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The Forgotten City of Sanus 3 by Yasin

Adngel 8 8 9 9
Andi Croft 10 10 9 10
Avalon 10 8 9 8
dya1403 9 9 10 10
eRIC 9 9 10 9
eTux 10 10 10 10
G.Croft 10 9 10 10
Gerty 9 9 9 10
Glow 10 8 10 10
Jay 10 9 9 9
JesseG 8 8 8 8
Jose 7 8 8 9
Kristina 9 8 10 10
Magnus 8 7 8 9
MichaelP 9 8 10 9
Mman 9 9 9 9
Moonpooka 10 10 10 10
Phil 10 9 9 9
Ryan 10 9 9 10
Sash 10 9 10 10
Tombaholic 10 9 10 9
Torry 8 10 10 10
Treeble 9 9 9 9
Yoav 9 9 9 9
release date: 31-May-2003
# of downloads: 167

average rating: 9.18
review count: 24
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file size: 75.40 MB
file type: TR4
class: South Pacific

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Reviewer's comments
"I've been pushing this away for some time now due to its sheer size (Yasin has an entire game split up into four chunks, each with multiple levels) but I'm glad I finally got to play it, over the span of three days. While TR3 is among my least favorite games in the entire series, this was a rather enjoyable raid. It starts off with South Pacific vibes, transitioning to snow and Tinnos halfway through, and while the mix of two contrasting settings seeemed a bit uncomfortable at first, it quickly grew on me. There's a lot of backtracking to be done here, so it might be in your best interest to follow Elvis' walkthrough for an optimal experience. There were a handful of unusual areas designed with triangular platforms which made for challenging platforming. I landed on a couple of illegal slopes along the way, and the first pushblock puzzle didn't work for me so I had to reload an earlier save and do it on a single take - apparently letting the block rest anywhere else sealed the door for good. Not sure I'll get to the final part anytime soon, but I'm getting there... 2h30min, 3 secrets. 12/21" - Treeble (13-Dec-2021)
"This is a huge improvement to the series visually, with a setting that's a somewhat unique mix of Pacific and Arctic/Tinnos textures (with a few other sets mixed in rarely). It's still quite original and the execution is strong; outside of the occasional bland corridor there's lot of detail in even the largest areas, with none of the repetitive hugeness of the previous sets, the theme also results in varied settings. Geometry is much more interesting, with both the Madubu Gorge canyons and abstract Tinnos style distinctly different. Lighting is also used much more skillfully than the previous sets, with darkness mixed in well for atmospheric purposes rather than the random mix of too dark and flatly lit that the previous sets frequently had. The random sound and texture issues also seem to be fixed this time (although the Raptor death sound only seemed to happen occasionally).
Gameplay also follows the improvement; levels are still large and complex, but much better designed so long backtracking is rarely mandatory, and design is much tighter and better thought out so it rarely feels padded. For it's age there are also some pretty tough trap and platforming sequences, but they're also better segmented so you only have to do them once, compared to the previous sets where getting lost could cause you to backtrack through tricky sequences when it's not required. There are still some semi-obscure puzzles and design, but the clues are there even if they're pretty abstract at times. There are some less enjoyable moments like a large maze, but even that's not too bad once you realise what you're doing there. This is a massive step up from the first two parts (especially given there were seemingly no releases in-between) and very deserving of it's classic status, and you could jump to here without missing too much overall." - Mman (11-Nov-2020)
"Now this third installment is more like it. There are still wallpapered and warped textures, but definitely not as noticable as before. Lighting continues to improve too, moving away from the extreme brights and darks shown in the previous adventures. The locales are heavily inspired by TR3's south pacific levels, and the corresponding atmosphere is great. A little strange to see all that snow within the tropical climate though. Some needed camera cues are still missing for switches. Gameplay is better this time, as the backtracking is not as tedious. Unfortunately there is still a maze but at least there's only one this time. A few interesting puzzles, one of which is kind of a memory game to remember which spike traps in a grid were disabled. Plenty of traps as always, including boulders rolling back and forth, and what seems to have become the author's signature: an elaborate gauntlet trap that forces you to keep moving through flame traps and boulder traps, with the use of timed spikes that pierce you if you are not fast enough. Combat includes a variety of enemies such as wasps, raptors and a T Rex, ending with a boss fight finale against the TR4 Citadel creature. Overall it was a pretty enjoyable raid, and it's the first in the series that I would recommend to other players. I look forward to seeing where the finale goes with this. 2 hours 31 minutes." - JesseG (18-Oct-2020)
"very good map but those maps is a chaos is too big and you have to remember every door and every key etc.i hope the next maps are separated on many levels and not all in one" - Adngel (14-Jul-2020)
"A complete adventure with an old TR3 taste. It took me a lot of time to finish it 'cause sometimes the way to proceed is not very obvious and there are several hard tasks like the very tight timed run in the room with the swinging blade and the fires (fortunately I found an alternative way), or the deadly pool with the spiked tiles popping up and retracting constantly. I turned fool in the snowy areas with similar passages where I had to light three wall sconces too. There is also a lot of backtracking in some levels even if you choose the right path, as in the big deadly river level, where I got a serpents ruby and I had to go back the same way a very long way back. I liked the incredible imagination to build all that natural areas with an excellent architecture (perhaps there's an abuse of the monkeyswings in the first levels); the textures and lighting are good too, enemies were well placed and I found enough pickups to finish the adventure. Recommended to all TR3 lovers." - Jose (20-Sep-2016)
"This is a very exploration-based level set, mainly focusing on platforming, jumping and a few nifty puzzles added in for good measure. Some of the open areas are undoubtedly expansive and there is a large variety of tasks to perform. The levels are closely interwoven so you can travel back and forth as many times as necessary. One part that I particularly enjoyed was the hub area in "Moon Temple of aR" which seemed reminiscent of Lost City of Tinnos. A very enjoyable raid. Thanks Yasin." - Ryan (14-Sep-2016)
"This builder must have gotten the message about tiresome backtracking between the second and third releases of the Sanus series, for this installment moved along quite crisply even though the gameplay requires frequent return to hub areas. My total playing time here was a little less than four hours (as compared to more than six hours for Sanus 2), which felt about right. It's obvious that the builder's technical skills have shown improvement with each release, but I must say that I had more fun playing Sanus 1, crude as it may be by comparison. Sanus 3 is a thinking person's set of levels, with far more in the way of puzzles than enemies. The latter third of Sanus 3, in fact, is an extended elements puzzle where you have to find and place four Oceanic Masks in order to finish the adventure. With all the backtracking eliminated, the walkthrough for Sanus 3 is crystal clear, and I couldn't have gotten along without it. I understand the builder has had Sanus 4 in the works for some time. He can't release it soon enough for me. Highly recommended." - Phil (02-Mar-2009)
"What a great level this is! Riding at top quality.A huge space to cover with many beautiful panoramic views and well balanced puzzles.I recomend it!" - dya1403 (22-Jan-2007)
"River of Shama (7/7/8/9 35 minutes): I have some bad memories from Madubu Gorge and because of that I didn't get a really good feeling when I noticed how much like that level the first level is. Well I really liked Madubu Gorge and I also really liked these two levels after I had figured out where to go. Despite some long and boring monkey climbs these two levels are quite interesting with some traps raptors and such. The texturing is good although it was a little bland in the second level. Also some rooms looked a little strange in my opinion. Overall these two first levels were really good. 4 Statues (8/8/8/8 55 minutes): A large part of the levels revolves around finding four serpents' rubies. There are a lot of traps and overall these three levels where more interesting than the first two. Everything comes at a price though and these levels aren't as visually impressive as the first. The area with the four statues is one of the few highlights. One thing I didn't like about these levels was the maze you had to get through in order to get one of the serpents' rubies. It was cleverly built but also very hard to get lost in. Of course that's the meaning of any maze. Moon Temple of aR (8/7/8/9 30 minutes): A search for four Oceanic Masks. Highly unoriginal? Yes but it's still fun. You get four different challenges - one for each mask before you finally get to the key and a pretty nice ending. Overall (90 minutes): I know I reloaded a lot especially in the maze so I definitely played for more than ninety minutes. The levels are really fun and nicely done but what troubles me is that they're not very original. We've seen almost everything these levels have to offer before. The only things that felt new were some of the puzzles. Lack of originality or not these levels have their share of great traps puzzles and jump. What more could one wish for?" - Magnus (29-Jan-2004)
"Another one Matthias and I played together and I enjoyed this one very much. The settings of this mini game is a sight for sore eyes. Loved Madubu Gorge so I was very much pleased to do some river hopping in search of two Serpents Rubies. I got really drawn into this game and we played it in one go (something I never do with big downloads) There are great puzzles throughout and clues are thrown in for good measure. Glad that Matthias was sitting next to me as the only timed run I just couldn't make was the pop up spiked over lava one (my patience is still running low after Eye of Eve) so he managed to do it for me as well (isn't he a sweet guy). Yasin has also some novelties in here and you just have to download it and look for yourself. There is so much going on. Enemy wise you meet a different variety of them and every time I met a raptor I was jumping in my chair. Overall I could have used a bit more camerawork. Specially in the ice maze as I was rather confused to come yet again in a room that looked very familiar and at first I thought I took a wrong turn but as you have to torch with you you can see if the light is lit or not. The pace of the whole game I found pretty fast and even became more faster towards the end. Meeting the dragon well what can I say I hate that beast. I think that Yasin did a grand job and I am looking forward to his next one. 08-11-2003" - Gerty (11-Nov-2003)
"I shall not start this review with WOW but with a Geezus H Christ Yasin. This would be one of the most confusing levels I have ever attempted. Not so much that it is simply too difficult and there are some harrowing timed runs to conquer but the non linear aspect of this set of levels can and often will have you running around heedlessly wondering where to go next. This is not necessarily a bad thing but if the author does this then he must adequately signpost the route with flybys and subtle hints 'in game'. I do not believe Yasin did this successfully BUT there is always the walkthrough when you become hopelessly mired down in the plethora of passages mazes and rooms. Technically the level is brilliant with everything working as it should no bugs or flipmap problems to report and when you see how involved this level is you can appreciate the effort taken to ensure everything functioned correctly. Atmosphere was fantastic too making you believe you were really there but is maybe due to the fact that this fantastic raid is so damn involving that reality slips away for a few hours (and is that not the point boys and girls?). I spent an in game time of three hours but I can tell you I spent many many more trying to figure out where to go and what to do next. All the denizens of Lara's world are represented from the lowly skeleton to the mighty T-Rex and even our old friend the fire breathing dragon attempts to give our heroine a set of hot pants near the end. Overall a great raid but a little more signposting is needed which is why I have downgraded the gameplay score slightly." - Torry (02-Nov-2003)
"Forgotten City of Sanus 3 contains 8 levels some of them are short all are entertaining. In fact you can consider that this game is made of three big levels. It took me 4:40 hours of net gaming time and no medipack used except in the last five minutes. Everyone must play this very good raid. SHAMA RIVER (2 levels 7/8/10/10): When the game began I could not believe my eyes Lara is back at the beginning of the Madubu gorge in TR3 on one side of the deadly river. The similitude stops there as she will have to explore the two sides of the river in caves and temples with textures of South Pacific searching for two serpent gems and other artifacts. Strong points: the atmosphere and graphics are really good and what a joy to explore this scenery and to see again this horizon with palm trees and pink clouds. The few raptors are well placed and the natives die quickly (that's a good thing as fighting horsemen is always a little boring). The movable block although quite simple is clever and logical and the timed course with the swinging axes fire burners and spikes is the absolute highlight of the gameplay. Things that could be improved: Firstly there are too much monkey swings to do. Secondly the task with the spiked blocks in the lava cave is maybe too hard: dying and reloading dozens of times is not my idea of fun. Thirdly: the end of the level is completely disappointing. At last one can enter in the temple after the bridge has been lowered and the expectation of the player is very high maybe Lara will meet a boss to fight or at least explore this temple but the level ends and the next level begins with Lara outside the temple again. What did happen? FOUR STATUES (3 levels 10/8/9/8): In temples icy caves and outside areas with the textures of City of Tinnos Lara must find 4 red gems that she must place at the feet of four impressive giant statues. Strong points: Certainly the highlights here are the puzzles and tasks to perform. Challenging sometimes but not frustrating. There is plenty to explore and plenty to do and step by step things come to realization. The torch puzzles and the ice maze comes out from an ingenious mind the timed runs are just perfect the multi-levers puzzle where you have to activate one of them twice to flood and drain a room is a classic always appreciated and there is many more to see. Things that could be improved: More enemies than in the first levels but less well used in my opinion: the T-Rex is no threat a raptor let drop a big medipack when dying two stupid vultures stuck for good in pillars. The puzzle with the 6 movable blocks could be one of the best movable blocks puzzles but there is one thing that bothered me: if the patterned tiles on the ground are the images of the movable blocks in the other room the middle tile on the left side should be equidistant from the two others of this same side. This is not the case that's why I think that this puzzle is not completely logical. And then if the puzzles and gameplay of those 3 levels are really excellent the atmosphere and texturing are less good than in the Shama river levels. We have seen levels with a better texturing like Island of the Silver Moon for example. MOON TEMPLE OF aR (2 levels 10/9/10/10): In a floating temple Lara must find 4 Oceanic masks in 4 challenges: water fire air and earth quests to eventually find the Moon key after a grande finale. Strong points: All this level is a highlight. The atmosphere is threatening the placement of the few enemies is good (those mosquitoes attacking Lara while she is paddling in the mud makes me think that the author is a bit sadist) the timed run in the Fire quest the double timed doors in the Earth quest the timed spiked-wall and spiked descending ceiling in the Air quest are really enjoyable without being too hard. The puzzles in the water quest are subtle and it is the great return of the everlasting turning wheels of the temple of Poona. Things that could be improved: none everything was perfect." - eRIC (14-Jul-2003)
"As one can expect with Yasin's levels these give to a player hours of great entertainment. Being used to the wonderful textures well applied and this time places one has visited before in original TR games such as Madubu George if I am not mistaken you can clearly say this builder is definitely a top one. The waterfalls the puzzles and the jumping between levels are almost perfectly designed. Keys moving objects mask some timed runs but less enemies than ever complete the picture of this adventure. I liked the bridge and the view of the waterfalls down of it I can't say the same for the locusts though or the dragon. Those switches gave me trouble until I pulled them all and finish the game. Speaking of which I think it was rather sudden even if there is going to be a sequel. I found these levels shorter that Yasin's other levels and easier. Just a little more attention to the enemies factor and we can have superb levels. Good work I had a lot of fun playing this game." - Kristina (26-Jun-2003)
"River of Shama (8/8/10/9 75 min. 1 secret): Starting out with a pick-up marathon as you need to collect those vital items that in theory you brought along from Sanus 1 and 2 this part is most impressive with its many roaring streams that you need to make your way around in order to eventually lower the drawbridge to access the end of this level. Very few enemies cross your path (raptors natives) as you try to collect a few gems keys and hands with the help of ladders poles movable blocks and a lot of monkey swinging across water (but it does not become too tedious). Some passages are really fun (rolling balls spikes blades burners and such) and there are a few nice camera views thrown in for good measure. The secret is a little uninspired in a dark corner and it would of course have been nicer to not burn on solid ground with the stream but instead have a room with water below for effect but that's minor gripes. 4 Statues (9/8/10/9 80 min. 2 secrets): More enemies here (vultures scorpions crocodiles raptors natives and also a T-Rex) and more entertaining gameplay as well. The area with the four statues is most impressive indeed. The setting is more snowy/Tinnos style which did not quite fit with the Shama levels but what the heck ;-). Some nice jumping/platforming a very smart movable block puzzle with a devious clue boulder/fire traps to warm you up before the real fun begins in your quest for a total of four red gems. The maze like area in the ice got me turned around a few times and became rather frustrating because of the lack of reference points when everything looks the same. The area with the switches and the two timed runs I did enjoy a lot though and the idea on how to melt the ice was very well executed. Moon Temple of aR (9/9/10/8 55 min. no secret): From a spooky start in front of the floating temple you get a variation of the good old elements puzzle here and it's yet again great fun to acquire the four masks. You get caves and mud pool an underwater-maze (not too bad though) another smart movable block puzzle rolling blades and moving spike walls and a really excellent timed run in the fire area which took a few tries. And then of course a great and adrenalin pumping ending with a well known foe before you finally reach the Moon Key. All in all Yasin nicely keeps the pace here and makes the players wanting more but Sanus 4 will be coming up so we'll be waiting patiently. Great series!" - Michael (22-Jun-2003)
"WOW! (have you noticed that most of the reviews for this level to date (Jun 17 2003) start with this word? lol) - if Sanus 2 was a grand improvement from Sanus1 then Sanus 3 is a grand improvement from Sanus 2! What more can I say - the surroundings are even more beautiful the quests more challenging and most importantly - more fun. It has some flaws like the IMO lacking harmony between the colors in textures and textures in general and maybe there WERE too less secrets and enemies but those are just minor faults - and can be refuted pretty well what I'll do later on in my review and despite those there simply is nothing I repeat - nothing that could've been done better in here! River of Shama - did you like Madubu gorge? I thought it was one of the most fantastic levels Core has ever come up with and Yasin has made it in the same quality as they have! Of course the level editor doesn't allow to create as realistic rapids as in Madubu gorge so Lara is burning to crisp when she falls into them and also there are no vehicles which would work as something to maneuver around the river so that part is left out but I dare say this is an extremely fun level nonetheless. Your main quest around these lush environments of the deadly rivers rapids is to find 2 serpent's rubies which lower the drawbridge at the start what you couldn't do in Madubu gorge if you remember well. In search of the rubies you have to pass a spike and flame inferno and also move around the banks of the river. There aren't many enemies to kill here but they appear just in the right time just when you are too involved in the environments and puzzes so reminding you that you are threatened around every corner if you're not careful! I spent a bit more than an hour here and found the only secret too. 4 statues - the river has brief appearance in here too but your main quest in these icy surroundings is to activate the 4 statues so they would reveal you a secret entrance to your destination point. You activate them by placing the 4 rubies you find in the surrounding area. The quests for them are quite fun - like the movable block - bamboo door one just before reaching the statues - it uses Yasin's logic in puzzles here and maybe if it seems a bit complicated at the start makes perfect sense when you know what to do. The ice maze wasn't so hard for me and I actually got through it rather fast and thank god for that cause even if it is constructed rather ingeniously it still remains a maze and is fun killer for many for some even a reason to stop playing - but luckily the walkthrough might stop those from the silly idea ;). I also loved the timed run for the ruby here even if the only bad point is that you don't realise that it's a timed run from the start. I have said enough about this level all I want to add is that it still is a rather fun level with a great finale. Spent a little more than an hour here too and found both secrets with the authors help. Moon Temple of Ar + Valley of Ar - starts out rather eerie with Lara being dropped from the sky on a hilltop where the temple's entrance is. This level reminds me a bit of Tinnos in TR 3 cause the atmosphere here is a bit like there and at a point this adventure branches out in 4 elemental quests too. The earth quest actually is pretty much like the original except for the timed run which was pretty sneaky but still a nice challenge - and while speaking of timed runs the one in the fire section is a dream come true for timed run lovers so to say but it could be a nightmare for those who hate it too - the air section as I called it is actually filled with a bunch of traps of whom I particularly I enjoyed the spiked ceiling coming down on Lara. Once you have collected all 4 masks here you get to visit the boss of this series and the final rooms are set up in a way where the boss will seem much harder than it is - luckily you can imprison him and get your well deserved Moon key. Spent a little less than an hour here and found no secrets as there are none. Bottomline - as you might have guessed when reading the review this is a fantastic game and I really have no idea how Yasin could possibly top it with Sanus 4 but I'm eagerly awaiting the grand final of the series anyway :) Highly recommended levels but play the previous chapters of the series to fully enjoy this one." - eTux (17-Jun-2003)
"I took a long time to finish this level as I had to keep putting it to one side and playing something else just for a rest. In fact I admit that some of the timed runs were quite beyond my capabilities and I had to get my husband to do them for me. Be warned therefore this is not easy. However it is excellent and split in three parts: River of Shama: Well what a treat a return to Madubu Gorge or at least Yasin's version of it and a very good version it is. You have to explore a large area in search of two serpent rubies to gain access to the next area with the occasional cannibal and dinosaur trying to stop you. There is one particularly interesting pendulum/spike/flame run and crawl sequence which I actually managed to do for myself which gave me a great sense of achievement. 4 Statues: Unlike the River of Sanus it's safe to go in the water here - provided you get rid of the crocodiles first of course. Block puzzles labyrinthine caves lever rooms timed runs - it's all here. You have to find four serpent rubies in this part and some of them are extremely difficult to obtain. My head was positively reeling by the time I finally managed to make my way into - Moon Temple of aR: What an impressively eerie setting as you approach the temple. In this part you have to obtain an oceanic mask from each of four element areas none of which is at all easy. The timed run in the fire room was particularly tight. Don't think you can relax once you find all the masks either. There is a really good boss ending which perhaps I should let you find out for yourself. Oh OK then I'll simply say I HATE those blasted locusts! This is an extremely inventive and challenging level that will keep you amused for hours. Not to be missed. 12.06.2003" - Jay (12-Jun-2003)
"Wow what a great Level. I have played this several levels with a smile on my face. The textures are perfect and very different by level. I see nice temples with big sculptures or walls with face-textures. I must absolve some time-doors and timed fires. The last time-action is the hardest. I must find some red rubies and a few keys. The places are easy to find but the ways are hard but not too hard. This is a level all players can play. It is a very nice family-level. Some actions are easy some are harder. But all actions were not too hard to do. The block puzzle is the hardest action you have to do. But I find no logic with the six blocks. The other block puzzle with the colours is much better. You meet ahmets insects crocodiles dinosaurs birds and no soldiers (good). And a bad dragon in the end. This level is playing in caverns nice temples water-areas. The atmosphere is great but the camera-sequences were not enough. This is a very great level for all TombRaider Players. I am waiting for the last adventure Sanus 4. I have played over four hours ." - Andi Croft (11-Jun-2003)
"Great levels with hard puzzles and traps." - Yoav (11-Jun-2003)
"I am a huge fan of this boy! Not only are the settings he puts you in just luscious and inviting but they actually give you the pay off that you are hoping to find and here those environments you get to play in are a kind of remake of Madabu Gorge caves and icy climes and a temple placed on what seems like a planet somewhere in space. Yasin doesn't let up when it comes to filling these levels and you are privy to many enigmatic movable block puzzles timed moves galore an underwater lever puzzle using changeable currents that I haven't seen before and one little downside the most hideous repulsive stomach churning massive multileveled maze set inside a cave with practically identical tunnels and rooms that you are just turned around with confusion not knowing where you are going so you just pick a direction and somehow it all works out but not before many self doubting moments and deliberations of giving up. I can though forgive this master builder because it is all so good otherwise and you get to end with a very intense giant serpent battle that was just a hoot. These three complete levels made up of seven smaller levels took me 3 hours to play with two secrets found. Note to Yasin: Add many more secrets please you little cutie but if you decide to add another maze like this one in series 4 I'll kick your skinny Dutch ass from here to kingdom come!" - Sash (10-Jun-2003)
"WOW... what a wonderful level good concept and use of lighting colours and textures. Puzzles that will have you tearing your hair out... One in particular is the spike traps... took me a while that one... but well worth the effort. A lot of work has gone into this level a lot of thought too..Is it worth playing?? YES... very much so. I suppose if I were being critical it would be that there could and maybe should have been a few more baddies... but that does not take any enjoyment away from the level itself... Download it now and start playing.... otherwise you won't know what you missed...." - Avalon (09-Jun-2003)
"Wow! Yasin has really built up something great here - hard but great and a lot of fun! Tricks traps jumps timed runs a maze and beautiful surroundings - here you have it all! The only thing I'm missing is some more(!) enemies and maybe a monkey or two in the jungle (that could have something to do with the limit of the editor....?!). I felt a little lonely! ;-) Start off at the riverside jump climb walls and monkey swing find levers and keys to proceed continue into the 4 statues area for more challenges in the quest to find 4 gems. Finally in the Moon temple of Ra you have to really sharpen you raiding skills to be able to find the 4 masks needed to get to meet the dragon! At some points I couldn't see the logic or thought I didn't get clues enough to solve these hard tasks and couldn't have done it by myself but luckily we have a great forum to help each other out!" - G.Croft (06-Jun-2003)
"Wow what a difficult level! From the start you understand that it won't be an easy walk: and the more you proceed the more the level gets challenging. The puzzles are quite hard I had to ask for some help but if you look carefully you can find an hint to point you in the right direction. The gameplay is smooth and interesting Lara must find gems or masks to complete her journeys but the task is not of the usual boring push-pull find a secret: she must use her brain! Enemies are not many and quite easy to kill this is not the main problem...Jumps and moves are REALLY hard the timed puzzles made me scream...The atmosphere is beautiful mysterious and full of menace cameras are perfectly placed. The lighting is very well done water and light are fantastic they seem real. Textures are neat and I didn't find any bug or problems to move my Lara...well done Yasin! We want more!" - Glow (06-Jun-2003)
"Some of the most fantastic levels I ever played and the longest time spent stuck in one! LOL First monkey swing and clamber your way around the waterfalls in The River levels find keys and gems meet dinos and African baddies but not too often which was great coz as soon as you forgot about enemies one pops up to kick your butt and give you a near heart attack at the same time! The puzzles and traps were brilliant setting was beautiful and the scenery was astounding especially the waterfalls coz they're some of my fav surroundings. One thing I loved in this first set of levels was the bridge at the end in Madabu Gorge TR3 there are very similar surroundings but you never got to go over that bridge well in this one you do and that was delightful. Ok now onto The Staues levels where there's so much to do but everything was so well done collect four stones to activate the mirrors and get a big surprise! An gripping timed run and some sneaky traps an ice maze with an ingenious difference in that your actions actually help you through by lighting torches to block off ways and lead you to your reward absolutely loved that although I hate mazes but this one was fun! The Moon levels next and they had me stumped for a number of days in fact two days on one timed run! But I was doing it wrong so I can't moan too much. Again some spectacular designs traps jumps and puzzles very few enemies and a great ending if you like that sort of thing honestly I don't but it fitted in well with the whole idea of the levels. Textures throughout were all first class atmosphere was second to none and gameplay was fun fast and very fraught at times no time to sit back and relax so if you like a furious game this is a must. I can't think of anything that bugged me or looked bad I loved it all so on a final note! First class levels with first class ratings!" - Moonpooka (05-Jun-2003)
"Wow! Yasin has been ever so quiet for so long and now we know why - he's been very busy crafting these wonderful levels. Once again he's climbed even higher in the LE world with this latest effort. To begin with the rendering of the 'Rivers' levels is superbly done recalling the Madubu Gorge level of TR3 but equaling or even surpassing the original. The modeling is top-notch and done in such a way that the 20-square limitation is almost entirely bypassed - great work. I do however have a couple complaints here. First when Lara hits the 'water' she bursts into flames. Maybe we're in an alternate universe where H2O has different properties or maybe it was done for LE technical reasons - in any case it's a bit annoying. These canyons and cataracts were so well done it's a shame Lara never gets to swim in them. Yes minor complaints really. Moving on we encounter hostile natives raptors puzzles and nasty traps in the quest to lower the giant drawbridge leading to the temple which will be accomplished in a room with enormous bells - a great setting. You're just getting started here though. In the 'Statues' level Lara must work her way through more puzzles and traps as well as a maze in order to find the 4 ruby stones to progress. Now I hate mazes and I really hated this one but I have to give the author credit for very original concept of employing a puzzle within the maze that gradually makes the way through clear. Now we're STILL not done yet! After procuring the 4 ruby stones there's a battle royale (or 'run-away like a coward' could be an option as well) leading to the 'Moon Temple' level which will test your raiding skills with four separate quests in search of four masks. And then on to the final showdown where you will collect a key implying that there is more to come. I hope so! To sum it up this is great stuff - settings puzzles traps - you name it - it's all here. And it's great fun!" - Tombaholic (04-Jun-2003)