Bugs and Comments

Leprechaun's Hideout

  • Don't shoot the wraith.
  • Don't save the game between placing Dried Leaves and igniting them.


Ultimate Challenge of the Northern Gods

  • Please turn Vol F/X ON in the setup


Return to Jerpoint Abbey

  • Please turn Vol F/X OFF in the setup



  • In the lightning room with the 2 dogs, if only 1 lightning appears, save and reload it should solve the problem.
  • Do NOT save while using keys/switches (obvious knowledge)


  • You will meet the guide 3 times. In some places, you will have to go towards him so that he moves and performs what he is supposed to, at other times he will not wait for Lara and will go onward. In another place, you will go ahead of him and then wait for him so that he helps Lara to open the way. You may want to stay around him when he is about to do something, so to better understand that some events were caused by him, and do not occur randomly. You need to use the torch only once, after that you can throw it away. Later on, you may encounter what is known as the ‘torch bug’, as you probably will see somewhere in the level a random fire stuck in the décor.


The Oath of the Icy Tower

  • VolumetricFX and Bump Mapping MUST be ON!
  • When you melt the frozen waterfall make sure you step on the tile with the fire. Otherwise the trigger won't work.


The Cottage in the Valley

  • There is a 6-element pushable near the end of level and it must be solved at first take. If placing the items does not open the door, you have to remove the correct ones and push them on the triggers again!
  • If you encounter an invisible door in the big room after the blacksmith cottage where one giant and 2 midgets attack Lara ... reloading the game solves the problem!


Nidavellir, the Land of the Dwarves

  • Unfortunately the flare bug occurs in the level, so you need to throw flares to enlighten them and the level will crash when using binoculars!


Frozen Winston

  • Turn ON the Volumetric FX.
  • Sometime wolves getting stuck/running against the wall.
  • When Lara throws the torch away, the fire disappears and it attaches itself to a random animating object in the water.
  • Sometime the level lags in the village area. If it lags try to play lower resolution in windowed mode.