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Fragments of the Core


release date: 12-Jul-2004
difficulty: challenging
duration: very long

average rating: 9.58
review count: 34
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file size: 105.44 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc
Hall of Fame

author profile(s):

Long time ago a fragment was found in what we now call Alaska - collected by a norse tribe the artefact's force was used by the sorcerer Qanyuntha to increase their power. But Qanyuntha fell into darkness... the artefact now called Qanyuntha took away his soul and his mind - his remaining body still restless... the tribesmen locked him in the Cathedral of Hope - wishing the power of Qanyuntha not to be unleashed. Another fragment was found by the Greek, less perilous for it's keeper... but nevertheless mysterious - the Theon artefact had been brought into a temple, an offering to the mighty gods. Guarded by the gods, only the one who would enter the secret temple complex of Theon and fulfill the quests of the gods will be able to reach the artefact's chamber. Present day. Strange signals coming from a spot in the Atlantic - seaquakes, erosions... attracting the attention of scinetists. Thus Nenivor was found... and brought to a secret lab in the Bahamas; NL Technologies' Headquarters, high security area. But they do not know what artefact of dreadful power they found. Vatnaj?kull, Iceland. Deep in the caves under the surface lies a mystic blue temple-complex. Iceland, becoming the outskirts of Hell as the shadow of Marvatuyk raises. The last fragment of the core lies in the heart of the volcano with it's terrible guardians. Fear kept every human being away from this hideous place. prologue 1985: England, University of Oxford, late afternoon. These four artefacts of unknown power, said Lara, turning to her friend Jill, were once deep in the earth's core. But aeons ago, they came to the surface. A strange Celtic tribe in what we now call Alaska found one of them, and they brought it to the palace of their sorcerer, Qanyuntha. Qanyuntha became obsessed by the artefact's power and used it to summon evil creatures, and to increase his own power. But there was a price to pay, and gradually the artefact took his soul. He mutated into a hideous monster, and the terrified tribesmen locked him in his palace. It is said that the artefact's power has kept him alive to this very day. Just a tale, said Jill, glancing at Lara's stubborn face. The palace has never been found. Forget about it, it's rubbish. Though Jill and Lara had been like sisters for seven years, Jill was beginning to believe Lara was going insane. You're wrong, replied Lara. The palace was covered by rock, mud, ice and snow. I know where it has to be. Oh? On the banks of the Yukon river. A recent expedition of scientists and researchers found an underground passage that led down to a strange temple. They explored it, but they never came back. There were local rumours that they'd been killed by strange creatures. Just stories. I've already booked the tickets. My flight leaves tomorrow. Will you join me or not? Lara, you are seventeen, and all you ever seem to do is mess around with dusty books in libraries. All you talk about is ancient temples, myths and legends. Get a life, and forget about this Qanyuntha nonsense. I see. Well, I will have to go alone then. Fine. Lara fetched her rucksack, ran out into the rain and hailed a passing taxi. Lara! Jill ran after the taxi, but it vanished round a corner, leaving her alone in the rain. A few days later, Lara arrived at the hidden passage found by the scientific expedition, and it indeed turned out to be the entrance to the palace of Qanyuntha.

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Jun 19, 2009: On author request download no longer available from - the author is not willing to distribute the level files any longer so please do not contact her on this subject matter.