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The Skull of Dunelie by Will Gell

bERT 8 9 9 9
Brat352 9 9 10 9
Daffy 9 9 9 10
db 10 9 9 9
Duncan 10 9 10 9
dya1403 8 8 10 10
Engelchen Lara 9 9 10 10
eRIC 9 9 10 9
eTux 6 7 8 7
G.Croft 9 8 10 9
Gerty 9 8 10 9
janachorider 9 9 10 10
Jay 9 8 10 9
Jez 9 9 10 9
Jorge22 9 9 9 9
Jose 9 9 9 9
Kristina 9 8 9 9
Loren 8 9 10 8
Loupar 9 9 10 8
MegaGamer 9 9 10 10
MichaelP 8 8 9 9
Moonpooka 10 10 9 9
Orbit Dream 8 8 9 9
Phil 9 9 9 9
RaiderGirl 9 9 10 9
Ryan 9 9 9 9
Samu 7 8 8 8
Sash 9 8 10 9
Sherry 9 9 10 10
Treeble 8 8 9 8
Whistle 9 8 9 8
release date: 19-Jul-2003
# of downloads: 70

average rating: 8.94
review count: 31
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file size: 22.30 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

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Reviewer's comments
"The last offering from one of the early proliferous authors in our community. It also happens to be a very engaging raid, set around in dungeons complete with skull apparitions and whispers. Atmosphere earns an extra added point for the custom themes composed by the author himself. Gameplay is pretty solid and well varied, generally on the easy and simple side which made this a pleasant experience. The timed run for the second jewel key was particularly interesting, not because it's challenging or revolves around mad tricks, but rather how the author takes you on a scenic route until you eventually get to the gem. Definitely worth checking out. 45 minutes, 2 secrets. 11/21" - Treeble (28-Nov-2021)
"This level is pretty fast paced and chock- full of timed runs, but nothing unnecessarily frustrating. The setting is a rather grandiose Scottish castle and it is quite dark in places, although to be honest other levels have fared worse on that score. The objective is to obtain the titular skull but there's a hell of a lot to get through before that. As mentioned there are plenty of timed runs, but none of them are difficult to conquer but enjoyable to perform all the safe (but the one through the different buildings and across a bridge for one of the gems was no mean feat). The music scores (some apparently composed by Will himself) was very nicely chosen. Very enjoyable." - Ryan (11-Jan-2018)
"I must be getting better at Raiding,because Will Gell's timed runs were extremely easy this time around;or perhaps,as this was his final custom level,he was merely being generous? Whatever the case,the gameplay in this adventure was nicely judged,flowed well and had a pleasing shape - although the water cave with a diamond pick-up was frustratingly incomplete,as an entire spike jump sequence appeared to be either irrelevant or disappointingly buggy. In all other respects,this was near flawless.A plethora of varied enemies;lots of exploring;a few decent puzzles;and well textured and lit areas (many of them of atmospheric and grandiose proportions).None too difficult overall,but of great entertainment value." - Orbit Dream (20-May-2015)
"Very good level,the best from the author,enemies,atmosphere, etc... Recommended." - janachorider (17-Jun-2014)
"This level was actually quite spooky in my opinion. The eerie atmosphere added the creepiness of this level. I also enjoyed some textures in this level as well. Gameplay and enemies got a bit bland sometimes, but that didn't affect me or the game. A nice castle level. Give it a shot. ;)" - MegaGamer (29-Mar-2014)
"Really the best level from this author. Action in an underground temple and caves where you must look for two golden urns to can get two gems and finally access to the golden skull. I liked the gameplay 'cause all that tasks can be done in any order, and there's no backtracking or difficult movements forcing you to reload many times; with original puzzles and tasks. Even at the end, if you're fast, you can avoid the locusts and fire bolts from the dragon (if you don't miss the key the skeleton dropped, like me, lol!). There are some texture defects in the caves with long triangular surfaces, and another wrong sounds (opening door when lower a block or so) but the game is solid and with a good look, very nice to play and highly recommended. A pain that this author didn't release more levels after this one!" - Jose (23-Mar-2012)
"This level is a very nice success as much on the aesthetics as on the gameplay. Decoration is very well-manicured with nice effects of lightings which give a dark style to this level but without exaggeration, they see there enough. The gameplay is a good compromise for every player with however some passages which ask for a little of address, for research to be led do not ask it for the hours to succeed and they advance rather easily. It is a very good level which this author offers and it is congratulations which he deserves for this game which I really appreciated." - Daffy (28-Aug-2009)
"This is quite short and nice level including good atmosphere. I liked custom musics that are very good for the setting and I liked especially textures, lighting and how the rooms are designed and linked together. So the atmosphere is good and artisticly this level is quite well built but the thing that bothered me is that there aren't interesting tasks to complete in this level. Most of your time you just run around the level and find some switches and you have to also complete some easy timed runs. So nothing very interesting but because of well designed environment and good atmosphere playing this level feels still quite good and this is not a bad level at all." - Samu (30-Jul-2006)
"The atmosphere in this level is excellent. you can almoast fell the chilly air in the dark passages of the castle.. The action was very well asambled and the timed runs not difficult at all, so you won't have any trouble passing them(you won't have to curse and reload over and over again). When I saw the big dragon at the end I thought to myself that I will be in a terrible fight, but he proved to be just scary (Don't stay next to him because he throws flames at you). The only thing that you might miss during your adveture is some flares, so use them wisely." - dya1403 (25-Jul-2006)
"I can't say this castle adventure 'clicked' with me - don't get me wrong it ain't bad and has some nice additions with my favourites being the skull's images calling Lara the wonderful custom music the fantastic final bridge area and the clever yet not completely thought through timed run for one of the gems. Maybe it's just me but from time to time I thought some textures didn't really fit together so well and I found the gameplay to be a bit monotonous - consisting mainly of some pretty simple timed runs. The secret linking idea is quite interesting and nice but I found only 1 secret this way too. Instead of the torch which suggested a torch puzzle being nearby I would've preferred some flare packages and the dragon could've posed some more threat than it did (I practically just ran past it without giving him a chance to even look at Lara). As said earlier - this ain't a bad level by no means yet I don't think it deserves ratings as high as others have given - give it a try though if you like castle settings." - eTux (04-Jun-2004)
"Once again Will has done himself proud demonstrating an advanced ability to create an atmosphere and to stick to the theme. This level is set in a Scottish castle with superb custom textures which create a very appropriate if a bit dark atmosphere. The choice and number of enemies complements this well. There are many inventive points like the ghostly skull incorporating Will's own voice. The gameplay is mixed containing a mixture of difficult aspects including timed runs (a specialty of Will's) and easier parts like the plethora of crossbows and knights that drop keys. This is not to say it is boring far from it. I enjoyed the Skull of Dunelie immensely (as I have all of Will's levels) and would thoroughly recommend it." - Jez (14-Mar-2004)
"A thoroughly addictive level that should be played straight through. A creepy setting excellent Celtic soundtrack and good challenges add up to a great time. I really like the big room with the golden skull sitting in plain sight but hell to pay to get it. The big room with the timed runs was fun and getting past the dragon was a blast. An excellent piece of work." - Duncan (01-Feb-2004)
"This is a competent and highly enjoyable level submitted by the always reliable Will Gell. The gameplay is punctuated with his original compositions which seem to fit the mood of the moment quite admirably. I nagged him incessantly until he provided a walkthrough (since he had done so for all his previous levels) but I found that I was able to navigate whole chunks of territory without having to resort to it. Maybe I'm finally getting the hang of this Tomb Raider thing after all. Anyway there are a few things to point out. First although Will is notorious for his timed run sequences they didn't seem to be as frustrating here as one might expect. They started off with generous time allowances and got progressively harder which I think is a courtesy to the gamer that all builders should observe. (There's nothing more frustrating than getting stuck at an early stage in a level because the builder couldn't wait to insert a near-impossible timed run.) And the jump sequence in the green death-water room was much easier than the one described in the walkthrough; it could be done with a simple sequence of standing and running jumps without the need to grab and pull up. The same is true of the sequence in the underground lake area. The walkthrough says there's only one place where you can pull out and then you have to negotiate a gauntlet of spikes and slopes in order to reach a floor switch. However quite by chance I found a place almost directly beneath the floor switch where I could pull out and walk right to it. (I suppose that if I were a real red-blooded Raider I would have gone back and tried it the way Will had intended. But since I had gotten to my objective quite legally I saw no point to doing that. Upward and onward...) There's a neat maneuver near the end where in order to take the golden skull from a central pedestal you have to climb up each of four facing alcoves in sequence to shut off the protecting flames. And the final timed run to get the second jewel key is a real doozy. Good stuff and fun raiding. I hope Will has more levels like this on the drawing board." - Phil (14-Jan-2004)
"With this level you will explore underground areas in search of the skull. Lots of things to look out for so be observant. Enemies are bats knights skeletons and the Komodo Dragon at the end. (Just run). Each area is rather dark and you have only a the three flares to start with and I found only one more lot so gun flashes and bins will be needed to find your way round. Not only do you have to find keys and other items but a ball to shoot and plenty of floor switches some of which are timed. Other puzzles are of the movable article type and really do need to be thought through. The graphics set the dark mood and the textures were OK. Lighting I have said was generally on the dark side but lighter moments add to the effects created. Definitely a level to play although it is not extremely hard." - Whistle (05-Jan-2004)
"There were two reasons I wanted to play this level: Will Gell and the title which is a real come on. Will is a reliable builder and I have enjoyed all his previous epics. He has really become a finished builder when he can even provide the music! As always I seem to make every level I play harder than I should by trying to second guess the builder however in this level after the wringing of hands is over it always made complete sense. Looking over this walkthrough when you come into the water filled cavern with the blue gem on top of a large rock he tells us the only way out of the water is to the left and then over that obstacle course to get to the other side to pull the lever. However you only have to swim over to the right and climb up the rocks to reach the lever. Does Will know this? The enemies were logical to the surroundings and not difficult to dispatch. The usual runs were for Will quite easy except for the last one which had to be re-done several times. Loved the dragon at the end. Had a wonderful ride with this one and highly recommend it to others. Great work Will look forward to many more." - Sherry (29-Dec-2003)
"This is the first level of this author that I play and I've been reading that he is the King of timed runs. There are indeed many timed runs in this level but all of them can be completed without being too much frustrating. Excellent gameplay with some parts not for weak hearts. There are many tiles to activate. The enemies are varied: small devils undead Crusaders that can be 'killed' bats and skeletons. The secrets are linked and if you miss the first you won't get the others. Some objects are unnecessary i.e. the torch: I didn't know what to do with it. The atmosphere is perfectly built with the music and the cameras. The lighting has the flare bug near the end; that's why I downrated the score. That bug appears just in the darkest part of the game. All in all is a great level and very entertaining." - Loupar (03-Nov-2003)
"Will Gell's Scottish-based level is both highly intelligent and well designed requiring very advanced gaming skill to complete. It's time-based puzzles were extremely difficult and necessitated to-the-second timing. Very demanding and highly enjoyable. I got so badly stuck at times yet the answers to the puzzles were logical and reasonable. After a dramatic climax it sadly peters out at the end but nevertheless it is an extremely well written and well thought-through level. I'm looking forward to trying Will Gell's The Trenches (if I can get the level editor to work properly on Windows XP!)" - db (02-Nov-2003)
"Ok Will you made a BIG mistake when you released this level. Now we all know how brilliant you are and what amazing levels you can make and we WILL expect one this good at least every six months. And the music you put together for this level was some of the best I've heard in any custom level and of course you've spoiled us and we WILL expect more of it in future levels. The very first song and the very last were my favorites and I found myself thinking about them long after listening to them - great music! The timed runs and puzzles are exciting and challenging without being too hard or too easy (loved the timed run over the deadly water) and everything has been perfectly built to create an amazing atmosphere with many great areas to explore and awesome sound effects. Great idea for the secrets too though it's easy to miss the first one. Hopefully you won't listen to Sash and make your next level full of impossible timed runs but I sure was sad to see this one end and hope to see something else from you soon. Oh and the new outfit was great too." - RaiderGirl (18-Sep-2003)
"I expected a castle with Scottish textures instead we have some kind of temple with textures from the Irish levels of TRChronicles from St Paul and others (maybe some are new). The whole place offers a continuity of time and space with a good atmosphere. When simplicity and subtility walk together the course is pretty fluent and entertaining. No tricky puzzles no hard tasks to perform except for the final run with the dragon where the fixed camera gives a great view of the trajectory of the fire balls chasing Lara. Before that we have bats demonic babies (can a demon be called a baby as they can't grow up?) skeletons crusaders behaving like tinmen a bunch of easy and various timed tasks triggering tiles a puzzle with movable columns and symbols a big cave with water where you have to find your way around a puzzle with doors and a brass ball to shoot in a big area with 9 buildings spikes traps good architecture and many more things to see and do. I have noticed that it is possible to bypass the puzzle with the timed fire in the room with the smoke emitters and found only 1/4 secrets ; I think to know where two other secrets are but how to get them was another story. Special mention to the new music (sounds Celtic) that suits perfectly the game. Surely the author is a great composer and gives entertaining levels." - eRIC (07-Sep-2003)
"After a two-year hiatus the master of the timed run is back with a delightful level set in the lower levels of and caverns beneath a Scottish castle. Lara's objective is to obtain the namesake of the level name. In the process she must face the little white imps from the Black Isle levels of TR Chronicles Roman skeletons (left over presumably from before Hadrian built his wall) crusader knights in the horseman slot and a dragon. Gameplay is simple and straightforward and doesn't offer much in the way of challenge. From start to finish takes only about 45 minutes. There are a couple of areas (first retrieving the two Golden Urns then retrieving the two Jewel Keys) that were non-linear but the gameplay for the most part was strictly linear. This applies especially to the Secrets (of which there were four) in which collecting the first is necessary for opening the door to the second collecting the second is necessary for opening to door to the third etc. As expected from Mr. Gell there were plenty of timed runs built in though they all could have been a little tighter. There are also a number of traps placed in optional locations making me wonder if the author had intended to make some of the puzzles much more challenging than they actually ended up being or if they were intended as red herrings. The ending is obviously inspired by the escape from Dwarrowdelf across the bridge of Khazad-dum from Tolkien's The Fellowship of the Ring with the dragon in the place of the balrog and the skeletons and crusader knights in the place of the orcs. The textures are well selected in contributing to the atmosphere of the level but the lighting suffers in that placed lights were inconsistently used the author relying principally upon placed shadows for illumination. The result was that Lara's lighting was in many locations rather flat. The Lara model was rather interesting her wardrobe giving the impression that she was more a librarian on holiday rather than a globe-trotting adventuress. There was also an interesting bug in that the back of her neck stretched out of proportion whenever she was hopping backward whilst firing her pistols. All-in-all The Skull of Dunelie is a delightful level that I recommend for all raiders." - Loren (02-Sep-2003)
"This rather small level from Will Gell again shows his expertise in using and creating new textures sounds and animations. He has shown extreme cleverness (sneakiness!) in the use of secrets. You miss the first one you don't get any others! I did find a few bugs which caused me to have to reload (Lara gets stuck in a timed door if it shuts just as she reaches it). The puzzles were challenging as were the timed runs. The music was spectacular! Near the end when you first meet the dragon you will jump out of your seat! Will has done it again! Great level and a lot of fun!" - Brat352 (18-Aug-2003)
"The master of the timed runs is back! But don't be afraid - there are easily half a dozen timed sequences in this hour long adventure but none of them is all that bad with special mention going to the run for on of the gems which was very well executed. The overall setting is very impressive and feels quite 'real' if a little on the dark side. The water cave is truly impressive and the added music composed by the author himself adds very nicely to the setting - as does the spooky voice. Two golden urns two gems and two keys are your quest items here to grab the golden skull and make your escape. Enemies add well to the fun including bats knight-tinmen the little white guys fire wraiths and a myriad of skeletons. The dragon was great for effect but of course a little 'under-used'. Smart idea to link the four secrets as this kind of makes you want to go for all of them. The gripes are all rather minor like the flare bug near the end a thin wall some script errors and such so make sure you dive into this spooky adventure as quickly as you can - you won't regret it." - Michael (16-Aug-2003)
"I really enjoyed this level with its skellies knights and bats for enemies, but the beauty of it was the never ending pace with no dull moments. At the start it's a trip down into the dungeons and then make your way into the castle areas, lots of tricks and traps and a sneaky secret scenario where you have to get each secret in its right order to get the next one, hmmmm, I didn't get any I don't think, never mind though I intend to play this one again. Some wonderfully not too difficult timed runs but one had me tearing my hair out, running through lots of doors to reach a gem high up but it was marvelous stuff. Of course one of the most important things for me in a level is music and this had some of the most brilliant music I've ever heard in a level, and composed by the author too so what a treat. Beautiful textures and scenery, loved the visit to the large water area to get the gem high up and the dragon at the end waiting for Lara, although not too exciting he was well placed, as you escape across a huge gorge the camera angle changes and the dragon lets loose with locusts so better move your butt! In the end you get the golden skull which you can cheat your way around if you have enough medipacks by the way! I wish this level had been longer, I didn't want it to end, highly recommended as true Raiding material." - Moonpooka (07-Aug-2003)
"This is a creepy level and the added music even gave it more of that spooky feeling. Finding that golden skull or so I gathered when that first one started to speak. Will is well known for his timed run and although I don't mind one or two these were a pleasure to do. Don't get me wrong I am getting better at them so instead of frustration I had some fun as well. I was glad that I played another level with those leprechauns so I knew you could kill them but to hear them screaming quite from a distance is spooky to say the least. The re-textured tinman disguised as knights was a stroke of genius at least in my book. Enemies are very well placed and that serpent spitting locust at the end made me run for my dear life. The underground lake and the smart jumps one could do around it is something I like. But apart from getting the gem there was nothing else. The secrets are not that hard to find but the way to get them is great. I hope Will can get the first part up and running so we would have another level in the near future to explore. 20-07-2003" - Gerty (05-Aug-2003)
"For me a top level by Will Gell; the atmosphere alone was ingenious architecture was well designed especially the sinister caves. It was great to look at wherever you were in the level. Textures were well selected and applied lighting was great - gloomy but fitting well with everything :-). Enemies were well placed - especially a lot of knights to kill - but there was enough room to deal with them. A few bats and skeletons and at the end a dragon which you can just run past. Sound was just brilliant especially Lara's voice that got used a few times ;-) It helped to heighten your attention in some areas. Puzzles were nice not too hard but trigger some thinking and there are a few timed sequences which can be mastered well enough. Lara needs to find two golden vases two keys and two gems which are not always easy to reach. Lots of ammo to find and two shotguns in case you miss the first same for the crossbow then the Uzi and the lasersight which you will need to use. One gripe was the flare bug near the end but no big deal ;-). Liked this game a lot - also suitable for beginners. Thank you Will Gell! ;-).." - Engelchen Lara (05-Aug-2003)
"Now we all know that our Will is and has always been the man you look to if you want a whole bunch of deviously timed runs well again we find his new work full of them you get one right at the start in this wonderfully designed castle and cave environment you also get one including a swim and another with a set of blocks placed in toxic liquid to jump across oh did I forget the long winding one where you have to race to get a gem yep I nearly did forget it but what happened to the devious nature of them I think maybe Willy has grown a little docile in his old old did I happen to mention old age as I could complete them all in at least the first or second try. What I found harder to do was kill the cute little marshmallow ghouls that come waddling up to you alright maybe that's not totally true but I really wanted to change my modus operandi to take them out other than the usual gun thing possibly spearing them with an old stick and then roasting them over an open flame....mmmm creamy centres yum! Listen overlook all that rambling I just went on with this is a great hour long level in fact for me this was definitely his best to date as the atmosphere texturing and lighting not to mention the brill music was just top standard and add to this a bit of nice puzzling some bastardly placed skeletons and templar knights that are expendable and not dodderingly slow like we are used to and you have all you really want in a level if I'm not mistaken. I would have liked though the interaction with the giant serpent at the end to have been a bit more involving but no doubt serpent boys appearance will make you jump out of your seat and the perfect camera angle as you run away from him across a thin rock bridge over a bottomless chasm was a great addition. Just to end if you are like me a lover of the secret then Will has been a bit of a meanie here not because there are none but because to access all 4 you have to find them in sequence otherwise each subsequent secret location usually guarded by gates will not be open. Okay don't listen to my just to end comment this is really just to end if you read this Mr. Gell and between you me and the rest of the cyberworld we know you will when you make your next level and just between you me and the rest of the cyberworld you know you will it's a sickness and building is the cure can you delve into the evil part of your psyche and pull out some real humdinger timed runs ones that will solicit abuse from most corners of the globe (are there corners in globes?) and have small children and delicate women running in fear from the computer screen. You know you can do it I have Scottish heritage and we are tenacious people that attack things like a dog with a bone so get those fingers of yours a building!" - Sash (25-Jul-2003)
"Very nice level albeit short. Good custom music well adapted to the theme of an Irish castle. I found it an interesting idea to transform the tinmen into undead crusaders - of course I didn't realize at once they could be killed but then again I should have noticed they ran like tinmen instead of dragging themselves and their swords with them... Fortunately none of them was mounted on a horse because I completely hate tinmen on horses! Very nice puzzles somewhat uncomplicated good to relax... I never got stuck for more than some moments. Good atmosphere too nothing of those weird mixtures of TR textures objects and statues obviously from very different parts of the world. I never noticed any particular weakness in the textures and I believe the lighting was ok for the interior of an abandoned castle. The only bugs I found are I think a part of the TRLE engine - skeletons stuck against columns crusaders stuck against nothing in the middle of the stairs chains paralized in mid-air finding a shotgun and ammo that had already been found again - so they are not criticizable. I'd just like to leave a word of advice to the author: do not leave torches near fires which won't be of any use don't make Lara jump around a pool and among spikes for no reason. A fight with the dragon would have been interesting as well instead of it being a little like a bogie man at the end of the game. All in all a very good level which I seriously recommend." - Jorge22 (25-Jul-2003)
"Great gaming and atmosphere in this haunted castle. Great music by Will himself and cool Scottish outfit by Litepulsar. The mission is to grab the Skull of Dunelie (of course) and to get out. But the way to the skull is filled with traps and undead creatures as baby ghosts temple knights (which can be killed boy did I run until I found out that it was possible) and skeletons. And of course in the dungeons of an old abandoned castle there are bats. As Will is the master of timed runs there are many of those but this time he has been pretty nice to us gamers and didn't set the timing too tight ;-). Anyway a highly recommended level that challenges you for a little more than an hour." - G.Croft (22-Jul-2003)
"I have played all of Will's previous levels and really liked them but this one is excellent. The atmosphere is great a beautiful castle with some melancholic music to go along with it. As all castles this one too has skeletons and knights that haunt it. Bats small yellow creatures and a couple of wraiths are a few other enemies with the dragon at the end blocking the path to the exit. The secrets in this level have a sequel if you don't get the first you can't access the second and so on. Although I believe all of them are accessible meaning you can go back to look for them the first one isn't so be sure to search for it before you drop into the water. We are searching for two canopic jars two gems an need the skull. All of those items are in plain sight but the trick is to get to them. I was sad to hear that the first level of what was going to be a series isn't going to be released. I am sure we would have a great game in our hands. Maybe the author can overcome the problems after all or he might start a new one. Who knows; no matter what happens though this remains a very enjoyable level by itself. Play it and turn on your speakers." - Kristina (22-Jul-2003)
"This is certainly a castle to visit with your children. 'No don't touch that I'm telling you!' and of course they'll do it. Well a lot of tile stepping to do here or you won't go far. Basically the gameplay is hidden by...darkness. Not really my cup of tea usually but I rank this one together with the Nethermore Castle level whereas it is really not boring because of the nice settings. All the enemies are perfectly in touch with the level (skeletons knights bats and the locust breathing monster). Here and there it seems as the author thought his level to be too difficult (why place two or are there even more crossbows into your level; crowbar was placed right there where you need it) and in one place there was an unintended shortcut (at least I think it was) where you did not have to pass all the side-heat waves and the timed run to get to the upper part to reach a jar (you could just climb up one of the heat wave columns. Only found one secret (the first I think). Why you must play this level: for a enjoyable not too difficult timed run to the blue gem on top of a kiosk and for the looks of that big bridge with the locust breather. Must play level." - bERT (21-Jul-2003)
"This is one of those levels I just couldn't stop playing because I was enjoying it so much. Another adventure in Scotland with Lara most suitably attired in tartan trews. The action takes place in the caves and rooms underneath Dunelie Castle searching for a skull. There is a lovely little scene where the skull appears to Lara and asks to be found - very nicely done. The atmosphere is wonderful and Will's music sets the whole thing off to perfection. There is plenty of action timed runs (but not too hard) puzzles to solve and a lever/timed door progression that had me tying myself in knots for a while. Enemies are mainly skeletons and knights - not the crumbly crusaders that you can't kill but can easily outrun but re-textured tin men so make sure you do kill them as one carries a key. There is a dragon right at the end but he doesn't seem to be breathing fire and he's mercifully unaccompanied by those ghastly locusts. This was originally the second part of a two part level the first part of which had to be abandoned due to technical problems. Having played part two I really mourn the loss of part one. I want more more more. 20.07.2003" - Jay (21-Jul-2003)