The Buried City of Susa  

Cropped against the horizon of the scorched plains of Juzistan, in southwest Iran, the great ruins of Susa rise. Here, under a series of mounds, lies the remains of a large city that controlled important itineraries that departed from ancient Mesopotamia to the east, crossing the Zagros mountain range.

According to the Persian tradition, Susa was the first city in the world. Susa was founded by the legendary King Hushang who discovered the way to make fire with iron and flint.

Undoubtedly, it must have been one of the earliest: urban life flourished at the beginning of the fourth millennium BC, and its craftsmen made some of the most elegant ceramics in the world: stylized vases, decorated with birds and hunting dogs. Lara will travel there in search of ancient artifacts.
Lara Croft and the Forty Thieves

It is well known in the city of Yazd, Iran that the old Arabian Nights tales were based at least in part in truth. Due to some strange and ancient magic, every 100 years, the legendary forty thieves resurrect in their cave and wreak havoc on Yazds historical district, robbing the local cultural centers of their valuables. It is thought that their immortality has something to do with their Djinn master who guards their cave of treasures. In anticipation of this event, Lara Croft is called in to lay the thieves to rest once and for all so innocent life can be spared.

Lara arrives on the scene just outside the thieves cave and plans to meet with her contacts at the nearby night bazaar for valuable information and supplies. In exchange for Laras services, she has been invited to help herself to the thieves loot, which is sure to contain some curious trinkets and treasures...perhaps even the fabled magic lamp itself?
Bandit's Keep  
People running around with swords but it is no big deal, probably. They could be searching for an ancient, secret, potentially dangerous artefact called 'The Dagger of Time', also known as 'The Crowbar'. Lara is also interested in this artefact so she begins her search in an old friend's house which is literally opposite the ancient ruin. She will also be sure to mow down anyone with a big sword because... perception?
Secrets of a Lost City  

Lara is in Persia exploring the ancient temple of Ahriman - the Persian God of Darkness. They called him the supreme devil, the source of all evil and unrighteousness, of darkness and death, of impurity and illegality.

Little did Lara know there was still an active cult of Ahriman lurking in the shadows of a Lost City underneath the temple. Dangerous people even willing to sacrifice our heroine to please their God.

When Ancients Ruled the World

Scientists have discovered the long-lost existence of super-intelligent creatures that once ruled the world. They were known only as “The Ancients”. Nobody knew who they were or how they looked. For many years it has been just an interesting historical discovery like many before…..but then suddenly some unbelievable facts based on an old document shocked the world. It has been discovered that after their rule had fallen, "The Ancients" realized their only chance for survival was to infiltrate mankind and pretend to be cute dumb animals that we've seen every day for centuries. They were apparently responsible for many events throughout the decades without anybody ever suspecting they might be something other than just another animal species.

Will our everyday life ever be the same? Will we spend the rest of our lives suspecting our pets, dogs, cats……thinking they actually might be super-intelligent beings that are just waiting for their moment? No way! We must find out which creatures are in question ASAP. Recent discovery claims there are ten supreme leaders that have control of all the remaining descendants of “The Ancients” and that they want to renew their past glory and rule the world once again! Those ten are apparently located somewhere in Persia.They chose their destination upon learning that humans would think of Persia as the most natural place for these creatures to be seen in large groups.

After much researching, the probable location of their base was found and the best agent was sent there. After a long struggle, he managed to break into the heart of their base and get away from ten rulers, taking with him the magical plant whose seed represents not only the source of their power, but also contains all the information mankind needs. Unfortunately, somewhere on his journey back, his camel accidentally stomped on him during a break, killing him instantly, while the plant was nowhere to be found. It was obviously an unfortunate accident because nobody else could have been there without being seen.

“Damn, we were so close to stopping all this. I still can’t believe that one single camel was everything that prevented us from learning which animal is not what we think it is…..such bad luck. You surely know what we have to ask you to do Lara!”
“Of course I do. I am going to pack and I’m on my way....”
“You sound strange...there is something in your voice that just...”
“You don’t see it yourself?”
“See what”?
“I never thought that such a skillful agent could be killed by just a piece of “bad luck”, as you called it. Either he wasn’t that good after all or….”
“Oh, I assure you, he was the best”.
“…..or else it wasn’t bad luck at all…..”
“What are you pointing at, Lara?”
“Those camels.....Nevermind, I’m on my way….”

The Temple of the Venerables  

A very ancient and little-known legend tells about the Venerables.
They were ancient beings whose origins go back to time immemorable. They fought the evil Shraas, also named "The Destroyers Of Worlds", they defeated them and they banished them far away, beyond the stars. So the world became a place where the mankind could live.

After this the Venerables disappeared or fell asleep, but in the place where they are sleeping, a temple was built.
Many centuries later men began to worship new gods, they forgot the Venerables and above their temple was built a ziggurrat.

According some other legends this ziggurrat was the White Temple of Uruk.
Under there many ancient artifact with mysterious powers are kept.
Now the war and the political instability of Middle East, which promote the traffic of artworks and archeological finds, could jeopardize these artifacts and they could turn up in wrong hands, so Lara comes to the decision to find and explore the Temple of the Venerables.
But someone else is looking for one powerful Venerables' artifact.
Sandstorm over Daraya

Daraya is a very small city near the Persian Gulf. Normally it is a nice city full of tourists looking at the history of old Persia. It has no problems… normally!! But for the past few weeks there has been a sandstorm over the whole city… the tourists are gone, the people have to stay home and the economy is in a miserable condition.
But there is hope!!! Lara Croft is there to help the city… What a tough girl she is!

Or maybe she wants only one more artifact for her vault in Croft Manor…

The Tale of the Lost Brother  

Lara Croft has decided to visit one of her best friends, Vashti, in an ancient city in the Middle East. But she has been imprisoned by a terrible vizier, Sharam, who wants to take control over mystical powers from ancient Persia. Lara Croft must save Vashti and her city and at same time, find her brother who chased Sharam to far lands to stop him and now, he's lost.

In Search of Immortality

Lara decides to spend her summer holidays in Persia at Shiraz, one of Persia's best-known cities, to relax from her adventures. While walking among the markets, she hears a voice coming from someone who calls her - a flute player who tells her the history of the plant of immortality. Located in a mysterious temple, the plant can give immense powers to anyone who takes it, but there's no way to escape safely from the temple once taken. Many people tried to perform the act, but not one of them lived...

Lara, as usual, knows that she can get out of that "cursed" place, so she walks towards the temple in the night...

Lara of Arabia  

The lost city of Atlantis is the most infamous legend of a lost city amongst archaeological circles. Having completed the challenge of visiting this, the most well-known of lost cities, Lara has now turned her attention to other similar legends. Her curiously is captivated by the Middle East’s legend of a lost city, known as Ubar or Atlantis of the Sands. This once grand ‘city of towers’ is said to have disappeared beneath the desert sands, and its location is now unknown.

One time British archaeologist T. E. Lawrence, better known as Lawrence of Arabia, is said to have planned an expedition to find the lost city, however, his plans never came to fruition, as he was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident in May 1935, before he could mount an expedition. Through her many contacts in archaeological circles, Lara has acquired an old diary of Lawrence, in which he records his ideas about the location of Atlantis of the Sands. As she reads, Lara grows hungry to follow Lawrence’s footsteps and to succeed at the expedition that he was never able to attempt. Also described by some as the lost city of gold and frankincense, what hidden treasures might lie within Ubar? Lara sets off for the Middle East to begin her quest for Atlantis of the Sands, determined to become: Lara of Arabia.

Before the Afterglow  

It has been reported that people of NorthWestern Iran see in their dreams brief glimpses of the ancient Persian empire.

Lara Croft is exploring in this region searching for an ancient artifact, the hourglass of time.

A Perfume from Ispahan  

Lara has heard that the Sword of Damascus was hidden in an ancient Persian village. That sounds like an adventure that she cannot resist. Will she finally find the entrance to a treasure?

Finding Aladdin  

One stormy evening Lara finds Zip playing a computer game. 

Which one this time, Zip?” asks Lara.  “Prince of Persia” says Zip.  “Very good, nearly finished”. 

Ah .. Persia” says Lara.  “That would be an interesting place to explore, plenty of artefacts and palaces … and  otherworldly  enemies – no match for me of course!”

Of course!” laughs Zip.


Well I’m off to bed, Zip.  I’ll probably dream about Persia now, maybe having to rescue some poor Princess locked in a tower or something – or maybe even Aladdin!!  Doesn’t have to be a damsel in distress does it?  And with all that thunder outside, it would be an interesting dream!

Zip laughs again.  “Goodnight Lara”.

Sometime later Lara is asleep when suddenly she hears Zip’s voice – “Lara, two evil demigods have kidnapped Aladdin!!  Mrs Aladdin is very upset!!” 

“I’ll get my guns” yawns Lara.

The Prison of the Daeva  
Lara goes in search of the prison of the Daeva, ancient gods of the Persian mythology.