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Lara und der Wolf (Little Red Riding Hood) by Juttae

Aims 10 10 10 10
Akcy 4 4 7 8
bERT 8 9 8 10
Blue43 6 7 7 7
CC 6 9 8 9
drguycrain 7 8 5 6
Duncan 8 8 9 10
eTux 7 9 9 7
G.Croft 7 8 9 10
Gerty 7 9 8 9
Jay 7 9 9 10
John 6 6 6 6
Jose 5 7 6 7
Kristina 6 9 8 10
Magnus 5 6 7 6
manarch2 6 9 7 8
MichaelP 6 9 8 9
misho98 7 7 7 7
Moonpooka 4 4 5 5
Mortensmor 6 9 8 8
Obig 8 9 10 10
Orbit Dream 7 9 9 9
Phil 8 8 8 9
QRS 8 10 10 9
RaiderGirl 7 9 9 10
Relic Hunter 8 10 8 9
Robobok 8 8 9 8
Ryan 6 8 7 7
Sakusha 8 8 8 7
Sash 5 7 7 9
Staticon 7 8 8 10
Torry 6 9 9 10
Treeble 7 7 9 7
TRTheoP 5 6 7 6
release date: 11-Aug-2003
# of downloads: 85

average rating: 7.71
review count: 34
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file size: 19.30 MB
file type: TR4
class: Kids

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Stunningly set (mostly) in a gorgeous forest, this level seems to be aimed at older kids (if at all - yes, I wonder about the category here) and it should definitely not serve as an introduction to the series. It contains a long underwater sequence, timed runs, tricky jumps, an intense fight and possibly some jump scare moments (in my case, this was a wolf jumping out of a freaking pushable block!). Furthermore, the creator does not lead you by the hand. It is not that hard to get lost and eventually grow tired of the looped Alan Parsons Project tune (for example, the pickup in the underwater maze was hardly visible for me - maybe I should get those new glasses after all). I personally enjoyed the visuals (and the cute custom objects!) more than the gameplay aspect. The level name states only one enemy, well, there are more of them. I wish I wouldn't have to shoot these beautiful butterflies, though. And the poor woodsman also tends to get a bullet or two by accident, even if you try not to hit him (I always try to reload the game when I get a non-essential kill or make an NPC sad, lol)." - Mortensmor (16-Nov-2022)
"Well i wasnt very impressed with the visuals as soon as the level loaded up but it does get much better once you get into the woods/forest area where the majority of the level takes place. You get some objects to find in the water and on land, with some tricky timed runs with spikes, a pushable object puzzle and raise block timed puzzle before some weird looking wolves attack you and actually even the butterflies attack you in this level! lol. Its a very short and simple level all over in about 15 mins and is showing its age now in terms of visuals but the exploration was good and i enjoyed the timed tasks, music and forest environment." - John (02-Apr-2022)
"I don't really remember much of the original tale itself, and the few random memories I have seem to come from different reinterpretations instead, but I quite enjoyed the somewhat magical feel present in the woods here. The ending was also a clever touch done with what was possible at the time. Gameplay flows rather well and very linearly, and the short length for me is actually a plus as one of the longest weeks I've had this year finally comes to an end. 15 minutes, 3 secrets. 11/21" - Treeble (28-Nov-2021)
"By now I'm sure we're all familiar with this old tale, and this does capture the essence of it quite well but unfortunately it didn't really work for me. The forest surroundings are quite nicely crafted, but the textures seemed a bit of a pastiche and thrown together slightly and there were rather jarring to my eyes. The gameplay is pretty neat in places, with a couple of timed runs and a block puzzle being a couple highlights, but overall it doesn't reach any particularly great heights and is extremely straightforward throughout. It might be a decent choice for something undemanding though, and the final scene with Grandma is very well done." - Ryan (19-Feb-2019)
"A funny Red Riding Ηood story. I really enjoyed searching the forest (although I admit that I wanted to find more stuff in it) and listening to the peaceful music playing all the time. It was predictable but at the same time funny when Lara approaches the granny in the house. The village in the beginning was nice but I would love to explore it a bit more and not just leave for the forest. The forest was a bit over textured and there were some unnecessary features but the general atmosphere was enjoyable. The water maze may be the most tricky part of the level and Ι admit that I lost the crossbow on my first run there. Conclusion: Although there are not many puzzles and things to do, Lara und der Wolf by Juttae is a funny kid level to spend half an hour and enjoy." - TRTheoP (22-Apr-2018)
"The tale of the little red riding hood. Yep! Lara will start from the small village, cross several mountain areas finding some items and solving some puzzles to finally reach the grandmother's house in the middle of the forest, and you already know what will happen when you approach to the bed... Lol!!! There are some new objects and enemies, but unfortunately I had to shoot the hunter; I shooted the first wolves from the safety of the narrow entrance to the first "wolf area" but I got stucked (reload) 'cause once the wolves were dead I was not able to jump over them (low ceiling). The gameplay is not bad 'cause if you miss something you'll not have to backtrack a long way to find the items you need. The texturization is overdone and I missed another weapon (perhaps a secret I couldn't find?) to shoot the wolves 'cause the explosive ammo wasn't useful to deal with them. Anyway an enjoyable level you can try." - Jose (30-Sep-2016)
"This is a wonderful level true to the tale of the little red riding hood. While the forests were incredibly enchanting, it was easy to get lost during Lara's search for the next item or passageway. The crowbars and gems were very subtly hidden too. So one important aspect of this level's gameplay involves finding a needle in a haystack. The timed runs (it's a good thing a clock was given as a hint on the switches themselves) were pretty tight, but they were fun doing nonetheless, and perseverance does pay off in here. The mutant wolves with giant claws were challenging considering that Lara only had pistols throughout the entire level. I'm so used to seeing butterflies as harmless background creatures that the aggressive behavior of butterflies in this level took me by surprise." - Sakusha (18-Aug-2012)
"This one is billed as a kids' level, and it indeed has that bright and colorful look in an idyllic setting that's reminiscent of the Easter levels. However, it features several types of enemies, some of them quite ferocious (those retextured ahmets that resemble long-armed bears and show up in fairly large numbers late in the level). But essentially what we have is a low-stress romp through the woods, and I wish that all builders would take as much care to provide player-friendly environs. I took 25 minutes to play the level, whereas many seemed to finish in 15 minutes, so it's a bit short, but still a pleasant and worthwhile raid. Recommended." - Phil (02-May-2012)
"This was the first "kids" level I played and I liked it. It was very colorful with the TR3 Jungle textures and the gameplay was mostly killing enemies (and it's a kids level lol) or looking for levers to open doors in order to proceed. The wolfs in the end were scary and I didn't expected to encounter another one in the house so I just went to the end of the level." - misho98 (27-Dec-2011)
"4) Lara und der Wolf (8,8,9,8) Total = 33/40 (82.5%)
'No fairy tale this time' level builder Juttae says. I would tend to agree. I would suggest this, my third and final 'Kids' level is an ideal crossover for kids preparing themselves for the more serious, adult levels that make up the bulk of this website. I didn't play most of it myself, leaving it to 10 year old Sarah. She says: The colours were good and I like the music in the first woods and at the end but the timed runs were a bit hard (Dad had to do these). The overgrown monkey monsters were a bit hard for me too, especially three in one go. I liked the first wood, that was really good. The underwater maze and the block puzzles were also good; I only just survived the maze! I also liked the foxes and killer butterflies, even though there wasn't many of them.

Dad says: If, like me, you're new to Tomb Raider on the PC, there's something you should know. Without giving away any particular gameplay, right at the start you're faced with a ladder leading to a crawlspace. Lara will 'freeze' and not pull into the crawlspace unless you perform the following action. Climb the ladder as far as you can go. Then keep 'Hold', 'Crawl' and 'Forward' pressed down. Release the 'Control' key and immediately press it again. If you're fast enough, Lara will pull up into the crawlspace. I had to get help on the forum to achieve this first time. The first forest was particularly atmospheric and left a lasting impression; it was large too! I had to help Sarah at certain points like the timed sections but overall we both enjoyed this level.

Previous Level - Junior Level 2/3. Next Level - Simply Purple." - Robobok (26-May-2011)
"After reading Blue's review and being interested by the pictures and the very different reviews/ratings, I started to play this level and got through quite fast, it only lasts about 15 minutes. The task is to get Lara from a nice looking village over some mysterious forests to Grandma's House. You get to shoot few enemies, that's why I don't think this level should be listed in the Kids category, which were really well built, the guards, foxes, butterflies, modified ahmets,... I loved the effect of the last monster appearing from under grandma's bed, reminding on the fairy tale. Gameplay was rather easy, but there were few timed runs to solve and interesting items like the flowers to find. I very much liked the texturing in this level, even with a little end of world factor with some paper thin walls near the borders of the level, lighting was good too, could have been improved in some areas maybe. The atmosphere was OK, but I found only strong texturing at some places cannot make a strong atmosphere, and some rooms looked quite unrealistic because of that and because of sometimes too squaric and empty rooms (but not in all rooms, e.g. I liked the architecture in the forest). Overall a nice level with good new objects, enemies and textures, it could have more gameplay I think." - manarch2 (18-May-2011)
"Picked this random feature level because of the colorful screen shots and now after I am doing playing it, I realize that this is listed as a kids level. Well if your kids like shooting and killing, then this level is definitely for them - haha. The Gameplay is very simple and straightforward. Find a few items, a small underwater labyrinth, a timed run, push and raise a few blocks and kill everything that comes your way. The list of forest creatures that will attack you are butterflies (?), foxes (probably rabid), wild pigs and several ahmets dressed as wolves. A guy - probably a forest ranger - got into the mix and had to be killed also. Lara finally reached the house and after placing a gem kills two more wolves. She is too late though, as the grandmother is already dead, sorry kids. I liked the placement of the second secret. The atmosphere is pretty friendly because of the music and the level was also bright, maybe that was the part that makes it a kids level. The texturing was interesting with a lot of green tree and brush textures placed in a very random pattern, which in my opinion was almost a little hard on the eyes. The lighting was quite flat for most of the game. I wouldn't necessarily recommend this for younger kids, but it was definitely a nice fast paced romp through the forest with a certain amount of entertainment value. (18 minutes, 2 secrets found)" - Blue43 (11-May-2011)
"First of all this is not a children level, and IMO shouldn't be listed among them, enemies and traps threaten Lara. And as she goes through the forest, kills every animal she encounters with. So I consider it as a regular level, but then there is the Little Red story here, which combined with the regular shoot on sight gameplay, is just not right. The woodsman with a machinegun, who of course shoots back, also doesn't fit. Lara should have had another dress then her usual green top. Some nice objects and textures, but the names of the parts of the flower we open a door with, have been forgotten to be changed. I recognize the idea to create Little Red in a custom level, but it came with some serious flaws and inconsistensies in its implementation. The added music was great though." - Akcy (16-Apr-2007)
"This is not a level for kids at all--there are gory spike traps and vicious beasts galore. Nevertheless, even as an adult-level, i wasn't terribly fond of it. There are some neat details: lots of drawn flowers and mushrooms, objects like flower parts, and a short but fun moveable block puzzle. But overall the decor and atmosphere is lacking in my opinion. The forrests are quite boxy and awkward in their construction. The starting village really isn't as visually impressive or explorer-worthy as it could be. The end is kind of disappointing--after you fight off the wolf-things in grammy's house, there's no real climax or celebration or anything. The real strong point of the level is the enemies--their design fits the theme very well, and there are a couple of very tense shooter moments. Here's a tip though: when the first set of beasts attack, run back into the cave/tunnel. They can't follow you all the way in, but you get some great shots. In my opinion, what counts toward a great level is it's explorability and it's replayability. Bottom line: i'll probably never replay this level." - drguycrain (26-Jan-2006)
"Wow! I have never seen anything like it before! Great textures and atmosphere. You almost feel like the little red riding hood when you make your progress though the enchanted forest ;) I would not really rate this level for kids though. It was not hard but not THAT easy. I have nothing bad to say about this level actually...except it was a tad too short. The music that started when you first entered the forest was superb btw! What a nice level. 2005-05-29" - QRS (31-May-2005)
"I'm sure everyone knows the tale of Little Red Riding-hood and the Wolf. Well it was the pattern for the Lara und der Wolf titled custom level too. Lara takes the road from a little village to visit the Grandma who lives deep in the dark forest. Not only has she to fight the various animals seeking her life during her way but also she needs a little bit ingenuity and agility sometimes to reach her goal. After many-many hardships finally she arrives to the house of Grandma just after defeating the evil wolves with the huntsman coming to her relief but also there she was expected by some beasts and at first it seems that she is late. Of course everything falls out well at last as it in tales used to be: the evil gains its deserts retribution and the good lives happily ever after (?). The level is not so long (the many-many hardship was a light overstatement) but it is good for a little recreation. The textures are really fabulous we are adventuring in a wonderful green forest among trees and flowers. The added meditative music is also suave. However to my sorrow the creator didn't dressed up Lara in some clothes suitable to the occasion; the in Egypt so well-tried top and short are not the best here. Among the enemies we can find foxes poisonous butterflies one or two wild-boars and of course the indispensable wolves. The puzzles consist of timed runs some brain-rackers and tree-trunk pushings. I found three secrets on this level these were hidden ammo and medipacks. We also get the crossbow but we don't need it. What we need is the crowbar to get on. The creator managed to squirrel it away so good that during my first play I had to career about the whole level many times (even I was looking after it on the Internet so that maybe someone wrote it up somewhere but I had no luck) before I could finally find it though it was in front of my very eyes. :) On the whole this level was a lazy little recreation; have a good time with it! You can find a Hungarian walkthrough (as we don't have English version) savegames and pictures here: " - Obig (08-Dec-2004)
"Fairy tales and TR are an excellent mix especially in this highly original mixture. Very well realized and pleasantly eccentric this level remains a must play. Well done!" - Duncan (15-Oct-2004)
"This is such a cute little level! As the title suggest Lara in the role of Little Red Riding Hood makes a trip to her Granny's house to bring her some food. We start out in a nice little town then we travel to the forest that is filled with flowers and animals. It was such a shame to shoot the butterflies since I adore them but they must have been the poisonous kind that you can find in Africa even though the butterflies weren't poisonous. There are some nice timed runs here too. The flowers and other objects were very nice! In the level we have to find a crowbar a blue gem and we have to deal with butterflies foxes and the big bad wolves. And were they big! There is even the woodsman to help you kill those nasty wolfies! When we come to Gwanny's (I love to call her that!) house we see that two wolves attempted to eat her while she slept but Gwanny was safe in her bed and the level ended there. A nice level that is suitable for both children and adults for a nice raid of under half an hour." - Relic Hunter (08-Aug-2004)
"I don't know why I like this level so much but I do. Everything about it is brilliant. It's so original you are basically little red riding hood and you have to visit your grandma in her house following the same route as LRRH by traveling through the woods and bumping into wolves foxes bats (that have been transformed into pretty butterflies) and even the woodsman! Although there isn't much to do and not many items to pick up I just found this level very enjoyable. It was the first level I played all the way through when I gained the level editor it always caught my eye by the picture of Lara by little houses and I really had fun playing it. When I look back it is still good fun. I like the idea of combining a flower to open a door and the custom tune which plays when you enter the woods. I have a different opinion to most of the reviewer's on here. I've found a few levels they don't like that much I like and one's they do I don't. But anyway I recommend it to anyone who enjoys playing fantasy and original levels (or ones based on cartoons!)" - Aims (15-Apr-2004)
"Rating a level like this is not easy. Is it really appropriate to rate it like a regular level? Is there another way to rate levels? Well I rated it like an ordinary level and it was more fun than what the rating might show. I dare say that you've all read 'Little Red Riding Hood' and therefore know pretty much what the level is about. Lara starts out in a small town and has to make her way to the sick grandmother who's lying in bed in her small cottage on the other side of the forest. Of course Lara also runs into the wolf. Or... a couple of wolves. I think there were four of them. The gameplay isn't the greatest but what would you expect from a level like this? It's not a level you download because of the great gameplay and it's a nice level for the younger players. The new textures are okay but what I really liked were the new objects. I especially liked the flowers and the butterflies. The new music was nice too. Overall it's a cute easy level which you can play through in less than ten minutes." - Magnus (29-Jan-2004)
"'Grandma what big teeth you have!' 'The better to eat you with my dear'. The wolves and foxes that the author made just for this level do have big teeth and fit right in this retelling of the classic fairy tale. There's also a charming forest to explore with great textures and butterflies a flower and stalk to collect and even grandma lying in a bed. I love Juttae's levels - she has a lot of talent and imagination and it's great to see new things being done with the level editor." - RaiderGirl (10-Oct-2003)
"What a lovely little fairy tale! Nice and colorful I really like Juttae's textures and I hated to shoot the butterflies the were so beautiful but they bit me...This is the story of 'Lara and the wolf'. Lara is happily walking in the forest to her grandma's but at some places there is just too much vegetation and Lara must find a way to get through. Stones can be moved and stumps too. Sometimes she must hurry to be there in time. There is a whole bunch of wolves on the way to grandma plus a couple of foxes. And when Lara finally reaches grandma's little cottage a wolf is there too!! :o" - G.Croft (18-Sep-2003)
"It's so nice to see someone create something other than tombs and sewers. Yet again it shows the unlimited possibilities of the Editor. This is so cute a little fairytale village and forest with big mushrooms flowers and lovely wells. I like the way Juttae has textured the forest walls to make it look like it's a much bigger place. Apart from a few flickering lights in corners the overall lighting is not there so Lara looks flat. Big butterflies that nip at Lara red foxes warthogs. The Hathor effigy is retextured as a flower. Well hidden moveable blocks in the forest nice little timed run over spikes loved the block moving puzzle the timed block in the cave and a very well hidden crowbar. The retextured ahmet/bears were great and I shot the woodman first time through as well silly me. He was totally useless for that third bear when I shot it I couldn't move that tree block so I had to do it all over again to get the gem. The music is appropriate too sort of tubular bells but it did on my nerves after a while. One odd thing was the coastal sounds - in a forest? The wake-up calls were the spikes and burning water. Funny how you get used to looking suspiciously at red water in other levels but here you're lulled into a false sense of security so like a fool I hopped in. What a surprise when I approached granny's bed and the wolf jumped out of it. As Little Red Riding Hood has run away it's Lara to the rescue. Looking closely at granny yeah she definitely has the Croft profile and what's in those bottles in the cupboard have you been a naughty girl Granny? A delightfully innocent level and I found three secrets." - CC (19-Aug-2003)
"This is most definitely a different level. As other reviewers have stated it is set in the fairy tale world of Little Red Riding Hood and is a splendid example of what can be achieved with a little imagination. I see most of my fellow reviewers finished it in about 20 minutes but me being the eternal beginner took 52 minutes of game time and approximately 5 hours of real time. (Though 3 hours of that was trying to get past that accursed first timed run!). The texturing and objects are excellent and novel I particularly liked the psychotic butterflies the puzzles are well thought out and the objects fiendishly concealed. Download it and play it now - you'll love it." - Staticon (16-Aug-2003)
"Well what a brilliant little level this is and what an imagination the author has. No I do not mean the story of Red and her nemesis but rather the imagination to transform that story through new objects and textures and revamped enemies to make the whole thing plausible within a rendered Tomb Raider environment. The killer butterflies the porcine sheep the wolves that resembled foxes more and of course the Big Bad Wolf himself (and his cohorts) idly eating poor old granny. The gameplay was simple enough (except for crowbar devouring flowers) and the few timed runs sufficiently tricky to render them a 'let's try that again' proposition. For me it is the rendering of our tired and worn out old game into something fresh that appeals and gives me hope that there is still a lot we the players and fans have yet to see. Well done Juttae." - Torry (15-Aug-2003)
"This is about the fairy tale 'Little Red Riding Hood'. Slay the wolf and save Grandma. I am a sucker for flowers so the whole outlay did cheer me up. Finding a beautiful re-textured Hathor Effigy starts this game and a nice giveaway are the flares because the level is brightly lit so why need flares you may ask. Well they are very handy to have around for spotting blocks that need pushing. What I also liked it that you can see if there is a timed run involved and what a sneaky one the first one was. That one had me dying a couple of times before I could jump over spikes and turn the corners so to make that door in time. Find a crowbar and a gem and you can save Grandma from the bad bad wolves yes plural and they made me jump in my chair every time. A hoot were the warthogs bleating and I felt really really sorry to shoot those beautiful butterflies. Found 3 secrets. 11-08-2003" - Gerty (15-Aug-2003)
"Well after controversially disliking 'Junior Level' I must now bow my head and admit to liking this charming little outing very much indeed. The combination of original textures and objects well-crafted locations choice of storyline likeable New Age music and crafty puzzles (which unlike the first 'Junior Level' make no concessions toward a child's perceived lack of patience) combine to make an endearing little adventure. More please! (Three Bears anyone?)" - Orbit Dream (15-Aug-2003)
"Another bright and beautiful fairytale setting from Juttae although not all is sweetness and light. I mean it's a bit upsetting having to shoot butterflies. Excellent re-texturing lovely music delightful atmosphere. Just don't stand so lost in admiration of the view that you ignore the piggies savaging your ankles as I did. The wolves rather resemble ahmets in fur coats but the foxes are excellent. If you've played the Kinder levels you will know the magical world that awaits you here. Pure enchantment. 13.08.2003" - Jay (14-Aug-2003)
"'Hey there little red riding wolf'....I could not get that line from the rock version of the song out of my mind the whole way through this 25 minute level because it is obvious from the get go that this is what this is all about. I don't know how the author did it but they made an environment so far removed from TR that it was like playing a kid's video game you start in a little village made of textures unused before then you find yourself in the woods where after some movable blocks timed moves and a meeting with not only a handful of wolves small and large but some warthogs and killer butterflies yep killer butterflies! Finally you end up at grandma's home where you are surprised as she comes jumping out of bed and guess what granny's really a wolf yeah I know you've read the book you knew the ending by the way the Titanic sinks at the end of the movie oh crap I've ruined another ending sorry! You'll also find three secrets along the way the last two being quite good to find but like a lot of levels that push the boundaries with their look the gameplay loses out in the end and I found that this was no exception." - Sash (12-Aug-2003)
"What a wonderful little treat! Yes ok it is rather linear and you can get through in 20 minutes and the three secrets are quite easy to find. But everything else is just awesome. From the nice little fairytale village setting Lara aka Little Red Riding Hood travels into the woods finds a flower to open a door meets butterflies and foxes and has to keep an eye out for some sneakily hidden movable blocks and a crowbar that is hidden well in plain sight. The new objects are put to excellent use here in this little fairytale story and a suitable outfit would have being the topping on the ice. This is like a breath of fresh air - you have to see it and play it!" - Michael (12-Aug-2003)
"WOW! That was excellent and yes it is mostly for kids. The author had the brilliant idea to create a level based on the Red Hood only Lara doesn't wear red. She is walking through forests ad meets red foxes that sadly sound like dogs and wild boars that sound like sheep I had a big laugh about the boars. Everything is there great flowers big mushrooms butterflies that attack you but I didn't kill them they didn't bother Lara for long. The moving blocks are perfectly hidden and the level has also two timed runs. The wells were beautiful too and I was amazed seeing the granny and the wolf jumping out of her. The wolves weren't very suitable I would say I didn't like the retextured mutants. This is one of those levels that we call 'gems' and is worth taking a look at." - Kristina (12-Aug-2003)
"Since I had an idea of making a fairy tale level in my level builders' career sometime too I was automatically attracted by this level to see how Juttae had accomplished this. Already the title sounded like this would be a fairy-tale experience and I wasn't disappointed - this truly was a cute level with a great atmosphere and some nice tasks to do. Especially the objects are nice - the portal guardian retextured as a flower the other flowers in the environment especially the enemies are good - a few foxes and butterflies and 4 big bad wolves where one appears out of thin air but as bERT already mentioned - it made sense if you know the fairy-tale this is based on. The author obviously has good skills in making objects (the puzzle objects could use some proper names though) and customised textures so what she could work on is the complexity of the environments (I wouldn't call the ones here too blocky but you can make them more interesting undoubtly) the lighting - the mix between the lights and shadows - also a sun (level designer language) per room is a must to make Lara look like a 3D character. A storyline and more puzzles to make the game last longer are needed here too but otherwise a great little gem this level is - get it and play it definitely!" - eTux (12-Aug-2003)
"A short level set in a fairy tale type atmosphere which if left to the young Lara would have come off quite well however with such child like textures and fairy tale settings the gun wielding Lara just didn't fit in my opinion. Gameplay was easy and traps were few secrets too easy and I think this level is maybe like the authors others aimed towards the younger players so saying that I'd like to see the guns gone and no animals being shot. But that aside the textures although not new to me because I played the previous children's levels by this author were beautifully done but a tad overdone and got boring after a while they are throughout the entire level and nothing changes much. The small houses looked so cute but again nothing to do except look at them. Enemies were butterflies yes I said butterflies! that squeek like bats two or three hogs that bleeted like sheep two foxes and four wolf like creatures if you accidentally hit the woodsman who comes to your rescue he'll shoot you but to be honest it's quicker to just kill the beasts yourself. You have to find the ornate handle and its head to open the first door ok then a gem to open Granny's house other than that it's levers and one crow bar job on a floor lever. So here is the story of Red Riding Hood Lara being the Heroine and saving Granny at the end but as the wolf came out of Granny's bed I think she didn't make it! LOL But to mention one good point about this level the music was wonderful in fact I spent more time sitting just listening to that instead of getting on with the level. A slightly misplaced adult Lara in a kid's world no it didn't quite do it for me but then I'm a lover of Zombies and the more adult type Raiding so no surprise there. Worth playing for the sound track and going against the story book by shooting the woodsman." - Moonpooka (12-Aug-2003)
"Wonderful little pearl by Juttae. This could as well have been made by Debbie Overstreet. The fairytale atmosphere is spot on with very nice instrumental music. Either great retextured objects new objects (?) like the water pit the butterfly the small wolfs and big (retextured) beasts. All the ingredients for the Wolf-tale are there including the grandmother! First time an enemy appearing out of nowhere has a justified use! Gameplay wise some sneaky hidden necessary objects (crowbar horseman gem) to be found. Minor flaw is that one of the big beasts blocked the way to the gem at first. The three secrets I found were well done. A must play original game!" - bERT (11-Aug-2003)