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BtB2007 - Lara and the Pit by Isis

Akcy 8 8 10 10
Ampersand 8 8 9 8
Bene 10 9 10 10
Betal 9 8 10 10
CC 8 9 10 9
DJ Full 7 8 9 8
eRIC 9 8 9 9
eTux 9 8 8 8
Gerty 7 7 8 8
Ivan 6 7 6 8
Jay 8 8 10 9
Jerrod 10 8 9 10
JesseG 8 9 9 9
Jorge22 9 9 9 9
Jose 9 8 10 9
Kristina 7 7 7 8
Magnus 8 7 7 8
manarch2 7 7 8 8
MichaelP 8 9 9 8
Mman 8 8 8 8
Orbit Dream 7 7 9 9
Phil 8 8 8 9
Ravenwen 9 8 10 10
Raymond 9 8 10 9
rjb 9 8 9 9
Ryan 8 8 9 9
Shandroid 8 8 8 9
suzieq51 7 7 8 8
TimJ 8 8 9 8
Treeble 9 9 10 10
Whistle 8 8 9 9
release date: 01-Jan-2007
# of downloads: 142

average rating: 8.44
review count: 31
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file size: 29.63 MB
file type: TR4
class: City

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Lara begrudgingly searches underneath the city for the key to eternal happiness. My favorite part was the atmosphere in the town. Right from the start the architecture of the houses and the boat popped out at me. The texturing, while wallpapered in a few spots, was great overall and the lighting was varied and colorful. The gameplay felt a little light but still has some fun timed runs, shoot-offs and flame traps. The secrets were enjoyable to find. Overall a solid, good-looking London level. 39 minutes." - JesseG (01-Sep-2016)
"A nice, relaxing level. No hard jumps or insanely difficult timed runs, just nice flowing gameplay. Lara travels through London to find the Key of Happiness and the storyline is funny and quirky. Fun and recommended." - Ryan (02-Jul-2016)
"When it comes to originality, this is certainly the best level of the contest. Starting with a very funny storyline that sets the tone for this level, there are original tasks like the trashcan that has to be moved "down" a ramp; sweet use of traps and (mostly easy) timed runs and also a rather nice architecture (mostly the boat, but also the structure where you find the last key). But still the level does not feel too immersive in this very, very linear level and there are too many dull parts in between the creative tasks that don't quite manage to keep the same standard; the key in front of a keyhole being the "worst" example (on the whole a rather forgivable thing). The texturing is mostly creative, yet there are also a few not so well applied ones and rather bland looking areas and the end of the world can be reached too. Still the atmosphere is rather spot on and the loop back to the start at the end was interesting enough. Enemies are nicely placed even if they don't play such a large role, the objects are decently used too. The secret hideouts are interesting, but easy to find. Overall a decent 25 minute level that lives from the few high moments." - manarch2 (24-Jul-2015)
"Yes, I'm here because of the crazy storyline and I now see its every bit has been executed. The path follows rather linearly, with very simple detours, first around the river to provide some standard city rooftop exploration and, if we're careful enough, arm us for fight with some powerful secret weapons. Then it jumps into the mentioned pit where the mood changes into mystic, the expected trap challenge begins and some simple puzzles are revealed. The last one is a bit messed up (I'm sure I didn't visit the corridors in the intended order) and the very final rudder blade swim is plainly unfair (I don't know what the author was thinking about), so it's unfortunately one of these levels beginning filled with great stuff and ending rather poorly - but the majority of the adventure is immersive and often gives a smile. SUMMARY: A good one and recommended. It can be seen it has been made for fun, what I like very much." - DJ Full (28-Apr-2015)
"Compared to Isis' other levels the visuals here feel a little disappointing; there's a nice sense of scale at times, but the lighting is kind of flat throughout, and the architecture isn't especially inspiring. There's nothing glaringly wrong, and there's one or two original twists but I can only presume that Isis' style didn't mesh so well with the London theme.
There's two halves to the level, with the first being a London area split in two by a river, and a second part in a mystical Cathedral type place; the first is more exploration focused, and the second has more agility challenges and puzzles. Like the visuals the gameplay feels a little uninspired by the standards of the author, it's fun and flows well, but compared to the constant variety and challenge of The House of Kuan-Yin Lo (to go with just Isis' BTB levels) it feels a bit easy and sedate. In the upper end of the levels of this BTB, but it feels a bit disappointing considering the usual standards of the author." - Mman (05-Nov-2012)
"From the foggy docks to the underground cathedral, I really liked the progression of this level, diversified gameplay, sometimes original and nice atmosphere. I just regret the low number of enemies especially that Lara found some extra-weapons with the secrets. For the graphics, the author has "The Key to Expertise" (No, London is not always is the darkness!). Congrats and thanks for this great adventure." - Jerrod (04-May-2010)
"At the begining of the level Lara is near the Thames (at least I think so) in a strange area of London. A nice cutscene shows you a boat near a door protected with barbed wire and some guys. We can see the pit behind the door which is the first objective. You'll have to climb the roofs and the buildings to reach a zipline which allows you to go across the Thames. There is a lot of good ideas! I really liked how the city was built and the atmosphere was really great. Texturing and lighting were fine I can't say anything on this. The second part after we jump in the pit was a bit less good in my opinion. It was more linear (even if the whole level is quite linear) and the atmosphere a bit strange. Sometimes I found that the textures were weirdly placed. But anyway it is a good level. I found all secrets." - TimJ (20-Jul-2007)
"Read the hilarious storyline first. If nothing else you'll start the level laughing. Well... in good humour... while you watch the nice flyby that shows the docklands area and a cool boat with a propellor. So, before we find anything that might resemble a pit, we have to explore the streets, buildings, roofs, and quays of the Thames. There's a nice idea here of finding a way to get a wheeliebin down tracks inside a building, so we can use it to climb outside. Then there is a barrel run, and lots of fun with a timed trapdoor jump up seqence to a ledge overlooking the river. From here we use one of the most atmospheric zipline rides across the river, and then onto the boat. The 'pit' appears to be the bowels of a cathedral, which is more in keeping with the overall feel of this level, and is a terrific setting for all that has to be done here. That includes monkeyswing, jumping sequence over toxic water, ropeswing, slide and jump over fires, transparent blocks suspended in mid air, timed runs, and finally claim the Key to Eternal Happiness in a beautiful crystal room. Loved the unusual jumps and shimmys in this room, the red coloured glass floor room, and the final swim route. A pleasant level for all players, despite being shorter, and a lot easier, it has truely captured the essence of the original London level, and theme of this year's competition, but injected with the author's great imagination and expertise. Great fun, and my favourite level so far." - CC (21-Mar-2007)
"This was the first one I played through after throwing quite a lot in the bin and I did liked it a lot, perhaps because I could finish it? Problem was that I lost my notes so had to re-play it and I didn't mind a bit. There are however some jumps one can make to reach the end of the world but who is counting. For the rest I wouldn't say it is straight forward, and this time around I even got my hands on some secrets. There are some nice bits in here from a rolling barrel to a timed door that took some trying and figuring out to get that Eternal Happiness Key." - Gerty (16-Feb-2007)
"I was a little disappointed with the title and the actual level. Having been around when"Quatermass and the Pit" was first shown, I was expecting some kind of alien monster to appear when Lara had finally made her tortuous way across the roof tops. But no all you get are a series of cathedral type buildings/rooms. The level could have done with a few more pickups to keep you going when things went a little slack. The level puzzles seemed to be of the work out your route type rather than out and out puzzles. Enemies were the standard thugs and SAS you seem to get with this BtoB series. Graphics OK and for once (this is the 3rd I have played) you can actually see where you are going AND you get some flares. The author does create a good atmosphere and the use of sound does heighten the expectation in some sections. Well worth giving it a go." - Whistle (01-Feb-2007)
"Quite an enjoyable London level, not too ambitious but fun, not dark , rather easy and user friendly , except for the abrupt challenging with the shooting of an electricity box : this trial, when everything had been so fluent until this point, was not a plus for the level. What are really a plus here, is the lovely lighting , the good architecture at times (the boat, the transparent diamond) , the very logical flow , the friendly cameras , many short albeit enjoyable moments here and there , the fact that the author has designed the level in a way that the player will never have a lot of backtracking to do, or no backtracking at all. Special mention to the 2 secrets which gives a good moment of satisfaction. Oh , and what a lovely lighting !" - eRIC (29-Jan-2007)
"From the very nice opening flyby to the final swim, this was a fun level. Our final reward is the Key of Eternal Happiness but to acquire this we've got some great jump sequences, couple of nicely designed timed runs, a great rope swing and shoot scenario, a few bad guys to kill (not too many!), some bats and several (shudder) big rats to dispose of. We get to travel through some beautiful rooms (thanks to the builder for plenty of light!), journey across several rooftops and also jump aboard a boat (although, sadly, we don't get to drive it). Have a go at this one, it's a great way to while away an hour or so!" - suzieq51 (27-Jan-2007)
"Wonder of wonders, finally a BtB London level where the ambient lighting was sufficient to allow me to play without artificial enhancement. A point is added to the appropriate category, with accompanying drumroll. I haven't checked to see where this level ranks in the competition at the moment, but I suspect it may be in the second tier. If so then that's a shame, because I had a grand time during the hour it took me to complete it. There's nothing particularly flashy here, but I found the gameplay to be solid and challenging without being unfair to the player. There's a Rescue 11-type move where you have to jump off a rope, draw your pistols and fire, all in a split second or so, and that gave me a pretty hard time. But the other moves, including the timed runs, were quite invigorating and provided excellent gameplay. Recommended." - Phil (25-Jan-2007)
"A level that suggests (not to be too poetic) a certain 'vibrancy' right from the short, starting fly-by. We can almost sense 'normal' London activity going on, regardless of what Lara is doing, just a few streets away. (The amusing story that sets the scene doesn't include the Underground, nor does the game.) The section of the Thames and/or dock with the boat give an apparent realism to the environment and many things add to the on-going sense of anticipation: jumping across/exploring the roofs, dealing with the occasional guard (or crow or rat or 'clubbie'), trying to guess where we shall be going next, avoiding a runaway barrel, the 'impression' given of a runaway wheelie bin, wondering when we shall reach the boat (we've seen there is a switch on board in that first fly-by) and then wondering how the trip underground will alter things. Very interesting exploration, nice and bright almost all the time, even in the depths, the occasional intriguing overhead view (done by so few), a bit of mist (likewise), further jumps needed (not too difficult) and several occasions when we have to stop and think about how to proceed. But each time puzzles are elegantly done and the whole 'flows' nicely (being poetic again), with some interesting timed runs (always a way back if we don't succeed), some nice surprises (eg, that line of flames going out and the translucent floor that appears) and the puzzle of working out how to shoot that electricity junction box. Equal shortest level (with "Key" - both 16 mins in Fast Raider Mode) and I think my equal favourite level (with "Escape to St Paul's" - no, maybe that just edges it) with just one more to go." - rjb (25-Jan-2007)
"At least a level with no much darkness! Although there are not great puzzles, gameplay is very good with some clever details; you'll not have to reload many times. Another time you'll not have extra weapons if you don't discover the secrets, but they're not difficult to find; there's few enemies and few pickups too, but architecture is quite good, with realistic scenes and cameras help you a lot. Well applied textures, but near the second secret I get to the very top of the roofs and found a lot of missed textures. One of the best levels I liked from this BtB series anyway." - Jose (23-Jan-2007)
"Funny story, by which I expected an underground level, but Lara looks into that hole just later. Once there, the level becomes lineal, earlier in the city area, there were some backtracking and exploration, so that part was the highlight. Various and entertaining tasks, nothing too hard, but the jump to the first secret perhaps. A good example of an easy level can be as entertaining as those which make the player work hard for success. Great applications of textures, especially in the city, in the pit it's more temple-like, less various, but equally nice. The buildings looked very lifelike, as far as the texture collection goes that is, the boat was a nice touch, the whole area felt well put together, it was fun jumping on the roofs, even if reached the end of the world, and could went directly to the pit, but it would heve been a shame to miss the zipline. Having all three secrets collected, and not even seen the pit yet, I guessed, the final part in the pit to be very short, fortunately I was wrong. Some easily done, but nice traps and timed tasks waited Lara there, to eventually find her prize. I'm pretty sure Lara would say: Oh, the Key of Eternal Happiness, I would be eternally happy if don't have to swim through long tunnels with traps ever again. Evil level builder: Funny that you mention it... have you thought about yet, how to get out of here? lol" - Akcy (20-Jan-2007)
"It's an easy level with a lot of water around, guards to fight off and a short visit to the cathedral. The timed trapdoor task gave it a bit of a challenge but overall there was nothing so interesting as to remember this level for a long time. The barrel coming down to move the trash can was a nice touch though. Once you reach your goal which is to find the Key to Eternal Happiness you can finish the level. I found one secret." - Kristina (18-Jan-2007)
"Lara starts out in a bay with boat made creatively, from building textures. This level was fairly straightforward with a few "that was nifty!" moments scattered throughout. I didn't read the storyline until the end, but I am glad I did, because it was hilarious! This builder doesn't take himself too seriously, but he does build fun levels. There were definitely some challenging timed runs, but none too difficult that I had to ask someone to do them for me. Ever the secret-finding impaired, I, as expected, did not find any secrets, but I was able to nab that Key to Eternal Happiness, which didn't ensure my happiness that the level is about to end, as I enjoyed myself too much to be happy about that fact." - Shandroid (18-Jan-2007)
"Finally, in this BtB competition 2007, a level which is more fun than a chore where you get stuck every five meters and can hardly proceed without the forums help! Just as I had surrendered to the fact that every level would get harder than the previous, what a great surprise! Perfectly nice textures and settings, understandable tasks and still thrilling enough as Lara finds her way to get the key of eternal happiness in an underground church. Give it a try, naturally, it's a BtB level." - Jorge22 (14-Jan-2007)
"This level is a real fest for the eyes! The settings are amazing, and if you wander a bit on the high rooftops, you get to catch some beautiful views of the Thames. Both the interior and exterior environments are particularly well-structured and creative (the temple and the towers are majestic), as is the whole level in general. It is simple but in no way simplistic; rather straightforward and playful. The puzzles are not tough but some of them are rather inventive (ie, the fires that go off one by one as you slide down the ramp in the towers area) and the gameplay is smooth with no particularly frustrating moments. There are timed events that are challenging enough without being crazy (with perhaps the exception of the timed exhaust fan close to the end, which requires a faster than fast swim), and some interesting flipmaps that make the gameplay even more enjoyful. There are not many enemies to deal with - incidentally, one of the first enemies that I met when jumping on the boat in the river, fell in the water while trying to attack me, and when I returned to the river at the end of the level, I found him still roaming on the river-bed, whacking the water with his stick, lol. A very beautiful and entertaining level that's definitely among the best from the BtB07 project." - Ravenwen (14-Jan-2007)
"This is a joy to play. London and the rooftops were well done with smooth gameplay, 3 secrets and one thug who refused to die and is, even now, walking the watery depths of the Thames. Once you cross the water you'll find the pit and a beautifully rendered Cathedral. There's a few timed runs that most Raiders will be able to accomplish without too much difficulty - makes for a welcome change. This entry is short and sweet and you'll soon be holding your breath along with Lara in that long swim back to the surface and the endgame. The storyline is clever as well as funny so if you haven't done so yet, give it a read. Recommended for all Raiders." - Bene (13-Jan-2007)
"This entry in the B2B London series seems a little gentler than some of the others. True, there are some nice manoeuvres/timed runs to achieve, but it might possibly be accessible to more players, whereas most of the entries are for experienced players only. Don't get me wrong, there's still plenty of entertaining gameplay to achieve here, but if you don't feel like spending half your time rushing to the stuck threads then this is the one for you. I personally liked it very much; the gameplay is nicely balanced and the builder has created some very good looking areas." - Jay (11-Jan-2007)
"Humour is the perfect way to attract attention when given the choice among a set of levels, so after reading the story for this one it's no surprise, this is one of the first levels I chose to play and finished from the new back to basics set. Whether it lives up to the expectations it sets is another thing. But it certainly does here - behind a light-hearted storyline lies a sophisticated level, that while still is rather light hearted in its spirit, with not too much complexity - thus suitable for everyone - has enough creative sparks to keep even the most spoiled and expert players hooked till the end. You start in an expansive city area by the Thames and though at first it looks like there's a lot to do, so could be discouraging, the course is actually fairly linear and once you find your way, it should be simple enough. There is no overwhelming amount of enemies, and I can't say I minded that at all, half-expecting most of the London levels to be shooters. The 3 secrets, which I found all, do require you to take some detours along the way, but other than that, you just have to get into the pit and beyond passing all the traps, timed trials (quite a few here - I can count 3 from the top of my head), jumps, and the zipline ride (already before playing any other levels after this one, I could guess we'd be seeing a lot of it in this year's levels) on your quest to getting the key to eternal happiness through the atmospheric and very enjoyable level. And after having played the other levels of the competition - I can add that this is one of the rare ones, which doesn't use any elements that even imply that there is a metro station - run down or otherwise - nearby, which is an achievement as well! Recommended! Wouldn't be surprised to see it among the winners. And to partly follow Treeble's example, and partly for the fun of it: This was the 1st of 10 I played." - eTux (10-Jan-2007)
"This is definitely one of my favourite BtB levels so far. It's quite short but there's plenty to do, and while the gameplay provides some challenges, it flows well and you're never stuck for long. The first half of the level is spent searching the city waterside for some keys with which to access the titular pit, and the second (which I especially liked) finds Lara exploring a rather lovely underground chapel area. There are plenty of fun and creative moments, and the whole thing is of good all-round quality. My main complaint is that it was over too soon, but I'm sure that's not an entirely bad thing. An entertaining and good-humoured level, well worth playing. Forty five minutes and (sigh) no secrets found." - Ampersand (08-Jan-2007)
"While the theme of last year's Back to Basics competition was bright, colourful and just generally nice, this year's theme was the darkest one yet. Really, London? I'm not a huge fan of dark and dull-looking levels, so I had no intention of playing any of the Back to Basics levels, until I got conned into helping the author track down any shortcuts in this one. I say "conned", because there really weren't any shortcuts to speak of (granted, the author had already fixed most of them before I got my grubby hands on the level, but still). The gameplay was fun, though, so I didn't feel like it was a waste of time. I especially liked a puzzle right near the start, which was brilliant in all its simplicity. The whole level is rather simple, and you don't need to worry about using your brain too much. This helps keep the flow of the level going, and the gameplay was surprisingly imaginative. The texturing and architecture are nice, and the author has done his or her best to make it interesting to look at. To some extent, he/she succeeds, but the whole level is still very brown/grey. Obviously this wasn't the author's fault, but I can't help but think that the level would have been better, had the author been able to choose the textures himself/herself. I'm not sure if I hate or love the storyline, but after hearing how many problems the author had with this level, I can just imagine him/her finally finishing it at the last minute and going, "oh God, I need a storyline, too!". I was pleasantly surprised by this twenty-minute level, so I think I might play a couple more Back to Basics levels just to see if they're as good as this one. I still want nicer textures next year, though." - Magnus (07-Jan-2007)
"Nice river with waiting boat and guards whos keeping they secrets. Lara's won one victory again, against evil undergound citizens and soldiers. Finding objects are too easy and puzzles too. Not too much for solving more. Level for one after noon relaxing." - Ivan (04-Jan-2007)
"I enjoyed this level very much, too. It starts on city lake and Lara has to make her way up to the roofs and then down again to a boot on the lake. From there she'll make her way down to the second part into huge cathedral-like rooms. Finally she arises again with the Key to Eternal Hapiness (Have to go to London to get it from her!) Excellent level architecture in both parts. The gamplay is well-balanced. I found some small glitches: two (short) shortcuts and on the roofs you can reach the end of the world easily. It's one of my favorites of the BtB-Levels. So you should play this one." - Raymond (03-Jan-2007)
"Lara and the pit was a great experience. I'm not a big fan of London level but I actually enjoyed this. In the beginning it's a bit hard but it becomes easy after a while. The level wasn't to hard and not to easy. It's perfect if you need something to do in 30 minutes. The atmosphere is perfect and the sound is also good. The textures and lightening are also perfect. So if you need something to do in 30 minutes this level is perfect.;)" - Betal (03-Jan-2007)
"This is clearly the work of an experienced and accomplished builder with a clearly recognisable personal style but perhaps someone who is not such an adept player,as there are several places you can reach which were clearly not intended and several shortcuts that were achievable with slightly unorthodox jumping.This is particularly noticeable in the beautiful opening Thames-side area,where progression can be shortcutted on several occasions,and the end-of-the-world reached with complete ease (in fact,at one point,you're positively invited to run around places you shouldn't go to and consequently stare into nothing,other than a swirl of missing textures). Once into the pit (via a beautiful and expensive-looking Mini-Cruiser) you're into 'heightened reality' territory,and familiar,straightforward but hugely enjoyable 'sliding-jumping-running' Gameplay. The interiors are stunning,beautifully lit and the whole thing laced with moments of humour. Playing this level was akin to eating a box of Ritz Crackers:not necessarily the best thing out there,but terribly more-ish and a real pleasure. Just the sort of thing to please an eternal beginner. (How many more clues do you need?!)" - Orbit Dream (03-Jan-2007)
"Nice start with a view of the river and the boat and then some fun jumping around the place and the roofs. Great and original idea to unblock the trashcan and have it 'roll' down the track. There are some timed trapdoors to master and the motor of the ship needs to be turned off to get rid of the current. Once you make it to the other side, gameplay becomes more straightforward as you make your way through the pit and the cathedral area before you have your long swim back out with your key. I really liked how the three secrets were placed." - MichaelP (01-Jan-2007)
"Third level on my BtB07 run. So far, the best one - starting with the hilarious storyline. Right at the beginning I was stuck for a while trying to figure out what to do first, as the area you start in is huge and you think of several possibilities of where to start. Once you make the first step into the right direction the rest of the level flows pretty well, making this a fun level. There is quite a complex and ingenious level design here, from the boat in the docks to the 'sliding' dumpster room, and my favorite the room holding the key to eternal happiness (lol). Fantastic textures and perfect lighting makes the atmosphere of the level just right, and every now and then you get on high areas where you get a gorgeous vista of the setting. Brilliant. 35 minutes. 01/07" - Treeble (01-Jan-2007)