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City by Cem Filiz

bERT 2 3 5 6
Catherin 8 7 7 7
CC 6 6 6 6
eTux 3 4 4 4
Gerty 4 6 5 5
Jay 3 6 6 6
Jose 3 6 6 7
Kristina 3 4 6 5
MichaelP 5 6 6 6
Mulf 4 4 3 4
Obig 4 4 4 6
Orbit Dream 4 7 6 6
RaiderGirl 5 6 6 5
Ryan 3 5 6 6
Sakusha 6 5 4 6
Sash 3 6 4 5
Torry 3 5 5 4
Treeble 2 3 3 3
Wendee 4 8 5 5
Whistle 4 5 5 5
release date: 02-Apr-2002
# of downloads: 91

average rating: 4.93
review count: 20
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file size: 15.68 MB
file type: TR4
class: Shooter

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This shooter could have been called Turkey Hotel with much better reason than another one had to be titled Egypt Hotel. The hotel in question is being besieged by the SAS. Its manager, a certain M. Filiz, is lucky enough to be out of town, though he’s present in effigie, and what a patriot he is. Nor do there seem to be any guests around until halfway through, you find out that they’ve risen to the occasion by banding together, donning camo suits and cool sunglasses, and arming themselves in order to help fight off the menace. They are the remodelled Troops introduced in jliboy’s Terror School, a similarly-themed shooter, and the furniture was taken from that builder’s ‘bonus wads’. The collision of these objects doesn’t get in the way here as it usually does, maybe because the builder picked the items he used with care; but then, none of the kickdoor frames have any collision at all, and there are lots of them—just as you would expect.
While the gameplay can’t be summed up as ‘open door, shoot SAS, repeat’ (it’s more like ‘open door, pick up item, shoot SAS that’s triggered out in the hallway by this action; repeat’), this level does little to dispel the notion that Egypt hotels, terror schools, offices of pain and the like aren’t particularly suitable settings for TR gameplay to take place in. They’re rather so many excuses for doing the same thing over again any number of times, as that’s what such locations seemingly demand.
In this case, the repetitiveness inherent in the concept is mitigated to some degree by a few switches you have to find, a key you have to use (albeit on a crowbar door with an invisible keyhole that doesn’t look any different from the door next to it, which was opened with a jumpswitch), and the motorbike, which somebody has considerately parked in one of the rooms. The motorbike is presumably the reason for the corridors to be as wide as they are, but they’re also rather too long. Luckily, Lara’s little helpers seem to consider death by motorbike a force majeure event and won’t hold it against her if she runs over one of theirs. Less happily, two flybys are triggered in awkward situations, interrupting gameplay for extraneous purposes (one focuses on the Turkish flag, the other on a Lara picture) and causing unnecessary loss of health.
The level sports a memorable beginning—you’re immediately under fire by several SAS and a sentry gun—, but what follows is generic shooter material that fails to build up to a satisfying finale. There is a Smashable Bike Wall that lands you back in the initial area, where you can then exact your revenge—but this is entirely optional. The builder’s dramaturgy is further jeopardised by the erratic collision of a railing that allows you to enter this area prematurely and out of the range of the sentry gun. The finale proper has you crash through a different Smashable Bike Wall and run over a few more SAS before you abruptly hit the finish trigger." - Mulf (12-Jul-2021)
"This is an outright shooter and you are on death row right at the start with one of those automated mini guns peppering Lara. The low hung jump switches are a pain and the numerous doors even worse. Even with all the firepower and ammo you collect on the way it is touch and go getting to the end without a flashing health bar as the SAS are numerous. This is a bit of fun if you overlook the missing animations and the boxy rooms." - Torry (07-Dec-2019)
"Definitely a shooter, but so much firepower is provided (not to mention allies and the motorbike) that the only real challenge is avoiding the sentry gun right at the start. If you don't start running the moment the game begins, then you'll find yourself alight! Other than the general mayhem and acquiring all the pickups, it's simply a case of running around the large hotel, throwing switches and magically getting doors to open without touching them! Hardly a masterpiece, but some thought and care has gone into the look of the place with some nice custom textures and objects. Shame this builder never made another level - who knows what he might have achieved in time." - Jay (06-Mar-2018)
"Not much of a city but rather a huge hotel with a hundred or so SAS soldiers. The outfit and new textures were a fresh breath of air, but everything else was just down to shooting or running down enemy after enemy. Lara's animation for opening a small door is missing, and it normally wouldn't be problem, but considering you open about twenty or so of those, you can't really overlook that. Plus I took a gamble with the coastal keys and still I was somewhat surprised that they were actually supposed to be used on the only closed crowbar door at the time. 15 minutes. 02/18" - Treeble (11-Feb-2018)
"Ye gods, the level hasn't even started and Lara's already beset by guards and machine guns. You'll most likely die straight away, but (at least in my version), there is no crashing to the desktop. There's not a lot aside from shooting, opening doors and riding the motorbike for a few seconds. If that sounds like your sort of level, give it a go, but I can't say I enjoyed it. Nice custom textures though." - Ryan (06-Dec-2016)
"What a welcome at the start! If you like shooter levels, this one is not bad. This is a dangerous house with many rooms and many doors to open (wrong animation). A lot of guns and ammo to pick up, a lot of SAS to soot, some switches to pull and a final ride with the bike (killing more enemies, of course). The best were the friends helping Lara from the middle of the level and the new textures, but the level was not very funny for me." - Jose (28-Jun-2016)
"Really good shooter level. It's not just killing millions of guards and that's it - no. Well, ok, in almost every room that you explore, guards and dogs attack you but it's quite good balanced and there's a gameplay. There could have been less ammo but I think it is pretty good that the author doesn't provide you with tons of ammo right at the beginning, just like many builders of shooter levels do. You can also play the level with just pistols as you have enough medkits, though this keeps you really busy but it's a lot of fun. (Even when it crashes to desktop when reloading, but that's something you should just ignore. ;-) You find a key, lasersight (still wondering what that is for) and a motorbike. Also nice pictures of Lara used as textures and good effective camera angles. Brilliant outfit of Lara as she is wearing a smiley shirt. (Smiling at the baddies as they will get finished off sooner or later?) When you like shooter levels, you'll defintely enjoy this one!" - Tinka (21-Oct-2005)
"First of all it is possible to play this level with a load screen. After you press on 'Breakout' (via 'New Game') you can press F1 and write down the load screen parameters on a piece of paper. After that copy the original english.txt and script.txt replace City of the Dead's load screen parameters with the ones that you wrote down. I put 72063 -1022 39303 71335 -584 40147 2. I put the ones I found in the first room but you can select another one if you desire to do so. You may now update the author's script.dat and english.dat by clicking on script.bat. Now tomb4.exe won't crash whenever Lara dies or when the player needs to load a savegame. Gameplay mainly consists of killing 27 SAS soldiers (excluding those that were killed by the green soldiers) pulling switches in order to open doors finding a key (the keyhole is placed inside the door which I found strange) and finding the motorcycle so that Lara can smash a wall and end the level. There were a few interesting parts in this level. The machine gun in the beginning of the level can turn Lara into a crisp there are a few traces of the author (he's the manager of 'the hotel' and there are a few pictures of the author) and at some point a group of five soldiers can help you defeat the rest of the SAS soldiers. This level doesn't really make any sense. It looks more like a luxurious hotel (with works of art) in an area under martial law than anything else and the Catacomb-like doors at the end of the level slightly mar the atmosphere. I have seen two Turkish flags and I must give some credit to the author because he managed to make Lara's allies function properly (the AI works correctly). The finishing trigger's number is incorrect (therefore tomb4.exe crashes at the end of the level) there are too many pickups (ammunition and medipacks) Lara's animations don't work properly whenever she opens a door the flybys can be stopped by pressing the 'look' button and it is possible to see the horizon inside a building. By the way the player could blow off some steam by shooting at the manager's computer." - Sakusha (22-Dec-2004)
"A short what looks and plays like a first attempt at constructing a level (If it is then the author should continue as it is not bad as such). You cannot load-crashes to desk top but actually once in the building you won't need to. No puzzles and route rather obvious and given the number of doors to 'open' (rather strangely) a bit on the boring side. Nice ride round with a bike though splatting all the SAS guys. Graphics rather garish could have done with more light and shade and a few more different textures-tended to be repeated too often. If you are bored on a wet Sunday and want a level with no brain strain then try it." - Whistle (18-Nov-2003)
"When will she ever get a rest our poor Lara. As soon as she checks into this hotel three guards and a machine gun are firing at her. And the hotel floor and bed rooms are so nice and cosy she sure would love to stay there but nope again a massive amount of bad people wanting her to be in between four planks. Luckily the hotel manager Mr Filiz the level builder himself stored an also massive amount of weapons and ammunition in his hotel rooms to make an invasion of Belgium possible. Not only that he even parked a side car inside to get her out again. Well you've guessed it it's a shooter so that's basically all gameplay there is to it. Flybys where just ok but could have done with a frozen Lara (you could 'walk out' of the flyby. Why would you have to play this one? There are some nice static bird view camera's of which one - in the big Lara floor room - is best." - bERT (26-Oct-2003)
"When starting the level run forward or that'll be the place where the level ends for you! You explore around a mansion alike sanatorium (am assuming because of the tiled-floors) set in Turkey guessing from the flags of Turkey placed in the level twice. Basically this is just a shooter where you get the chance to drive over the SAS and army guys in the last minutes of the levels. Not a level for the dust-bin but you can surely find better ones." - eTux (18-Oct-2003)
"Too bad I don't really like levels like this. Enemies are a thousand soldiers however we get a load of guns. At the beginning you will have to run to avoid to be set on fire until you get inside the house. After that there is a long hallway you will have to open doors and kill soldiers. Later on you will get your hands on a bike which makes your journey easier by running over enemies. There is no real task in this level textures are average and there are no added sounds. We can drive our bike down to the machine gun but there is no point doing that." - Obig (02-Sep-2003)
"Looks like Lara's sordid past has finally caught up with her. After killing a few too many of the governments top agents some more men in black have her trapped in a hotel and are determined to get rid of her once and for all. With the first flyby you can see that the hotel entrance is blocked by not only the machine gun but by jeeps full of more soldiers and some barricades. You need to get Lara out of the hotel in one piece so that she'll be ready for her debut once AOD is finally released. There are many rooms to search for weapons and ammo with soldiers hiding in some of the rooms who I'm sure are further irritated by the smiley face on her shirt that try to kill her before she can escape. Some vacation this turned out to be I tried going to the managers office to complain but he wasn't much help either." - RaiderGirl (04-Jul-2003)
"Lara is under fire immediately and if you don't jump forward straight away you've had it. Jump forward that is into a mansion type house. Certainly unusual and you get to pick up a lot of ammo inside. One corridor had a picture of Lara and it almost looked evil! One room had a giant picture of Lara on the floor and a fixed camera. Making your way up to a balcony and back to get the bike. This was good fun crashing out into the yard you began in. A strange level indeed. I don't know what the 'story' is here at all. There are two flags I think China! and a room with photos (of the author?). You get green skinhead soldiers that don't shoot at you the problem is they don't shoot much at anything else either I had to deal with the SAS myself. I'm not sure about this one it definitely is unusual though." - CC (28-Jun-2003)
"The minute this level start you have to take action as you will be under fire from a sentry gun and if that is not enough there are soldiers there as well. So get in the house and pick up all the goodies included laser sight revolver and grenade gun and most important the keys. There are nasty and friendly soldiers but by the time I had the bike I only could drive over friend and foe. This was a really short level and not my cup of tea. 24-06-2003" - Gerty (26-Jun-2003)
"I don't like shoot 'em up levels and this one is something like that. It's full of SAS guards and some friendly soldiers that can't do much with so many enemies. The sentry gun at the beginning of the level was very annoying as well. There are jump switches and goodies thus plenty of health otherwise you can't survive. The is nothing special here just many rooms and doors to open something like a huge house with bedrooms and the bike to finish the level. The catacombs doors didn't match at all the rest of the setting. As this is a first attempt it is a good start but obviously a lot of work has to be done as far as the textures and gameplay are concerned. It's always pleasant to see new level builders entering the TR scene." - Kristina (26-Jun-2003)
"A hotel with many rooms to open many SAS to kill and many pick ups to pick up. Find a bike and drive through some walls to leave the hotel and finish after 20 minutes. My only hint to getting through this level is to jump forward as the level begins or you are going to get quick a warm bottom. Not my kind of level but I did like the gingham bedspreads." - Sash (25-Jun-2003)
"Usually at the very start of a level my first thought is 'Now where do I need to go here?'; or perhaps 'Ohhh what a wonderful place!'; or even 'I wonder what's waiting for me at the bottom of this slide?' In this instance it was 'Holy f*cking sh*t!!!' immediately followed by the level crashing back to the desktop as Lara gruesomely bit the dust. Bummer. Especially so as I enjoyed the little adventure what there was of it. The designer has a cheeky sense of humour and makes effective use of objects; Lara's outfit is quite funny; there are some clever and effective camera angles (that don't intrude on the gameplay); and although only a shooting level enough med-packs and ammo are provided for the player to get through without too much sweat. But make no mistake: you will die. And having to re-load from the desktop every time is just not on. Lara's animations don't work properly when opening doors; the title seems a misnomer as 'Hotel' would surely have been more apt; and the finishing trigger crashed me back to the desktop so hard it took my PC with it. A pity; this was a fun little level otherwise." - Orbit Dream (25-Jun-2003)
"An older level which somehow only now (June 2003) found its way into the list. The smiley face on Lara's shirt is about the only fun thing here though as you are presented with instant death if you don't move and then need to explore a Turkish Hotel (two floors) for plenty of pick-ups and kill countless soldiers in order to eventually make a quick escape with the bike after 20 minutes. Some of the custom textures add a nice (and also personal) touch and there is also a 'Leroy Perkins moment' ;-) but by and large this is just a shoot 'em up and thus not really my kind of level." - Michael (23-Jun-2003)
"If you can manage to get the front door open before you are slaughtered you are doing well indeed. After managing to pull the lever you can explore several hallways kill some doggies and MULTITUDES of soldiers. As you explore each room collect all the goodies and don't give up on using the keys. They do work on the locked door as you first enter the building on the right. For some reason it took many tries to actually get it to work. This is an average level and could be improved. There were a few opportunities for timed runs and possibly moveable blocks. Also it crashes to desktop if you die. However it is worth the short download to get a look at the lovely portrait and rug of Lara on the second floor. My game time: 20 minutes" - Wendee (23-Jun-2003)