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The Angel within


Skyler Ortega
release date: 11-Mar-2010

average rating: 8.17
review count: 19
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file size: 383.49 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

author profile(s):

Years ago, a man swore to his order that King Arthur would be slain. His order, agreed to outfit him properly, to hide his identity, and perform rituals on him. The main ritual is Soul Splitter. The Man chose his sword and, his slain opponent's sword, to where his soul will be split and stored. This man, dressed in heavy black armor, marched with his order's army against Camelot. A long battle was fought, as the battle eneded to when it came down to the man, and King Arthur. According to some accounts of the villagers, King Arthur had asked to place a strange poison onto his sword. The man received a new name from King Arthur. The Black Knight. The Knight's power and skill was unparallel compared to King Arthur's abilities. As King Arthur received the last lounge, the Black Knight's troops stormed his fortress. But right as they begin marching, the knight begins to kneel over, coughing, and dizzy. He takes a look at Arthur's sword and realizes he is doomed. At his death, his troops retreat back to the order. The Order took the Black Knight to the Forgotten Realm, where he will slumber. Then, the Knights of the Round Table take Excalibur, and camoflauge its image to create an entire new myth. The Master Sword. This blade, is the stripped down version of Excalibur. The only way to power it up, is to reunite it with its brother, Alondite. Only problem is, once reunited, the soul becomes whole again, causing all power to come back to the Black Knight.

Now, since Lara has awakened half of the Black Knight's soul due to Natla's trickery, Lara must embark on a journey to find this resting place where the Black Knight is, and destroy his sword. Banishing him back to hells just as his order was, a long time ago. Little does Lara know she is being followed. A trap the Oracles of the Past put on the Master Sword, is that once pulled, one must encounter theirself.