Bugs and Comments

Amalthea Island

Once you've got the torch and go back to the beach, you'll not be able to go back to the rock to get more torches, so remember where you throw it.
When the lightened torch is in ground floor the fire disappears, but it appears again when you pick it up.

To Atlantis

Turn ON VolFX and Bump Mapping

Arcadian Dream

Please make sure Volumetric FX is ON when playing this level.

You will use Lara's new ledge jump move in this game. When hanging from a ledge, press jump to vault up.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There are several rooms which have both flipmaps and raising blocks in them. Sometimes after using flipmaps, the blocks gain extra collision creating an invisible block above them, which may even move Lara or a pushable. If this happens to you, simply save and load and it should go away.

Sometimes while shimmying, Lara decides she doesn't want to go around the corner even though she should be able to. This happens rarely, but if it happens to you, just shimmy back and climb up, then start again.

There's a trapdoor underground which Lara can jump through right before opening it and get stuck in the above room. In case this happens to you, use the switch in the room above to open the trapdoor.

The "replenish this ammo when Lara runs out" OCB stopped working for some reason, so it's possible to run out revolver ammo which you will need. So there is a lot of it around, just try not to run out.

The Labyrinth of the Minotaur

Sometimes, when the game is loaded from the main menu, the game crashes. Start new game and load from within the level to fix it.

Khalepa Ta Kala

There is a rare occurance where putting the wrong amount of water in one of the scales will crash the game.

There is a very rare occurance where reloading a savegame after exiting the game will crash the game

A Big Fat Greek Adventure

Turn on Volumetric FX and Bump Mapping

Sanctuary of Chaos

Some ladders are a bit buggy. They work properly when Lara holds onto them with both her hands and feet. When Lara hangs from them using only her hands and tries to move a strange teleportation bug occurs

The level might look too dark in the cave areas, depending on what computer screen you have. If that happens, try to adjust the brightness of your screen

Remember to pick up the Ball of Yarn after using it to avoid bugs

Throw the torch into water after using it, otherwise random flames may appear on the map

Beyond the Labyrinth

Make sure Volumetric FX is turned on.

There are ten secrets and most are made for expert players (they are hinted at by green plaques). Getting 5 of them allows access to a special reward, getting all of the first 9 allows access to the final secret, which is... Something. At the end there is a way to backtrack for secrets you've missed (and collect ones that can be closed off earlier).

The Falling Swords occasionally trigger an Earthquake object despite not being set to do so. This is unintentional and can be ignored.

After collecting it, never leave the Ball of Yarn on the ground or save while it is in use, or things can break.

The Greek Files

Set Volumetric FX = ON
Set Bump Mapping = OFF

The room of the burning flames: if you had some problems jumping from ledge to ledge (not because of the flames as they're widely timed, but the collision of the lion emitters), stabilize Lara while you're grabbing the ledge by moving her left or right. Then, take her to the corner of the ledge and jump.

Save before using the Scales in case you put the wrong amount of water. If you do so, a sword will go down and will render the Scale unusable. If you put the right amount of water, a camera will be activated.

To place the combined 12 tablets of gold (the 3 Ingots that form this object have to be picked up through the whole level. They are Bonus items) in the Temple of Zeus, you have to approach the offering hands from one of the sides (the right one is the best option) so that Lara performs the right animation. If you approach it from the front, Lara will walk only.

It's likely that the flare bug will occur.

It's likely that there will be lag. In this case, one solution would be to reduce the resolution of the game in the Setup exe.

Some minor screen shaking can be noticed because of some hidden rolling balls. It doesn't affect anything in the level anyway.

Kolonaki's Square

Make sure Volumetric FX is turned on.

The Secret of Rhodes Island

Don't save while riding the horse. Keep a savegame before you get on the horse for the first time.

Turn on Volumetric FX.

The Path to Olympus

Tip for the skeleton puzzle: Maybe several arrows might be used to reach the weak point. Lara must be in front of the skeleton and on the blue lightning.

The Tale of Three Brothers

There is a floating flame that occasionally appears in the main chamber after returning from some places. This can be ignored.