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Little Streets of Paris by Ma.ximo

CC 3 3 8 7
eRIC 2 2 7 8
eTux 2 4 6 7
Gerty 3 3 6 6
Jay 3 3 7 6
Jorge22 3 3 8 6
Jose 4 5 5 8
Kristina 1 2 8 8
Lara_Fox_Croft 5 9 9 7
Magnus 1 2 3 5
MichaelP 2 5 8 7
Mulf 2 4 3 4
Orbit Dream 2 6 7 9
RaiderGirl 3 3 5 6
Ryan 2 3 6 7
Sash 3 3 6 6
sonnyd83 4 6 7 8
Spike 3 4 7 7
StudBuddha 3 3 6 7
TheStig 1 5 7 6
TifaNazah 5 6 8 7
Treeble 2 6 8 7
Wolf7 4 4 6 6
Yoav 4 4 8 7
release date: 05-Jul-2003
# of downloads: 57

average rating: 5.06
review count: 24
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file size: 16.53 MB
file type: TR4
class: City

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"An interesting early remake of the first level of TRAOD that, err, no one ever asked for. The level manages to be completed in a very short amount of time and does show that very little effort was put in the game BUT very much effort was rather put into the unreaceable areas that look neat and quite decent. I don't quite get why not even objects were rightfully tinted, I get this was supposed to be a joke (as stated on the readme) but it does annoy my eye quite a bit. Texture wise the game was pretty decent, an interesting take on the AOD-ish look and the unreachable streets were also pretty good looking. It does not really need you playing this, as it is very short and will just occupy for a short amount of time circa 20 MB of space only. Wolfy Regards" - Wolf7 (20-Sep-2020)
"Gameplay&Puzzles - Why was this so short? I feel like I was just getting into your level just when it had ended. What a shame. I was enjoying myself. I liked the rehash of AOD. I thought it was fun while it lasted. I can't really understand Spanish but the added voice overs were a good idea to help the player. There is a small shortcut that can be take because of a object. Enemies, Objects & Secrets - There are no weapons we have a dog that's kind of stuck on one square but I get it. And a few enemies that shoot at you. Not deadly but you will lose health. The creator here did provide enough small health packs to counter this. I did not find any secrets. Even though this is a remake, I did enjoy the atmosphere created here and the camera use as well. I wish there was some good AOD background music used here. Lighting & Textures - Texture choices is not the best here. But the lighting certainly did help created a good look to immerse you into this level. I liked this level. But I would say overall it is too short and lacks in the first two areas heavily." - StudBuddha (30-Dec-2019)
"As Jay seems to be the only one who gets it, I’ll have to ask her sometime to explain the joke to me, and also how it can be a ‘spoof’ of AoD when that game wasn’t even released at the time this level came out. Until then, I choose to interpret the builder’s decision to label it a niveau Joke in the sense of bagatelle, an occasional piece that shouldn’t be accorded too much import in the canon. It is currently classed not as a Joke, but as a City level, which seems indeed more appropriate; though Remake would fit even better, because that’s what it is: a straight-up remake of the AoD tutorial level"which apparently was also the demo; talk about bad business decisions"under the conditions of the original TRLE engine, aping its model to the point of even including voiceovers (in French) which explain Lara’s moves, yet ultimately failing for reasons specified by Orbit Dream, and with next to no original input from the builder himself (and what little there is of it, is very poor). Textures and objects are a heterogeneous mishmash picked from any and all earlier TR games with a view to gathering such textures and objects as come closest to those used in AoD, but without even a token attempt at coherence (particularly jarring in the case of the ‘rusty pipes’ texture from the TR2 Maria Doria levels, standing in for the AoD drainpipes). There is, however, a plethora of pointless fixed-camera views (that you can break out of, but they’re irritating nevertheless), and the fact that you can reach the backdrop area easily by simply jumping across a fence towards a roof below, then safety-dropping down, and hélas! you’ve got yourself irreversibly stuck. It’s all over within minutes though, too slight for major aggravations, so no hard feelings." - Mulf (23-Jan-2018)
"As a remake of the original AoD level, this does suffer in comparison due to its ridiculously short length and a bit too much over-ambition. The settings aren't too bad too look at and work well in their own right and the bug when Lara lights a flare was (unintentionally?) hilarious, but that goes pretty much for nought when a level is as short as this. Then again, it was just a taster..." - Ryan (11-Jan-2018)
"A remake of AOD, no guns, the gameplay resumes itself in climb to the top of the building, get the crowbar and go back down to the starting area to open a crowbar door. Nothing interesting except admire the well builded environments and do some gymnastics. Not bad but not very enjoyable too." - Jose (26-Sep-2016)
"Another variation of the Paris theme. This one is a lot more developed and uses the TR3 London texture set very well. I actually prefer some of the lighting, and also the way it feels like it's actually part of a bustling city, rather than being closed off from the world, which is the case with my own version. There's not much to do other than the usual climbing up and down, collect a crowbar, and escape from baddies, but it's nice enough to play. 15 minutes game time." - sonnyd83 (11-Dec-2012)
"God, I remember this level, few days after I discovered I played this level, and I was suprised to see a level rather close to the original TRAoD level, I liked it, not really hard, but pretty cool, I remerber this level as a good and enjoyable level, and thats like I'm gonna rate it. [I love remakes, and this one is pretty cool.]" - Lara_Fox_Croft (07-Jul-2012)
"A sort of Tutorial in the setting of the first level of AOD, with Lara's voice explaining how to make the moves and actions. It has the duration of a demo , and there is little to do here aside from climbing to the roofs , finding the crowbar , flipping a switch , going down , entering a building and finding a crawlspace. There is a dog , not naughty , and a SAS. Texturing , details , and background audio track are very good and suitable. The level is too dark though , there are plenty of fixed cameras , and for the anecdote, it is possible to go down to the street below without dying , but in this case you are there forever as you are not supposed to go there :]" - eRIC (10-Nov-2008)
"More a case of style over substance for this level. It looks really nice, and the texturing is good. It also has a convincing 'rainy-night' atmosphere, and the use of cameras is also quite effective. The only main problem with the visuals is the fact that some of the static objects don't blend in with their surroundings. The gameplay, however, is a different matter. It's simple, and easy to know what you have to do, and the level is over in the best part of 5 minutes. In general, it is very short, and not particularly interesting either." - Spike (15-Jul-2007)
"Relatively short and simple. Flare bugs (as already mentioned), though I believe not being able to draw any weapons was by design. The choices of textures are a little poor in places and don't always match up. That said the outer courtyard (which is accessible if you slide and hang from the sloped roof-tops) looks much more impressive. I liked the realistic rain, and the clothes hanging from the line high up. The level was indeed created before the release of AOD, as you have to climb up onto a raised platform next to an open window to access the upper levels (as in the original AOD demo...the final game substituted this for a second latter instead)." - TheStig (16-Sep-2006)
"The shortest level I've played. Ok it's a joke level albeit not the kind to make you laugh smile or even grin. There even was Lara's voice giving instructions as to how to climb jump and whatnot (not always correct but accordingly to AoD)... In French so now I have both the English and the French versions. As has already been said it's almost a copy of the training level in AoD. The dog was much nicer here but the SAS man was a little too much for a poor unarmed lady and the graphics were poor too (not the author's fault) in comparison. Finally in the readme Maxime tells us the level was ready before AoD was out (did he have access to some demo or something?). One thing's for certain: right then it would have been far more interesting than it is now. But I'm not complaining naturally... I knew what the game was about and it made me curious. (August 10 2004)" - Jorge22 (10-Aug-2004)
"This level may be a demo version of the first TRAOD Level called Little Streets of Paris - and even if the new moves from TRAOD are missing to the LE Lara the level was built similarly only small details are changed. Atmosphere: dark and rainy Puzzles: There are only a few puzzles but most of TRAOD are included. Enemies: There are also only a few enemies there are two: a wolf which stands for the Dobermann in TRAOD... and a watchman with a weapon for everything he shoots with the Uzis and sometimes with the grenade gun too...Weapons: Lara does not have any weapons in this level like she does not have them in the first Level of TROAD which makes the situation interesting...Sound: all are in French and I am wondering whether this is Lara's original voice from TRAOD...Specials: Lara wears an outfit similar to the one from TRAOD... And of course the rain effect is nice...Conclusion: Rebuilding the TRAOD level at the LE took surely a lot of work and passion but there are missing the TRAOD moves and it was definitely too short." - TifaNazah (14-Jun-2004)
"The beginning looks good indeed but level is short and easy. Lara climbs to the roof there she finds the crowbar to open the gates to the end. One more thing: Lara can't draw the guns - too bad." - Yoav (02-Mar-2004)
"Don't ask me why someone would like to recreate the horrible training-level from 'The Angel of Darkness' but here it is in all it's glory. Two and a half minutes doing things I did when I played 'The Angel of Darkness'. Not worthwhile. The texturing was nice though. And it was fun trying to light a flare." - Magnus (29-Jan-2004)
"A lot of work has gone into the atmosphere textures and architecture of this level. I have to go on what others say about it looking like AOD I haven't played it yet. Lara has a different face with mouth slightly open and her hands are very detailed. Also her clothes look great not because they are a jeans outfit but because they don't look blocky more realistic looking. She can't draw weapons! and the dog nearby seems more interested in trying to get into the building than bothering with Lara but the guard behind the door has a gun so I went off looking for weapons to deal with him. Didn't find any. But I found the crowbar up there with that incredible cityscape of Paris at night. The scene down below of streets and roofs in terrific but I never got down there. The rain falling from the sky is very realistic too and the soaking wet clothes on the line. Why don't you continue with this one Maxime. I'd love to see it expanded the basics are already there." - CC (21-Oct-2003)
"Now this REALLY looks like the first level of AOD. Except for the final areas (or should I call them as initial areas?) the level is pretty much the same. There isn't much to do and the author forgot to add a medipack behind the closed gate at the beginning :P (LOL). Anyway Maxime could expand this project with his own creations later he does have the potential to make something very worthy with this starting point." - Treeble (22-Sep-2003)
"A neat little attempt to convert the first AOD level into an 'original TR' game but of course the Author reaches an impasse with the 'sneak up behind the Guard and bash him over the head' moment as well as having to turn potentially suspenseful 'shimmy before her strength bar runs out' maneuvers into straightforward old-fashioned TR elements. It must be said that the recreation is rather well done with a good attention to detail (were those other Parisian streets unreachable? If so they made for a convincing backdrop) and vocally-alluring French Lara; but all those special audio files didn't seem to do much and the level ended far far too soon (after having ditched the 'step-by-step' imitation of the original) with no attempt made to give the revamped version anything resembling a finale." - Orbit Dream (23-Aug-2003)
"As some people are remaking Tomb Raider 1 here's an author that's already remaking AoD with the trle engine as this is almost exactly the same as the first level of that game. You start out with no weapons and have to climb to the roof to find the crowbar and then find the exit door while being chased by a few guards. As in the AoD level there were areas I wished I could have explored further like the city streets you could see in the distance." - RaiderGirl (23-Jul-2003)
"This was the first custom level I played after just finishing AoD and the resemblance to the first AoD level is indeed striking: the outfit the objects the textures the rain (!) the dog - a very faithful reproduction. Of course it also has the non-existent gameplay of the AoD level (despite a different ending) and you only need to find the crowbar run past two SAS and finish after 5 minutes." - Michael (18-Jul-2003)
"This download comes with two serious bugs. One is that Lara won't draw her guns and I had also the flare bug. Now I know I have come across some flare bugs but this one was different Lara froze after using one. Also the game is over in not even 5 minutes. Which is a shame as the start really looked promising. I loved those little streets of Paris. The rain was coming down and you could see the overflow of the rainwater pipe. I could imagine that the dog rather would be inside nice and cosy instead left out in the rain. There were some great camera angles used coming down from the rooftop. And after a crawl the level ends. I couldn't leave it at that so I used the flycheat to have a good look around. There is more of the streets but nothing in them and in a funny way I felt let down. 06-07-2003" - Gerty (10-Jul-2003)
"I really don't know what to say about this one. Lara has no guns there is a dog that runs around itself and doesn't hurt Lara and also a SAS guard which shoots at her. Basically you hear some woman speaking in French and I am guessing those are instruction and we have a training level here. Lara is climbing a couple of ladders jumps a little finds the crowbar and a lot of medi packs and that's all. The level ends after five minutes and while she going up some stairs." - Kristina (10-Jul-2003)
"At last a joke level that is actually amusing. This is a spoof on Angel of Darkness and it's rather cleverly done. Lara is wearing the same type of denim outfit and the action starts out in a very similar manner. You can't draw her pistols as obviously at the start of AOD she hasn't got any. You even get training instructions albeit in French which I struggled a bit to understand - well it is a VERY long time since I was at school. The author has even put in the dog at the beginning although this one seems friendly and luckily contents itself with chasing its own tail. At ten minutes this is quite a long joke level and you get quite a bit of action (even finding a crowbar). If you've started playing AOD you really should download this. Nice one. 09.07.2003" - Jay (10-Jul-2003)
"This seems to me as a remake of the training level of Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness - at least from the looks of it as I haven't played AOD yet but this seemed rather familiar. Well the effect seemed rather convincing to me - the author used a special trigger to disable Lara from using her guns there's a dog barking nearby (not hurting Lara though) Lara wears the outfit she has in the training level as I've seen in screenshots - and some mercenaries/police are chasing her too also the French version of Lara's voice guided you through the training phase so there's no moment where you could actually get stuck in as even without knowing French you realise that you have to look for something to do to progress further when you hear the voice. The only stuck moment might be the crowbar - but it's not so hard to find too keeping in mind that everything you need is nearby. After that everything is pretty clear too - activate a switch to open a door near where you started and escape. Not as much to do as it may sound that's why the low rating for gameplay but there's no denying that there was enormous amount of work put into making the environment as great as it is - the rain effect the way you can see the Parisian streets and buildings in the distance - the only complaints would be the sky which didn't match so well with the horizon and the night-life atmosphere and the textures on the water-tank atop the building where you found the crowbar. Well give it a try if you want to enjoy the 5-6 minutes of this well made environment." - eTux (09-Jul-2003)
"Although a joke level taking off the first levels of AOD this isn't a silly level just a short less than ten minute one. Unarmed as in AOD you have to climb to the top of a building in a rainy Parisian street then climb back down and enter another building to finish. You come across two guards near the end that don't cause any real harm and also a dog that doesn't attack Lara at all what you find is 2 small and 2 large medipacks along with a necessary crowbar. The concept of this level although a take off is really good and I hope the author takes the chance to elaborate on what is already here with this and gives us what could be a real pulse racer of a level." - Sash (07-Jul-2003)