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Omegapolis by eRIC

Bigfoot 10 10 10 10
DJ Full 9 10 10 9
Dutchy 10 10 10 9
Gerty 8 10 10 10
Jay 10 9 10 9
Jerrod 10 10 9 9
Jose 9 9 10 10
Kristina 9 9 10 10
MichaelP 9 8 9 8
MigMarado 9 8 10 10
Mman 10 9 9 8
Mytly 10 9 9 9
Petaludas 9 10 10 10
Phil 9 10 10 9
QRS 10 10 10 10
Ryan 10 9 10 10
Samu 9 9 8 9
Sash 10 10 10 10
Scottie 9 9 10 10
Sutekh 10 9 9 10
Treeble 8 9 9 8
tuxraider 7 7 6 6
release date: 22-Mar-2005
# of downloads: 183

average rating: 9.30
review count: 22
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file size: 77.20 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

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Reviewer's comments
"Mixed feelings towards the end of this level. The use of solely original assets might make it seem a bit dated (especially if you're super late to the party like I am, say 17 years?) but it also helps build up to something somewhat nostalgic, and that feeling is definitely enhanced with the use of TR1 audio tracks. So in a weird way, this felt like a crossing between TR1 and TR4 while being nothing like either of those. I've played this over the span of one of my most anxiety riddled weeks ever, so that definitely affected my time here as it did with pretty much everything else, but even so I found myself stopping at times to simply look at the amazing layouts throughout the five massive levels. The walkthrough is pretty much a must to get through these levels simply for their nonlinear nature and constant backtracking, and I suspect I've played the revised easier version as some of the trap sequences were nowhere to be found. 4h25min, 24 secrets. 12/22" - Treeble (04-Dec-2022)
"This game is visually relatively basic, and the gameplay feels very "technical". It didn't look very attractive and fun at first. But after a while, I started appreciating the gameplay. Visually, you see mostly square rooms and low-res standard textures, and it just doesn't look very fancy. The gameplay is challenge after challenge, searching for keys, completing acrobatic obstacles. It got pretty tough sometimes. What I liked is, that even though the levels tend to be so "open area" (most parts of a level stay reachable), you often get entrapped, so you are basically forced to face (or even notice) a challenge, instead of running around aimlessly and revisiting old level parts just trying to find out how to make progress. (I guess the author got complaints that it was too hard, and added these things to make it easier.) In conclusion, I think it's not for beginners, and not for anyone who is looking for eye candy or gimmicks, but it's a pretty nice way to spend time if you're a TR addict." - tuxraider (21-Aug-2022)
"A bit all over the place visually but very sucking in regardless, so I remember enjoying being stuck here for a while, until eventually getting a solid dose of satisfaction from figuring it out. I consider replaying it someday - it's just one of these which need a correct day to do so." - DJ Full (27-Jul-2022)
"After another long while, I'm back to reviewing with this classic raid. And classic it is! This Greece/Egypt mix was very fun. The only caveat for me was the difficulty was higher, at least on some aspects, in the earlier levels. I would make getting the gems and the armour a requisite to get through each levels, somehow. That would had to a somewhat silly, but very interesting storyline. There is a lot of diverse gameplay, plenty of ammo and medipacks, fun enemies, and a huge amount of interesting and beautiful rooms. Thank you, Eric!" - MigMarado (06-Jul-2020)
"And now, certainly one of the best eRIC adventure. The five levels of this game are just awsome with their own atmosphere in each of them. The adventure start with an egyptian level to evolute in a greco/roman design and textures. I really liked the mix between tr1, tr3 and many others ones from various tomb raider games to create a nice personnal atmosphere. The game is also not too dark and it's a good thing. The gameplay is mix and well balanced. Sometimes easy, sometimes hard and even very hard but nothing impossible. Some objects and switchs are also sometimes very well hidden and the players will not use only his hand but also his head to resolve puzzles and find objects. Because I played this adventure three times, I found all secrets and also obtain the complete body armour and the hunt of these artifacts is a good quest during the game. So I can just congratulate eRIC again and say thank you for this wonderful game. Recommanded for everyone!!" - Bigfoot (14-May-2020)
"Another great trle from eRIC! Ancient-greek-egypt levels are just my butter in my bread and the ones i enjoy most.The level 'edge' is one my favourite i have ever played.Everything connected perfect there from the bottom to the top.It is pointless ofc to say that this a MUST-PLAY trle, a classic tr4 game which u enjoy and it is never frustrating despite the huge connected rooms.U know:after several trles u can foresee the next step and what to expect! Thats why i used walkthrough min times(find it weird though that walk didnt match with that current solution,maybe cause of the different versions i guess) *Dam that 'flaming' plant(if u know what i mean) *The 4th macedonian gem,still dont know why the door never opened after several ideas and search and walk(probably never will get an answer :( )" - Petaludas (13-Mar-2020)
"I started playing this game around a year ago, then abandoned it for several months, because I thought I had run into a game-stopping bug at the beginning of the third level, Exile. Turns out, it wasn’t a bug at all – there was a rather hard-to-find way to retract some spikes that simply wasn’t mentioned in the walkthrough. Having found it, I continued happily with the game, and finally finished it recently. I’m glad I did, because it’s excellent.
It’s a testament to eRIC’s skills as a builder that he was capable of building something so complex and sophisticated even way back at the beginning of his building days. Each of the five levels is huge, sprawling and filled with challenging gameplay and impressive architecture. Three out of the five levels centre around an underground town, with a rather non-linear level design, so figuring out where to go next can get quite confusing at times (The Edge is particularly problematic in this regard). Nonetheless, despite the confusion and a rather large amount of running around required, the overall gameplay is very enjoyable. There are quite a lot of pretty tough traps and jumps, and some good timed runs and puzzles.
The mixture of ancient Egyptian and Greek textures seems a little odd at first, but makes sense given the story. The colours are really lovely, with each level having a distinct colour scheme of its own. I particularly like the pinks and purples of Sleeping Stones.
Overall: A very enjoyable classic raid in a lovely setting. Highly recommended." - Mytly (30-Mar-2018)
"Eric has brought us a wonderful adventure here. 5 levels filled to the brim with wonderful, varied and challenging yet rewarding gameplay. Signs: A Tomb of Seth atmosphere here; those textures brought it all back. Highlights here include a fun spike jump room, a pressure pad puzzle reminiscent of the original and some tricky jumps with the torch. Often torch jumps can be unreasonably tricky, but here it was fine. The Edge; TR1 Greece mixed with Coastal textures here, which somehow works. Some fun jumps to do here, spiced up with some tricky timed runs and sneaky secrets. Watch out for harpies pushing you off ledges, otherwise it's goodbye, Lara. Exile: A sort of hub room here, where two stones are needed from the next level. I may have had a glitch with the block puzzle as the spike tile was active still. I used my explosive ammo to destroy the necessary target to proceed. Sleeping Stones: Reverting back to a Greek theme here, the challenge ramps up a notch with tricky traps, jumps and fun puzzles with globes. Reaching: The grand finale and a challenging one it is too. Many areas to explore in search of two gems. Watch out for ahmets, harpies, skeletons and demigods. The final battle proved an adrenaline rush for me. Overall, this was an amazing game and I never got totally bored here. The one thing I would change is that I would have kept the blue gems as necessary pickups, so that everyone can have a chance to collect all the armour. Apart from that, well done! Took me 4 hours and 30 minutes." - Ryan (07-Sep-2016)
"While mainly a mix of Greek and Egyptian textures as established by the story, this actually goes through quite a variety of themes, and generally does a good job fitting them in; it feels a little all over the place occasionally but in general makes the old texture sets feel fresh and original (with a few additions). Outside a few flat parts the lighting is also atmospheric, and it makes nice use of related objects. There was a Demigod in level 4 that crashed the game when it died for some reason, but it's not a mandatory kill and mostly not too much of a bother. There's a trend towards underground town type areas, with three of the five levels being based around them (culminating in the largest one in the final level), which creates a distinct aesthetic.
Gameplay is quite difficult, with a lot of tricky jumps and open environments, it's on par with the average modern medium-hard level, but I can see how the difficulty raised some eyebrows when it came out (of course, since the easier version is the only one available it's hard to know exactly what it used to be like). Despite that there's great use of camera hints to remind you of things, and it locks you into small areas with more obscure tasks; despite the difficulty level I only needed the walkthrough once or twice (and for oversights that were pretty much my fault), and it kept a nice flow going for me where I generally worked something out pretty fast if I couldn't immediately find anything. With a series of large, challenging Greek levels this reminds me of Legacy of the Gods in a sense, although it doesn't feel quite as coherent. As one of eRIC's earliest packs you can see the start of greatness here that culminated in masterpieces like Babylon is Fallen, but this is a great set as well." - Mman (04-Jul-2014)
"I know that this level builder can build very good levels, since I've played Babylon is fallen. The question is why I have not played this level until now. I have no idea. I've overlooked this level apparently permanently. But on the contrary, there is more than 2000 levels, there one can overlook a level absolutely. I play this level now only for one certain reason. MichaelP needs for his "Hall of Fame"- Page new Screenshots. That is the reason why I play (except for new levels) at the moment the HoF-levels.. Though there is several levels which I know (as for example Lara at the Movies), but there are also many which I have never played. Omegapolis is one of them.
Already the first level points, why eRIC is one of the greats in the level construction guild. Great riddles, informative Flybys, well built rooms and interesting tasks let arise no boredom. The second level reminded me anyhow of a nesting doll. Whenever I thought that the riddle is solved and the level end is close, turned out that there was one more riddle. And one more riddle. Et cetera. This could eventually be annoying, but because the level is well built and many challenges remain, one will never get bored. A level has strong similarities with a surprise egg. You have game, excitement and chocolate. And you never know what is inside. Though the third level was good, but he would have been even better if he had not had so many opponents. Though I have the right weapons, but the many Ahmets, skeletons, harpies and biting bugs were sometimes a little bit annoying. Here would have been less more. Though the fourth level was good, but why could one not kill the Demigod in the central big space? I had tried it several times and every time there was a crash on the desktop. Why could one hear in the last level no fanfare if one has opened the door to the space with the super secret? Yes, I know, I am a nitpicker (sorry, maybe I should have better used the word bean counter), but I have properly made an effort to find the 4 Macedonian Gems. And then there is no small seductive melody? This is absolutely unfair!
Now after nearly 9 hours net playing time I am happy at the level end. And I must say that it was worth it to play this level. I had already mentioned the negative points. Moreover, the sound of the jumpswitches was absent in the fourth part. But this is everything only little things in an otherwise brilliant level which one must have played absolutely." - Scottie (13-Jul-2011)
"The progress is slowly but after several days of exploration the testimony of Papazebigbos is mine! Really a fantastic game and I must admit I was a little sad when the game is over. The gameplay is sometimes hard, but never frustrating and the puzzles are awesome (except Exile, more classical but it's also the shortest level). Good use of enemies & traps (the timing boulder at Exile is.. I don't know how I did it), the secrets are not too easy/not too hard (except the uzis at Sleeping Stones, you can made this one only by accident) and the collect of Gem give an additional interest to the game. Thanks for this great adventure eRIC." - Jerrod (02-May-2010)
"This is quite a big level series containing a lot of fun and good looking architecture. The gameplay is balanced really well and this set of levels tests your agility skills and puzzle solving skills as well. Actually every gameplay elements are included in this one game so it's very unlikely you don't enjoy playing it. Architecture is very good too as I told already but there's a one thing in this game which bothers me a little. Environment looks pretty comon and unimaginative in some parts of the game despite it's good looking. Maybe few large outdoor areas would be a nice addition among the indoor areas and would make this game more interesting. Overally this set of levels was really enjoyable as eRIC's levels allways are." - Samu (09-Mar-2007)
"Signs (9/8/8/8, 70 min., 3 secrets): The first part is set in Egypt/Settomb style and already eRIC at his best with classic but interesting gameplay. A few trickier jumps, a few nice puzzles involving texture tiles, some vases to shoot, wasps, big scorpions and an ahmet to fight and some short timed sequences. Plenty of spikes to manage and twice some fun torch action throughout the level. The Edge (9/9/9/8, 100 min., 6 secrets): A mix of coastal and greek setting and rather non-linear, branching out from a big central area, which made this level a bit confusing as it was easy to miss critical actions in places and then you were looking all over the level to find out what you missed. Still, the architecture is extremely cleverly put together, there is plenty of underwater action, crocs, a bull, harpies, skeletons and ahmets to deal with, a trident, hands and vraeus to find and use and I really had fun with the timed swim for one of the many secrets. Again there is some torch work to do. Exile (9/8/9/8, 80 min., 3 secrets): After the previous part, this one seemed a little easier, somewhat more linear, or at least eRIC locks you into an area and only allows you to leave it once you have completed all the necessary tasks. There are some lion heads to shoot, blocks to push, a cartouche, stars and hand to find. Towards the end there are two rooms with jumps that are a bit trickier - great fun. Enemies are harpies, a big scorpion and ahmets. Sleeping Stones (9/8/9/9, 70 min., 5 secrets): Again starting in a good looking huge room with a nice flyby. In terms of looks probably the favourite level of the series for me. You encounter demigods high up, skeletons, plenty of harpies and some ahmets, hunt for several keys, a trident, two stars and two stones and gameplay is fluent and fun with a nice course around the balconies, some good camera guidance, small globe push puzzles and a fun series of timed actions. After a quick return to 'Exile' you then enter the final level. Reaching (9/9/9/9, 80 min., 5/7 secrets): Fairly tricky level, letting you in with a bunch of boulder traps, beetles, harpies, crocs and later you also encounter demigods and wraiths. There are several cave like areas which I liked and also a nice temple area that you return to a few times. You collect tridents, hands and gems. And there is quite a variety of jumps to master. The armour pieces make up for 5 of the secrects and I missed two of those somewhere along the way. Towards the end the torch plays an important role again and the kind of boss fight in the lava room with two demigods and a harpy was nicely set in scene. Overall a truly huge and complex adventure that will test your skills without being excruciatingly difficult. I found the overall setting often a bit mixed (maybe intentionally so, given the readme) and sometimes wished the levels would indeed be a bit shorter than they were, but it is still great fun to play through and should not be missed by any of the more exoerienced raiders out there." - MichaelP (10-Mar-2006)
"This is probably the hardest and most frustrating adventure I have ever played. Don't take me wrong though.. I just love these levels. The complex layout of the levels are simply amazing. I really like the gameplay and both that and the huge complex areas, traps etc reminds me very much of Luis Martins levels. And THAT is not a bad thing IMO. Sometimes I stoped, took a pause and wondered if this author is even more sadistic when it comes to hard levels than Luis though ;) You can't even get a rest.. cause the next puzzle is upon you as soon as the previous ends!! I like that. My favorite level was nr 4 with the huge pit in the middle which you flood later on. Everything fits together so perfect and I could not spot a single glitch/bug in the whole adventure. Ok a few untextured spots but that doesn't count ;)The last area was so complex that it was difficult to keep track of what to do and what you had done. I took a break for a few days during that stage and when I came back I had to replay the whole stage ;) It was easier hehe. eRIC, you get all tens from me for a fantastic and super hard adventure! If you promise to make a sequel that is :)" - QRS (08-Dec-2005)
"Now this is a set of levels I started playing upon release and had to put aside several times due to lack of time. Then one day, I decided to cling to it and complete it for good, because this is the type of levels you just can't leave unfinished. Absolute pure enjoyment served with beauty and a touch of humour to put some icing on the cake. Granted, there are moments of great difficulty but it is the very reason why I loved it so much, even though I did revile at the author more than often. The kind of pulling hair moments that leave you with a rewarding taste of genuine victory once you've beaten the game. So my advice here to those who hesitate entering Omegapolis because of its reputation of toughness would be: go for it! It would be a pity to miss such a great adventure and you certainly won't regret the effort." - Sutekh (26-Nov-2005)
"I've been leading something of a double life lately in my raiding selections. At home I've been playing the extravaganzas, those multi-level releases with complex gameplay and breathtaking scenery, while at the office I've been spending much of my spare time playing the older single levels to fill the gaps in our walkthrough collection. As one might expect, there's a vast difference between the two types of levels, but each has its place in the overall scheme of things. Omegapolis is an ambitious and largely successful creation, one that I enjoyed playing very much. It fits the emerging pattern, however, of the complicated level set that I would not dream of tackling without a walkthrough close at hand (and Dutchy has provided a very good one here). Without trying to appear ungrateful, I approach this review with the observation that I play computer games primarily for enjoyment and for diversion. Although there's nothing wrong with making these games challenging so that the experienced gamer's skills can be tested and honed, I prefer to leave the frustrations and the time-consuming problem solving to situations I encounter in real life (of which there's an ample supply). Tricky jumps, even those where the builder has intentionally placed obstacles in the player's path to make the move even more difficult, are acceptable in moderation, but these became so wearisome for me as the game progressed that I found myself, despite the author's admonition in the readme file, resorting almost routinely to the use of DOZY, especially in the fourth and fifth levels. This is in stark contrast to my recent experience with the older and less sophisticated levels, which I'm finding to be more rewarding and, frankly, more playable in that I'm able to figure them out on my own without resorting to unauthorized aids. None of this is to say that Omegapolis isn't a fine game. It ranks right up there with other recent blockbusters such as Evil Knows No Boundaries, The Wrath of Thor, and Knights of Terafosia. It's certainly one of the most visually pleasing level sets that I've ever played. I simply feel compelled to note my conviction that increased difficulty doesn't necessarily translate into increased enjoyment." - Phil (24-Oct-2005)
"This set of five levels for me has to be one of the most complete and thoroughly enjoyable games I have been lucky to immerse myself in. I loved playing it so much that 3 of the 4 days it took to get through I came home from work at lunchtime just to play. Each level is basically set around main gorgeous underground temple areas that have so much to do and so many different places to explore and the joy in the playing is slowly reaching and opening up all these places bit by bit, I would though recommend sometimes taking notes on all the gates, doors, crawlspaces, and the like so that you don't miss anything. The 24 secrets spread throughout the levels, some timed to get to, were also a brilliant side game in itself and collecting the one special gem secret in each level allowed the player to feel a real sense of achievement when you finally found them. I really couldn't recommend this game too highly as this really has every aspect that a fantastic adventure should include, and I rarely had to go seek help as it is player friendly without being easy, so please do yourself a favour and add this to your must play list. Bloody excellent!" - Sash (26-May-2005)
"Great work! Yes, there are some missed textures under some ledges in level 3, in last level you can arrive in front of certain door and you can't go back (reload), and another small details,... but puzzles are quite good, much ammo and flares, very well cameras and enemies, intelligent combinations of lights and shadows, well applied textures, ... Sometimes there were difficult tasks, you know what to do but you had to reload many times 'cause it was very hard. Some secrets were almost impossible to get too. Finally, it was an interesting level for me to play, I like levels about ancient cultures, ruins, old relics, ... Thank you Eric for give us a level so good." - Jose (18-May-2005)
"This is a level to my liking as most part is exploring. Don't get me wrong there is also tons of action. And you can hear a BUT coming, and there is one, a big one I might add. The gems you needed to end the game, some of them are secrets (or are secrets) and if a person isn't that much into secrets, you can't finish the game. This was not clear when starting this mini game. There is some back and fro going on in this game, so keep notes of doors or gates that are still closed. There is some nice jumping to do and also some not so nice. So do save in different spots. I liked the overall story and all the levels looked great. But next time make clear what one needs to finish the game as I am probably not the only one who needed a save to end this game. 30-03-2005" - Gerty (23-Apr-2005)
"I could characterize this adventure complete from every aspect. It has enemies, great puzzles, good secrets and it is most enjoyable. I am not sure which level I liked the most but each one of them has good atmosphere and something new to offer. Some tasks or even secrets might be tricky but nothing is frustrating. I liked very much the big areas with the pools, the outside areas with the buildings, greenery and generally everything is well designed. Of course there are a couple of problems here and there which I hope the author will correct so they won't ruin the player's fun. Among the secrets, you can find four gems and then in the end you can get the breast plate to complete the armor. Too bad there wasn't a bonus level; I would have loved to get some kind of reward for finding all the secrets. You don't want to miss Eric's best game, so far that is, it's highly recommended." - Kristina (10-Apr-2005)
"There's something to gladden the heart of every avid Raider in this excellent set of levels. There are beautifully built rooms, wonderful puzzles, challenging timed runs and swims, collapsing tile runs (my favourite), torch and block puzzles and a good variety of enemies along the way. The ahmets really gang up on you at times and you also get skellies, harpies, demigods, wraiths and at one point that damn bull. It really is very well thought out, inventive gameplay so stop reading this right now and download it. You won't be sorry." - Jay (07-Apr-2005)
"Well levels to my liking, wide areas to explore, great and thrilling levels with nice and sometimes nasty enemies on difficult places like in the middle of a jump series. There weren't much real puzzles but some places were a puzzle themselves, not too hard but some took a while to figure out. Far down in the read-me was a line about the 4 Gems you should get to be able to pick up a last artefact in level 5, didn't see that. So I came one gem short. Pity that wasn't more clear. Found a few missing textures in a pool. But that didn't spoil the overall splendour of these levels. It was a constant search throughout all the different looking rooms with different quests to get all the artefacts and keys needed to proceed, torches were placed in twos. If you dropped one in a pool you had a spare. Great levels, keep it up eRIC and thanks for these levels." - Dutchy (04-Apr-2005)