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release date: 22-Mar-2005
difficulty: challenging
duration: very long

average rating: 9.30
review count: 22
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file size: 77.20 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc
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TOM files have been updated on March 9, 2006 to make some of the trickier parts in the game easier According to a legend, Papazebigbos a wise man, and Andreas Kikiouras a warrior, and the scribe Ioulou Xoserious are heirs of the Macedonian that settled in Egypt after Alexander's conquest. They married Egyptian women and lived in peace for years. However these families and their friends did not want to worship the Egyptian gods as did the other Macedonians. They took refuge underground (was it a good idea ?) to escape from Listentothetep, a charismatic guru who excited some evil people against them. So the tribe settled underground, rearranging forgotten Egyptian temples and caves according to their own culture, they did not changed everything though, because they had in mind the limitations of the levelbuilder to come. 22 centuries after, Lara Croft has found the entrance, she hopes to find signs of an underground Macedonian civilisation. YOUR QUEST is to retrieve Papazebigbos' testimony written by the scribe. There is also an alternative quest : finding the armour of Andreas. All 5 parts of the armour are in the last level but you will obtain the breastplate only if you've got 4 Macedonian gems from the previous levels, one gem per level.