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Atlantis 2 by Baddy

Aims 10 9 10 9
Anurag 10 9 10 8
bERT 10 10 10 10
CC 8 9 10 9
eTux 9 9 9 7
Gerty 8 8 8 7
Jay 8 10 9 10
Jorge22 7 9 9 10
Jose 8 10 10 9
Kristina 7 8 8 8
Magnus 7 8 7 8
MichaelP 8 9 10 9
Moonpooka 8 8 8 7
Necro 9 8 7 8
Phil 9 10 10 10
RaiderGirl 9 8 9 8
Relic Hunter 10 10 10 10
Ryan 9 9 9 9
Sash 6 7 7 8
The Aussie Adventurer 9 9 10 10
Tombaholic 8 10 9 9
Treeble 8 10 9 8
release date: 15-Aug-2003
# of downloads: 89

average rating: 8.76
review count: 22
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file size: 49.15 MB
file type: TR4
class: Atlantis

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"What a brilliant gem here. Much like other entries from this author, while it might not excel at lighting and textures (although still more competent that a great number of offerings out there), the uniqueness in here comes from the way objects are used — and it caught me off guard, even more so considering this is nearly 20 years old now. For instance, you spend the entirety of the first level of this set knocking down soldiers with the crowbar, then you proceed to get an AI companion, who even ducks and pushes blocks (did Von Croy ever do any of that?) as you move further into the enemy base and even don disguises to explore at peace, up until you're made, of course. The only downside is that the extensive dialogues included are all in German, but otherwise this was a fun way to wrap up a long day. Ah, I also ran into a glitch with my buddy where he kept running against a wall, so I had to reload an earlier save to proceed. 70 minutes, 2 secrets. 11/21" - Treeble (05-Dec-2021)
"Fantastic adventure, even when you can suffer some bugs with the guide's behavior and there are not great puzzles, the whole game is full of new and extraordinary features and never boring. I was stucked in the room with the man in the seat 'cause I couldn't figure out where to place the bottle and I had to read my own walkthrough! Lol! Excelent design, very good texturization, well balanced enemies, enough ammo for the extra guns, enough medipacks, good use of the cameras and sounds, cool cutscenes... Sure a pleasure for many players. Highly recommended." - Jose (08-Oct-2016)
"This is indeed an amazing level and undoubtedly a tour de force of its time. Lara begins in a VCI/base environment without any weaponry, so she liberates a crowbar and goes around whacking guards around the head (brilliant!) to forge a path for herself. She eventually locates her pistols and then the fun begins. Guards to shoot, stealth tactics, lasers, a guide to help you... Never a dull moment here and not to be missed." - Ryan (01-Sep-2016)
"This is probably one of the hardest levels I have come across in a long time - purely for the amount of baddies, the lack of shotgun (which I didn't find but is there somewhere), and a few well hidden switches. It took me 6 hours to complete so by the end of it I was getting bored. The entire level was brilliantly designed and was reminiscent of a tr3 level. A thouroughly challenging level and not one for beginners." - Necro (06-Feb-2008)
"I always like a good run through a base/lab level, and in my opinion, this has to be one of the best ones out there. We still have the vent crawling, grid shooting, guards, discs, cards, elevators, and all things 'base/lab', but there's a lot more interesting stuff going on here. We start the level in a storage room, we have no weapons, we find the crowbar and there seems no way out other than through a crawspace, but it's a dead end. We hear someone talking and emerge from the crawlspace to find a guard has come in to the storage room, his back to us. What to do? It's amazing how I've gotten used to blowing all and sundry to smithereens but was shocked by Lara's violence here with the crowbar. Certainly a new way of dealing with enemies. She goes on to dispose of more guards in the same mannner, plus another fellow by poisoning the bottle he drinks. The cut scenes of these encounters are very well done, as are all the others in this level. The opening and final cut scenes are the best I've ever seen. It was so annoying not being able to understand some long conversations, especially the one where Lara releases an Arnie lookalike. Reading what others wrote it sounds like the conversations are particularly funny as well as informative. Arnie does a lot to help us in our quest and to escape. Even so, you have to keep an eye on him. Between his throwing shapes and then getting his bulk stuck in inconvenient places, we need to keep lots of savegames. I had to redo certain areas and carefully make sure that he kept up with me because we can't finish this level without him. One hint is to find and place the fuse in the water room 'before' opening the door to let him come through. When he does what he should do it is great fun just watching him in action. I loved the excellent cut scene when they both change into guard's clothes and nonchalantly walk past the unsuspecting guards. We spend some time shooting security cameras. But eventually they realise who we are and towards the end we have a lot of shooting to do. In the final level we are under the sea in a marine base. There's a lot of swimming and avoiding mutant crocs. We see creatures floating in tanks. Some live ones have escaped and we have to deal with them too. I thought the whole idea of this level, the environments, cameras, textures, objects, what we find and need to do, was excellent. A great fun level to play. And proves, yet again, that these old custom levels are often unique, original, fun, intriguing, and 'new'." - CC (06-Jun-2006)
"Wow a stealth level in TR after so much time thats what I thought when I started playing this level. I liked the first 2 parts of this level but the 3rd part "Die Underwasser Station" became a bit boring & lengthy too. The cutscenes are pretty good very little timed runs. Not many puzzles to solve. I loved the stealth part in 1st level, the way Lara took on guards using crowbar. Then there is a cutscene where the guard is showed as drinking from the bottle, which I have seen in a very few levels, though I havent played many levels. The cameras & gameplay get full marks from me, the textures were also placed correctly & the enviroment was set in correctly. What a great level I m gonna play Atlantis 1 now." - Anurag (12-Feb-2006)
Atlantis 2 is a much better level then Atlantis 1 was. The gameplay is fun and exciting, and the couple of puzzles are good and easy. I really like the way the levels are set out and they flow fluently. Being mainly underwater, the level designer certainly gave good attention to the underwater aspects as well. The level is basically a base with underwater aspects, where the underwater areas and the base areas are mixed together giving a great atmosphere. Texturing was well done and the lighting was ample too. The only real problem I have is with the helper along the way. Sometimes the guy doesn't do what he's supposed too or he just gets in the way so it can be a bit buggy at times. Apart from that, it's just a wonderfully made level. If I had to give this level a grade, I would give it an A, a high distinction. - The Aussie Adventurer (21-Jul-2005)
"In the end he saves Lara. But in the meantime he manages to be the biggest of all possible buggy nuisances with severe AI problems. I'm talking of the blonde guy who's supposed to help Lara along the way of course. I love base/lab levels and this is one of the best but I almost quit playing just before the very ending because something just wasn't working. There's this guy that Lara has to set free from jail. Afterwards he helps her and has to be always present since there are buttons which Lara can't push codes she ignores therefore doors she can't open but he can. Only one time I had to reload to a much earlier savegame because he decided that his notion of fun was running against a wall and becoming stuck there. The last time near the end was far more serious and I had to reload and play the rest of the game without saving just in case. I'll explain... Just before the ending there's this room with crates and a pool and a gate that Lara has to open by placing a black beetle (?) - it's a bottle really - and then go up some stairs killing several baddies on the way and arrive at a closed gate which only the blonde guy will be able to open. Meanwhile he's down below in another room and you have to open another gate so he can come in and help. Do not for the sake of your patience open the gate before you've done everything else. If you do instead of helping he'll just be running around in circles (maybe even running against a wall occasionally) up and down and up and down till kingdom come! I consider this to be a very severe bug and I'm warning anybody who reads this to leave him to the end or his AI will be all messed up and you won't be able to finish the game. Apart from that many rooms automatic machine guns many baddies of different sorts some serious thinking to do at times (like placing a bottle on top of a table to get a guard away from a room who'd think of that?) wild fish a lot of swimming in great submarine settings sneaking behind the baddies' backsand hitting them with the crowbar in the first part as Lara starts with no guns fighting half-human half-fish Atlanteans there's so much to do here it's a little hard to describe. Good textures nice to look at (at least if you enjoy Base/lab/submarine settings) a fantastic gameplay but I guess that using the blonde helper may have been just a little too risky. Well at least now you're warned so you may enjoy the game fully... I didn't like a couple of things though: the Egyptian names for objects which don't make any kind of sense (would it have been hard to give them proper names?) and the fact that there is no English version available important because the blonde helper speaks several times during the game and because there's at least an important cut scene in the end with a lot of dialogue but it's all in German. Ah I also didn't like Lara's voice. Play it anyway I'm sure it will be most enjoyable for each and everyone. (September 1 2004)" - Jorge22 (01-Sep-2004)
"The main reason I played this was the hype sprinkled throughout Jose Boo's walkthrough. I wasn't disappointed. Atlantis 1 was merely a tune up to this grand and glorious two-parter. Everything I liked in TR3 and Chronicles is represented here: the spooky underwater research labs populated with dorky scientists and weird mutants a guide who follows Lara around (albeit somewhat haphazardly at times) and helpfully opens doors for her a wicked timed run and jump near the end an evil potion that has a baddy running for the bathroom before he has an accident and so much more. I won't go so far as to say it's the creme de la creme but it would have been right at home in say The Lost Artifact. I was frustrated for a while with what I thought was the 'dumb guide' syndrome mentioned by other reviewers but I finally realized that the poor guy wasn't supposed to follow me under the red lasers. What he wanted me to do was open that side door and that's why he kept wandering aimlessly around its portai. When I finally caught on and opened the door (by picking up the blue hand) the guide (who looks more like Duke Nukem to me) went docilely inside and did his thing without further ado. But make sure you read the walkthrough and reviews so you'll know not to open a later door to your guide before the proper time. If you're a fan of TR3 or even if you aren't you'll enjoy this immensely. A top quality raid." - Phil (17-Aug-2004)
"This is such an extremely fun level from Baddy! Lara infiltrates the HAWK organization to recover the Magic Hand and escape. Lara starts here with no weaponry and she has to use her wits and a crowbar to progress through the level. The first part of the level is stealth based as Lara has to be sneaky and use her crowbar to kill her enemies in a very nice VCI type setting. The level is very original and also has cut scenes and voiceovers too bad that I can't speak German so I had absolutely no idea what the guards were saying. What I really thought that was original and hilarious was to combine a laxative and lemonade then give it to a guard. When he drinks it he then starts running to the bathroom while Lara sneaks in and pushes a button to get into the weapon storage room where Lara claims her pistols. The second part of the first level is quite short but it still has its unique touches like that you needed to shoot out a surveillance camera or you would be in deep trouble otherwise. Another good touch was if Lara drew her guns in a hallway the alarm would activate and lasers and sentry guns popped out and prevented poor Lara from progressing. Later Lara meets a prisoner and with his help they find a uniform closet and they disguise themselves to sneak through a hall full of guards. Then we move on to the Underwater Station where our friend goes all wacko and starts running around like a brainless monkey! The guards don't notice Lara until she shoots one of them. I liked the use of the electric wires here from TR5. There are also some timed swims here. The second level kind of reminded me of my favorite level from 'The Lost Artifact' Sleeping with the Fishes. The cut scene at the end was very good and I look forward to more levels from Baddy." - Relic Hunter (08-Aug-2004)
"What a fun and clever level from Baddy! Lara has been caught by guards and placed in storage room in a base and her artifact 'the magic hand' has been confiscated. She needs to reclaim the hand and escape the base. There are cut-scenes and voiceovers in this but unfortunately are in German so I didn't have a clue what was being said! There are original ideas for this slipping something into an unsuspecting guards coffee which causes him to run for the bathroom in haste....I think this level is underrated it should be in the top 50 as it is a really good level. You get to meet a fellow prisoner who tags along there's also a clever scene where they disguise themselves as guard to sneak further into the base and there is one bug where he runs into a wall instead of helping which was a pain as I had to restart. I couldn't help but laugh at some of the sounds the guards made when you killed them hehe. All in all a fun little level recommended to everyone!" - Aims (30-Apr-2004)
"Knocking people down with the crowbar. Poisoning wine. Getting an ugly man to help you. That seems to be the way to go these days. I still prefer more classic tomb raiding though. Less bugs that way. But it's still a quite fun level. It's needlessly linear and there are too many enemies but I had quite fun when I played it. Make sure that you save a lot in different slots though. Your so-called friend likes to get stuck in places. The underwater areas - though nicely textured and built - are too confusing which is a shame. Other than that you won't get stuck in this level. It mostly revolves around shooting or knocking enemies down and finding levers and keys. If you like traps and difficult jumps I don't recommend it. It ends after fifty minutes with a short cutscene. I think that there was supposed to be some kind of storyline but I don't know any German. It's really disappointing that the speech wasn't in English." - Magnus (29-Jan-2004)
"It's really funny how a level with custom outfit custom animations custom objects and custom enemies (with superb AI) can be rated the same in that category as your garden variety level with Tut1 objects and some ninjas by some reviewers. Well you can only take the 'subjectivity' argument so far before the integrity of level scoring is lost. Level builders deserve some reward for this kind of work unless we want an endless succession of games where we get to find the Ba cartouche yet one more time. So a well deserved '10' for the EOS category. As with 'Searching Sophia' though gameplay takes a back seat to the marvelous custom stuff. The stealth required in the first level is great up to a point but wears thin. And I found it just a bit tedious searching so many shelves and cabinets as you have to sit there while Lara goes through the motions often ending up empty handed. Still there are some really clever things here like slipping a guard a doctored soda to get him out of the way and the use of a 'friend' to get through the level although the poor chap decided to get himself hopelessly stuck on a wall at one point which necessitated loading an earlier savegame and re-covering a lot of ground. The underwater environment of the second level is also first-rate. So if you're looking for something a little out of the ordinary to play give this one a try." - Tombaholic (28-Jan-2004)
"This was a very smartly done set of levels with some innovative new ideas we haven't seen before in custom levels. The first is largely based on stealth as you have to sneak up behind the guards and hit them with the crowbar. Make sure not to let them see you as you start out with no weapons but they have theirs and machine guns come out of the ceilings too! The second has you exploring an underwater base and some subs for a few very well hidden switches and fuses. This area was well built and fun to explore but save often as there are still areas where you shouldn't use your newly found weapons. It looked like there was a good story behind these levels but I couldn't understand any of the German dialogue; I finally figured out what drink to serve the guard but wish I knew what they were talking about in the final cutscene and throughout the level as well. There are some brilliant ideas which really added to the levels and made playing these almost like watching a short movie." - RaiderGirl (07-Oct-2003)
"I will first tell you that what you are looking at here are two pretty linear base levels the initial fairly standard one has Lara unarmed for half the time so you have to use stealth moves involving clubbing guards over the head with a crowbar with became a little monotonous and even slipping a laxative into one's drink so he has to run to the loo the second which is more involving is set in an underwater base where you and a friendly prisoner you met in the first disguise yourselves as guards so that you can move freely around without arousing suspicion in other guards well that is until close to the end when the jig is well and truly up and then the trusty guns are pulled out for some very energetic and exuberant battles with the over the top guards as well as meeting some of the Atlantean frogmen and a handful of crocfish. If truth be told I was getting a little tired of these levels as the gameplay is quite repetitive mainly in the way doors are opened though you got a movable crate puzzle and timed raising trapdoor puzzle at the end but what saved me from falling into a trance was the great swimming moments out in the beautiful ocean where you get to move from one section of the base to another these are also places you want to check if you like finding secrets and a necessary pickup. I think had I been able to understand the dialogue which was in German which went on in the cutscenes I may have enjoyed this set of levels a whole lot more as it seems there was some witty banter going on but it just all went over my head and in fact got in the way of the game in two places knowing that I had to leave the laxative drink for a guard instead of trying over and over to club him to death unsuccessfully each time and wondering why every time I went into a room with cupboards I wanted to search at the end of level one a cutscene of Lara and the prisoner walking through a group of guards unharmed would kick in this I found was when they disguised themselves as guards but who would have known that without the dialogue. Anyway for those lovers of the base ilk go have a ripper of a time with this 90 minute one but this may be an excessive download for the rest of you especially if you don't have a good grip or any grip of the distinguished Germanic tongue." - Sash (02-Sep-2003)
"As a follow up on Atlantis 1 this is a different cup of tea altogether. Whereupon I really liked the atmosphere in the first adventure this is a base level and not my favorite of levels. The story is well done as Lara is captured without weapons but not for long as the minute she finds the all important crowbar she is dangerous again. The monologues are in German (what is a pity for those that can't understand German) and the start crawling into a very pitch dark crawlspace till you hear a voice threw me off big time. I had to crank my volume up big time and then became deaf as the volume of all the other sounds were way too loud. There are however some high points in this game but also some low points. High points are the stealth moves and the conversation she had with a guard low was for me that I ran out off medipack and had to add them as I had a major problem with the sentry guns. Finding fuses samples and cards avoiding lasers and slaying guards with your crowbar will get you to the next level. In there I had a serious bug so be warned about NOT freeing the guide until you found and placed that fuse or you will be stuck forever. The underwater setting is great to look at and finding levers and items. Do look good as some of them are well hidden. So keep in mind that this level has not much in common with Atlantis 1 and do give it a go (or wait till Baddy add some English dialogues as they are great to hear) you will not be disappointed. 18-08-2003" - Gerty (28-Aug-2003)
"I'm not at all sure how Lara got from the end of Atlantis 1 to the beginning of Atlantis 2 but I'm not going to quibble as there is much to treasure in this level. It begins in a VCI style building and progresses to an underwater base but don't for one moment think that means you know exactly what to expect. There are some wonderful innovations here - the lemonade doctored with laxatives the ability to search small wooden crates and some folding doors I'm sure I've never seen before. The whole thing is done with great style and flair and the underwater areas in particular are beautifully rendered. Initially the name of the game is stealth as Lara has no guns and has to dispatch her enemies with the crowbar - and what a wallop she packs. Along the way she finds her guns and picks up an ally when she releases a prisoner. I particularly liked the way the guards just stood around looking friendly and relaxed once Lara and her new friend had changed into the appropriate clothes to blend in. It is possible to encounter one really annoying bug in this level in that your ally appears to become bored from time to time and starts banging his head against the wall. No seriously if you get the 'running into a wall' scenario you will just have to return to an earlier savegame as you won't persuade him to stop head-banging. The only other downside to this otherwise thoroughly enjoyable level is the fact that all the cut scenes are in German which is immensely frustrating for a non-German speaker. It would have been a courtesy if the author had included a translation in his readme. I spent an hour and forty minutes and found two secrets. 26.08.2003" - Jay (27-Aug-2003)
"In der Firma HAWK / HAWK Company (8/8/9/9 20+20 min.): The level title is a bit misleading as what you get here is a base setting. Lara with a new hairdo and initially without weapons safe for a very handy crowbar. If you know German and understand the Saxony dialect you will have a great laugh at the added dialogues but even if not the story of Lara's escape is carried along nicely. Hitting baddies with the crowbar from behind is a bit overused as you travel along in rather linear fashion with a movable block a laser and a burner here or there to hold you up. You get to find a disc and a card and the scene where you mix the drink is utterly ingenious - well done! Once Lara finds her guns she gets to kill a few baddies shoot a machine gun crawl through the unavoidable vents move some more blocks to find another card and eventually frees Viktor a prisoner who helps her further along by opening doors (well done too!) and after a change of outfit they enter the next level jointly. Die Unterwasser-Station / Underwater Station (8/9/10/9 45 min. 2 secrets): Because of the new outfit the baddies will happily ignore you for a while and as Victor is initially rather useless that is certainly a good thing. Still a base setting (now under water) gameplay in this part is better and a little more diverse as you get to look for buttons open doors find a card after switching off electricity and explore huge underwater caves for two fuses and two mutant samples (and the two secrets that I found were here too: a big medi and the shotgun). On the downside finding very well hidden underwater levers in a huge cave is not necessarily my kind of fun and it also took a while to register that the small wooden boxes can be searched. Once you pick up the Magic Hand the alarm goes off and you get 15 or so bad guys to kill (who die rather dramatically) and a timed trapdoor to master before Viktor helps you again to the final exit and a brilliantly done cut scene to finish off the adventure flying away in a helicopter. All in all this does not quite have Tomo's flavour but nonetheless is providing a style of its own which is really worth seeing and will give you a hearty laugh if you can understand the dialogues." - Michael (25-Aug-2003)
"I'm in two minds about this level mainly because I didn't really enjoy the first one but loved the second. So to begin with Lara has no guns and has to open the first door by entering a pitch black crawl space listen to some chit chat which then releases the door! No I didn't like that at all! But then as the level progresses it's one cupboard and shelf after another to search and in a few rooms there were at least six shelves to root through I got tired of that after a while. You find the crowbar however early on and make your way quietly through the base hitting the guards over the head as you go great for a while but then I was bored with it. Eventually you meet a guy in a room where you leave him a lethal cocktail drink and he goes running off to the loo quite funny but seen as all the dialogue is in German some of us missed the joke entirely. I had a few strange things happen too one was meeting an invisible object and when I hit action Lara clubbed it to death with the crowbar and another area had the same thing but no amount of action would move the object. On the sub level it was more fun I really enjoyed my time here lots to do and no shelves to explore that I can remember there were small boxes to open for ammo and items which was far better than the endless shelf episodes. There's a prisoner to let loose who helps you open doors it's all he does do mind! The real stuff like fighting is left to poor little Lara. Enemies were of course lots of guards fish and a few mutants who are killable. Here you have to find fuses and mutant mixes to open doors etc and there is a great shoot out which snapped away my health and left me with a minimum to end with that's fine I don't like it too easy! The areas were both nice and well set out design was good but the huge amounts of crates about was a tad dull. The under water swim was great fun and also the secrets were well hidden. There is one block puzzle and one timed hatch to deal with. I must say also that the confusion with the inventory drove me nuts I had all sorts of things in there and didn't have a clue what they were I did change the DAT files to English and ended up with an item that looked like Lara's butt. LOL I didn't however experience the wall bugs with the guide like some did so you're either lucky or unlucky with that. Now it's so hard to rate two levels with two different gameplays one of which I didn't like too much to be fair I will give this a thumbs up because the second level is so worth the play time so I have judged my rating rather on the second level than both." - Moonpooka (19-Aug-2003)
"I have to say that I disliked this level. First it has nothing to do with Atlantis; it is just a usual lab level. Then that crawlspace at the start got me confused there is nothing there except you trigger a conversation and a door outside opens only you have no idea that happened so you keep struggling in pitch black. Then it's the German dialogues which have clues about the gameplay and the rest of us than don't speak German will have to start learning I guess. It's absurd to release a game without English dialogues when you put essential information in them if you don't care at all about the rest of the world outside your country then include a simple text with the dialogues in English for the other players to understand what's going on. I played another level like that recently and I am starting to get very annoyed. If you want that kind of level let your family and friends in your country to play it only and spare us of the feeling which is stupidity of sitting in front of the screen waiting for the scene to be over clueless as to what happened. Now that I concluded bitching about it lets get to the rest of the level. You are searching for fuses samples cards in a lab setting with buttons and a lot of doors. The guards have good weapons better that Lara's anyway because she is losing health fast. The second level is mostly around water mostly in a sub with improved atmosphere. There is a guide that helps you with a code and most doors but near the end there is a nasty bug; DO NOT free him until you have found and most importantly placed the yellow fuse otherwise if he finds the door closed he will stay outside and no matter what you do he won't move. You have to reload a savegame or you won't finish the level. In many areas you mustn't use your guns but the crowbar as a weapon or the alarm will start and more guards will come after Lara. Other enemies are fishes at the second level and another type of guards that shoot even faster. Don't let my personal dislike for this type of level discourage you it's just a matter of taste and German dialogues lol." - Kristina (18-Aug-2003)
"What a fun experience in a base-like environment this level is! Not only fun because of good flow of the whole game but also because of this hilarious tasks and funny dialogues in the game! In the Hawk Company - A rather short VCI alike level split in 2 parts - the first one which lasted for approximately 20 minutes and is more stealth based - you take out your opponents with a crowbar avoid lasers in air ducts and so on - with the most hilarious task being a different type of stealth attack - Lara mixing some lemonade with a laxative so the guard would run to the toilet LOL. I found the part where you had to run past all the sentry guns and a guard when turning the lights off a bit unfair but you get plenty of medipacks. The second part is only 10 minutes long - here you have your weapons back and meet a prisoner (a funny dialogue with him) which guides you till the end of the game. The textures and the lighting are fine (the latter one can be improved though) but there simply is nothing special about it and the whole environments look a bit monotonous - some colourful lighting and/or creative texture play could've improved the looks. Another smart stealth element at the end of the game here is the disguise the prisoner thinks of when he hears the boss' announcement about the prisoners having escaped. But that brings us to the next level. The Underwater Station - Both prisoners - Lara and her guide Victor have changed their outfit (which I like much better than Lara's previous one I may add) so the guards wouldn't notice them - very smartly done as I mentioned. Overall there isn't much memorable about this level - maybe the spooky mutant enemies - but it is still quite fun and the underwater areas are great undoubtedly - the only flaw is that 'Victor' acted unpredictably - sometimes he ran into the wall (thanks to bERT for the savegame!) but at the end of the level pushed Lara around. The last cut scene is very well done and I guess that means this is the end of this story but nevertheless- can't wait for Baddy's next offering!" - eTux (16-Aug-2003)
"Wow wow and wow again or should I say fun fun fun! Now this is a real all-in-1'er. There's a story: a crooked organization experimenting with some bio-organisms is infiltrated by our Lara to seek for some mysterious blue hand. There's some hilarious monologue (for now only in German) adding some tension to the game and certainly humour (the guy who - not very politely - orders you to bring him a drink and Lara mixing him a...laxative never laughed so hard with a Tomb Raider game as this one absolutely great!). Gameplay wise it starts off with a very good stealth routine where you have to watch not to make too much sound take out guards from the back and basically don't go around shooting like mad (not that you can because you don't have guns hahaha!). This in very well set and lit underground corridors. The second part is a 'follow-the-guide' routine where an employee of the organization makes Lara escape. And why does he do this because he was punished by his boss and he wants to get back at him (another hilarious dialogue!). A lot of swimming to do here in about the most beautiful underwater settings I've seen. A lot of sneaky hidden levers fuses and such. Enemies there are plenty and diverse: baddies with heavy guns either with or without a shirt the latter ones with a bandana in their hair (!) prehistoric looking underwater beasts aquatic men that I suppose are retextured knights... And better collect all the ammunition you can get because it's a very 'bumpy' ride at the end. The end itself is without a doubt the best scene put together by a custom builder up to now with the most beautiful background setting for the ship and finally a (new?) helicopter lifting off Lara. The two secrets I found (both in the water) where medium hard. Brilliant must-play level and yet again an author with a very original look at gameplay! Well done!" - bERT (16-Aug-2003)