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Author(s): AngelR
total rating:6.75 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Andzia9 8 7 8 8
Blue43 8 8 8 8
Ceamonks890 5 5 5 5
Daffy 9 8 7 8
DJ Full 6 8 8 7
eRIC 5 7 5 5
Gerty 4 5 5 4
Glouglouton 7 6 7 6
herothing 9 8 8 10
Jay 8 8 8 9
Jerry 6 7 7 7
Jose 8 8 8 9
Leeth 5 3 6 8
manarch2 7 6 8 8
MichaelP 7 7 7 7
Orbit Dream 5 7 7 7
Phil 8 7 8 8
Roli 7 7 7 6
Ruediger 6 7 8 6
Ryan 7 7 8 7
Scottie 4 5 5 4
Shandroid 7 6 7 7
Spike 4 5 4 4
Torry 7 7 8 7
Vaughnage 9 7 8 9
Zhyttya 6 4 6 5
category averages
(26 reviews)
6.62 6.54 6.96 6.88

Reviewer's comments

"Putting my personal feelings about remakes aside for a bit, I actually enjoyed this two-part retreat into familiar territory more than I expected. The Tomb of Qualopec segment was something that we've seen countless times before (and I wasn't fond of the falling ceiling traps and the earthquakes that were even more annoying than the original level), but since the Great Wall level is rarely seen these days I quite liked returning there again. The environments and texturing throughout are well done and faithful to the original (although a bit grainy by today's standards) and I thought that the dragon boss fight (alongside the T-Rexes) were action packed and engaging. Good fun." - Ryan (10-Apr-2019)

"Two remakes of treasured levels from the heritage games with sufficient twists to keep it interesting. Textures were in my opinion as good as the original games and for the TR1 level that was not so good in the original so to compare the two serves no real purpose. The high quality textures you can use from the Glidos website in TR1 make them far superior to the original and if you have not tried these I suggest you do yourself a favour. The 3 T Rexs in the Wall level near the last secret were a bugger to dispatch as were the 4 dragons at the end but a pleasurable raid nonetheless." - Torry (06-Mar-2018)

"At this point, I've played Tomb of Qualopec & Great Wall so many times now(via both the official games and the numerous amounts of recreations/straight-up ports done over the years), that I can more or less casually walk through both levels with little issue. So I expect any new areas added onto maps as well-established as these, to make the homogeneous trek worth taking again. And unfortunately, AngelR's attempt is just incredibly uninspired in general execution, with the new blocky-looking sections coming off more like a minor nuisance on the path to the end, rather than putting a player's skills to the test. It also doesn't really help that all the new rooms generally feel like they were designed as an afterthought(made especially trivial in Great Wall, where you can most of the time go into a safe area & wait for the spiked walls to pass through one another, as they fade out of existence or manipulate the dragons' AI to ensure they'll do a great job menacing nearby oxygen instead of you, as they raise their heads consistently in retaliation, rather than attack). So overall, there are a few clever ideas in here. But ultimately, its just another series of remakes that don't really do much to break the status quo, of being anything above mediocre at best. Personally wouldn't recommend." - Ceamonks890 (12-Nov-2017)

"An almost faithful remake of Qualopec and Great Wall with few gameplay twists for better and visual expansions for worse. Can be recommended for satisfying secrets and different combat opportunity. SUMMARY (or earlier draft I found): In fact all map is the same except from few mediocre adds but secrets and combat are remarkable." - DJ Full (11-May-2016)

"Buggy cameras, silly IA and some secrets are a bit repetitive on the second level. Some Puzzles on the first level were a bit "buggy", for example, if you fail a jump and destroy a tile on the stairs you are doom to stay in that room forever and die of old age. The earthquake is just annoying and stays forever, and the random selling falling its a bit to random to avoid and hurts a bit to much. On the second level the enemies are a bit absurd.. I never thought of saying this but there are to many T-Rexes on a TR level, and the rest of the family (dragons) just came to the party in the same number. Besides that its a really good level if you want to relive some memories and pass a bit of time.. Really fun and highly recommend it" - Leeth (05-Aug-2015)

"When i first saw it was a remake i was expecting at least the textures to be different, but they are exactly like the original ones. Let's start with the gameplay: there's a few changes in general to the puzzles themselves, which in fact, makes the level more interesting IMO, however, the felling that i get from trying to pass the traps is frustration. It isn't very clear what you need to do, so you have to die a few times in order to discover the perfect move for it. The wolves and the T-Rex are pretty awesome, however, the final BOSSES are incredibly tedious and repetitive. I was at the very end of getting the dagger but i gave up because of the dragons. Some sound effects sounds like they were recorded directly in game. Other than that, i think it was a great remake of the two levels from the first two games! Lara's model is great as well." - Zhyttya (19-Jul-2015)

"This two-part level set is just what the name says - a stroll down memory lane. Lara gets to revisit the Tomb Of Qualopec from TR1 and then gets teleported to the Great Wall from TR2. The game play was similar to the originals but with quite a bit of add-ons in form of new climbable areas with secrets and weapons pickups, added rooms and extra enemies and added objectives. The game play was not hard at all as the treacherous gauntlet from TR2 has lost a little bit it's bite in this remake - on the other hand, there was an added slide/jump/burner sequence, which took a few attempts. The enemies were a bit overdone. I would have been completely satisfied with one dragon and the two T Rexes from the original. I really liked the atmosphere with good choice of ambient sound tracks. The texturing was nicely done and actually looked pretty authentic, as the original textures were used. I found this an enjoyable raid and would definitely recommend it. I think this level is much better than one would expect from the mediocre rating. (60min, 12 secrets found)" - Blue43 (21-Apr-2011)

"Two very interesting remakes, the most parts are indeed faithful remakes, even the rocks have been equal, but some parts are enhanced, like a few traps in Tomb of Qualopec and of course the deep cave and the dragon's lair in The Great Wall, which was quite buggy while playing. Some parts were quite sloppy as the monkeyswinging and the dragon shooting in Great Wall and the falling boulders in Tomb of Qualopec, but in general I found these levels to be a nice nostalgic journey." - manarch2 (27-Mar-2011)

"Almost nostalgic levels. Why almost? Well, we can visting knowing places like Peru or Great Wall. But sometimes many places are different than original. Circle blade was bad animated. And the same to dragon bosses. Pity, that weren't original blades from TR2 in dark tunnel. But it's not that bad level. Textures are nice, very good music." - Andzia9 (24-Nov-2009)

"Tomb of Qualopec (5/6/6/6, 25 min, 6 secrets): For me personally, Qualopec remakes have almost reached the level of Lara's Home Custom Levels. There is just too many out there and almost none of them really warrants a play to see something impressive or new. This one here has a few new traps and one nice jump sequence (good), but the random falling ceiling blocks and earthquakes are simply annoying and the mummies behave very oddly. Also, you can skip almost the entire level by triggering the rolling ball right at the start and leaving through the door where you started - without the Scion of course in this case.
Great Wall (8/8/8/7, 25 min, 6 secrets): This one is much more fun. Not only because there have not been any remakes for this level yet, but also because the gameplay here is better. Yes ok, you hit the end of the world big time at the start, but it improves from there, as soon as the unnerving noise of the helicopter fades away. The secrets are fun to get, the trap gauntlet is engaging but not too challenging, the jumps near the timed fires took a few tries and the battles with four T-Rexes and four dragons almost qualified as a 'Cain moment'." - MichaelP (17-Aug-2009)

"It's tough to evaluate a remake,no matter how many original little tweaks the builder has added to the original.In this instance we have two remakes and quite a few original little tweaks,but not enough to deserve a gameplay rating of anything more than 50%.In fact,I completed the first (Qualopec) level in only 8 minutes by inadvertantly taking a huge shortcut and bypassing most of the level - a very basic gameplay error that really should have been spotted by at least ONE of the betatesters! Elsewhere in this level we are presented with a few additional traps (mainly involving highly irritating falling blocks that are impossible to predict)and one disapointingly cheaty 'invisible platform' sequence. The second (Great Wall) level fares rather better and even develops into a sort of 'potted Tibetan' adventure,replete with nasty Boss fight as a good Finale.Once again,a few tweaks have been made to gameplay progression;but these are generally inferior to what was presented in the original (with the exception of a marvelous sliding-platform sequence).As in the previous level,there are signs of sloppy testing (the end-of-the-world is very easily reached;rolling boulders stop considerably short of damaging Lara) but the atmosphere is well replicated and the lighting and texturing in the additional areas is sympathetic to the original. Ultimately,what we have here are two levels which show due technical homage to Core's originals and add quite a few elements of their own;but not enough to garner especially high praise." - Orbit Dream (11-Aug-2009)

"I feel that this two-part retreat into nostalgia has received something of a bad rap in the reviews. I played both TR1 and TR2 a number of times before devoting myself exclusively to custom levels and therefore became familiar with both games. What we have here is a level similar to TR1's Tomb of Qualopec and a level similar to TR2's Great Wall. I actually had to look back at my old strategy guides to recall exactly how many features of the older levels were duplicated here. At no time, however, did I get the impression that I was playing a rehashed remake, and I actually had a fun time for the hour and a half that I spent navigating both parts. The Qualopec segment suffered a bit from texture boredom, but the Great Wall segment was bright and cheery. If the main criterion in judging a release is how much enjoyment one derives from the gaming experience (maybe it is, maybe it isn't), then this two-parter is certainly deserving of above-average marks. Recommended." - Phil (06-Aug-2009)

"My first thought was "old wine in new wineskins". I mean: What is so particularly in these both Levels? They correspond in wide parts to the original from TR1 and TR2. What should one value? That here was well copied? Allowedly, a few things were changed and a few new rooms have come there. But even more has not happened. Or, nevertheless? Exactly here lies my problem. I am only a player. I have absolutely no notion, how big the effort was whether AngelR has built everything itself whether he has copied just something and has carried out then a few changes. Ordinarily interests me such a thing rather a little, because I am not a level builder. But here I would know already with pleasure, how big the effort was. And there I am already with my next problem. How should I value this level? This reminds me of Tomb Raider City Remake by Christian_c. There I was the only one from a total of 15 Reviewern which has awarded a low score. The level builder had copied just the original, had here and there carried out a few tiny changes and that it was. At least this was my train of thought at that time. And I cannot understand till this day the high evaluations. Just it goes for me with the level of AngelR. Should I value now this level at least with 7? If it was a little bit completely new, I would make this anyway, but I see, actually, only small changes which an evaluation which lies with at least 7 would not justify. The point is: I can only value what I see. And here I see only few changes in compare to the original. Or more exactly said, it IS the original. The few changes hardly count there. For me it looks in such a way, as if AngelR suffers from lack of ideas, but absolutely wants to bring out something. As said, I can be also mistaken, but this is my quite personal impression. I hold a high evaluation, hence, for not right." - Scottie (04-Aug-2009)

"I think this is an excellent level, I found it very fun to play. I love remakes for some reason, although sometimes not original enough or too original, this one is just great I think. The first level, Qualopec was decent enough, though I've played too many remakes of this one before. I havent played a Great Wall level editor level before, so it was a good first for me. This game is great, so download it!" - Vaughnage (28-Jul-2009)

"Two classic levels rebuilt with some variety, not always for the better. It could have needed some extra work in the lights and gameplay testing departments. For example, the rolling balls in "Great Wall" don't hit you, they roll towards you and then stop conveniently. I got into one corner where Lara "does the jig", and nearby she finds the end of the world. Anyhow, I liked the idea of replaying classic levels with a bit of a twist, the atmosphere was there, just what the title promised. "Qualopec" I haven't played for such a long time that only the raptor coming out of the corridor reminded me "oh, that one, of course!". Last not least, Lara looks much better than in the old days." - Ruediger (27-Jul-2009)

"Good work for a remake. Tomb of Qualopeq was one of the most rebuilded levels, but there are some modifications which do the game more interesting. The Great Wall was the best for me 'cause took me to the past when I was happy playing TR levels. The levels are very well builded and there are many rooms and features the same of the original levels (90%) but there are another new rooms created by the author which give a personal touch to the game. Easy gameplay, well known puzzles and traps, good architecture, well textured, correct enemies, I only could find 9 of 12 secrets. Good work." - Jose (24-Jul-2009)

"Another remake levels, but with extended levels. You will raid in Tomb Of Qualopec, and the Great Wall Of China. 50% original gameplay + 50% extended (i think). Textures from the original games, objects too, expect the Lara outfit, and the pistols. :P I loved it, this level bring the memories :-D Nothing special, if you have a little free-time, try it! :-)" - Roli (23-Jul-2009)

"Oops, as I found a huge shortcut in the Qualopec level LOL. Not sure how, but I triggered the rolling ball (couldn't find anything else to do) so went back, jumping over the ball to the start and the door there opened. The earthquake made me really sick to my stomach so I was glad I dodged all the fallen debris (stay close to the walls) and ended up in the Great wall level. We've been all there and although there are new (nasty) traps thrown in for good measure I still rather play the original. The dragon was a pain in the butt as he (or she) must have been on something. Lara caught on fire too many times. Textures could really use some attention, as they are right in Lara's face. Also the lighting is rather bland. There are places one can reach the end of the world and I had a great time to try them out." - Gerty (21-Jul-2009)

"And again some kind of remake of TR1 and 2, but with some modifications in gameplay, and this is always a good idea instead of releasing a 1:1 remake. But I did not like this neverending earthquake in level #1, more precisely this was a real pest, the more so in combination with those falling rocks that kept invisible until they fell down and killed Lara every second step. Level #2 is the rebuilt Chinese Wall level from TR2, also a little modified, but nevertheless well-known. Some of the traps like the moving spike walls are easy to handle, just let them pass and then continue on your way without a rush. Just make sure not to save in such a place, because the spike walls will start moving again after reloading. Besides a couple of spiders you will encounter some more dinos here and additionally some fire-spitting dragons. I liked this level set, although it is a bit short with only 2 levels and about 1 hour of playing time, and in the end it was nothing but a remake. I remember only 3 secrets, but the statistics say I found 6." - Jerry (21-Jul-2009)

"A remake is always difficult to judge is able that commands us to influence already by the original. Although game takes place in a familiar decor, they quickly realise that the author put in it his personal key to offer us a gameplay who finally makes us forget that places are known. The first part is not too much complicated to play and ends by an earthquake which leads you in the second part, there some passages are less obvious to pass up to the final rather original. It is a good level which I thought amusing to play with the nostalgia of the first TombRaider." - Daffy (21-Jul-2009)

"I am usually really happy never again visiting Qualopec's Tomb, as it was my second least favorite place in TR1, but this little visit wasn't so horrible. There were plenty of differences and many of the same, but there were a few too many falling ceilings which can be very bad depending where you last saved. I liked the little twist of what came first in the original came last. I am really happy The Great Wall was second. The original level lives lovingly in my memory, as I was so excited when TR2 came out that I almost passed out. I even remember what the day was like when I first played it. This remake was not too different, except for the end, which was a really a nice surprise. The secrets were a bit easy, even the ones that weren't supposed to be. I was really good at usurping the traps! Ha! If you liked these original levels, you might enjoy this remake." - Shandroid (21-Jul-2009)

"Perhaps one out of 3 custom remakes of official levels are of the first world in TR1. Geez, what a joy to visit one of these places again. Even with new [very welcome] areas or twists, one can't help to think that it is too much. The end of the 1st level with many random falls of debris was not good gameplay. The great wall was more welcome as it is a level that has not been remade , and there is greater challenges here. I wonder why I did not have a background audio loop in that 2nd level. As far as changes from the original levels are concerned, why not improving the original texturing , and create a better lighting ?" - eRIC (21-Jul-2009)

"I thought this was quite a nice adventure, i had some very serious Flashbacks when i played this, mostly of TR2. Rooms are very delicate in creation and i noticed some very little things that make the rooms actually look and feel like past TR games. Lighting and Textres were faultless and very very well done. Atmosphere was also flawless at most times. The enemies were mostly the same as the older Tomb Raider games but improved, the objects being a little different. Overall i thought this was an astounding remake and i would like to see another on the way. Grade = A-" - herothing (20-Jul-2009)

"More like a mad dash down memory lane most of the time but definitely a real nostalgia trip. OK, we've been back to Qualopec quite a few times so the novelty value there was not enormous, but oh the joy of returning to the Great Wall. Both areas have been lovingly recreated by the builder and are a re-imagining rather than a slavish copy of the originals, so some places will be hauntingly familiar and others not at all. It starts out in a deceptively gentle manner and becomes progressively more challenging. There are definitely one or two sequences (mainly in Great Wall) that would have been beyond the ability of most players in those early days of tomb raiding. I thought the combination of old and new worked very well and I loved the boss ending." - Jay (20-Jul-2009)

"Lara really needs to visit a specialist one day - she has far too many unpleasant dreams. This time, she's once again dumped in two very familiar areas, tasked with...well, the same as last time really. The levels themselves mostly play out the same as they always did, with a few changes here and there that are both decent and frustrating in equal measures. Adding more traps to these levels may have been a good idea on paper, but in actual fact they cause more harm than good. Tomb of Qualopec far exceeded the acceptable quota of falling ceilings, and without any way of knowing where they will land, an awful lot of reloads were in order. The Great Wall did a little better in this department however, yet the core gameplay is still the same as it always was (which by this point, is generally simplistic and uninteresting). The visuals don't fare too well either, with ToQ having almost non-existent lighting throughout, as well as a plethora of stretched, squashed and repetitive textures everywhere you look. Once again, the Great Wall fared somewhat better (with better texturing and some suitable coloured lighting here and there), but was still of a generally average quality overall. The lack of effective lighting (and easily reachable End Of The World at the Great Wall) took a large chunk out of any potential atmosphere, and coupled with a few other noticeable problems throughout (incorrect or buggy triggers - including a brand new 2 for 1 deal on secrets! - silent doors, etc.), the level as a whole doesn't do too much to impress. While there are some good moments here and there, altogether it feels rushed together with little care put into improving the original levels." - Spike (20-Jul-2009)

"To begin this 2 levels based on TR1 and TR2 are quite good. The tomb of qualopec respects the spirit of the original but it doesn't add anything (in fact i was already bored of the original). The great wall is better because we can find more new rooms and tasks and the new end with some dragons is enjoyable. About the improvement the autor must do, lighting and textures must be worked." - Glouglouton (19-Jul-2009)
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