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Stargate 1-3 by Lorane

CC 7 7 8 7
Dimpfelmoser 7 8 7 7
eTux 8 8 8 8
Gerty 7 8 8 7
Jay 7 9 8 8
JesseG 7 8 7 6
Jose 7 8 8 9
Josi 7 8 7 7
Kristina 8 9 8 8
MichaelP 8 8 9 8
Obig 9 9 9 8
Orbit Dream 7 7 8 8
Phil 8 8 8 8
RaiderGirl 8 8 8 8
Ryan 8 8 8 7
Sash 7 8 8 7
Sutekh 9 8 7 6
Treeble 8 8 8 7
release date: 28-Aug-2003
# of downloads: 82

average rating: 7.75
review count: 18
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file size: 35.30 MB
file type: TR4
class: Alien/Space

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"A set of three levels with a sci-fi theme. I like the atmosphere of sci-fi levels in general, although in this levelset it's a bit of a mixed bag - on one hand you have nice views of the stars from certain outside walkways and spacecraft hangars, but on the other hand you have many blocky rooms indoors, and the texturing is very wallpapered in the first level. Also, what on earth is that urinal doing in the cafeteria? That was good for a laugh at least. The gameplay is also a mixed bag. Several aspects make this not very player friendly, including missing camera cues, camouflaged trapdoors in the floor, and trial-and-error death tiles. There are two puzzles I can remember, the lever puzzle that I'm not sure I fully figured out but managed to get through on my own, and the planets puzzle. The planets are a nice touch in that they have you use information you have been collecting throughout the levelset, but there is a blunder with the fourth planet (the walkthrough saying "it isn't exactly the same" is an understatement). I also appreciated the use of a water room flipmap that Lara can use as a forcefield to barricade enemies. 1 hour 18 minutes." - JesseG (14-Oct-2022)
"Having never seen an episode of Stargate in my life, I feel like I might be missing out on something, but as far as custom levels go, this was pretty standard. Despite the first level taking part in very otherworldly environments, most of it is sent in a military lab complex so gameplay revolves around that sort of thing (finding switches, avoiding lasers, lots of trapdoors, etc). The first few minutes were a bit too dark, but later on it gets a bit more friendly on your eyes. Some nice moments I thought were the jumping sequence over parallel slopes at the start, and the planet puzzle at the end. It was a bit flawed, however, as you're required to move (any) planets but in an specific order which happens to be in your backpack — the first three chevrons are easily readable, but the texture for the fourth one is very warped and it was more of a guesswork towards any of the triangular shaped tiles; the remaining placements were readable again though, fortunately. 75 minutes 04/22" - Treeble (01-May-2022)
"Very well builded this set of three levels; I liked the outfit, the cool new textures and the good atmosphere. You can easily get stucked in the lava room in first level and also in the last one with all those trapdoors without handles, but usually the gameplay is fluid and the tasks are not hard. I missed some more flares, and some more ammo for the extra guns; the shotgun appeared too late. Good use of cameras and sounds, some special effects and a spectacular ending where you don't need to kill Seth. Recommended." - Jose (13-Oct-2016)
"This three level set is testament to the fact that level builders were trying to provide players with intergalactic experiences, even in the earliest days. It may not be as unique as Richard Lawther's Astrodelica, this was, at the very least, entertaining. You will not be stuck for long, but you will have to be on guard throughout for soldiers, crocodiles, ahmets and demigods, while searching for seven Chevrons. Recommended." - Ryan (14-Aug-2016)
"I'm not a huge fan of futuristic levels,but this three-level set really tries hard to be inventive and (aside from a tedious globe puzzle near the end) continually maintains your interest.The gameplay itself is rarely difficult to follow,generally linear,often exciting and even manages to spring a few decent surprises on the player.Enemies are quite prolific,but easy enough to despatch;while texturing (although dark to begin with) is nicely done on the whole,and often extremely creative.It's the atmosphere that makes it,though.From the weird blue caverns in Level 1(tactfully overlooking the incongruous library maze);the impressive cosmic tubes at the start of Level 2;to the imaginatively assembled (non waterized) Stargate at the Finale,this adventure is always interesting to look at and very good fun to play.Probably ahead of its time,there's a real talent at work here.Definately recommended." - Orbit Dream (10-Jan-2014)
"The visual effects of this release are rather dated by today's standards. However, the alien setting is convincing at times, and with three full-sized levels you get about two hours of net gaming time. Sutekh, bless her departed soul, has provided her typically thorough walkthrough, which was particularly helpful in navigating the complicated pushglobe puzzle near the end. The builder started off with a negligible joke level, then released a couple of highly rated follow-ups before abruptly dropping out of sight. Too bad, as he would have been one of the better ones. Recommended." - Phil (26-Sep-2012)
"A great example of the fun a player can still have by visiting some of these older levels. They may not be as technically advanced as levels today, but they are good fun, and often show great originality and imagination. Stargate 1: We play as Sam, who has just come through the stargate and finds herself in Tok'Ra's Tunnels. Striking blue textured tunnels and caves that contrast nicely with the orange-red lava. There's a good flipmap effect at the start where Sam stands, then swims, then stands again at the same spot. She negotiates a nine lever puzzle, a library maze, tackles resident zombie, fire beast, mosquitoes and demigods, great jump-up sequence, timed run through descending corkscrews, and fascinating jumps to invisible and disappearing ledges over lava. Sam needs to find two chevrons here to start the stargate. Stargate 2: starts with a run through an amazing 'tunnel' of hops in outer space. It's easy to fall through if you're not careful. These lead to a lookout post where we are transported into the base station below. After a terrific fall into water we come face to face with a hammergod and gunman. These can be trapped in a water room, if we hurry. Unusual for this type of setting, we encounter prehistoric creatures such as raptors, pteranadons, fire beasts, compis, and crocs that look like dimetrodons. One gunman leaves behind a card that is almost impossible to see on the ground, so careful searching after a kill is essential. The route through the tube like tunnels and making our way around the huge warehouse is great fun, as we search for a lasersight to blow up the machine gun. There are plenty of blocks to push around, rope swing, monkeyswing, climbing and jumping, and a great tight timed run with vicious traps. Two more chevrons to find in this part. Great TRII atmosphere here. Stargate 3: Sam has arrived back at S.G.C. and must find the last two chevrons. The caged monkey is useful, so don't shoot it. There's a lot going on in this little lab room. Not least is finding and using the waterskin. There are well hidden trapdoors, more blocks to push around, finding a way around lasers, fires, through vents, circular blade traps, and dealing with much more white masked guards. And finally a long globe pushing exercise that needs to be done in a particular order. The clues are on the chevrons, but that is not obvious to the player unless they read the walkthrough. Overall this was, and still is, quite a unique level with good old fashioned TR gameplay, and is as enjoyable today as I'm sure it was way back when it was released." - CC (20-Mar-2007)
"A very interesting three parts adventure where - as Sam Carter - we have to retrieve seven chevrons in order to activate the Stargate. On the way, we meet a representative panel of the TV-show casting, including Goa'ulds, Jaffas and even some fellow soldiers. Some supposedly long gone creatures are also thrown in to spice up things a bit. Added to that a maze, some nasty traps, a tiny bit of tricky jumping and a couple of puzzles, the last planets one being indeed very clever. As much as I liked the gameplay, I wasn't very fond of the alien settings in the first two levels, which was too dark and sometimes too weird for my liking and suffers from a bunch of technical glitches. In spite of this, it's been an enjoyable and different experience, and I can but bow to the author's inventiveness." - Sutekh (21-Feb-2005)
"This is a three level game and it starts off rather dark. Matthias and I played this simultaneously, he on the PC and I on the Mac and the difference was obviously. The Mac has a much clearer image on the screen and wasn't as dark as it was on the PC. I did like the idea of the Stargate a lot and Sam (Samantha was our heroine). The main goal is gathering seven Chevrons and Sam left with them in her backpack. I still have a question as we never got one door open in the third level but hitting the finishing trigger proves that it wasn't necessary to open that door. There is a multitude of enemies and for once having a demigod, the hammerguy and even Seth weren't out of place. Another puzzling thing was that the hammerguy got shot down in my game by a soldier, never had seen that before. Than the most annoying thing happened, the elevator flipmap didn't work on the Mac so I had to pack it in and we had to take turn on the PC (very frustrating). There were certainly some WOW effects in this game, like the spiral tunnels in space. Some minus points are the library maze and that globe pushing even looking at the chevrons and trying to match them with the items on the floor. Another one is that you have to jump on every square in the burning room or else a hatch will not open (without a hint or a flyby) so that means going back and forwards to check if anything happens. Matthias and I had to have a good look at the spiders and their big mother and see if the soldiers could clear the job, and they did LOL. It is a very entertaining level, the ideas are very good, there are really some grand effects in this level. Enemies are well placed and the puzzles are (apart from that globe one) luckily not that mind boggling. There is for sure one very nasty timed run in that mirror corridor (thanks Matthias as my patience is rather on a short fuse since Eye of Eve), and some even greater jumping to do. Have a go at it and you will be entertained quite a lot. 06-11-2003“ - Gerty (12-Nov-2003)
"Quite an ambitious project with some clever ideas a refreshingly untrammeled approach and a somewhat garish (if rather dark) setting. Alas it doesn't work all the time and by this I don't mean some serious bug that occurred on the Mac. Also I had the feeling that Lorane got the timing slightly wrong as for me the gameplay slowed down in the last part with tedious globe pushing fairly enigmatic cause and effect scenarios (that had us stuck for a couple of times) and a highly anti-climatic encounter with Seth at the end. On the upside there are some good jumps a tricky timed run well placed enemies and some stunning visual effects. As the title suggests you get a space age setting that alternates between high tech base and bluish caves. The gameplay is fairly entertaining fast paced and straightforward (in the first two parts) with lots of different thing to do although there was some pointless block pushing there were also too many levers for my liking and the library maze at the beginning was a bit of a drag. Furthermore part of the environment is a bit two-dimensional and some items seem distinctively out of place. But bearing in mind that this will provide you with nearly two hours of TR fun it is after all a veritable and original effort that definitely deserves some recognition." - Dimpfelmoser (10-Nov-2003)
"This is a must play just to see the new character and though I haven't seen the Stargate series Lorane seems to have done a great job of recreating it and the opening flyby is very well done. The first two levels are definitely very alien with blue environments and rotating sparkly tunnels and all three levels have some good challenges like tricky jumps tough beasts and soldiers blade traps swinging chains rope swings pushable objects things to find trapdoors to search for etc. Having the monkey open the door was fun and the out of this world effects were pretty cool." - RaiderGirl (30-Oct-2003)
"This time you're not Lara but Sam Carter member of the SG1-team. The main goal here is to find seven 'chevrons' so you can escape through the stargate. You start in the Tok'ra tunnels and a mazelike library which are very dark sometimes and very very blue. In the second part you have to teleport to SG1-headquarters that's what I think it is anyway and you can start searching for more chevrons. Of course it's not that easy there are enemies to fight and puzzles to solve but it's not so hard to find what to do and where to go. The rolling tunnels in space are very nice never seen that before. I also liked the way you can get rid of the hammer guy by activating some kind of barrier. Some parts are very dark but there are enough flares around. It took me a while to get the globes in their right places even if the symbols you have to put them on are on the chevrons. I did not find any secrets and did not find the M16 either just some ammo for it. Anyway a nice level have fun." - Josi (25-Sep-2003)
"Stargate 1 (8/8/9/9 25 min.): Lara takes a break and let's Sam do the work here in a very original and different setting of bluish caves lava rooms and orbs hanging in the air. Gameplay is rather linear and straightforward but entertaining nonetheless with a library maze some decent jumping a 9 switch puzzle a few demigods and bad guys to battle and two gems and two chevrons to find. Lighting is impressive with a few neat effects and the whole setting feels very fresh and fun to explore. Chevron 1 and 2 need to be found here. Stargate 2 (8/9/8/8 30 min.): Part 2 starts out with a series of rather cool and fresh 'special effects' and then turns into kind of a base/warehouse scenario. A pass two discs and Chevrons 3 and 4 are your quest items. There is a sentry gun to eliminate blocks to move around tricky rope swings and a nice timed run in a mirror room. More enemies here: crocodiles ahmets raptors pteros demigods and a hammergod cross Sam's path. Stargate 3 (8/8/9/8 50 min.): Starting out with a nice little waterskin puzzle and a monkey to follow you need to watch out for well hidden trapdoors in this part. Plenty of bad guys and a few spiders to battle more blocks to move and Chevron 5-7 to find in order to eventually open the Stargate for your escape. This part is overall more complex and challenging with many levers to find slicer dicers to master and a planets puzzle which is a bit tedious as there seems to be no clue to the solution other then the orb showing above the planet when you got it right. All in all a fun and not too difficult play with great originality. Try it!" - Michael (22-Sep-2003)
"I was very much pleased with this three-parts level. The fist one is a bit dark but there are solutions I've hardly ever seen before. You have to collect 7 Chevrons for starting the Stargate which Seth enter but he doesn't mean too much problem. In the 3rd level you have to make a monkey pull the lever. This is a funny solution but sometimes the monkey get jammed into something and doesn't work. Lara is a bit torn and blond. :-) There are various enemies: Mutants Dinos Spiders Giants Soldiers Zombies Crocs Harpies Demigods and even Seth in the end. You have enough weapons but I didn't find the Uzi and the M16. There are also quite a lot of puzzles: pushing orbs and finding switches. There are some rotating blades and a timed run too. The added sounds are extremely good as well as the textures. I didn't find any secrets. The first 2 levels are quite linear but on the 3rd one you must wander about for a while till find everything. I was seeking for the Daniel's Glasses being on the small brown platform for a long time. I recommend it to anybody guys don't miss it!" - Obig (15-Sep-2003)
“Lara's not herself. She is in fact Sam a character from the Stargate TV series. I haven't seen it so I can't comment as to authenticity but certainly it's an interesting idea. Stargate 1: This is set on another planet and the laws of physics as we know them don't seem to apply. Make your way through the hostile lava filled environment battling demigods and Tinnos wasps and collecting two Chevrons en route. Stargate 2: The beginning of this part is rather good with rotating tunnels. Everything is trying to kill you in this level - ahmets crocs demigods pteradons dinos - you name it it's out to get you. Even the hammer god puts in an appearance (oh dear) and I liked the method of keeping him out of the way. The environment becomes more base orientated as you progress. In this part you pick up Chevrons 3 and 4. Stargate 3: An intriguing message from Daniel begins this section but you can't actually 'follow the monkey'. Lots of running around corridors shooting alien guards and looking for ways to open various doors. If you find yourself at a loss light a flare and look on the floor for hidden trapdoors. You find Chevrons 5 6 and 7 in this part and I really liked the globe room and 'engaging the chevrons' - most imaginative. The stargate itself is extremely well done and makes a spectacular ending. I thought I remembered hearing the secret chime a time or two but nothing registered in my stats. 08.09.2003" - Jay (09-Sep-2003)
"A very interesting level with a new playable character (would've preferred a new inventory for her too but that's no big deal) split in 3 parts. At first it is very blue - that's how I'd describe it and because of that the library-maze where you found the blue gem seemed a bit out of place but otherwise the first part is enjoyable for the time it lasts - keep your eyes open for a switch before the corkscrew spikes though! The start of part 2 is very impressive - space-like environments with magical rings preventing Lara from falling down into the nothing below her. I liked how you sort of got rid of the minotaur but am not completely sure if it was still in part 2. Overall - the rest of the game is pretty inventive both gameplaywise and texturwise even if the room with the 7 globes was a bit too enigmatic. The ending how you escape through the stargate while Seth and the aliens are hot on your trail is pretty cool too - worth the download and play time." - eTux (03-Sep-2003)
"Quite a different level from the usual. The three levels making up this game all have something interesting or weird starting with a blonde short cropped haired Lara to give them a new feel but saying this I am in two minds if I really enjoyed the whole experience. The first is set in a blue cave filled with lava pools where it is sometimes hard to see without always holding a flare as the new gun flashes don't light up the areas very well, here you also find an oddly placed library maze which wasn't too hard and also a really nicely executed series of sloped jumps that take you to a higher level in the cave. The second starts fantastically as you move through space in a tunnel with a spiraling effect around it as well as another tunnel that slopes up giving you a great view of the stars and planet Earth, not long after you take a little vortex ride into a lab/base but not your average boring one, this one has prehistoric animals caged up as well as a hammer god chasing you if you don't realise how to block him into a certain area. The third and last keeps the lab/base environment going but before you can move far you need to open a monkey cage and let the monkey show you how to open up a door to proceed which was quite ingenious but not long after you are in an area where you have to open a lot of trapdoors, doors, and complete the longest movable object puzzle I think I have come across of which lasted about 18 minutes, you finally then get to end the level via the stargate, that is of course if you have found all 7 Chevrons, round ball objects, from all three levels. I have to say the first level was not my cup of tea because of visibility factors but the rest of the levels were pretty fun, that is if you don't mind a clueless movable object puzzle. Game time around 100 minutes." - Sash (02-Sep-2003)
"A different level with the 'Stargate' as a theme; having seen the TV series I found many similarities. We are not playing as Lara but as Sam and well ok Sam is wearing lipstick so what lol. Seriously now it's an admirable effort and I liked playing with a new character. It's amazing how well the author created the stargates with the symbols the areas with space like rings floating in the air and objects like the seven Chevrons which are round little things. The enemies are friendly but also hostile guards mutants and the guys with the hammer which I found not suitable for this game. Although I didn't find any secrets I found many items and even weapons that were hidden throughout the levels. Keep an eye for moving blocks but mostly for sneaky floor trapdoors. I enjoyed this game very much but I got frustrated in the area near the end with the seven globes and symbols on the floor. Unfortunately there is no hint like the papyrus earlier in the game or at least I failed to see any so I spent half an hour pushing the globes randomly all over the floor; the good news is that you see a blue light above them when they are at the right place. I have nothing more to say than give this a try it's certainly worth the download." - Kristina (01-Sep-2003)