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Search for the Mystic Stones by Titak

Bene 7 8 8 8
Cbl 8 10 10 10
CC 9 8 9 9
DJ Full 8 9 10 8
Duncan 9 9 9 10
eRIC 8 8 9 9
eTux 9 10 10 10
G.Croft 9 8 9 9
Gerty 8 9 9 10
Jay 9 9 9 8
Jorge22 7 8 10 9
Jose 8 9 8 8
Kristina 9 9 9 10
LePerk 8 9 10 10
manarch2 7 8 9 8
MichaelP 8 7 9 9
Nuri 7 9 10 8
Obig 9 9 9 9
Orbit Dream 8 9 9 10
Phil 9 9 9 8
RaiderGirl 8 9 10 10
Ryan 9 9 9 9
Sash 8 9 9 10
Sethian 8 10 9 10
Treeble 8 9 10 9
Whistle 7 8 8 8
release date: 26-May-2003
# of downloads: 112

average rating: 8.80
review count: 26
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file size: 46.10 MB
file type: TR4
class: City

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Despite being one of Titak's earliest releases, this already features the great atmosphere and visuals she eventually became known for. Over the span of three levels we explore a massive city, its sewers systems, and even some undeground palaces after blasting our way in (Trinity would be proud). I suppose the engine limitations steered towards a night time adventure, so the breakaways in the distance aren't as noticeable, but ultimately this also means some areas are fairly dark. There are plenty of flares to go around, however. I didn't think gameplay was quite as enthralling as the atmosphere, but that might have just been me. 90 minutes, 6 secrets. 12/20" - Treeble (27-Dec-2020)
"I just randomly had this desire to play some classic Tomb Raider via gamepad for the first time, but I'm totally fed up with the originals, so I decided to play these old levels of Titak, that I hadn't reviewed, again. This set of levels, all being gloomy, takes us through a city at nighttime, sewers and catacombs. I wouldn't say, that there were many puzzles or at least I didn't feel like there were as much as in "Return to Egypt". You mostly have a bunch of rooms and locations to discover, find the levers or keys that you'll need to progress and eliminate quite a lot of enemies on your way. But one thing I did enjoy during the whole adventure was this relaxing atmosphere: dark all- over, but still rather uneasy than horrific. The first level was my favorite, mostly because it has a big area to trawl through. And even though I took my time searching every corner for secrets, I ended up not finding any secret in that level. In total I only found half of the secrets." - Nuri (10-Dec-2020)
"levelset of three levels taking place in two different settings , city and undergrounds , thoroughly coherent from start to finish. Objects and enemies are mostly from the city and library wads, including the motorcycle put to good use. I like the undergrounds , sewers and rooms that look mystic with good texturing. Easy and fluent gameplay. Well done lighting. Good recommanded game." - eRIC (05-Nov-2019)
"This is an older levelset from one of the most esteemed builders on this site. This time, Titia has attempted to recreate a Dutch canal town. The architecture is wonderfully done and the details like the mine-trapped pit, or the houses along the side of the canal really show attention to detail. The texturing is well done and nicely merges city textures with Library and Rome textures. It is also rather dark, although not annoyingly so and can be challenging at parts, particularly obliterating the sentry guns." - Ryan (30-Dec-2016)
"It's hard for me to believe I've missed a Titak level after all these years, particularly one with a rating of 8.81 as of this review. Actually, this is a three-parter that all takes place in the same general locale, a suburban block divided by a canal. And yes, DJ Full, it's dark - entirely too dark - but I manufactured unlimited flares for myself and thus minimized the pain. It's a crackling good raid that took me just under three hours to complete. It's always an adventure trying to follow one of OBig's walkthroughs, but this one is clearer than most. Unless I missed something, however, there doesn't appear to be a finish trigger. The builder has provided an addendum that explains where the game is supposed to end, but when you follow her instructions you're taken to the same place (back in the beginning level) that you're taken when you follow OBig's instructions. This may mean that there's more gameplay to come, but if that were the case one would think the builder would have pointed that out. Anyway, there's a lot of good things going on this collection that makes me glad it was drawn to my attention by DJ Full's recent review. Recommended." - Phil (24-Sep-2014)
"I love those old readmes that describe what Lara is wearing in a particular level, like if the author made the game suitable for blind people (who won't read the readme anyway). I got here following from Realm of the Damned played on Titia's birthday, so this is my second day of celebration - without fireworks and confetti, but I prefer a decent game over those. Ad REM (rapid eyeball movement):
City at Night
Poor Phil. I can only imagine how he will suffer from his dark monitor if he gets through this setting one day. I know because I tried this game on two different screens and the matrix of my aging ThinkPad obviously can't handle this ambience even if I lock myself - by tratidion - in a toilet, without any light peering in. But a typical LCD easily shows everything, everywhere, and the flares, just like the previous writers claimed, are enough. Though a night in the city filled with default SASes isn't quite my type of game, and I'm also not sure if it's Titia's. But at least I finally stumbled upon a level taking place in the builder's homeland, a location recognizable even without peering into the readme - the rows of houses set along the watery channel cutting the city in half tell it all. And yes, I'm also the one who likes to open a door of such house and rob its virtual owner of all his interactive stuff - it's really good to step on a comfy carpet between running around apocalyptic streets infested with members of the cult. But not that diffi-cult: wise usage of enemies is strong here - I barely noticed a setup where AI would have an unfair advantage over Lara. You know those games: soldiers perforating Lara as she climbs up, or when she pushes a block - nothing of that sort happens here. Oh, and there's also a classic helicopter mine to destroy, however a bypass route allowed me to see it from behind and travel back to the times when You had to cut out half of a chopper to save memory. There's a sentry gun to negotiate, also the easier way than the author planned in her early AI experiments, but variety is rather an advantage. As well as the quick burning floor part, after which the single torch provided disappears, leaving nobody to wonder if it's needed anymore.
Into the Sewers
The only sewers I recall to be brighter than the city above them. If I see it right, the author couldn't help applying already in this part some surreal mood stored for later level. This makes a proper suspicious impression of something beaming upwards from the deep underground, a signal too weak to reach the upper city, but strong enough to be discovered if only one descends a bit beneath. Nothing surreal happens here yet, but the corridors of the drowned are realistic instead. I hope this section is not AS realistic as Dutch sewers tend to be though. In the end, we meet our familiar shatter knights - and no, I don't agree they are too hard, for there's nothing else in sight except these guys and the mysteriously odd barrier they're supposed to destroy. Frankly the trapdoor pads were more difficult for me than this :D . I left the level having discovered a potential permanent stuck point: the swinging ball can be shot with the secret explosives collected in level 1, and in such case the big gate doesn't open. But I think nobody got stuck here so far, and nobody will.
Weird Science
I was disappointed with the resurfacing part. After all the effort to graduate tension on the dive into, as I thought, some really deep (literally and not) mess, I reached back to the top and saw another district that is, in terms of atmosphere, an exact copy of the city from the first level. Gameplaywise it all flows wisely - the even tougher bunch of guards to alert and eliminate, accompanied by two more sentry guns and this time an active heli suggested I'm in a higher security area as I was supposed to be - but really, I wasn't eager to open another pushpull door and search through another room. For me this was the worst experience I had in this game, but it was over sooner than I expected - the little housing area appeared just a prologue to the final plunge, this time into some serious business with traps and horsemen to negotiate within another dimension. This was on the contrary the best part of the whole game, but keeping in mind the broken leveljump to intended finale, it's only another step into hell we were supposed to enter in Realm of the Damned. I don't get why people hate horseman fights. First of all, they are easily solvable with help of uzis (if You don't waste ammo on bike-smashable SASes). Furthermore, the boss fight included in this game can be totally skipped - another bug that unintentionally improves gameplay - as the gem just lies down on the floor and we can leave its guardian alive until the very end of level. I don't get why this happens, for Fexinspect indicates the item placed properly (?) on the horseman's square. Maybe it should be made invisible or placed under the horse instead? I don't know but soon I will.
There is no such level in this pack, but the final part of Weird Science stands on its own. Technically, dealing with an escape through the upper city and the library stuff below in a single level required merging two completely different wads, what must have brought extreme difficulties, especially in times when extra slots didn't exist. Here I bow my hat to the author who succeeded with this. One last word is about secrets: they aren't that hard as I expected them to be, but the point is the city is quite large so You need to be observant all the time for not to skip that little spot.
It's such a pity the leveljumps didn't work properly - if this levelset had its finale in Realm of the Damned as it was initially supposed to, it would surely end up as a Hall of Famer matching Omegapolis in terms of getting deeper and deeper into the unknown. Meanwhile everyone go hyped at Mists of Avalon, totally forgetting this particular adventure. Maybe someday these levels will be put together as they had been initially planned to - Search for the Mystic Stones: Damned Edition or what. But so far, the broken contiunity is as painful as "mystic" is "turquoise", at least whenever spoken in relation to TR. Am I still writing this review? Damn(ed), this game was longer than I thought, better than I expected, absolutely worth a download despite of some errors and endworld zones - and therefore highly recommended, but keep in mind to play the two parts in the correct order!" - DJ Full (17-Sep-2014)
"The first thing you'll notice about this game is the absolutely stunning night city atmosphere. At many parts, it seemed perfect to me, with all those nice canals, sewers, lanterns providing light, the various buildings and other things, supported by good texturing and lighting... ehm, okay. To the level's benefit, the lighting is very, very realistic and just what you would imagine when exploring at night but I think it's a bit player-unfriendly, since many areas are really dark and it's hard to find the next lever or opening. Luckily, enough flares are provided, but I still think that at least the last level could have been a bit brighter overall. Here and there, one can find a few texture mistakes and some end-of-the-world areas but it's generally hard to fault the visuals. The gameplay is fun and engaging, especially with the good usage of the bike and several nice puzzles, and is flowing rather nicely if not for the dark spots. But apart of some secrets I found the game to be a bit undemanding and sometimes the progression is a bit uninspired, especially towards the end, in the areas around the third stone, and some parts are essentially lever-hunts. Still, everything is embedded into a good storyline and overall it managed to keep me interested until the end, with a nice escape route through the streets (hopefully you found the grenadegun early enough since it's much more with it). The enemy placement in general was very good often introduced by cameras (e.g. some soldiers entering the house where Lara just found one of the stones). So all in all just another good game by Titak (I didn't expect anything else, to be honest), lasting 1:20 hours for me." - manarch2 (23-Aug-2013)
"Very good look this set of three levels, with an excelent architecture, nice texturization and entertaining tasks. The worst was the very dark ambience for my graphics card; yes, it was by night, but even so it could have some areas with more light and flares I found were not enough, of course. First level was excessively no lineal, wasting a lot of time exploring the small village and going around and around. Second and third levels were better, with no much backtracking, but second level was too wet with a lot of water areas and underwater passages. Third level was the best with a lot and variety of enemies and machine guns, but also a lot of stuff for Lara and interesting situations. Near the end I found an unuseful grenade gun. Recommended." - Jose (11-Apr-2011)
"I am so happy I played this level set. No one ever seems to talk about it, and it isn't listed in any sort of 'Top Level' or 'Hall of Fame' category... but it really is one of those amazing LE treasures out there. Something wonderful created even way before the dawn of TREP, NGLE, and object meshing. I have to say this is probably the most realistic and atmospheric city level I have ever played that was built using the old Tomb Raider engine. The city actually feels huge, you can get lost in it, it's so realistic (the steam coming out of the sewage draining on the floor is great) and there are even homes and rooms behind the windows with their lights on that you can explore! This game is to me everything AOD should have been when it comes to urban and church exploration. The gameplay is the only thing that brings the level down in the slightest way. I am not a fan of motorbike levels because I feel vehicles just suck in the old TR engine, and are difficult to manoeuvre. Titak however use the motorbike not to the excess, yet I still found it somewhat annoying traversing in the sewage system with that thing. There is also a bit too much infinite wandering around and backtracking that brought gameplay points down just a notch for me. There could also have been some more special puzzles. Enemies were placed perfectly (I love the challenging SAS guys), however my heart sank a bit when I had to encounter my most hated and tedious TR enemy: the horseman and his horse. The objects that enhance the environments everywhere made the place great and realistic. I was a big fan of the lampposts and how Titak lit the area around them realistically, and I love all the shatterable crates. Secrets were very well hidden I thought, I managed to find 5 out of 6, so I will replay this at some time. Atmosphere was perfect, as I already said. This city is dark and gloomy and really comes to life, and the sewage system is nice and murky and suffocating. To me, it isn't a proper game if Lara doesn't find herself lost in some sewage system :P Music is also used nicely, especially creating some scary moments anytime a new enemy makes and entrance (such as the horseman guys and even the bats!). I would have liked some more cameras showing me what all my switch pulling was doing. Often times I would trigger an even without a clue of what I just did, however this was not so bad because the door that opened usually wasn't far away. Still, some more simply fixed cameras would have been nice. The choice of textures is great, it truly feels like a town in the Netherlands, and the textures are applied so beautifully everywhere. Lighting is also perfect - Titak pays attention to where light would be coming from and places it around lamps, light bulbs, or textures with lights on them. Out of all the custom levels I have played so far, this one probably does the best job at making a blocky-grid-based world truly come to life! Well done! Everyone should play this!" - Sethian (29-Dec-2007)
"Once again,Titia provides us with another high-calibre product. This time the location is the Netherlands,and my goodness me..she's captured the scenery perfectly! The first and third levels take place in a dutch canalside town and are vivid and completely real.The 2nd level is generally underground but contains some splendid gothic architecture and is steeped in ambience.The Gameplay is generally beautifully paced and rarely frustratingly hard,although I disliked the use of the crusaders as the player wouldn't be aware of their destructive capabilities in this respect;there was a general lack of 'thinking puzzles',as the gameplay basically consisted of activating levers to open nearby doors;and the adventure didn't seem to quite know when to stop (there were two different 'finish triggers';one logically placed,the second poorly). Nonetheless this was quite gripping from first moment to last,and that is some achievement! The non-linearity of the first level works rather well and helps to build up the suspense;the 2nd level is generally linear but not obviously so and is the most atmospheric;and the third builds up the momentum very nicely indeed,ensuring that the adventure ends on a high. Perhaps rather too much powerful ammunition was provided (destroying tin-men has never been so easy)but the architecture and layout of the three levels is always first-class and often quite breathtaking,so that I was more than happy to simply stand and stare on many an occasion,relieved that Lara's life was comparatively unthreatened. In terms of story structure this adventure plays out very effectively,and from a technical point-of-view is absolutely as good as it gets;meaning that you will find this a very enjoyable,exciting and occasionaly nail-biting experience. Recommended very highly indeed!" - Orbit Dream (21-May-2006)
I played this some time ago, and I wondered if it was as good as I remembered. So I played it again, and was delighted to learn it was. An urban setting with an ancient underground, and the transition between the two is convincing. It also gives the game quite a bit of variety, and a terrific ending. The gameplay is not that hard and the settings are gorgeous. So, if you haven't played this one, you owe yourself a treat. - Duncan (22-Jun-2005)
"I'm shocked that this (fantastic) level trio already isn't in the Top 50 so am going to help out a bit with my ratings. This is one of those levels where the atmosphere is simply leaking out from every corner of the well crafted environments (I did find 2 missing textures in the first and last level and an end of the world area in the last but that's all minor when you look at it as a whole picture) and with playing this trio during the night the spooky gloomy atmosphere was enhanced even more. The whole adventure combines 3 scenarios within it - a dark city some sewers with a chapel and an ancient tomb with some old technical appliances in it - the latter 2 are rather similiar so it doesn't feel too diverse and like lacking a main theme. At some moment the whole concept even reminded me a bit of AoD (in a good way I might mention knowing the attitude of the majority of TR fans against the game). True - overall it is quite dark but you always have sufficient flares and don't even need them all the time. Every area is made with a great deal of care and attention so it is quite hard to choose a favourite knowing how good all of them are - but the place where you pick up the final stone and the sewers with the bodies floating in it seemed quite special to me. The secrets are rather well hidden yet I still found 5 out of 6 this time missing one in the last level. The enemies are dogs bats typical SAS guards (try to blast the flash grenades at them in the end when finding the grenade launcher I was quite amazed that you can stun them like that!) and later the Lost library's horsemen and Templar knights too but nothing overly difficult to master. So how does the game play one might ask? Well at first it is quite confusing but when you find how to start (get the bike first and keep an eye open for the purple roof keys as they're nearby when you need them!) it all sort of flows logically by itself. I agree that there is a distinct lack of puzzles at least original puzzles and that usually switches and chain-pulling take the majority of the tasks but somehow I was quite ok with that here as it is fun nonetheless - with one of the most interesting tasks being the dispatching of the sentry guns (in level 1 I actually managed to get them out of the way without exploding the helicopter later on) especially near the end where also you have to 'climb' past mines. There also is one issue in the last level where the author probably left an extra gem from testing so with killing the horse rider too you get 2 gems even though you use only 1 to progress. Also the artefacts looked strange in the inventory but that's minor. Even though there are a couple of things that spoil he experience a bit I can't have the heart to downrate it - highly recommend this to anyone especially those who like atmospheric and/or city based levels." - eTux (04-Jun-2004)
"This level has the most original and beautiful look and atmosphere to it out of any I've played. You start in a city at night time and work your way in and around the buildings and the central canal. You need to get a blue motorbike to smash through to the sewers. I needed the walk-through for this first level. The second level in the sewers gets a little weird. There appears to be an old magical cathedral down there. But first you have to get through an underwater maze. The maze isn't big so it wasn't that bad. You then get back up to the city for some SAS killing action. There is lots more to the game then what I have mentioned here. The puzzles and gameplay are nothing new there are all the standards used well. The technical accomplishment of these levels is the complete lack of any bugs everything works right. The reason to play this level is for the atmosphere it is just amazing what can be done with the editor a real inspiration." - LePerk (30-Apr-2004)
"A very atmospheric Netherland city at night. Lara has to find five mystic stones in three different levels. Fun raiding for three hours going through the city and into some houses driving the motorbike finding the way solving puzzles exploring the sewers and the hidden old science area to finally escape with a helicopter." - G.Croft (17-Feb-2004)
"A combination of 3 levels which to me did not quite fit the story scenario Titak has given. I don't particularly like dark levels although with this one you do have enough flares to get by. You start and end and visit in between a town/city and get to ride the bike at the beginning. In between you visit other scenarios such as castle environments and a bit of swimming etc. Beware of the incorrect naming of the third level the weirdscience.TR4 should be renamed gateway.tr4. The enemies consists of dogs bats soldiers knights horseman and wraiths along with traps and machine guns. The textures and effects are good but tend after a while to get boring in the really dark areas. I had a bug with the horseman who kept riding into walls and therefore was unkillable. However by starting to shoot as soon as possible and keeping his attention you can make him dismount to kill him-I could find no place for his gem though did you need to do the killing? Well worth a play." - Whistle (23-Dec-2003)
"A very nice trilogy set in and below a small City in the Netherlands so initially seems similar to Pytr's Amsterdam but is overall a much more mature and involved game. The texturing is quite perfect throughout even if a little bland in the sewers maybe (but of course that is to be expected) and I only took off a point for lighting because the ever present darkness did annoy me despite plenty of flares provided. City At Night (8/7/9/9 50 min. 2 secrets): The atmosphere here is really captured well with the canal the houses the thundering sky and you get plenty of goodies to collect if you look around carefully. You can get to the end of the world on the roofs with some smart jumping but that's not a big problem. There are some bats dogs SAS and a crow a first trip into the sewers a helicopter to blow up and an easy burn-the-floor-with-the-torch-puzzle and you will find the Stones of Light and Infinity here. Into the Sewers (7/7/8/9 30 min. 2 secrets): Almost Catacomb Style with a lot of swimming this feels too much like a maze to me to be fully enjoyable. A few chains to pull some vases and a blue ball to shoot and a nice mirror room where you pick up the Stone of Eternity. Three knights help you along a path and there is a spooky little cemetery before you return quickly to the City with your bike and continue from there to the final episode. Weird Science (8/8/9/9 40 min. 2 secrets): Thanks to the nitro feeder you can make an early jump in the sewers with the bike and emerge in another similar City area where you blow a hole into the ground only to find a library style environment including some of the familiar puzzles and a bunch of tinmen (and one of them on a horse). The effect when placing one of the two gems is nicely done and you pick up the Stone of Life here. When back out from this diversion you need to deal with a few sentry guns SAS bats and dogs as well as pass a mine field in order to make your escape to the waiting helicopter (which you can also reach much earlier via a presumably unintended shortcut). Bottomline this is a very enjoyable two hours of raiding with a believable storyline in a rather realistic setting and is certainly not to be missed." - Michael (12-Aug-2003)
"What a great looking city very well built and laid out with lots of places to explore and canals that for a moment made me think of the Amsterdam level only this is far more detailed and complex. It's dark enough to show the lighted rooms through windows but not so dark that you need to use flares. A lot of machine guns two placed on a roof with a helicopter which reminded me of City of the Dead. Totally missed that roof key innocently sitting on top of a crate in one of the houses. There's plenty of lasersights and revolvers to find so you know there are lots of things to target and shoot. Other familiar stuff that's done in a new way in this level are lighting a wooden floor with a torch collecting the four stones (luminous shards) shooting a swinging blue ball getting the nitro oxide canister to rev up the bike dragging a dead soldier on a trapdoor circular blade traps horse-knights and footknights aka tinmen. The sewer system was well done and this also echoed an original level. There are a load of dead carcasses of 'humans' floating around in the deep parts of the sewers yuk. In the last level Weird Science Lara blows up the sewers with TNT to reveal a hidden ancient complex guarded by tinmen. All enemies in this level are very well placed. And then having collected all four stones she climbs back up to the city again and onto a roof for her ride home in the helicopter. There's nowhere to put these stones so I guess she brings them home with her. A great trio of levels. Highly recommended." - CC (14-Jul-2003)
"There are some great things to point out in this level. The great exploring that takes place in a realistic looking city and the sewers beneath where Lara blows a hole in a wall and discovers the ruins of a lost civilization. I really enjoyed the three or so hours I spent looking around for the keys, stones, gem etc and ran across some areas that were tough enough that I had to reload now and then (boulders) but nothing was difficult enough that I was frustrated. There was a great mix of enemies without turning into a target practice level and I had great fun finding five of the six secrets, they were very well hidden. Great use of the bike, as it was required to get from level to level, great effects and atmosphere - this is a level I will be playing again someday. You can tell the author put a lot of thought into this one, and a lot of work." - RaiderGirl (27-Jun-2003)
"A good set of levels. No doubt the gameplay isn't the easiest as I was lost at the beginning for a long time until I found my way. A city at night but luckily not very dark just enough to create a great atmosphere and nicely applied-colourful textures. Searching for some keys walking on a roof jumping on balconies was one of my favourite times. I liked the way all the secrets were hidden and the pool with the bridge. The sewer gave me the big trouble it wasn't all that clear what you had to do and one gate with an artifact behind was misleading the room is accessed from the other side and you exit through that gate. The next level with the bike though wasn't my favourite a lot of switches and going back plus an underwater maze with two identical rooms and chains to pull. However the big underwater tunnels with the floating baddies was a nice touch although not pleasant to see poor people that have left their last breath down there. The sentry guns were very annoying with one of them being out of reach and therefore impossible to destroy. After jumping a mine field and always seeing the helicopter on the roof waiting the level ends shortly. A great game and recommended with no doubt." - Kristina (26-Jun-2003)
"These 3 levels are excellent they have become my favourite. Perhaps you can't really get jammed but it's hard to find all secrets. Well I would not have found all secrets if Titak had not helped me. :-) I found only 2 of the 6 secrets for the first time. The story begins in an abandoned city and continues in channels. You have to go down into the catacombs to find all the 4 artifacts and stones. In the end Lara leaves the scene by a helicopter. Meantime you have to collect Keys and Horseman's Gems pulling levers detonating a helicopter getting through rolling blades. You must swim much and solve several puzzles. There are plenty of enemies: dogs bats soldiers knights horseman and fire wraiths with several machine-guns. But there are enough weapon and medipacks too. Sometimes the scene is a bit dark but what else could be on such a gruesome spot? The textures are as great as the added sounds - my back was shivering. There's a bug at the beginning of the third level. Before you get down into the channel you can get up onto the rooftop and running towards the helicopter you can skip the whole level. And the weirdscience files must be renamed to gateway files 'cause the third level works only in this way. I recommend it to everybody it was a unique amusement and good adventure." - Obig (22-Jun-2003)
"What a grand mini game. The city was a site for sore eyes not big and not too confusing so that even I never got lost. That I like. The use of the bike is nicely done and also not difficult. Looking in every nook and cranny and although there are some enemies more so in the last part they were nicely placed. Some sentry guns I could outsmart and some I couldn't. Finding the revolver and sight is a must and I found 2 revolvers and even 3 sights. The hunt is on for getting the Mystic Stones 4 of them. To get those there is exploring to do. The only place that had me baffled for a while is the chain-pulling trick so watch the compass it might help you. Found only 3 secrets (one being the crossbow) so this level goes on my list for a replay. 02-06-2003" - Gerty (08-Jun-2003)
"Ok I think I have finished this set of levels - have I? In the end I got back to the city killed some SAS destroyed a couple of automatic machine guns found a secret (the only one I found throughout the game!) and got completely stuck. From what I read in the forums I should have jumped across a mined gap in order to reach a helicopter and finish the level. Alas my Lara always fell too short to her death and she's not such a bad jumper! So I started thinking couldn't there be another way? I tried to get to the rooftops (apparently an impossible mission) and as Lara eventually was almost about to make it she got thrown back to the beginning of level 1! Now that is a strange ending... Since she still was in possession of a horseman's gem plus four mystic stones I remade the whole tour of the levels just to see if there was anything new - there wasn't not that I could see. There was one funny thing though as she reached the hole to get to level 3 there was her motorbike floating on air! Now this was the most cryptic ending I've ever seen... I left a message in the forums but nobody seems to visit that thread anymore. Thus I emailed the author but got no answer - true I only waited for about one and a half days but since I was in the end I guess I had to call it a day! Apart from all that I thoroughly enjoyed playing this game which I didn't find too dark as has already been said. Some games are dark indeed. This one simply takes place during the night - there's a huge difference. There were too many tinmen in the last part for my taste I must say. Ok I don't mind them that much but when they're on a horse and you have to spend like half an hour to eliminate them (and maybe get a gem which will be of no use?) they really become annoying. I thought the graphics were generally very solid and the story was well imagined. The motorbike was well used too. It isn't too difficult except for that final cryptic part. I'd still like to know if the end was meant to be like that or if I (and probably most of us) have missed something important... Also at the beginning of the game in order to get the motorbike search for a rooftop key on top of a wooden block. I made it the wrong way by jumping to another rooftop and only after I was sent back to level 1 have I found that key (so I guess there was still something left for me to do after all). Therefore with these words of warning I do recommend this level which is filled with well-divided action and which will certainly offer you a time well spent. Edit: After having written and sent what you've just read I got an email from Titak. This is how the author explained the mysterious ending: 'The forums are right about the level jump back to the first level. This is because of a bug that crept into the level project or the wad. (I don't know which) I had to choose between a game crash or sending you back to the first level: I have chosen that last option. So you don't have to do anything anymore it's the end of it all.' Thank you Titak! The mystery has been solved..." - Jorge22 (04-Jun-2003)
"Looking forward to the Angel of Darkness? The screen shots of the new game are what came to mind as I went around 'City at Night' the first in the series of levels in this mini-game. The game play was based largely on exploration with a few easy traps here and there. I loved the exploration but some of the traps such as the helicopter and machine guns were exactly the same as City of the Dead in TR4. The lighting was some of the best I have seen so I give that category a 10 even though I did find some missing textures. However this did not effect gameplay at all and they are hard to see anyway. I never did figure out whether I was supposed to get on top of the roofs or not in order to make it to the balcony where the soldier shoots at you near the start of the level. If I did have to use the roofs then there is some work needed to make the roofs playable since you run into the horizon a lot. 'Into the Sewers' is a haunting level a little like Thames Wharf and Lud's Gate in TR3. I kept stopping and looking around the corners. The dead bodies in the water were a nice touch. While I was swimming around I lost track of my air and drowned just were two floating bodies were which made me laugh. This game is very fun to play but sometimes it feels as if I know what's coming because many ideas are copied from the official TR games. But saying it is just as good as official levels should be a compliment shouldn't it:)? I would definitely recommend this game especially to anyone who likes the exploration aspect of Tomb Raider." - Cbl (01-Jun-2003)
"Without doubt the strong suit in this three leveled game is in its design and lighting. The gorgeous city with a waterway running through it by night is just grand you also have great sewer systems and what seems like a sort of underground temple you unearth with an explosion all these places hide 4 mystic stones for you to find. The game itself is a bit more standard with switches levers chain pulls some motor biking (necessary for progression throughout) and some nice battles with SAS and tinmen as well as meeting some helpful templar knights but the progression through each level makes you overlook the lack of real puzzles and the 2 hours spent playing it flew by without a boring moment. Like Jay I thought I had also poked my nose into every available nook and cranny but I only ended up with three of the six secrets 2 in the second and 1 in the last so I may play the first level again and go in search of the two I missed in that one." - Sash (30-May-2003)
"City At Night a place you definitely want to visit. Lots of exploring in an atmospheric Amsterdam like setting. Sewers swimming bike riding and the satisfaction of blowing away some automatic weapons! This is good classic Tomb Raiding.....and one I intend to re-play. It ended too soon and I want more. If the 3rd level crashes to desktop when loading rename weirdscience.tr4 to gateway.tr4 per doc's suggestion. It worked for me." - Bene (30-May-2003)
"I usually dislike dark levels and this one is very dark indeed but I loved every minute of it possibly because the darkness actually enhances the atmosphere. The level is split into three parts: City at Night: A beautifully constructed Dutch city complete with canals. Guards and dogs are your enemies in this part but weaponry is amply provided so no real problems there. You need to find the Stone of Light and the Stone of Infinity and they will take some finding. If you get the motorbike early on you can ride around the city in comfort although you may prefer to explore on foot just to admire the scenery more thoroughly. However you will eventually require the motorbike to get you... Into the Sewers: These are very dark and dank (so well done that you can practically smell them) and full of bats. There is plenty of swimming to do and chains to pull to progress through this part and it is quite easy to become disorientated. You need to find the Stone of Eternity here with the 'help' of some crumbly crusaders in a derelict church. Then it's back to the bike for a brief return to City at Night and then on to... Weird Science: Back in a different part of the city you will have to fight more guards and dogs and do a lot of exploring before you find the fourth and last stone The Stone of Life. Then you have a final fun battle to make your way to the helicopter and escape. Did I mention the sentry guns? No? Oh well pretend you didn't hear that bit. I spent about three hours in this level but I freely admit I did quite a bit of sightseeing. It may be night but this is a city well worth exploring. There are six secrets to find and I did abysmally only finding two (and I thought I'd poked my nose into every corner). Hugely entertaining. 29.05.2003" - Jay (29-May-2003)