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Weekly Business - Monday by Titak

CC 6 3 8 6
Ceamonks890 4 5 6 6
DJ Full 4 6 7 6
Drakan 4 6 6 7
eTux 3 7 8 9
Gerty 3 3 7 7
Jay 5 5 7 8
JoeTheCrazyGamer 6 6 6 6
John 4 6 5 7
Jorge22 6 4 6 9
Jose 3 5 6 9
Kristina 4 4 7 7
MichaelP 5 4 6 8
Nuri 4 6 8 9
Obig 6 4 8 8
Orbit Dream 3 4 3 5
Phil 5 6 6 7
QRS 5 5 8 8
RaiderGirl 6 5 7 8
Ruediger 4 4 6 8
Ryan 4 5 6 8
Sash 3 3 4 5
Treeble 5 7 8 8
release date: 24-Jun-2003
# of downloads: 169

average rating: 5.79
review count: 23
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file size: 24.30 MB
file type: TR4
class: Home

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"unfortunately on reflection these levels were a disappointing experience for this mansion lover here, it started off alright with the usual searching round the house looking for keys and switches to progress but the house and the gameplay in it was just unoriginal and a bit dull to be honest, theres 2 levels and the first one there is nothing to the gameplay apart from finding a couple of pickups with no finish trigger, the second level is alot better, i enjoyed the new assault course and you actually could find things to do in the attic and the maze etc and it started to progress well and then excite and intrigue me when i found a race track key and a shovel but then apparently thats where the level ends! lol you cant use either item and there is no end trigger, an unfair tease which left me feeling irritated and hanging by a thread, textures and lighting were good yes but theres no enemies, traps or good puzzles either in the level to keep me interested enough to play again, i much much prefer titak's mists of avalon mansion level" - John (25-Apr-2021)
"So these were the early attempts, from what later resulted the iconic "Mists of Avalon" game, I think? I agree that this is Titak's weakest custom level release. There is even no finish trigger at the end of the two playable levels! Years ago when I played this, I wasn't very convinced by what I've seen, but replaying it now, I actually thought that this is a much better version of Lara's Home. Even the smallest changes in each room made the whole mansion look more authentic and I noticed some of Titak's creative mind and her charming level designing, even in a level like this. The gameplay however is another story. There was almost nothing to do in the first level except for picking up 2 items from the closets and the small medipack on top of the chandelier in the dining room, the only secret in this level, which isn't written in the walkthrough . So basically, this level only has the purpose of showing Lara's custom made outfit. The second level was much better and took us to some new chambers in the roof and places in the outside area (for a bit at least). Finding the shovel is actually where the level ends. You can't pass the gate to the racetrack in the labyrinth." - Nuri (01-Feb-2021)
"I might have already stated this in any of my previous reviews, but I feel like building Croft Manor is some sort of rite of passage for every builder out there (of course not all of these are built to completion or even released). This is a take on a hybrid version of the TR2 and TR3 manors, with a simplified hedge maze and a combination of massive indoors and outdoors assault courses, and quite a handful of other minor changes here and there. The secret passages past the attic are all new, for instance, and Lara's armory has been moved down to her aquarium basemenet. Gameplay is pretty much what you'd expect, however, as it narrows down to finding a handful of buttons or keys to proceed until you eventually get the Racetrack Key which the readme states marks the end of the level. 25 minutes, 1 secret. 09/20" - Treeble (06-Sep-2020)
"A nice Home level but not alot different to any other homelevel out there 24/40" - JoeTheCrazyGamer (04-Jun-2020)
"Another house level that I happened across on my slow but sure journey through the archives. Yet again the gameplay is rather underwhelming. The first part has Lara galloping around the mansion in her underwear and after locating a couple of seemingly unnecessary items, you have to start the next one from scratch as there is no finish trigger. The second part is very slightly extended, but it's still a stretch to call it meaty, as you only have to explore for a few useless key pickups only to find out again that there is no finish trigger. It's quite nicely constructed texture wise, but otherwise I can't really recommend this." - Ryan (18-Feb-2019)
"I am not a big fan of the manor level but I decided to play this small level without great ambition. No trigger finish but a nice texturing. nothing more." - Drakan (18-Nov-2018)
"Considering the builder involved, I'm surprised that Titak would release something so insubstantial at one point in her level editing career. But hey, even the most talented individuals in the world have their low points. So its a genuine relief that she hasn't really waned in her high-quality output, since this levelset was first made available over 14 years ago. But as it is, this is a fairly run-of-the-mill two-leveled run through a stripped down TR2-styled Core Design manor(with some areas slightly altered in design or completely inaccessible in one of said level maps). Objects, atmosphere, music, lighting effects & texture placement are all handled as well as expected(while there is next to nothing to really do in the gameplay department, with the lack of finish triggers not really helping matters). Overall, just skip this one and play literally any of Titak's other levels instead." - Ceamonks890 (14-Jul-2017)
"This is a house level, and a rather routine and uninspiring house level at that. There are two segments, and in the first short bit Lara is dressed...interestingly. She basically runs around the house in her skivvies, allowing you to ogle as long as you like, as there's nothing really to do and no finish trigger to take you to the next section. You start the second section from scratch, and while there's a little more to do here, you find pickups and keys for which there's no use, and since again there's no finish trigger you might run around aimlessly for ages were it not for the warning in Yoav's walkthrough telling you not to waste your time. This appears to be an early work in progress, and I'm surprised that Titak allowed it to be released in this condition. For completists only." - Phil (25-Sep-2016)
"Again very surprised with the high ratings in the gameplay section, for a boring mansion level without interest and no finish triggers. I think the author builded this only to improve her skills with the editor. A small defect with the outfit when Lara does somenthing, running here and there to pull switches, find keys and dead ends and no more. No sense for the pickups, and the only useful pickup, the flares, never appeared. Of course, a great architecture and texturization, but even when Titia is one of the best builders I know, this levels are not entertaining in any way." - Jose (23-Sep-2016)
"Seeing a missing texture and entering a huge unintended access area in Titia's level after playing her masterpieces feels hilarious and not disappointing at all. Constructed in need for remake and concerning the Croft Manor topic, the level executes arguably the easiest building scenario - but this apparently has good sides. I mean whatever stays unchanged is boring, but whatever has been touched is changed for good - e.g. when I entered the library I instantly felt really comfy, and the assault course is much more interesting than Core's one. So even though the level is very early of this author, we can clearly see her skills in a state ready for development. When among several prolonging brickstone crawlspaces and flat Lara spots we can find some places already feel very warm, it's like watching a volcano about to erupt. Original speech of Judith Gibbins finishes returning familiar memories, and the secret is placed in the best location possible for a classic level. SUMMARY: Foreshadowing. A silence before the storm. Of course nothing special compared to Titia's recent works, but if You want to know the MoA origins, take a break from epic games just like the author did when building this one, look at it and investigate." - DJ Full (08-Oct-2013)
"A small game, but nonetheless split in two parts. In the first level, Lara runs through her house in her underwear. Any crawlspace would set your mind on something else than raiding ;-). In the second, now fortunately dressed, she practices on the training course outside. Well constructed and textured, "Weekly Business - Monday" is an alternative introduction to Lara, but for experienced players, no real gameplay challenge, of course." - Ruediger (09-Feb-2008)
"This is good house level but it lacks the puzzles and gameplay to be better. As always, everything looks great when Titak builds here levels. The lack things to do though, makes it less fun to play. A nice trainig course. Not easy at all hehe. I really like the idea of the weekly series. Maybe we will see the whole week later on?" - QRS (22-Nov-2005)
"Titak is one of my favourite builders and seeing the low scores this had received I assumed that some sort of injustice had been done and went into this prepared to right a terrible wrong. Oh dear. Titia what were you thinking? A thoroughly unplayable first level and an elementary second? I was so incensed with this mis-fire (I'm afraid that's the only way I can describe it) that I actually refrained from reviewing it for some time as I wanted to write an objective review without letting my emotions get in the way of my scoring. So here you are; an objective review...and I still hated it! Presumably the lack of many sequels accurately indicates the loss of enthusiasm (on the part of the Builder) with developing the series much further which makes sense. Titak is still a genius builder so please forgive this effort and move right on to the inspired Himalayan Mysteries instead." - Orbit Dream (12-Jun-2004)
"On these 2 levels you are wandering about Lara's Home and its surroundings. Lara's outfit is very great on the 1st level as well as her underwear. There are no final triggers so you must choose the levels from the Main Menu. On the 1st level all you have to do is collect the Broken Glasses the Fire Circle Scroll and a Secret out of the chandelier. On the 2nd level your objective is to find the keys. There's a timed run here and you can climb up into the fireplace even there's fire inside. I saw a passage in the treasure-room's fireplace but I couldn't get in. In the end you will get the shovel which will be needed in the next level. Those people who love the Lara's Home levels don't miss this one. There are no added sounds and enemies but the goodies are interesting. I wonder what they can be used for? :-)" - Obig (08-Nov-2003)
"Though made up of two levels these really play as one long level as they're both set in Lara's mansion. Your first objective is to wake up gather up Lara's clothes (she's still in her underwear) and then search for some breakfast. There's a bit more to do in the second part with some objects to find and doors to open plus she can go outside in this one (she doesn't want to go outside in her underwear). I would say these should have been combined into one level but we wouldn't have been able to see both cool outfits. And you must play the next level in the series as Lara explores a hidden cave underneath the motorcycle course and finds a lost world that's remarkably similar to that of TR 1's The Lost Valley." - RaiderGirl (23-Jul-2003)
"Waking Up (not rated 5 min. 1 secret): A show off of Lara's outfit in a prefect mansion replica with only two cupboards to open for clothes and bread and a secret to jump to. Training Session (5/4/6/8 30 min.): Starting outide this time Lara wearing another sportive outfit and you can (if you choose to) run through the well known assault course but the more interesting parts are the exploring of the attic and the chimneys to eventually get two keys a crossbow and a shovel for which you have no use. The familiar timed run from the hedge maze wasn't overly thrilling and I never got to open the door to the racetrack. Liked the fish statue in the garden though. Bottomline for me this was a classic case of a Home level - nice setting but wasted as there is little of interest to do in there." - Michael (19-Jul-2003)
"Level 1 Waking up is just that. Lara can jump in her bath and roam around till she'll find some clothes a piece of bread and as a secret a small medipack. Funny enough she could draw her guns and that had me laughing. Level 2 Training Session you see Lara dressed up in a smart outfit outside her house. After doing the training course there isn't much to do so go inside the house you'll find much more to do there. The timed run from the maze to the house isn't something new but I was glad I made it third time around. Getting the key for the Race course is the end although I never could get in there. 03-07-2003" - Gerty (10-Jul-2003)
"It's Lara's mansion alright but it's very well built and possibly the best looking version of THE mansion I've seen with new ideas. The problem is in the levels themselves (two of them) you need to choose separately. Waking Up has Lara running around in her underwear and all I could do was find her clothes bread in the kitchen and a medpack secret on a chandelier and that's it. Then there's the Training level. Those fireplaces were driving me mad for a while because I could see that there was something 'up there' and eventually I found a way. There is the same timed-run from the maze to the understairs door just like the original game. Lara finds a shovel and the racetrack key in an outhouse after using the gatekey to a lovely outside area. I did manage to get down to the racetrack and it looks likes it's still in the process of being built - perhaps that's what the shovel was for! And that's it. What a pity that Titak couldn't run these two levels together and put an end trigger in after opening the racetrack or something! There's supposed to be another level coming but really Titak people aren't going to be too impressed if these levels are all over the place with no 'goal' or end trigger or opening doors! Unless of course you've got something up your sleeve for the future. Hmmmmm. All the same it's a brilliant job you've done with the mansion." - CC (07-Jul-2003)
"This is a house level - well two house levels in fact. The first part is very short and basically once you find a set of clothes (which she doesn't change into preferring to run around in her undies the hussy) one secret and a very dubious looking piece of bread (which she doesn't eat and I can't say I blame her) you've completed the level. I kept looking for more but there wasn't any. The second level has more gameplay most of which will be familiar if you played the house levels in TR2 and TR3 - the maze the hidden passage up the chimney the book lever in the library etc etc. The only thing that was really unexpected was finding a shovel but the opportunity to use it never materialised. However there is a third level planned so it may come in handy then. The mansion and grounds are beautifully reproduced but the gameplay is less than sparkling - certainly not a patch on Titak's previous levels especially my favourite Mystic Stones. And just for once when Lara wanders around the music room don't you wish she'd sit down at the piano and give us a tune? 06.07.2003" - Jay (07-Jul-2003)
"Two individually played levels revolving around the mansion both of which are devoid of enemies though weaponry is found. The first with Lara clad in only bra and panties seems to have nothing to do whatsoever and finished with no real finish point after finding a set of clothes and a piece of bread as well as one secret a small medipack. The second has gameplay but it is the usual mansion stuff chimney climbs the hedge maze training course swim in the underground aquarium sans any marine life and just generally checking out the house. I am not sure if I found the end as I found the racetrack key which is the only secret here but could not get it to work in the racetrack lock there was a shovel near the key but as the grounds are vast I was not going to go around trying to find something to dig. The first took me about 5 minutes to play and the second around 20 minutes. If you enjoy the mansion and seeing Lara in her unmentionables then this is right up your alley for me my alley was never even penetrated!" - Sash (04-Jul-2003)
"Personally I am tired and starting to hate house levels. My rating has nothing to do with my emotions though it's just that the level has no gameplay and the one it has is the same as in every other house level. Lara's outfits are nice though in the first level and due to the fact that it's summer and we have 40C in Greece Lara is wearing only her underwater. She has just woken up and after taking a nice shower or even diving in the swimming pool she finds some clothes and a piece of bread. Not what I would call a decent breakfast but she might be on a diet. The second level has the labyrinth but it's actually not very hard I just missed the hole in there by blindness and she is wearing a jeans outfit. Finding two keys and a shovel are the only things you will be getting here plus a timed door you need to pass. I liked the outside area which I found the shovel it would have been nice to be able to wander around there or even have some tasks to complete. I didn't get to use the racetrack key or the shovel. Very short and with no finishing trigger or the ability to jump between the levels. Nice try though but having seen so many house levels I doubt if it will be appreciated." - Kristina (04-Jul-2003)
"This double level is the best looking house level I've played to date but it is just as silly as every others out there - where all doors are closed in Lara's house and she has to go on quests to get them open - but even then most of them remain closed. Waking Up - Lara starts in her underwear (!) and explores 2 closets to get some clothes and bread - and that's about all and can be done in less than 2 minutes. There was a secret here too but I missed it. The level looked very well and had the nice feeling which reminds the mornings when you wake up and a dim light shines through your curtains - but good looks is not the only thing a level needs and I'm rather disappointed that this is SO weak in terms of gameplay (there actually is no gameplay in this level) but as the readme says - this is only to show the outfit which the author has made. Training Session - now Lara starts in a training outfit outside the house - just where she started in TR2. There is more to do here - some action in the attic and chimney - also a timed run from the maze to the basement and you can get outside in the garden house to get the racetrack key and shovel which sadly is the end of this level. The improved assault course is nice and the level looks great as every level of Titak I've played so far (even if I could get to the end of the world - which surprisingly is very well made too...) but as I understand are just there so that the outfits wouldn't remain without a level. I hope next Titak's levels have more to them though." - eTux (04-Jul-2003)
"Frankly the hard part is rating this nice little level... Although I've never made a level myself I believe this is very well built and I liked Titak's slightly modified version of Lara's house where at last you get to move a little on the outside without being instantly teleported to India. Several mysteries remain such as the racetrack key the shovel and the crawlspace in the secrets room that Lara can't reach as well as the fire that she can spot from the other side and several doors that remain unopened. I guess these will be solved in X Marks the Spot which unfortunately didn't come with the pack... Since I liked the general aspect of the game my 9 points for lighting & textures. I would have rated the item atmosphere sound and cameras higher if only the author hadn't forgotten to add the sounds and the music to the zipfile... As it is since it was a little weird to play these two levels with TR4's sounds and music - since in fact there is no sound to rate - I can only rate it as high as 6. I've also rated the gameplay and puzzles 6 for they were fairly simple and very much based (naturally I'm aware and therefore I hope that isn't a bit unfair somehow) on things already made by Core in TR2 and 3. Enemies: there were none to rate; objects: there wasn't anything of much importance in my humble opinion; secrets: two secrets and not too hard to find... I had to give these a 4. I've played Titak's Search for the Mystic Stones and I liked it in spite of a couple of bad bugs and of its sudden ending when some use could have been found for the stones. It was mostly the fact of having liked it that led me to downloading Weekly Business but I just couldn't rate it any higher except for the more technical and maybe aesthetic part and for that I'm sorry. Having said this I'm still willing to solve the unsolved mysteries that remained and use the shovel somewhere wherever there may be an X and am thus looking forward to the third part..." - Jorge22 (04-Jul-2003)