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Weekly Business - Tuesday by Titak

Capt. Abbey 7 7 8 8
CC 8 7 8 7
DJ Full 7 7 9 9
eTux 5 7 9 10
Gerty 6 7 8 8
Gill 8 7 9 10
Jay 7 6 8 8
JoeTheCrazyGamer 7 7 8 8
Jorge22 8 7 8 9
Jose 7 8 7 10
Kristina 5 7 8 9
MichaelP 6 7 9 10
Nuri 7 7 9 10
Obig 8 8 9 8
Orbit Dream 6 7 9 10
Phil 8 8 8 8
QRS 8 8 8 10
RaiderGirl 8 7 8 9
Ruediger 7 8 7 8
Ryan 8 8 8 8
Sash 5 6 7 6
Treeble 8 9 9 9
release date: 08-Jul-2003
# of downloads: 92

average rating: 7.81
review count: 22
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file size: 21.20 MB
file type: TR4
class: Cave/Cat

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Part Two-uesday continues from where Part M-One-day ended: At the racetrack, only that the shovel has disappeared from Lara's inventory. After a short investigation of the racetrack, where we find another one though, we find ourselves in beautifully gloomy caves with some rather harmless enemies. From there on, your goal is to find 3 hidden cog wheels in these caves, where some of the waterfall rooms from the Lost Valley have been built in. And the fact that all of this plays beneath the Croft mansion is brilliant and we all know what brilliant idea Titia eventually had, when doing a remake of these levels by using the story of TR Underworld. And who knows: Maybe Crystal Dynamics was inspired by this Custom Level indeed, when they made the Croft Manor level in Tomb Raider Underworld." - Nuri (01-Feb-2021)
"Fancy discovering new cave systems underneath Croft Manor. As usual with Titak, this level looks amazing despite its age, and I have to admit she brought a huge smile to my face when I noticed the first huge cavern area is heavily inspired by the original Lost Valley in TR1. That's as far as similarities go; all the surrounding areas are just that much bigger but ultimately they felt a tad empty, as there were only a handful of levers and doors to open and the three cogs were well spread out, so for the most part I found myself zooming by. It's a fairly relaxing and straightfoward raid with no big or deadly surprises, although I had to reload when I jumped into the waterfall before opening the underwater door, so I got trapped between the current and the door. Other than that, all good fun. 35 minutes, 2 secrets. 11/20" - Treeble (15-Nov-2020)
"A nice small level with lara Exploring the hidden caves under her mansion. This was a great level and it has a great athmosphere. 30/40" - JoeTheCrazyGamer (04-Jun-2020)
"Do you know, it never ceases to amaze me what surprises Lara hides under her mansion, as well as managing to keep them a secret from her close friends. I found this to be a well crafted if somewhat sneaky adventure in a nicely made TR1- reminiscent setting. It does seem possible to shortcut part of the level and thus avoid collecting a couple of the cog wheels, but I ended up using the newly written walkthrough anyway to make sure I explored every nook and cranny and finished with a feeling that I had experienced a worthwhile raid. Much better than the initial Weekly Business segments." - Ryan (19-Feb-2019)
"When I began I expected another boring mansion level, but I was wrong. Soon I entered into the caves and... wow! What a fantastic architecture and texturization! There's an error in the design, so I could finish the level only with a single cog in my backpack, but I recommend that if you found the shortcut to the room with the paper, go back and find and place all three wheels, or you'll lose a good part of the gameplay and the fun. In this level you'll notice the great improvement in Titak's skills. Recommended. You'll not regret." - Jose (28-Sep-2016)
"I floundered around here for about an hour and a half, trying to make sense of the existing walkthrough. (Someone could do us a real favor by writing a clearer and more coherent walkthrough for this level.) I finally finished without having found one of the three cog wheels, so I didn't have to open the gate next to the cog assembly. (I failed to find Cog Wheel #2 as designated in the existing walkthrough, as I had no idea what "meanwhile get the Cog Wheel #2" was trying to tell me. Nevertheless, I was able to reach the finish trigger. This is a well conceived and quite complicated adventure, almost all of which takes place in an underground cavernous setting, and I had a fulfilling if somewhat frustrating time here. The pervasive darkness is easily overcome by giving yourself unlimited flares. Too bad the builder's Weekly Business ended here." - Phil (27-Sep-2016)
"It's a small step for a levelbuilder, but a giant pack of skills achieved. Yep - just a little hole dug in the earth might cover an epic cave under an ordinary (and anyway optional) TR3 racetrack. As follows, we not only have the same experience as in Monday (what's classic is classic, what's changed is good), but we can also see anything constructed from scratch go absolutely immersive. Yes, there are misshaped textures. Yes, there is a confusing shortcut giving a chance to finish the game without flooding the channel. But there's also impression - a cave is one of the most difficult things possible to construct, yet the lighting is smooth and the fun doesn't disappear for a moment. Poor animals trapped in here add to entertainment when Lara just utilizes several pistol rounds to end their pathetic lives - but they are also some more resistant lizards also capable of underwater fight, so a bit of challenge is added. The secret grenade launcher... well I forgot I found it so I never fired it :) but in theory it was usable, as well as the large medi. SUMMARY: I've seen the surface part many times before and at this attempt I still found nothing important in there, but as soon as I descended into the lower stage of racetrack, things got interesting and I remained ingame till the very end. Especially cave/cat fans will feel good down there, but no- one else should be disappointed." - DJ Full (08-Oct-2013)
"The follow up to Titak's disapointing 'Monday' is a vast improvement,but still rather limited when compared to her other works. The storyline,as far as it goes,is quite engrossing - the level begins on the tried-and-trusted race track;but there's no mileage to be gained in this overly familiar setting,however,so everything quickly shifts to a far more imaginative and vast cave system,which needs to be thoroughly explored for a Treasure map.The construction is absolutely faultless;texturing and lighting is sublime,and the cave atmosphere has been uniquely captured.I loved the details (water wheels;small dams;drained channels;water flowing down rocks),but the gameplay (aside from some Dinosaur shooting) wasn't particularly thrilling nor challenging.After around 45 minutes I had duly obtained the Map and the adventure abruptly ended. It's beautifully and faultlessly constructed,but you can never quite escape the feeling (while playing)that the builder's heart wasn't really in it.If the two Weekly Business levels had been released as a single adventure,the experience would have been considerably more substantial and rewarding - indeed,I would reccommend that this is how people should actually play them." - Orbit Dream (06-Oct-2010)
"A weird, but really nice idea: Lara finds a cave under her house at the end of the motorbike race course. She digs a hole, falls into it and finds herself in a kind of Lost Valley remake where you look for 3 cog wheels. She discovers various rare species of reptiles - and uses her guns to make them extinct species ;-). Fun level and very nice looking compared to the TR1 original, recommended to play!" - Ruediger (09-Feb-2008)
"I was quite surprised and very impressed with this little adventure. At the start of your mission, the bike is ready and waiting for you to have a quick spin around Lara's home grounds, before beginning your quest to roam around this marvellous underground cave setting, and this is where your real adventure begins. Your first objective, is to find the map and the shovel and to seek the correct spot, enabling you to dig and enter down further and deeper into the gloomy cavern environment, where you will come across some underground rivers, waterfalls and seemingly deserted buildings that will await you and ready for you to start your exploration. Your task here, is find and locate the missing cog wheels, which are scattered all around this underground environment. But this is not as easy as you might think, as I got lost and ended up going down the same path several times, by entering the same area, but from a different direction. With all cog wheels located and safely stored in your back-pack, its now time to locate the cog-wheel machine for them to be nicely placed and to get that rusty old machine up and running again, enabling the appropriate sleuth gates to open and close in certain areas, for you to proceed and complete your mission here, and to finally collect 'The Scrap of Paper' to end this wonderful adventure. Enemies are few, but hidden in some very small caves, you will encounter some bats and some of those little green dinos, which can easily be disposed off with pistols. In general, I really liked the layouts of this underground cavern setting, as you could take several paths to start off your exploration, which for me made playing this adventure, even more enjoyable to be in. Textures and lighting was excellently chosen, which gave you just that right atmosphere down in those dark cavern areas. Thanks Titak, I enjoyed playing this very much." - Gill (03-Jun-2006)
"Now this is a much better adventure than the monday version. The tr3 course is expanded and as X marks the spot we are going down below it for hidden treasures :) I really liked the underground areas and Titak proves that her skills are not only that of outdoor areas but caves craftet by her also looks amazing! One part in particilar comes to mind. The huge underground cave filled with water. Not much to do there but it is so beautiful and perfectly done! The levels are worth playing just ot see that hehe. Great job!! This can only be better and better. I really hope for sequels here." - QRS (22-Nov-2005)
"Okay it's hard to go wrong when Lara's got a new outfit and a shiny red motorcycle. Strangely enough Lara has an entire cave system underneath her house that she hasn't discovered yet. Once I finally found where to dig (hint: big pile of dirt) the contrast between the environments was pretty cool. The caves were well designed I thought and the level very much resembled the Lost Valley I think it is in TR1. There was even a cog wheel puzzle like in the original. I must admit that even though the level was often nice to look at and fun to explore the end wasn't too exciting. I suppose I shouldn't give it away but it's sort of set up for some big extravaganza of great interest. It was a nicely done level up until that point though with lots of silly little reptiles to shoot. I recommend it if you're not feeling picky and just want a bit of entertainment." - Capt. Abbey (24-Nov-2004)
"This is a very good level. Although the location is a bit dark' cause Lara is roaming about underground caves. Somehow the great ancestor the TR1 crossed my mind about these places especially about the underground machines. The enemies are bats small and big dinos. There are quite enough weapons against them: the Shotgun the UZI and the Grenade Gun from one of the Secrets. At the beginning you must find the Shovel with which you will dig down in one of the corners. Then you will have to find the 3 Cog Wheels for starting the machine. So you will find your final object: the Scrap of Paper. There's an interesting thing on the level. You can shorten it without using any Cog Wheels. When getting down into the deep head to the right and get onto the left-hand small platform. There's a Small medipack. Jump to the left on the other side of the column. Shimmy to the right make a backward somersault land on the other sloping area. Shimmy and reach the end of the level. You can see this on the pictures: Of course this is not our objective but the great adventure. :) The added sounds are great: the voice of the animals and Lara of course. The textures are great too. I love Titak's levels waiting for the next one. I recommend this level to all of you it was a great adventure." - Obig (08-Nov-2003)
"As in all of Titak's levels the overall setting and architecture as well as texturing and lighting is quite impeccable and often breathtaking in this case in an underground cave complex where you open flood gates to reach the area where you end this hour long adventure after a short preliminary on the race track and some digging but in essence the gameplay is about pulling two levers placing 3 cogwheels and killing some bats reptile creatures and little dinos and from that end I was quite frustrated by searching around a lot and not finding the few items I needed and that took away a lot of the fun here. Still great to look at and worth a try for that and for finding the two secrets (grenade gun and near the end a big medi)." - Michael (18-Aug-2003)
"I was completely blown away by this third level in Titak's Weekly Business series. At first I thought it was going to be a short ride on the motorbike and then it would be over. After using the shovel though you fall into a world that's lost in time and very similar to The Lost Valley from TR 1. Just like in the original level there are three cogs to search for as you explore long lost caves and underwater areas. There's one large underwater area that especially amazing - very well built. Small dinosaurs and green lizards follow you around and bats are always present plus I found two secrets along the way. I am constantly impressed with Titak's work especially with how great his levels look and how entertaining to play." - RaiderGirl (23-Jul-2003)
"In the level Monday you couldn't get onto that race track but now you start in there. Get the bike or not (I rather do everything on foot anyway) and find that shovel and dig a hole. The fun really starts after that in my opinion anyway. Although is partially a remake of the Qualopec and a great one at that there are different things to do here as well. Getting 3 cog wheels (and I have been looking at the third one for ages it seems) so you can get to the map. After placing the cog wheels I saw that I did do some illegal jumping as I had the map before I found the last cog wheel. There aren't that many enemies although by the sight of all those skeletons one should think so. Also those tiny dinosaurs and also some mutated creepy animals (they did scare me) as the atmosphere is rather dark. I get the impression that Titak made these ones much earlier and as he has shown he can build a level and some good ones at that I am waiting for the next one. 13-07-2003" - Gerty (20-Jul-2003)
"Now this is much more enjoyable than Monday but then nobody's at their best on Monday morning are they? You get to have a bit of fun riding the motorbike round the course for a while before you get down to business. I was glad to find out what the shovel was for this time and my word isn't she a fast digger? Having dug down to the lower levels I found myself in surroundings very reminiscent of the Lost Valley from TR1 complete with machine cogs to find and sluice gates to open. Enemies are sparse - bats and compys mostly but the atmosphere is good as you explore the caves. The ending in the room where you find (presumably) a treasure map with a cross on it seems rather abrupt but perhaps we're getting a Wednesday level. I only found one secret a grenade gun which I never had occasion to use - what a shame. 18.07.2003" - Jay (19-Jul-2003)
"The second level of what looks like a series. An hour in underground caves searching for three cog wheels. Just that no other puzzles though. It's a pity because the atmosphere is nice and the setting appealing but when there is no game play and all you do is explore big areas either on foot or swimming it's a waste. Little creatures some monsters and bats are the enemies I saw. The basic idea is to place the cog wheels and turn the big wheel which will open the double doors. From there the way is cleared to access the scrap paper and end the level. Although I found out that there is a flaw in the level and you can actually finish without finding or placing the cog wheels. For obvious reasons I won't reveal that route. There was also a shovel to use and access the underground area as well as the bike to help cover the long distances and sloped areas. I really liked it and it's well built but unfortunately I can't rate the level with such poor game play. I hope the next one will have more action." - Kristina (14-Jul-2003)
"This is much much better than the first two levels! In this last part of the series Lara has to drive her motorbike along the racetrack until she finds a shovel digs somewhere underground and falls down to a whole different world below her mansion. She'll be facing several not too tough enemies including big lizards small dinos and the omnipresent bats. She must find three wheel cogs place them and then find her way to the place with two skeletons where she'll get a map (I examined it in the hope that there would be something more to come but it didn't really mean anything not that I've understood at least) with the famous 'x' so she can end the level. The game flows very easily and I only got a little stuck once very near the end because there was an apparently unreachable entrance since there were some stairs that came off the water and (apparently according to the forums) some crack on the wall which I couldn't reach. Maybe that was where some secret was hidden? I couldn't find any and I'm curious to know if anybody else could get inside that entrance and if there was any secret in the game... maybe there. Anyway once I found out where to go to where to jump to (obviously not to that entrance) the rest was as smooth as the rest of the game. My only pity was that there was no more. Titak do you really have to go on doing these sudden endings?" - Jorge22 (14-Jul-2003)
"Well this is a turn-up literally. The big hint in the Monday level and the frustrating idea of where do I use this shovel is answered in this level. We start on the racetrack this time and that underground part of the track (in the original game) has a lot more going on than we thought. Lara spends 1/4 of a second digging the biggest hole you've ever seen in the floor and discovers a whole new underground world with pools of water caves dinosaurs believe it or not caves waterfalls giant waterwheels and cogs to find and place. This cave network is excellently done. First time through I found two cogs found the map and when I went back the way I came the level ended. I did no illegal moves just jumped up to the single skeleton on the ledge jumped across and found a crevice to jump up to the top of this cave and made my way to the room with the map. Perhaps this was not intended by the author so it's something for the author to look into. I found the switch too without placing the three cogs. This was all done innocently on my part and the solution would be to lower that part of the floor near the skeleton so people can't jump up to it then they'll have to go look for the other cogs. I'm very curious now what's coming in the next level. I'm also curious if when the whole 'week' of levels are finished will this then become a continuous set of levels! In a kind of way this is making me think I would be better off waiting 'til all the levels are up! We'll see." - CC (14-Jul-2003)
"I know that this may be a little underscored in some aspects but again what we have here is a re-modified replica of a couple of original levels. First you start in the racetrack of the mansion where you can either go on foot or bike find a shovel plus some guns and dig a hole to enter a cave underground. This at first didn't register but it only took a couple of seconds to notice that this is a remake of Qualopec with what I would actually say is an improvement in the setting it is much more water based and there is some very fun exploring to be found. In this cave area you have to first find three cogs to open up a water channel but make sure you find one of the two secrets before you do flood things or it is off limits the second part has you just climbing around till you find the map that this expedition is for make sure you find the second secret just before the map though a few steps later you finish. I did enjoy this a whole lot better than Monday maybe it was just the Monday blues and if this series continues I hope that Titak makes them more original and by the weekend we might have something here to really celebrate!" - Sash (10-Jul-2003)
"Well this is more like it. At least a little bit - much better than the Monday levels and I really like the idea of a secret cave hidden in the territory of Lara's house - as this starts out rather harmless with Lara finally being able to access the racetrack - and after finding the shovel again she can dig the way to the cave. What I didn't like so much was that the cave areas with all the waterfalls and lakes reminded me of the 'Lost Valley' from TR1 but the good part about this is that it has a fresh new look with great use of textures and lighting so the overall feel is great. There's not much to gameplay too after getting into the cave - find the 3 cogs and open a door to a new area where you have to get to the room with the map but the basic idea is just to get through these marvelous caves. Am not saying that it wasn't fun but there could've been more to it. So Titak can we expect levels for the rest of the week too or will Lara go and find out what spot marks the X?" - eTux (10-Jul-2003)