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Titan Express


Dan the Jazzman
release date: 29-Jul-2004
difficulty: easy
duration: short

average rating: 7.57
review count: 26
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file size: 20.90 MB
file type: TR4
class: Train

author profile(s):

Lara stared in shock at the document under her nose. A message from MI5 had been faxed through to her. A security breach at a British owned laboratory in Greenland last night resulted in the theft of a large batch of unprocessed weapons grade explosives. If processed correctly, they could be made into large scale chemical weapons- it is imperative that they are found and returned to the British laboratory before they leave Greenland. Lara knew what this meant. MI5 only contacted her when they needed her. She was right. As she finished reading, another sheet was already sliding out of her fax machine. She was being summoned to Greenland immediately. Once out in the bitter cold of Greenland that evening she was greeted by her contact, Professor Philip Aldred. They both got into a jeep and Professor Aldred started driving across the bleak landscape. It's a cold night to be out. The snow came on all of a sudden this afternoon, are you going to be okay dressed like that? Fine, I'll put a hat on. Happy now? She replied with her usual sarcasm. Yes, it suits you. Said the professor absent-mindedly. Anyway, where are these chemicals now? I've been kept in the dark since I got here. Oh, yes of course. Well, as you know they were taken from our laboratory last night under the cover of darkness. Luckily, we have CCTV footage of the thieves in action, one has been identified, a certain Charles Jenkins. He was working for us but appears to be an undercover member of the Russian Mafia. He calls himself an officer, he may have links to the Russian army but we're working on uncovering his real identity as we speak. He'd been working as a security worker for years, of all things... So what exactly happened? said Lara, sensing the professor might be in the wrong job himself. Well, this Jenkins organized a large scale operation to steal these chemicals in the dead of night. After dealing with the other security there was on the site at the time, he could use his pass to open the warehouse doors so the chemicals could be removed and piled into a truck. A large quantity of toxic liquid solvent was loaded into a tanker and disappeared too. Jenkins managed to remove the footage from most of the CCTV cameras but forgot the one watching the entrance to the warehouse itself, so we still managed to catch him on film, along with the two vehicles. But we couldn't trace them, they had no numberplates and we only discovered the theft in the morning, by which time they were long gone. However, we feel sure this must be linked to a recent development we've been keeping an eye on... Lara looked up and realized they were pulling up to what looked at first like a building site, with cars parked around and fencing surrounding the area. But as she looked closer she realized... A train! She exclaimed Yes, you see, this is the next step of their plan. We're sure the chemicals made it into here. Ever since they were stolen there's been a lot of attention going on here, extra security and the like. Originally we assumed they were building a train station on the end of these tracks but there's no record of any such development being planned, and anyway the nearest town is miles away. A few months ago a train was hijacked and disappeared completely, and we're now sure it must be under the roof of that warehouse there. Well, unless you can think of anything else that would fit into a warehouse that shape. Lara pointed out. No, that's true. Besides, there's no other way they could transport those chemicals across a land like this. It would take too long, but these tracks go straight to the coast where I assume they have a ship waiting. You assume? Haven't you checked? Said Lara, incredulously. Well... no. We haven't had much time, and we don't want to let on that we know what they're doing. We doubt it'll arrive until the last minute anyway. And besides, when the train gets there it'll be completely empty. You'll have seen to that I see, of course. So what will I do? That's up to you, do whatever you want as long as the chemicals aren't there when the train arrives. The Professor stopped the car. It's too late to recover these chemicals, they're in the wrong hands now. We could only get them back by force, which would take manpower. If we did that the whole operation would be splashed on every front page across the world. We can't afford for anyone to know about this, that's why we're relying on you to get this done with the minimum amount of fuss. That's what I do best. I'm sure you haven't even heard of my best exploits for the same reason, She said with a smile. Good. Listen, the train could leave in five minutes, it could leave tomorrow, we don't know. But you need to get past the security without raising the alarm and make sure you're on that train when it leaves. You should find a tanker with a green liquid in it- that's the solvent we're worried about- and there should be several containers of unprocessed explosives in another carriage. Make sure you eradicate both, then make your way up to the roof of the front carriage to be collected. The rest is up to you. Right. Looks like I'm in for a treat. She sighed as she opened the door and stepped out onto the snow. Good luck Lara. We know we can count on you. Said the professor as he started the engine and drove off. Lara looked around and spotted a hole in the fence nearby. This shouldn't be too difficult, she thought. The Russians clearly aren't any match for the Brits.