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Sanctuary of Dreams by Quik Silver

Akcy 2 4 3 5
bERT 2 3 4 4
CC 3 5 6 7
Ceamonks890 2 3 2 4
eRIC 3 5 1 5
eTux 4 7 4 5
Gerty 4 7 5 6
Jay 4 7 5 6
Jose 3 2 3 5
Kristina 4 5 5 5
Magnus 2 3 3 4
MichaelP 4 7 5 7
Necro 7 4 5 4
Orbit Dream 4 6 5 7
Phil 5 5 5 5
RaiderGirl 4 7 5 7
Ruediger 2 6 4 6
Ryan 3 3 3 5
Sash 4 7 6 6
Scottie 3 3 2 5
The Aussie Adventurer 2 4 3 4
Treeble 4 6 4 5
release date: 15-Aug-2003
# of downloads: 60

average rating: 4.42
review count: 22
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file size: 15.93 MB
file type: TR4
class: Fantasy/Surreal

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Essentially what this level boils down to are long treks through seemingly never- ending hallways, with only the occasional enemy or trap offsetting this once in a while. I also felt that the rooms were too huge and barren for their own good and the stock looping ambience track really grated on my nerves after a while, and a few other standard sounds seemed missing completely. The enemy and secret placements weren't too bad (although the fight against five Atlantean mutants seemed a bit overdone) and the texturing was, I suppose, fitting within the dream scenario, but overall I didn't really like this one." - Ryan (17-Jun-2018)
"It seems that the author got a problem with the sfx sounds when compiling the level, and the background music is not appropriate too. Many rooms are too huge and empty of objects, with nothing to do except cross them to take the next corridor; the gameplay consists only about pull switches and shoot some enemies; and place several big bosses in the same room was excessive for me. At least there are camera shots once in a while to show the open doors. The best was the texturization in some rooms, but another ones are very dark and I never found flares. Not entertaining for me." - Jose (25-Jan-2018)
"As far as I'm concerned, this is simply another uninspired, boring release to add to the pile. And while some aspects were done in a passable fashion(such as the texturing to an extent), the negatives far outweigh the positives here and can just as easily ruin the experience for most people, with missing sound effects, an unnecessarily looped ambiance track(that quickly began to grate on my nerves after a while), dull samey gameplay/level design and inconsistent lighting ranking among my highest complaints for this debut as a whole. So in conclusion, I'd only really recommend this to newbies looking to start out creating their own levels and who need something as a basis for what not to do(when trying to make your work fun). But outside of that, any other interested parties would be better off looking elsewhere." - Ceamonks890 (01-Dec-2014)
"Well, partly this level quite felt well, but then thus some things got me on the nerves. This tootling in a continuous loop was absolutely irritating for example. The endless ways and the very high and very empty rooms were also irritating. Moreover, only the steps from Lara were to be heard. The textures were fine. As well the room with the boss enemies and the boss enemies itself. Then, however, this was already the only things what I have liked." - Scottie (10-May-2010)
"Big rooms and very long corridors to run through do not make a very fun level, and when there is no sound except some for Lara, and an Audio loop that should not be used as such , there is zero atmosphere. There is the attempt to design some interesting texturing at times , and there is a couple of good ideas (picking up one of the blue gems in the middle of ploughs). Aside from that , enemies are some white tigers, monkeys and a bunch of big Natla monsters at the end. A level that maybe beginners could find some interest in it. 25 minutes." - eRIC (19-Oct-2008)
"As far as gameplay was concerned I enjoyed it. I liked the puzzles, although there was no difficulty in completing this level. It would be ok for those inexperienced in tomb raiding but for experts, this would be a little boring. There are huge rooms with one texture used in each, although there are some exceptions. There seems to be no story for this level but it's a fun level to start off beginners. The audio track got on my nerves after a while too. Not one of the best Iv'e played but it's certainly not the worst. This was the authors first level and if this level is anything to go by, I see good levels ahead for him :)" - Necro (17-Oct-2007)
"Gameplay virtually nonexistent, sure there was a short jeep ride, a nice blade trap, a bunch of Atlantean monsters, but the first thing to remember is the boring runnings in long corridors. It shows some creativity on the visual department, but the oversized rooms with same textures just ruined the effect, less would have been more here. But then it is just a dream, so atmosphere fits I guess, only if those sounds weren't missing. It was good to wake up." - Akcy (12-Sep-2007)
"I'm not sure why I chose to play this level. I found it, well, amateurish. If I were ever to try to learn the Level Editor and build my own level, this is probably an example of what my first effort would look like. It's not exactly bad, it's just not very inspiring compared to most other levels out there. Fairly linear, a few enemies, lighting adequate, several traps that are easy to evade. It took a little more than a half hour to complete, so at least there's enough to keep the raider occupied for a reasonable period of time. Play it only if you've run out of things to do." - Phil (31-Aug-2006)
"Dreams are sometimes not sanctuarys, they can be scary, and often puzzling. Here huge rooms are connected like a pattern, as well as be being textured with patterns, with a central large crystal, and pathways in the shape of a cross; long side corridors that lead to other large rooms of the same shape, but patterened differently, and different objects/traps in the corridors. These being sliding blocks, spike tiles, a torch to light and see your way along a pitch black corridor, long stairs, grids over lava in a black starry patterned corridor, and so on. This pattern'ing continues in the crawlspace, and the monkeyswing on the ceiling, In contrast to this are circles in the form of a huge wheel that moves aside that we saw in the Young Lara Cambodian level, a gigantic meteorite that rolls into one room we saw at the end of TR3, and large curved blades that are in the shape of a cross anyway. There are live creatures here, white tigers that attack in the corridors, a lone metal knight, and an unbelievable shock after opening the large blue double doors to reveal no less than five of those huge atlantean mutants that followed Lara through the corridors. The odd thing was, when I actually ran into the room they emerged from, the double doors closed behind me locking the beasties outside. What a relief! You should have some gems at this stage, the rest are on the floor here, eight of them, to place in the square boxy structure and open four more blue double doors. All this leads outside, find a jeep, run over more tigers, and claim the artifact. Oops, almost forgot to mention, there are secrets here in the form of roses. Very short level." - CC (12-Sep-2005)
"Plain and simple I did not like this level. I'm not going to be cruel with this review however I found it to be all over the place. Puzzles were virtually non existent; gameplay was repetitive dull and boring. I did like the rooms where they had a different element for each. Maybe the author could use that idea to a better effect. Secrets were easy to come by lighting was good enough and the camera work could use a little improving. I guess it's not bad for a first attempt but maybe the author should have asked the community before releasing the level for a play test and maybe things could have been better. If I had to give this level a rating I would give it a D a fail mark." - The Aussie Adventurer (24-Jan-2005)
"It started out fairly promising in a quite impressive room but it soon turned out to be an average first level. Gigantic rooms lack of gameplay and it all ended after less than fifteen minutes. The texturing is quite interesting in some places though. And the whole level has an abstract feeling. But other than that there's nothing good about it." - Magnus (29-Jan-2004)
"Put the word dream or nightmare in the title and you're bound to get away with creating anything really. Is this level that bad? Yes and no. Creating huge rooms with very few textures can pull off some effect no doubt about that but when there's really hardly anything to do than running from one to the other through very long corridors only very mildly challenged by those fast moving lethal blocks the fun is over rather quickly. It also seems as the author ran out of ideas because after you have found three gems the other five are just spread around the room where you're supposed to place them and even then you only seem to need just two of them. So expect a lot of running through sometimes very colourful sometimes very dark mostly square shaped rooms. Oh yeah and better warn the nearest animal rights protection organisation because after this level the white tiger will probably be extinct (if it isn't already). Just as the sound really because there's hardly anything else than Lara's footsteps the secret chime (found two) and the background music to hear. So no animal sounds weapon sounds and the like. In Dhama's definition book of Tomb Raider this would probably get a 'disco' stamp because it probably uses every single colour + 1 that Mr God ever invented. As usual it is not that boring however because it is over rather quickly." - bERT (24-Jan-2004)
"Well where to start. The idea of the level is not-so original nowadays (not that it ever was original) set around the four elements. You got to see the four rooms so you have access to the inner rooms which lead you eventually to the outside (which was the only part of the level I said - interesting!) to a short jeep ride which takes you to the artifact. Well not quite exciting in my opinion but for a first try it's not so bad. Oh I had a lot of errors with sounds (thus the low score) and Humongous was overused here (you kill 5-6 of them in a single room! Do I need to mention it had a tremendous slow down?). 30 minutes 2 secrets (which aren't hidden by the way)." - Treeble (14-Dec-2003)
"An alien level to be avoided. You get a few strange objects and enemies (why monkeys by the way?) and plenty of weird textures but the gameplay mainly consists of Lara running down endless corridors to have a look at huge empty halls. Especially that blue spiralling corridor each run becoming longer and longer was annoying and the secrets (blue roses) were as obvious as if an arrow pointed towards them. Pressing five buttons before 1 door opens is not my idea of fun either. If it wasn't for tricks like this and the sheer size of the rooms you'd be through in 10 minutes. Some nice views though." - RĂ¼diger (04-Nov-2003)
"Instead of confining his art to a canvas this artist has used an entire Tomb Raider level to show off his abstract shapes colors and designs. Gameplay is simple with some raising blocks a monkey swing swims ladders and a switch or two - the coolest effect has to be the 'elevator' that takes you to another level with a push of a button. Throughout most of the level there are few enemies only a few tigers and a tin man but there are some really cool ones near the end you just have to see. I've been hoping to see this guy in a custom level and here there are four of him! Easy thirty minute level with three secrets to find and eight gems - though you only need two." - RaiderGirl (30-Oct-2003)
"The title says it it is a dream and a weird one at that. You start in a lava room and there are only two opening so take your pick. Endless corridors with every now and then some nice secrets to pick up in the form of blue roses. There are some gems to gather and I only used two tough and hardly any pick ups some medipacks and an Uzi and ammo. White tigers are the enemy here and I encountered also one monkey. Almost at the end I jumped in my chair when I met the boss enemies (yes plural). Finding keys for a jeep and a short ride will end this level. 16-08-2003" - Gerty (28-Aug-2003)
"As the name may instill this is set in a dream like environment well dreamlike in the fact that it is full of vibrant colours and textures you find yourself in spiralling hallways long staircases and large square rooms ending in a jeep ride and you come across an odd mixture of white tigers monkeys a tinman and 4 brilliant gigantic legless creeping mutants all together in one room. On the quest through this dream you will find 8 blue gems 5 alone in the mutant room sometimes hard to spot against blue floor covering and although you only need 2 of these to progress to the end if you use all 8 you will be rewarded with the 5th and last secret all beautifully textured roses. For 30 minutes this was a really enjoyable place to visit because the setting is just intriguingly fun but the gameplay falters alongside the environment and the only redeeming feature is finding all 5 secrets though none are really hard to find." - Sash (18-Aug-2003)
"In a dream world we expect to see weird looking creatures and unreal textures. That's exactly what we have here colourful textures I have to say; black with stars blue and brown. The rooms are huge and empty with big diamonds in the middle and lava water sand. I didn't understand what this was all about since all we have to do is open a few doors climb ladders and meet very weird big creatures. You collect eight gems with most them being at the room you need to use them and soon after the level ends by picking up the Amulet. There were also some monkeys and tigers but everything looks weird which I suppose justifies the title. I found two secrets which were blue roses and spent thirty minutes mostly running and sprint to cover the long distances." - Kristina (18-Aug-2003)
"As already mentioned - the name of the level seemed as an excuse to throw in everything the level builder fancied and build texture and light this level as he desired. All of these fancy outfits enemies and objects which undoubtly are cool are some sort of a deathtrap for new builders as they seem to concentrate on them more than on the gameplay and the actual looks of their adventure. Am not saying that would be the case here but after playing it it seems like it is - Lara starts in a nice new outfit along the way she finds those squishing walls then at a few points some white tigers appear on the way the secrets are blue roses sometime in the middle of the adventure after pressing 5 fancy-looking buttons a meteorite appears in the middle of the room and not even mentioning the final with the 4 Atlantean legless bosses and the funny machines in the room with the amulet and the jeep ride before that. This is all quite fine with me - if there is some actual gameplay and the level looks comparatively good. I'm not saying that this isn't fun or even charming at some points but there are so many flaws on the cost of the objects it's even sad! What you mostly do is run around collect the gems of whom you really need only 2 to end the level and occasionally avoid some traps and enemies along the way. The moving blades sequence where you have to pick up the 1st gem is nice though. The looks - even if there are some rooms and structures I found nice like the 3 diamonds in the middle of the rooms the long stairways with black walls the environments are still blocky - the rooms unnecessarily big and high sometimes a bit monotonously textured and lit. All this might sound harsh but there are great chances of improvement and a potential into the author and if Alistair concentrates more in making the game enjoyable and more challenging with a couple of fun puzzles and improving the looks of the environments I'm sure the next offerings will be something to look forward to! So get building :)" - eTux (18-Aug-2003)
"There are some good elements to this level although it does betray its 'first time' origins. The settings are a surreal clash of different objects and textures which sometimes works rather well and does give a dreamlike quality to the atmosphere. However the rooms are vast and empty with very little to do in most of them. There are eight blue gems to find tigers and one tinman to shoot and you get a brief jeep ride at the end just before picking up the amulet and ending the game. The looped music drove me potty so I elected to play in silence which didn't really matter as the normal sounds were missing anyway. Undoubtedly the high spot of the whole thing for me was seeing the boss enemy from TR1 (in triplicate). Definitely a good moment. Not a bad first attempt but more gameplay would have been welcome. 17.8.2003" - Jay (18-Aug-2003)
"Always a great excuse - place the setting in a dream world and you can come up with whatever you like and still claim it all makes sense. What you have here is a first attempt at level building and yes there is a lot of pointless running around in rooms that are too huge and square and empty. There are a few TR1 sounds missing so some troubles with sounds too. And there is a pretty wild mix of textures and styles throughout. But on the other hand it is really quite charming with a few neat effects like the diamond shapes coloured lighting the rotating sphere animated textures etc. And you simply have to play it for the boss enemies - quite a shock but see for yourself. Found eight gems and three rose secrets in the 30 minutes here and killed a bunch of white tigers and a tinman on my way to the amulet." - Michael (16-Aug-2003)
"Here we have another 'I'm getting the hang of the L.E.' level albeit with bursts of inventiveness thrown in (I particularly liked the Moving Ball Room) but we jaded Level Reviewers have seen so many of these types of scenarios that it's hard to get enthusiastic even when this Builder does a very competent technical job. (I was constantly reminded throughout of among others Staticon's 'Psychedelic Caverns'). There's so much that even within the 'dream' context is plainly ludicrous (for instance the Library shelves that are quite out of place within their environment and which were clearly included simply because the Builder had downloaded the 'Book-pulling' Object and thought it pretty neat). Otherwise this is another 'my best friend is the sprint button' adventure with an interesting use of enemies especially at the end; but even here I accidentally trapped them in a corridor and so avoided their threats completely thus rendering the final battle irrelevant. I sincerely hope Alistair continues with his building because if his next level shows the same ingenuity with Gameplay as this one does with visuals it should be interesting indeed." - Orbit Dream (16-Aug-2003)