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BtB2007 - Lara and the Pit


release date: 01-Jan-2007
difficulty: medium

average rating: 8.44
review count: 31
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file size: 29.63 MB
file type: TR4
class: City

author profile(s):

Me: Hi Lara, guess whatÖ Iíve built another level for you to explore.
Lara: Oh okay. Where is it set? Somewhere warm and sunny I hope. A nice exotic location, with lots of temples and tombs stuffed with ancient artefacts...?
Me: London.
Lara: London?! Are you kidding? Iíve been to London Ė it was dark and raining! Iím not going back to London.
Me: Itís not raining.
Lara: Itís ALWAYS raining in London.
Me: Not this time it isnít. SoÖ will you play?
Lara: (Thinking) Whatís the level called?
Me: Lara and the Pit. As in Quatermass and the Pit.
Lara: Who?
Me: Never mind. I canít help my age.
Lara: And the story?
Me: Legend has it that several thousand years ago an unknown civilisation built a city where present day London stands. This city was destroyed by an earthquakeÖ
Lara: In London?
Me: Yes. Look, whoís telling this story, you or me?
Lara: As itís such a bad story, Iím sure it must be you.
Me: Thanks. Anyway, the ancient city was covered by rubble and eventually built over. So to the present day. Whilst workmen were replacing gas pipes in a road at the side of the Thames, a huge hole suddenly appeared in the ground. The police are looking into it.
Lara: That joke is so old.
Me: Itís still funny though.
Lara: So there are police around this hole. And I bet they have guns.
Me: Indeed they do. They have sealed off the area and are shooting anyone who goes near the pit.
Lara: Including me.
Me: Of course. But you have to go and take a look anyway. Thatís what you do. Iíve often thought you have a death wish.
Lara: Yeah right. Itís not like I have a say in these matters. Iím just sent off to dangerous places by you evil builders.
Me: Stop grumbling. You know you enjoy it.
Lara: May I ask what Iím looking for down this... pit?
Me: The Key to Eternal Happiness.
Lara: The Key to Eternal Happi... whatís that?
Me: A key. When you find it youíll know the level is nearly over and youíll be happy. Anyway, enough talk. Iím putting you in at the beginning. There.
Lara: Iím not playing.
Me: Well just stand there like a lemon, why donít you?
Lara: (Sulking) Thereíd better not be any of those men with ape-heads!
Me: Ah I forgot to mention. There's been a bank robbery nearby and a bunch of baddies with ape masks are running around the area. Oh look - one's gone down the pit! Seems you might have company down there.
Lara: It just gets worse...