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Titan Express by Dan the Jazzman

Aims 7 7 8 7
Blue43 7 6 9 8
Catherin 6 7 8 6
CC 6 7 8 7
Christian 7 6 9 7
Cory 9 9 9 9
Danja 5 6 7 4
eTux 7 9 9 8
Gerty 7 8 9 8
Jay 7 7 9 9
Jerry 6 7 9 8
John 6 7 7 6
Jose 8 8 8 8
Kristina 6 7 7 8
Lara_Fox_Croft 9 6 9 7
MichaelP 7 8 9 9
misho98 5 8 9 8
Mulf 8 7 8 7
Orbit Dream 8 8 10 7
Oxy 9 8 9 9
Phil 7 8 8 8
Ryan 7 8 9 8
Sash 5 6 8 5
sonnyd83 8 8 8 8
Treeble 7 8 8 8
TRTheoP 9 7 8 7
release date: 29-Jul-2004
# of downloads: 135

average rating: 7.57
review count: 26
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file size: 20.90 MB
file type: TR4
class: Train

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"A short and fun little level aboard the titan express where the gameplay is mostly easy and simple and relies on you exploring the train for objects, keys and switches to progress, but theres some clever little tasks here to gain access to different parts of the train which were fun and interesting. i liked the puzzle where you have to find the lasersight so you can shoot and blow up part of the train to find a crowbar to use in the control room and puzzle with the key in the toxic water was good as well, throw in some nice flyby cameras, some enemies and some fun exploring and tricky platforming and youve got yourself a great experience here" - John (25-Aug-2021)
"Titan Express by Dan the Jazzman reminds you of the original train level in TR4 but with some more advances that make it succeed the original one. The whole concept of exploding the wagon of the train was phenomenal and I think it is one of the best puzzles that someone could put in a train level. Flyby cameras were pretty nice and ammo provided was at the exact quantity required for this level without being in abundance or scarcity. There is only one type of enemy in the whole level (red ninjas) which was a bit disappointing since I am sure that some more types would be able to stick in this level. Furthermore the level is pretty small compared to the storyline written in the description of the level which was a bit weird. Conclusion: A nice train level to spend some time playing. One could say that it is very close and even better than the original one of TR4." - TRTheoP (21-Jun-2018)
"Dan the Jazzman took the concept of the train level and ran with it, the result being the best custom train level that there is so far, an area in which the competition is…somewhat less than stiff. Still, Dan made the most of this concept, which is highly restrictive for technical reasons (pretty much everything about a train level is hardcoded). Whatever you've seen in TR4's "Desert Train" you'll find here as wellâ€"the one exception being the Enemy Jeep catching up with the train as a plausible source for more enemies to battleâ€"in a new, well-realised environment, and with a very fine, very big explosion near the end, which warrants repeated viewings. The level is cleverly constructed and doesn't require any backtracking beyond the amount inherent in the concept itself; essential plot points are conveyed in-game via messages from Lieutenant Whatshisname and to Steve the Repairman; quirks range from the (secret) graffiti to the fact that the only reason you have for blowing up an entire car is for you to scavenge a - steel bar' (a. k. a. crowbar) from its smoking remains. In this context, I didn't mind the level's central implausibility (somebody just happened to drop a crucial key into a pool of poisonous goo). One sequence I particularly liked was that you can sneak past the first enemy you encounter and hop across to the next carriage; when you then start wreaking havoc there by bashing in crates etc., that enemy will try and come investigate, but fail to make the diagonal jump and die an ignominious death. If I have one regret, it's that it wasn't possible to shove the forklift off the train. It was clearly asking for it!" - Mulf (17-Feb-2018)
"A nice little train level with a few original touches. Rather short as is the norm for train levels, but fun while it lasted. Your goal is to obtain a key located inside some poisonous liquid and you will locate clues in documents to help you in your search. The twist on the Tomb Raider music was nice too. Recommended for a pleasant interlude." - Ryan (20-Oct-2016)
"Sure, it's a train level, but it's fun to play. There are some memorable moments along the way, especially the demolition of one of the cars to reveal the crowbar. You also need to find a way to drain a car of deadly green goo so you can get a crucial key. There are some agonizing back and forth endeavors, made all the more frustrating because you know there's really only a fairly short distance to travel. Of course, if it were otherwise the level would have lasted only five minutes or so instead of the 30 it took me. Surprisingly enough, the builder's story line is longer than Yoav's walkthrough! Even if you're not particularly fond of train levels, give this one a try." - Phil (15-Jan-2014)
"Good level this time. There are some secrets to find and some surprises. Again, shoot ninjas as enemies and jump from vagon to vagon looking for the keys you need to open the exit door. At least there is no much backtracking and the level was entertaining. Good work." - Jose (09-Sep-2013)
"I thought about to make a train level, then I wanted to try the best one of, I found yours. G&P= This is fresh, and really short. But really pleasant ^^ Some keys to find, and few things to do, I really love the big explosion ! E, O & S= I laughed a lot when I found one of the secrets. Enemies were TR4 stupid ninjas ^^ Objects fits well to the level. A S & Cameras= Really nice! I like the musics in a TR style. Atmosphere had been well made. Cameras supports well the story. Lighting and textures:L= a bit too dark and maybe too flat in some places. T= well placed, I saw only one distorded texture. To conclude a really nice level, a bit down rated by some people, yes this is a short level, but a really enjoyable level ! I recommand it !" - Lara_Fox_Croft (13-Jul-2013)
"Good train level. The gameplay is not bad - shoot some ninjas, jump through different wagons, find sone keys. But there weren't any puzzles and I think some could've been included. Everything else was nice - texturing wasn't perfect but it looked good. The atmosphere is the highest point of the level - very TR5-ish even if the original game doesn't inculde a train level. At least the enemies could've been different, something like guards? I don't know. Recommended for train-fans, but don't expect very much." - misho98 (08-Jul-2012)
"I love a good train level, and this is a perfect example, with a compelling storyline. This takes place on a customised train which is heading to Greenland, the flyby is fantastic and the music is a TR4 classic but more upbeat. This has a 'cold war' feel to it, everything is very grey and the train itself looks 50 years behind the times. Texturing is seamless with plenty of wooden textures and industrial ones, and some radio textures, and the container of liquid has skull and cross bones - usually a bad sign! Your aim is to collect the key which is hidden under toxic liquid. You will find a clue as to what to do, but there are a few ninjas in your way. Anyway, the best way is to explore various carriages and pull levers, shoot boxes, and pick up bits of paper, and some carriages can be accessed via a trapdoor or at the side, so shimmying and climbing required. A couple of keys further on, you find yourself in a cabin with explosives, if you shoot these within the room, they all explode and you die - the aftermath of the explosion is quite good. Anyway, you need a revolver, but this is well hidden, the item it's hidden under isn't well indicated and it's the last place you'd look. After this bit is completed, you can then turn on some old computer equipment which looks really impressive and even has genuine sound fx, then empty the toxic liquid , collect another key, and then the helicopter finale. My favourite parts were the flypast by military aircraft occasionally. The cameras are used well when Lara needs to quickly glance at something interesting. All in all, this is a very genuine and complete mission based level and has many original elements, although perhaps the ninjas were a bit out of place. Net gameplay is 37 minutes. Found 2 secrets." - sonnyd83 (24-May-2012)
"A train-level with a story-line. Through wagons, over their roofs, fighting some Ninjas to get two keys and finally a very impressive flyby: Shooting some explosives gives access to the crowbar - a stunning sequence, without any doubt the highlight of the level. The crowbar is needed to pollute the environment with toxic water - draining a wagon finally gives access to a key needed to reach the locomotive and the end of this short level of half an hour of gameplay. Gameplay, puzzles and enemy-setting is a bit mediocre. What makes this level so interesting is the very realistic train-atmosphere. Interesting work!" - Christian (15-Aug-2010)
"Since I always wanted to play a train level, I picked this one because it has the highest ratings and I was not disappointed. This is probably as good as a level that happens on a moving train can get. The gameplay was excellent and rather easy, the textures and lighting are good and the camera work with the flybys was really great. There are several ninjas, which are the only enemies in this level. I liked the idea with the written notes as hints. The idea with the notes and blowing up the last wagon was also a nice touch. A very enjoyable level overall. If you haven't played a train level yet, give this one a try!" - Blue43 (01-Jun-2010)
"There are not so many train levels out there, maybe due to the limited gameplay that can be offered in such a limited location. This level is no exception. It's quite similar to the original train level: Jump and run on and through the waggons, kill some ninjas (who I found not so well fitting in here), find some keys, weapons and the crowbar, then finally escape by heli. Blowing off one of the waggons was a nice effect and the highlight in this level." - Jerry (22-Sep-2009)
"This train level is very nice build and textured. Enemies are ninja guards, not challenging at all. Atmosphere is too dark in some places, also background music started getting on my nerves. :-) Flyby cameras are very well done. I liked the aeroplane flights, which were kind of scary, and the game-play, which is investigating the train - the task is to empty the wagon with chemicals that they can't make weapons. The burning room with explosion is a "must see". I also liked the helicopter which picked up Lara in the end. Game-play is easy, recommended also to beginners." - Oxy (05-May-2009)
"This train level is special because of the great flyby cameras and the effects like the explosion. I also liked the messages you find on your way and draining one wagon was also a nice idea. Pretty well done level. A linear gameplay and some ninjas to fight." - Catherin (02-Aug-2006)
"Well, a good train level. Better than the ''Desert Railroad''. It looks really good, exspessially the starting flyby. The level is very easy to play. (How did the crowbar appeared after that great explosion??? I supposed the wagon will disappear, but never mind). There were well a lot of objects, but strange enemies. I expected some other ones. The secrets are good, exspessially the "Dan the jazzman was Ere". I've never seen such a secret. As I've already told, the cameras are great, sound is good as well. I'm sorry to say that, but really don't like the Horizons with black beneath. Now the lighting. Everything is the same, I don't have much to say! The textures are taken from other TR-levels, but it looks good. That was it." - Danja (05-Jun-2006)
"This is one of the better train levels I've played. The author has added some interesting features and has written a long and detailed storyline in the readme file. So, we are in Greenland. That would explain the snow on the track and Lara's arctic outfit. But it doesn't explain the ninjas on board, as the bad guys here are supposed to be the Russians, who have stolen raw chemical liquid stuff in an open container(!). Lara, rather than trying to stop the train, has to drain this container, and it hit me that this would be an absolute disaster in real life. And this happens 'after' she explodes the last carriage, not to mention the military jets that fly over every now and then. Talk about a moving weapon of mass destruction. Although all these actions were cleverly done, it went against the grain to consider this scenario. So, trying to look at this purely as a custom level, it's a good romp on a train, with the usual story of working your way through, on top of, and along the sides of the carriages, to find keys and use switches. A very short level, but try and get the secret at the back of the train. As you climb up to through the trapdoor and before you head for the other one, go to the back of the train and have a look." - CC (01-Aug-2005)
"This level is the best train level I've played and the only one LOL :D. It was very fast moving and it felt like you had a time limit seeing as how fast the train was going. Everytime I did something I immediately ran to the front of the train. I felt it was a little repetitive though having to run back and forward but eventually I made it. The letters were very helpful telling you clues that something would set alight. When I put the bar in I was puzzled how to finish but I eventually did it. This was a very good level and the builder made a great level. Well done!" - Cory (06-Dec-2004)
"This is the current reigning champ of the 'Excellent Short levels' category; a really splendid little blast which is constantly entertaining and often rather clever. The plot is nicely introduced in the Read-Me (although a little long-winded for such a small level) and effectively told through Flybys and Readable Pick-ups. The carriages were a tad too dark at times but the Custom additions worked very well indeed. If this had been the central level in a bigger set (and if the others had maintained its high standards) then this would have been a staggeringly good adventure. As it is it remains (for better or for worse) a hugely enjoyable piece of froth; but brilliant all the same." - Orbit Dream (09-Oct-2004)
"It's been a while since I don't play a custom level for reviewing purposes but I believe I am being fair. I've always been a sucker for these train levels and this one was no exception. And to tap it all - it was completely different from Desert Railroad which in my opinion was pretty good. The architecture is from a usual train so there's nothing extraordinary in that aspect but this one has a story and also some interesting stuff in it. Like blowing up a wagon picking and reading notes from workers and draining one wagon. I might have said too much (LOL) but as you play along the level you'll realize that's what you got to do. You just need to find the needed means to accomplish these tasks. Recommended. 3 secrets 45 minutes." - Treeble (20-Sep-2004)
"Loved the camera work loved the last carriage explosion loved the last of the three secrets for its wit even loved the idea of emptying the green discharge from the tanker but I can't go past feeling that it is almost the stock standard train level. I do give kudos for the above mentioned injections into what has become quite a well worn tale but I won't rate this as highly as the others because it is still too close to the original." - Sash (02-Sep-2004)
"A train is a train and it stays a train. Nice thing about it to see if Daniel made something completely different from the other train levels and I think he did. The readme has a nice little story and some hints. The level itself starts with a great flyby (and there are more in this level). And of course you need to travel up and down the train to get the so needed key. And of course the crowbar. Enemies are ninjas and I loved the last secret; that was so funny. There is one nasty jump in this level from one train to the other in an angle and there are lots of boxes that hide nice things. The explosion caught me of guard even after reading the note. Nice little hints there though. However by jumping all the way in the corner I survived the explosion as I was mighty puzzled by a flyby a bit later of the crowbar but after reading the Stuck thread I could make heads and tails LOL. Found all 3 secrets. 30-07-2004" - Gerty (15-Aug-2004)
"I like train levels and this was great fun. Yes it is reminiscent of Desert Railroad but it's also got its own highly individual flavour and the method of obtaining the crowbar is absolutely wonderful. I had such fun exploring the carriages and shooting the ninjas and the message at the back of the train made me smile. Not sure about releasing all that toxic water into the environment though - not very ecologically sound. Mind you when has Lara given a toss about such matters. Half an hour of good entertainment." - Jay (14-Aug-2004)
"After not having a train level for ever so long now there are two being released in short succession. And yes again this is a typical train level with all the restrictions of the fairly short (25 minutes) and linear gameplay the usual baddies to shoot along the way and many boxes to shoot for pickups. But yet again a few great ideas thrown in like the toxic liquid you need to drain and the wagon you need to blow up. Also liked the fly-overs and of course the starting and ending flybys a lot. Nice touch of storyline via the two letters that you can find and read. Add to this the secrets are a nice addition - especially the one at the end of the train - and you have a bit of good clean raiding fun." - Michael (02-Aug-2004)
"I am pleased to see that even though train levels aren't very popular they haven't gone extinct. This one does resemble the original in its structure I get the idea that it can't be changed but it's differently textured. The gameplay is rather simple collect a few keys and the revolver with the laser-sight which will help you get the crowbar. The way the explosion was set up was quite nice but the enemies are still ninjas. The three secrets which were shotguns easy again but the last one with the message written on the last wagon was funny. It's a sort level twenty five minutes but it's worth a try - we don't get train levels every day." - Kristina (02-Aug-2004)
"Well train levels seem to be the new hype since we get 2 in a row already and this one though stays faithful to the go-to-last-wagon-get-crowbar-and-return-to-first-wagon scenario has some pretty neat ideas one would not expect to see in a train level like draining a wagon that is a toxic pool or cleverly exploding the last wagon to get the crowbar (I did have a very peculiar camera view after the dizzy fly-by but it was possible to fix with a simple reload). The fly-bys as the music are very well done and even though not very different from the main train trend I was very pleased with the few minor twists the author had put in - though he could work on the lighting (i.e - a sun bulb in every room light/shadow play for nicer effects) the best train level out there I believe." - eTux (01-Aug-2004)
"Not a bad train level had a different objective then to that of the other ones I have played. There is a rather long story behind the level in the readme file but the level was very short compared to it! The story is that some weapon explosives have been stolen from a British laboratory and some toxic liquid has been stolen too. Lara has to board the hijacked train and destroy the weapons and empty the tank before it reaches their destination. The level was of course very short but wasn't too bad. It is set in Greenland and there is snow on the rocks by the tracks also some fog. The enemies are meant to be undercover for the Russian mafia but they are the ninja's from TR4 so that was a bit strange. You find some notes about which give you some clues as to what you need to do. There are a fair few pick-ups mainly medis and bullets/weapons which are good as there are a fair few ninjas. It wasn't too hard although I got stuck where I had to blow up some barrells and get out of the carriage before it blew up I chose the hard way instead of using my brain and finding the revolver and lasersight! lol. Also you have to release the toxic chemicals then you're mission is done. Well not much more on that the level was quite fun as like I said you don't just find items to help you unlock the door to the front so you can take over the train etc. I recommend it to everyone give it a try!" - Aims (01-Aug-2004)