon as I saw 'zoo' mentioned I knew I would like this one and I wasn't disappointed. The glass walkway over the sharks enclosure definitely deserves a mention and having found my way beneath it I spent ages looking for a floor opening to exit by [not realising that the glass walkway was a tunnel itself]. That was REALLY sneaky. It was easy to find your way around which I appreciated as I am not one to remember where I have visited. And what about those cute fish in the central pool? I adore swimming with fishes. The shoot-em-up action in the beginning soon settled down to a more downbeat level giving you more time to have a good look around. The timed run was not hard to do and the ending with the four beasts and Sophia was a nice touch too. It always seems like an anti-climax to a level without the 'grand finale'. I always used to look forward to these in the TR games. Now for the downside. The fixed camera did not always switch off which was very frustrating and for a while I thought I would have to give up at one button in this level. Also I would have liked to spend a bit more time in the cages interacting with the animals instead of just releasing them and shooting them. But having said that this is a thoroughly enjoyable piece of work and I am looking forward to the follow-on." - Tortoise3 (03-Jun-2003)
"That naughty Brazilian! How on earth can we keep our minds on the gameplay when we're constantly looking at a very minimal textured butt lol. Well this is pants down ermmm sorry hands down the most saucy outfit I've seen so far. And what on earth is going on in the catacombs of Brazilian zoo's these days: it's heavy disco night alright! Have fun says Lucas in his readme file and I sure had. This level is an absolute beauty to look at and beats the original zoo level we got as an extra with TR3. Very atmospheric nightly setting beautifully lit nice nautical setting with hammer heads nice aquariums well done. Gameplay wise there's nothing out of the ordinary but it's not too linear so here and there a bit thinking to do. Enemies were well done as far as the animals is concerned but maybe too much guards and such. All in all a must play level if only for the looks of it and certainly that heavy disco party in the end." - bERT (01-Jun-2003)
"This was a great level beautifully made. I loved the atmosphere of the zoo and agree with everyone that this is Treeble's best to date. The only thing I didn't like was Lara's outfit - get a grip you guys. The last game I played "Wrath of the Jungle Queen" also went over the top. However well done Treeble and please do some more." - Sherry (22-May-2003)
"This is amazing. I was just thinking the other day about two things from the original game that I've never seen in a custom level and I couldn't believe it here they are in this zoo. One was the spiders and the other was the zoo in Madhouse. But this is much much better. Textures lighting and objects perfect. Lara is in an advanced state of undress but I liked the way her hands hold the cool guns she gets here very well done. And what a lovely surprise when I found the first secret I looked at it with the binoculars up close I thought it was so cute. I had a serious conscience moment shooting animals that were in captivity. My white tigers growled and yelped like dogs when they died. Were those flying toucans in the birdcage? Lara gets to pull a cage instead of a block and picks up the ground air and water roses. You finally find Sophia's hiding place and the battle begins to get her tear and 4 artifacts. The ending gives me the impression that there could be a follow-on level and I will be looking forward to that. If there's a moan at all it's some of the camera angles. They were awkward but I suppose it would have been too easy if they weren't there. I loved it please Mr. Lucas sir can I have some more." - CC (22-May-2003)
"This definitely is my favourite of Treeble's levels to date. Playing in a zoo Lara dressed as Christina Aguilera in her 'Dirty' video clip has to find 3 roses to open an entrance so that you can collect 5 crystal artefacts that Sophia has stolen back from Lara. There isn't anything other than shooting and moving through the level but it had a great little atmosphere and I'm a sucker for zoo environments especially ones with brilliant walk through shark tanks. The only thing Treeble's levels lack is some real puzzling but this is his style and he has a lot of fans that love it just this way. This should take you about 45 minutes to get to the end well I think it was the end but it had no finish trigger with at least one cute Lara doll secret to find." - Sash (18-May-2003)
"Way to go Lucas what a wonderful game this was. Being one of the beta testers I was glad to find more medipacks along the way as those guards wouldn't give up on poor Lara and I don't blame them as she was trespassing in a big way. Finding three roses are the main goal and that is easier said than done. Loved the idea of the Zoo and also loved the wooden doors in the beginning. Try to find the revolver and the shotgun as early as possible the grappling gun you also need that makes life a bit easier. Apart from guards there are some spiders birds and tigers to slay. Felt sorry for those tigers though. The final battle with those Ahmets took me by surprise (I really dislike them). Battling Sophia was great at least in this level it was. The level ends when you want to place the Golden Tear into its socket. And check out Lara's outfit.... Sexy. Found also 1 secret and that was soooo cute and one of the best readme files I ever saw. 11-05-2003" - Gerty (18-May-2003)
"I like Treeble's levels very much. There are always interesting uncommon ideas in them. This level also has many of them. What's more I think this is his best level until now. It's not too large and difficult. There are many and hard enemies but you have enough medipacks too. I went through with pistols and 4 small and 4 large medipacks remained. The Grappling Gun which is well known from the TR5 is very good you can shoot ropes on the ceiling with it. I love the Lara Doll too I don't know how much are them in the level unfortunately I found only one. You have to collect 3 Roses and placing them on the pedestals you can continue your way. There are some fixed camera which is a bit annoying. In the end Lara gets the 4 meteorite crystals which are known from the TR3 and a sphere which doesn't have name. So Sophia has stolen it for nothing and to cap it all she couldn't injure Lara. You can kill her using the pistols from above and she drops the Golden Tear." - Obig (18-May-2003)
"Very enjoyable level with a nice scenery (the zoo from The lost artifact is one of my favourite levels). There are enough enemies but sometimes they attack in groups and it is very difficult for Lara to kill them without being injured; thankfully there are also enough medpacks. The re-build of a zoo is in some parts even better than the original TRLR. And over all this zoo shows one new species: the barking white tiger. ;) I've loved the secret the little Lara's doll; and the end with Sophia Leigh is very well done. I got the five artifacts the secret and the ???. I hope there will be another Lucas level to continue with this nice adventure." - Loupar (16-May-2003)
"Lara at the Zoo for a change. I did not like the outfit at all and it simple did not suit Lara. The level itself was not bad at all with a few good puzzles. First Lara needs to find three roses. She meets many enemies along the way - too many at the same time in my opinion - and she finds a secret (a little Lara doll). And then she reaches a little blue round artifact and when she picks it up something happens (won't give everything away). Cameras were sometimes missing. Sound was suitably added. I liked the graphics and the whole architecture of the level. Something different with a bit of an open end as Lara finds a yellow crystal and then....? Maybe there is going to be a part 2? A good level for me - you should play it." - Navi (16-May-2003)
"First let me get something off my chest err I mean say something that I feel needs to be said. Lara's outfit in this adventure is somewhat skimpy and rather inappropriate for the undercover penetration err I mean adventure that she has to undertake here. But aside from that this is Treeb's best level to date. A fast moving adventure involving the exploration of all sorts of moist err I mean humid looking in's and out's err I mean nooks and crannies in a zoo. There's great use of a grappling line; a wonderful Aviary; loads of excitable men setting upon err fighting with our heroine; fast moving swim with sharks and a much-expected battle with bears before you come face-to-face with Sophia for a bit of all-girl action err I mean confrontation. Enormous fun for all those who like to see Lara getting involved with animals. Oh good grief I'm going to stop this review now!" - Orbit Dream (15-May-2003)
"In the beginning it seems like some shoot'em-up of some kind and you start to doubt the game a bit. But it is much more than that truly original. I must say I didn't play it in 30 minutes I don't know how long it took me it is a short game in fact but it surely didn't take me 30 minutes... There were two main things that kept me going around in circles until I finally found out what to do: the top window behind the ladder on the wall that you must break with the most uncommon of weapons and the totally dark crawlspace (a bit unfair if I may say so) in a fixed camera place. Apart from that the game flows quite easily and is fun to play. Original too - I loved the small Lara secret. And I loved the "ah-ahs!". And the Brazilian flags at the beginning of the level were also interesting. Near the end I found the spot where to place the golden roses almost by accident but in fact where else could you go at that time? I didn't find any bugs or glitches in this highly advisable game. I suppose the mysterious ending indicates there will be some follow-up right? Otherwise it wouldn't make much sense... That's why I'm looking forward for part two - as you surely will after you play it. The only very weird thing about the level is the way the tigers bark like dogs. That was weird..." - Jorge22 (15-May-2003)
"Not entirely convinced about the outfit. Yes it's sexy but is it practical? Well at least she's not wearing four inch heels. This is a trip to the zoo but don't expect an ice cream and a ride on the elephant. It's nighttime and there are a lot of guards trying to stop you enjoying yourself. In fact these guards are really mean and some of them are very tough indeed. Medipacks are plentifully supplied and believe me you'll need them. In between battles try to take time to admire the zoo because it is well worth a good look at. The walkway over the hammerhead shark pool in particular is breathtaking. You are searching for three roses in three different areas of the zoo and along the way you will find a grappling gun and some weapons to aid you. I found one secret - a charming little Lara doll. In the stats where it usually says secrets it said 1 so perhaps Treeble has found a way of indicating how many there actually are to find. Clever. In fact there were one or two clever things about this level. I freely admit that I tried to give myself a revolver via the save game editor just to bump off all the guards more easily. When I tried to use it however Lara made a rude gesture and the inventory bore the legend 'cheating eh' which I thought was hilarious. Nice one Treeble! I like this level a lot despite the fact that it is very much a shooter which I don't always care for. There is a marvelous boss ending also. Go on spend a night at the zoo you'll enjoy the visit. 13-05-2003" - Jay (15-May-2003)
"I remember when Lucas asked if he really should continue to work on this level and I am so glad the community was able to convince him as without a doubt this is his best work by far. Lara is exploring a zoo and needs to branch out to find three roses which open the doors to the final battle with some ahmets and Sophia (brilliantly done). Gameplay is a little simplistic as it mainly revolves around finding a few sneakily hidden crawlspaces and pulling levers and pushing buttons but what makes this a very entertaining 45 minutes raid is the many nice little touches added: the Aguilera style outfit the custom weapons the rarely seen use of the grappling gun speedy spiders and barking tigers generally good use of objects and last but not least an absolutely hilarious secret pickup. I thought that maybe the amount of baddies was a little overdone and some of the rather many fixed cameras were a bit annoying but all in all a very enjoyable experience and one that screams for an encore so don't stop now Lucas - we want your levels ;-)" - Michael (13-May-2003)
"Fun fun fun! Rather easy raiding but fun! Lara wants to take back the meteorite artifacts that Sophia stole from her and that's your mission. Sophia has sneaked into a zoo and that's where Lara has her vendetta with Sophia her bodyguards and the zoo guards. The outfit is colorful but a little too undressed for me. ;-) Note Lara's hands and how she holds the guns! I like the 'old' aha sound when she picks something up and I must say that this level has the BEST secret pick-up ever!" - G.Croft (13-May-2003)
"What a superb level I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. Got stuck once but it took me around two hours to complete as I spent a lot of time adoring the animals in the cages fish in the tanks and the little seating areas I like to explore everything in a level and not just fly through it so it might have taken less time had I have not stopped to adore the level so much. This level sort of reminded me of the Mad House level which has always been a fav of mine loved the animal textures and zoo atmosphere was truly a cute layout. Cuteness aside however there are many guards lurking around some gun swaps so not the usual weapons which was brilliant I totally missed the swim down in the pool to place the roses at first and the hidden crawl space in the dark very sneaky and very well done. I always love a level that uses a sound addition during play so thumbs up for that but the biggest thrill was the end scenario when Lara has to escape the beasts wonderful action type music and they really made your heart pound collected several items at the end which is always nice to come away with a full rucksack and a surprising end to it all when Lara got swept away hopefully for the author to send her on another mission I'd really love to see another level like this one and hope the author will do more. Only one small criticism which is if you like Lara in a punky type outfit fine but I don't as a woman I can safely say that bra top definitely didn't match her leggings! LOL The secret was so good I can't not mention it those little additions and differences really work for a unique level. High score throughout it's not to be missed!" - Moonpooka (13-May-2003)
"The first thing you see is a good fly-by which shows that Lara has arrived at the zoo and inspired from one of Christina Aguilera's latest video's bought herself a sexy outfit lol. This definitely is Lucas' best level to date and even if he says he doesn't want to make levels anymore I hope he finds the inspiration for new creations as this one was very promising. Even if the hunt for the 3 roses is more shooter like and switch based it was very fun and I enjoyed the 30 minutes I spent in thoroughly. The environment reminds me of the Zoo and city area of TR3: The lost artefact - It's a Madhouse! level. There are some new objects in the game and nice new firearms. The new guns include submachine guns which replace the uzis a new much better looking shotgun and a grappling gun which can be used offensive against your enemies but has more use to create a rope or 2 during the play time. Near the end Lara of course gets the 4 meteorite artifacts back and gains a new one too you have a tough battle with 4 werewolves and Sophia at the end and once everything is done you escape through the water. But when you try to place the golden tear Sophia left Lara is pulled in a water current and taken away from the exit. Does this mean there will be another follow up? I certainly hope so!" - eTux (12-May-2003)