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Underground A by squidshire

Akcy 4 3 5 4
CC 5 5 5 5
Dan the Jazzman 7 8 6 9
DT 8 4 6 7
Gerty 6 5 6 5
Jay 6 5 6 7
JesseG 5 5 5 7
Jose 4 5 5 7
Kristina 6 6 6 6
MichaelP 6 6 5 5
Mulf 4 4 4 4
Obig 6 6 6 7
Orbit Dream 4 5 4 5
RaiderGirl 6 7 6 6
Ravenwen 6 6 7 7
Ryan 5 5 5 6
Sash 5 5 6 6
Treeble 5 6 6 6
Wendee 6 7 6 6
release date: 04-Jun-2003
# of downloads: 61

average rating: 5.62
review count: 19
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file size: 19.38 MB
file type: TR4
class: Base/Lab

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"An easy-going no-brainer in a basic base setting, with no objective to pursue and no prize to claim (it comes with a story, but not a lot of it made it into the level). The level ends with an earthquake after you’ve activated what is presumably the self-destruct switch (such as can be found in every base of any repute), but judging by the blown-up techie stuff you come across throughout, the base was already in shambles when you entered, so maybe you’re the demolition squad.
Occasionally the level becomes mildly challenging (as in a timed jumping sequence; you also get to make one of those mad dashes for water in order to escape a fire wraith), but traps are generally benign. One room contains a boulder trap that you have to be quite incompetent to not survive on first attempt, but it also doubles as a water flipmap. There’s a good number of SAS to shoot, sometimes attacking in groups of three or four, so the grenade gun comes in handy (the crossbow is redundant, though). One long backtrack through underwater tunnels and another one for a door back in the room in which you started should have been avoided; the latter could at least have come with a camera clue.
That first room is clearly too big, incidentally—the builder left it half empty, and an attempt at breaking up the wallpapered texturing on one of its walls yields poor results. Otherwise rooms tend to be of reasonable size, but most of them are nondescript and quite barren, rarely sporting any objects at all. Although the builder uses a custom wad, few objects actually fit in with the base setting (the inexplicably popular algae-encrusted gate from Tut1, the ornamental spikes from Settomb and the aforementioned fire wraith are all out of place; though I’m not complaining about the presence of the latter, as it provides one of the few challenges the level has to offer). The texturing is merely serviceable, and combined with few attempts at lighting, it never becomes evocative. The textures themselves are a mish-mash taken from TR3 and TR5, some—crates—even from TR1 and 2. The builder takes great pleasure in crates, and there’s a wide variety to be admired here.
An odd sequence of audio cues is triggered in one place (a piece of the ‘Congrats!’ type immediately followed by the Title track), which may be taken as an indication that the game was finished in a hurry. There are also some redundant rooms, and structures that serve no perceivable purpose (the transparent floor in the first room, a transparent wall in front of an inaccessible room elsewhere, the room with the Natla crate near the end. The latter is the only thing in the level that relates to the accompanying story, however obliquely; so one may be inclined to let it slide). I found four easy secrets, one of which was hidden behind a climb-through ceiling; yet the builder made Lara look at it. So, obscure or obvious—which one was it going to be?" - Mulf (02-Mar-2021)
"A short raid through an underground base. Lara will dodge some boulders and a wraith, shoot some goons, and collect a couple of keys before exiting during an earthquake. Visuals are mostly boxy rooms with quite a bit of wallpapered texturing, although there is some decent variation in lighting. The level plays nicely enough while it lasts, it could just be filled out some more. 24 minutes." - JesseG (19-Nov-2020)
"A pretty simple and straightforward adventure set in a base-type level. It's pretty much a shooter, but you get a few trap rooms along the way such as an easy timed run through gaps among spikes, a few easily dodged boulders and some deadly water pits. Nothing ever too taxing and while it's far from winning any awards, it kept me entertained while it lasted. 20 minutes, 3 secrets. 09/20" - Treeble (06-Sep-2020)
"This is a simple, straightforward 30 minute journey through a warehouse setting. The gameplay is extremely easy, bar a timed run and a race against spiked balls that may give inexperienced raiders some trouble. The environments aren't that exciting, but there are no real glaring errors and for a debut it's not bad and the author improved later, so that's always positive." - Ryan (20-Nov-2016)
"A base-like level easy to play without much backtracking. Some traps to avoid, some SASs to shoot, a timed run, some swims, some switches to pull and a couple of keys to find. Not enough extra ammo to shoot all the soldiers, I had to often use the pistols and I never found the grenade gun. Few objects to ornate, many boxes (architecture) in all rooms. Sometimes you don't need a camera, 'cause the switches open nearby doors, but another times you don't know what a lever does: not a camera to show the very distant door opening in the starting room. Few musics to create atmosphere, only the earthquake at the very end. Lights and textures are decently worked. Not interesting but playable." - Jose (21-Sep-2016)
"After learning who the creator of BtB07-Jobmond & Co was, I decided to play more levels made by this incredibly talented guy, as the aforementioned level is my personal number one from the latest BtB project and one of my all time favorites. It is always interesting to see how a builder's skills develop level after level and how they refine and enrich their techniques with every new level they make. Underground A is Skyld's first level, and although it features some classic first-time-builder characteristics (extremely high walls, endless corridors, repetitive texturing etc), still there is some noteable amount of originality in it, and the element of the unexpected is there already (ie, among boring-looking rooms and corridors with crates placed randomly here and there, all of a sudden you encounter an impressive semi-darkened chasm with nicely lighted pillars scattered about). The gameplay is very easy and the game itself is quite brief (took me less than 20 minutes to complete) and rather linear - and although there are no cameras to show you what corresponds to any of the levers that you pull, you can easily figure things out within seconds most of the times. There are many guards to block your way, but they pose no serious danger as you can easily get rid of them. With my little personal knowledge of level building, I find it a rather good effort for a first level. If I hadn't played anything else made by Skyld, I would say that this could mark the beginning of a promising future in level building, but his genious BtB07 contribution is here to speak for itself ;)" - Ravenwen (03-Feb-2007)
"The story promised so much, but the game offers less. The whole place makes no sense, the base has no logical architecture, rooms after rooms without any decoration or function, just lots of crates. Which beg for a pushing puzzle but none of them pushable, there were no puzzles at all, just finding levers and shooting guards. Lighting wasn't bad, but textures were boring, so the enemies. There were some good moments, the lone wraith gave a nice chase, two easy and short but fun run for timed doors, through spikes, and before boulders, but that won't change the fact it's just a shooter. Below average. But as it's the first from the author, things will surely get better." - Akcy (25-Jan-2007)
"As a first level this is an a very good effort. In a very plain base setting lots of corridors rooms with crates switches to find secrets in crawlspaces finding keys (shoot the boxes) killing SAS long swims. A bit of excitement sliding into a room where you have to pull a switch and get out before being squashed by boulders. One ceiling trapdoor-looking thing can be climbed up through. Very fast-paced level there was nowhere I had to stop and think for long. I somehow get the feeling I left a lot of doors unopened. Also at the start there's a 'glass' floor did that do anything? And a glass/see through wall at one time that looked like there was water behind it what was that for? The final earthquake and slide past machine guns was good. Very easy level to negotiate and well done Braden." - CC (07-Jul-2003)
"It won't hurt to have a good memory for this base/lab type level as there are a few switches with no camera work and you'll need to go in search of what they did. It's usually nearby though so don't worry about running around endlessly. The enemies were mostly soldiers and were no problem especially with the four secrets I found though there was a fire elemental at one point that will wake you up and get your fingers moving plus a few cool robots. Timed doors were so easy they almost didn't seem timed and there are some good boulder spike and dart traps along the way. I don't know if I'll remember this level forever but I had a good time exploring while it lasted. There's also a nice story with the level and it looks like the sequel will be following - I'll be looking forward to it." - RaiderGirl (04-Jul-2003)
"A base kind of level and an easy one. It's nicely built with some guards on Lara's tail and a wraith I didn't enjoy running from. I have a bad experience with those things from levels that you have to run jump and who knows what else to get away so when I see them I am getting agitated. There is a bit of searching to find out which door opened by a lever though. The timed runs were not that hard and the secrets easy enough. I understand this was a first try and seeing this level I can say the author can certainly gives us good games in the future. I hope without earthquakes though as they make me dizzy." - Kristina (26-Jun-2003)
"This is a cool level. It takes place on a base the enemies are soldiers. You find 2 Security Keys and the Grenade Gun. Using its Flash Ammo the soldiers can be blinded. This is useful mostly where several of them attack Lara at once. The tracing of the level is simple. Although it doesn't show which door opens by pulling and pushing the levers but you can't lose your way. There's a timed jump too but is not particularly difficult. I found 4 secrets. The added heart-beating sound is excellent. I recommend it to anyone." - Obig (22-Jun-2003)
"This is a very fast paced level and the main thing is finding levers and shooting some SAS men. The chase by that fire sprite was fun I have to say. It all takes place in a base filled with boxes. There is also some swimming involved though and flooding to do. For a first by this author this is a good level. The timed runs were not that hard (for which I am glad). The added sounds were well done. Only thing that puzzled me was the room with the spiked boulders as I could avoid jumping that room by entering an opening on one of the pillars. Found 4 secrets. 08-06-2003" - Gerty (12-Jun-2003)
"The author said that this was his first attempt at creating a level and I think he did a nice job. My eyes and hands are still shaking from the earthquake effect! This level progressed nicely. There was some swimming running jumping beating timed levers avoiding a wraith and killing bad guys. There were a few secrets to collect. Some were in the middle of a room and some were hidden. There was one specific one I didn't attempt but once. Though I reached the finish trigger after just 30 minutes of continuous play I didn't explore all there was. For instance there was a room with spiked balls in the ceiling where Lara has to jump from platform to platform. I pulled a trigger that opened a gate but never had to actually make it to the gate. I think the author did a good job seeing what some of the capabilities of the level editor were. Keep practicing and I look forward to future levels." - Wendee (11-Jun-2003)
"This level mainly involves running around a large rather empty base shooting guards and throwing levers. There are a few keys to find and one rather nice timed spike run but nothing that will hold you up for long. In its favour as far as I'm concerned is the fact that for the most part it's a nice light level which made a pleasant change. The audio file from the Atlantis levels also helped to create a slightly unsettling atmosphere and mercifully the earthquake at the end didn't last very long. A short and undemanding level worth a look at and a promising beginning from a first time builder. I found two secrets. 09.06.2003" - Jay (09-Jun-2003)
"This turned out to be some kind of a base/warehouse adventure with metal walls and lots of boxes around. The added sound file is rather cool, the dozen or so SAS are rather boring, but the fire wraith chasing you around across the high platforms was well placed. I found four secrets along the way and I guess I will let the jump through ceiling pass, as there was a camera hint placed for it. The lack of cameras had me search for a while as I had forgotten about the door in the first room by the time I opened it from elsewhere. The rooms are a bit too box-like and just generally too huge (especially too high). A few boulder traps thrown in for good measure, some darts, some levers, two Security Keys and an earthquake at the end with a nice flip effect. A solid first go at putting a lever together - worth a look for about 30 minutes of net gaming." - Michael (08-Jun-2003)
"What you get here is 25 minutes of running around a kind of base environment with a handful of levers to pull, a bunch of SAS and a fire sprite to battle, and a few little traps to overcome. There is also an easy timed run/jump and you have to flood an area but otherwise this is a quick fast paced level. I found 4 secrets, 3 obvious and one not so and left wondering was I supposed to enter the blindingly white room that is glassed off or was it there for effect? For a first effort though quite nice." - Sash (05-Jun-2003)
"A good level especially considering this is Brad's first level and he made it in a relatively short time span. Worth playing definitely it was good fun for the half an hour I spent wandering around. No problems with the textures which are lit well. Nothing infuriating to stick you and nothing else to get in your way of enjoying it- the layout was good too. So overall an enjoyable half hour or so. Looking forward to the next installment!" - Dan the Jazzman (05-Jun-2003)
"Honestly I have to say it was a nice really was the graphics were decent & the gameplay was great. The graphics are just fine for your level but there could have been a few more 'lab' type objects in it. The camera angles were just fine but I feel like the one at the beginning should have been a one time only thing. The gameplay was this level's best feature. I loved that spike puzzle thing you did. There were floating blocks in that room but they are part of the puzzle so it's all good (it might have improved things if you added something below the blocks...maybe some white light or something just to give the impression that wind is making those blocks float). & there was nice use of flipmaps in your level. The level was a bit on the easy side I was able to finish it in less than 18mins (on my second try) but it did have its frustrating took me a few tries to get past the wraith room & the spike puzzle & I even died towards the end when I tried to fall down that last slide. I don't want to make this an essay so I'll stop here. I just wanna say keep up the good work & I know you'll get better as you make more levels." - DT (05-Jun-2003)
"This is a 'no need to think much' level which is fine by me at this moment in time. There are one or two rather pleasant (i.e. not particularly challenging) timed puzzles; a few hard-to-miss secrets; an adrenaline 'run/jump while being chased by a fire spirit' sequence; and a preponderance of huge rather blandly textured rooms. As a result the atmosphere isn't too engaging although as a first attempt this is efficient enough and demonstrates a perfectly sound aptitude on the part of the builder; it just lacks that certain spark." - Orbit Dream (04-Jun-2003)