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Wrath of the Jungle Queen (revised) by Ruediger

bERT 6 6 7 7
Blue43 6 6 7 6
CC 5 4 5 4
Deekman 7 7 8 8
Dougsan 7 6 7 7
eTux 5 6 6 6
Gerty 6 7 7 6
Jay 7 6 7 7
Jose 6 7 6 7
Kristina 6 7 7 7
MichaelP 6 7 7 5
Moonpooka 6 5 6 6
Obig 6 7 7 6
Orbit Dream 6 8 6 8
Oxy 9 8 8 7
Phil 7 6 7 8
Ryan 7 6 6 7
Sakusha 7 7 8 7
Sash 6 6 7 7
Sherry 6 5 5 6
Torry 5 5 5 5
Treeble 6 6 6 6
Wendee 5 7 6 5
release date: 12-May-2003
# of downloads: 91

average rating: 6.38
review count: 23
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file size: 18.20 MB
file type: TR4
class: Jungle

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Wait, I'm confused: was Lara herself the titular wrathful jungle queen? At any rate, this is a rather standard and quite linear level which starts off in a deceiving open jungle area but soon finds its way into a series of facility corridors and siderooms. There were a few too many pushblocks in one room, but it wasn't so much a puzzle as you just needed to make your way across (finding a lever along the way, which I did by complete accident). The underwater tunnels below the swamps were rather predictable. On the other hand, the finish trigger caught me completely off guard, perhaps it's trying to suggest that Lara embarked on that truck towards her next adventure? 25 minutes, 3 secrets. 11/20" - Treeble (15-Nov-2020)
"45 minute trip where you solve a reasonable box puzzle to end up where you started with no point to the journey at all. Nothing here that will either tax the seasoned raider or indeed excite them. Rather pointless in my opinion." - Torry (23-Sep-2018)
"This is a pretty decent, albeit relatively brief raid. You start in a jungle setting for some simple and linear exploration before working your way through to a sort of base/factory setting. Since ammo is relatively scarce, enemies can be quite tricky to deal with, although nothing too troublesome (those vultures are vicious things, though). The scenery and textures are a bit crude, but the gameplay has a few moments that will make you stop and think, in the form of a couple of block puzzles and climbing sequences. A pleasant and worthwhile raid for about half an hour." - Ryan (09-Aug-2018)
"Not a bad little level. You get about 20 minutes in the outdoor jungle and an equal amount of playing time in a base setting. There are some interesting tasks along the way, and the walkthrough leaves out a considerable chunk of valuable information near the end. There's no mention of what to do after you get past a toxic pool, and a fairly elaborate block puzzle is completely ignored. The surroundings are on the crude side, but there's plenty of light to enjoy Lara cavorting about in her skimpy outfit and clunky bare feet. An enjoyable raid that requires a minimum of concentration." - Phil (21-Nov-2016)
"It notices an advance from this author when building levels. Better architecture and texturización, better use of the camera shots, a couple of interesting puzzles with pushables... Only a "but": you can reach the outside area with the second swamp even if you didn't open the trapdoor to get access to the base or even if you haven't the necessary card; in that case you'll suffer the nasty backtracking. In the second part the game is more entertaining and lineal, but even here you can continue playing if you don't get the necessary bunch of keys. The ammo for the uzis was totally insufficient, so be prepared to deal with almost all the enemies only with the pistols. Not a great level, but worth to play for me." - Jose (16-Sep-2016)
"This is a half jungle, half underground base level with interesting game-play. There is a tedious push block puzzle, a couple of jumps over deadly fluids, spike and boulder traps, several mazes after some swamp-diving with underwater maze and a variety of enemies from rather harmless cobras to nasty birds and a couple of gunmen. The lighting in certain areas was unfortunately flat or absent as Lara looked rather 2D, which is too bad as she was wearing a sexy jungle outfit which looked nice in the right light. Generally an enjoyable raid with some challenging moments and good scenery. Finished in about 40 minutes and found 3 secrets." - Blue43 (02-Jun-2010)
"Game starts in the jungle with nice short flyby showing the area. Two snakes in the beginning are just for decoration because those two poor creatures can't really defend themselves unless you stand very near. Also two alligators just wait to be killed. Birds are very well placed and worth enemy. Also enemy The Damned was worth to fight - with a few jumps you can finish him easily. Many dead bodies in this game and blood on textures. There are also some nasty teeth spikes on unmarked floor in mud. I like two areas with pushable blocks, keeps you thinking for awhile and doors which opens when Lara comes near are magnificent, I enjoyed very much. :-) Also running through spikes gives you some adrenaline. I managed to run through into third try. :-) I couldn't jump from pole rope, which is placed very high and camera angle there isn't very clear. Lara died so many times that I finally used dozy for this jump. In game are enough medipacks, so level is suitable also for beginners. I missed lights and shadows to get better 3D environment. Textures in jungle area are sometimes stretched and also doesn't fit together, in lab area are well placed. I liked the game play which is very linear - after you find first switch and of course if you pick up the card. Lara's outfit fits into a jungle but not very much into the lab, because she doesn't have shoes. The end is very short, at least a little flyby in the end would be nice. :-)" - Oxy (09-Oct-2005)
"I found this level quite enjoyable. The pushable block puzzle the underwater maze and the booby-trapped mud pool were fascinating. The textures are quite unique and the author managed to make some enemies from TR3 work correctly (even though the cobras were practically immobile). Making jungles in TRLE isn't very easy so I have to give this author extra credit for making a decent jungle level. Surprisingly in one of the rooms (with two SAS soldiers) one of the textures contained tiny pictures of Lara Croft and yet they're trying to kill her. Isn't that an interesting contradiction? The plot and Lara's 'clothes' gave away a second title for this level (instead of 'Wrath of the Jungle Queen') which is 'Wrath of the Environmentalist'." - Sakusha (30-Jul-2004)
"James Bond: 'That's a nice little nothing you're almost wearing'. I'd forgotten about the 'dragging the body away from the secret' gag so I had to go back for the Guardian Key. Swift painless level except for those annoying vultures. The thugs were quicker than I've seen before but not hard to dispatch. I'd recommend it as a decent training level." - Deekman (10-Feb-2004)
"I had this down as a five minute no-brainer because after killing a few animals getting a card getting inside the cage with the truck the level finished. Then I noticed the hole in the mud where the boulders are but got stuck again. Then I found the hole in the other mud patch and moved on some more. These underwater areas below the mud are quite good. So let's start again. Lara looks a bit like a jungle queen herself in this grass skirt with leaves or vines trailing round her top arms and legs and her feet are bare. It looks good though. It's supposed to be a jungle but somebody's chopped all the trees down to make this base. Inside the base is a room full of boxes to push around doors that slide up as you pass club wielding thugs gorey blood stains everywhere and not long later you come to the truck the right way round. So instead of five minutes it turned into 20 minutes." - CC (18-Nov-2003)
"We have one short level, about thirty minutes long, with Lara in a green rather sexy outfit. The setting is a jungle but looks a little square, with crocodiles, snakes, condors, thugs and SAS. Those condors harassing Lara while she was monkey swinging were annoying. There is one card and a set of keys to find with the level ending outside. Not everything is what it looks like so make sure you explore the areas thoroughly. I am not sure what the author changed or updated in this version but it was a nice level. I found all three secrets this time." - Kristina (04-Sep-2003)
"Wrath of the Jungle Queen is Fun with a capital F and Lara's outfit is stunning. Wardrobe gets a well done. Game play is something else. After picking up the pass from the dead soldier Lara can pass through the cyclone fence kill the guard and the game is over. She hasn't done anything but the game is over and she is victorious. Can you spell major bug? Fun bug is Lara can walk over the mountains (hills?) rather than monkey swing through the cave. The view is better; it's faster and easier on Lara's arms. I liked the tunnels in the swamps. They faked me out until I realized there was nothing to do unless Lara played in the mud. So hoping a strategic piece of material might get too wet and slip I had Lara jump in the game went on. The block puzzles was fun. I like pushing blocks. I am not well you know. The solution was simple and presented itself almost immediately. But what was hiding behind all the other blocks? And where can I put them if I have to move all of them? A lot of fun. All in all I enjoyed this short simple game a lot. Well done to the author." - Dougsan (05-Jun-2003)
"A small and not so bad level with a little story of the kind where you end near the place you've started. After a little jungle exploring (water snakes monkey swinging swamp exploring) you end up in some kind of underground toxic waste dump with some key to find. A bit dangerous when you know our Lara isn't wearing but a very tiny stringy kind of thing and ... leaves. Mind you everything underneath is kept very tidy and I'm talking about the underground setting if anyone's wondering: the toilet the bureau ermmm the torture room (?) at least that's what I think it is because some tiny rooms are smeered with blood. And all these rooms are nicely closed off with aluminum lifting ports. Flybys were not shaky ending very fluently at Lara's back. One secret was 'just there' on the ground another one with some underwater mazing to do and the third one was a tiny bit difficult but manageable (constant slope jumping). To sum it all up: good linear fun when you had enough of hard labour adventuring." - bERT (02-Jun-2003)
"Lara starts in an area wearing some sort of Flinstones/Jane (as in Tarzan & Jane) alike outfit and is watched by 2 cobras - which are rather silly - they strike at Lara without doing any harm and then disappear into thin air as I wouldn't call this dying. Anyway the level goes on with a mad soldier behind a fence and barbwire looks like he has prepared to leave. There are 2 mud lakes nearby where you have to search for underwater passages - very sneaky. Also be sure you don't miss an important card the dead guy in the water bares. The base areas actually don't seem very base like though. The pushable object puzzle was rather boring too. Overall an interesting 30 minute adventure am not sure which of Rüdiger's last 3 levels I like best though." - eTux (27-May-2003)
"This is rather similar plotwise to Chris Smith's 'Return to Antarctica' with a Jungle setting substituted; and a highly enjoyable romp it is too with very amusing use of 'local' enemies and a well designed playing area. Like the aforementioned Level however this also suffers from the very same gameplay flaw; the story is introduced the atmosphere very well established the suspense racked up gradually the momentum builds and....nothing. You reach a large Truck and the loading screen announcing the end of the Level appears on your computer's Monitor. Did Lara succeed? Why is she apparently still stuck inside a large barbed-wire compound? This is still very much worth a go as it will provide you with 35 minutes or so of fast moving escapist fun. And Lara's costume is in no way exploitative. Oh no. Not at all." - Orbit Dream (22-May-2003)
"This is a nice level a mixture of the Jungle & Area. You have to find a Portal Guardian and a bunch of keys. The enemies are snakes scorpions tigers soldiers tramps. It's interesting that you have to reach the van can be seen in a cage at the beginning of the level but you can do this after the start point. Climb up the right side of the cage onto the rock shimmy to the far left make a somersault and jump hitting the right arrow. But where is the gaming experience? :-) This is not a difficult level it was a good fun. I found 3 secrets. The textures are great and I also loved the added sounds." - Obig (22-May-2003)
"Just as you think this level is really getting going it up and finishes on you. Set in the jungle with Lara dressed up as Tarzan's female equivalent you have to infiltrate a lab though there's not much about it that's lab like and then make it back outside to an area you can see from the start. I really liked the progression through this 35 minute level and some of the textures were new or not very often used before to make this really fresh but like you expect there isn't a great deal to do in these types of levels though the movable block puzzle was nice. The author needs to extend his levels add some more difficulty to them and make the secrets in this I found three much harder to find and not just fall over easy and his levels would become really great. This one in the end though is fairly good." - Sash (18-May-2003)
"The flyby starts with a big snake and once the game starts Lara is outside and there are two big snakes. I didn't even bother to shoot them. But keeps your guns drawn as you never know what is around the corner. It starts getting creepy as there is dead soldier lying in the water and two crocs probably had a taste eeeewww. You need to find a card and some keys also some levers so look around. I really hate those swamp areas as you never know what is lurking in there. There are quite some different enemies in this level like scorpions snakes tigers vultures some baddies and soldiers. Also a nice spike trap or two and I found 3 secrets. Never saw the Jungle Queen though. 13-05-2003" - Gerty (18-May-2003)
"By now you should know what to expect when playing one of Rüdiger's levels as he - like many others - has a certain recognizable style. He always tries something new (that outfit of Lara is quite unique) it is always rather short (30 minutes this time) and it is comparably straightforward. The two mud pools are a little sneaky the boulder and spike traps rather tame and the mix of textures (some from Quake) and objects is kind of weird at times. Good variety of enemies (snakes tigers scorpions crocs vultures and a few bad guys) and occasionally good use of sound. Found two secrets (small medi and Uzi) so I guess I missed one somewhere. The movable block puzzle is interesting but more tedious than tricky and the room with the rope swing through the wall and the vulture appearing out of thin air should be re-worked. You end where you started kind of and it's a quick little level for in between." - Michael (16-May-2003)
"The only wrath I encountered while playing this level was the wrath of my own laxity. Assure that while playing each area is explored and try to move each object that might possibly be movable. Lest you suffer having to retrace your steps or worse have to play certain areas over again. That caveat mentioned on to the review. As the level begins a flyby shows some of the enemies that Lara will face. Those are easily taken care of. Watch your back as those NOT shown baddies begin to appear. Ultimately Lara has to kill more soldiers solve a push/pull puzzle use the rope swing push a lever and avoid more baddies only to advance back to where she started. The level ends unceremoniously after killing the last soldier. My playtime was 38 minutes. It would have been much less except I had to go back to the first area WAY too many times!" - Wendee (16-May-2003)
"I enjoyed this level as it was pretty easy and gave my brain a rest. The third category only gets a five as there was trouble with the camera. After using a lever it would show the gate but it would stick there and I had to really wiggle around to release it. Rather annoying. However it was fun but where was the jungle queen - or was that supposed to be Lara in her 'Sheena of the Jungle' costume?" - Sherry (16-May-2003)
"Wow you Tarzan me Jane - that's quite an outfit Lara's wearing; really nicely done. As you will no doubt guess from the title this is a jungle adventure and it's approximately 45 minutes of good fun - nothing too strenuous but reasonably entertaining. You get to kill some guards tigers and vultures and take a mud bath or two. Make sure you search the mud pools really thoroughly or you can easily miss things. I liked the atmosphere and would like to have had a longer visit. The only jungle queen I saw was Lara herself and she didn't seem particularly cross to me let along wrathful. In fact I swear I saw her spare a couple of snakes. I found two secrets. 15-05-2003" - Jay (16-May-2003)
"I quite enjoyed this level although short it wasn't boring and had some nice touches to it enemies are soldiers and guards two tigers and vultures. You start in a jungle type area and make your way inside the compound through some quite nice rooms with a few kills on the way. Lara comes out empty handed so I wonder why she was there I really like to see her leave with something and so make a better story line for a level. Not much in the way of puzzles just one block one to solve to get to a lever and hatch some nice textures and surroundings. Liked the underwater passages in the mud pools which one could easily miss if not too careful. Only problem was that it all ended so quickly I'd just started to really get into it and all was over so a nice little breeze through if you're wanting to give your brain a rest. Liked Lara's outfit what there was of it! lol" - Moonpooka (15-May-2003)