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The Angel within by Skyler Ortega

Blue43 8 9 8 10
Christian 8 8 9 10
Diz 8 9 8 8
DJ Full 6 7 7 8
dmdibl 9 9 9 10
Dutchy 8 7 7 7
Gerty 7 8 7 7
Hedteur 6 8 7 9
Jack& 9 9 6 5
Janny 9 10 10 9
Jay 8 9 9 9
Jorge22 7 8 7 6
Jose 7 8 9 7
MichaelP 8 8 9 8
Phil 9 9 10 9
rtrger 8 8 8 10
Ryan 8 8 9 8
TheStig 9 9 9 9
Treeble 7 8 8 8
release date: 11-Mar-2010
# of downloads: 211

average rating: 8.17
review count: 19
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file size: 383.49 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Mixed feelings towards this level. On the one hand, I thought it was rather clever how the author has recycled several areas from the original games and game them new coats of paint, and most of the time it's quite obvious to tell what the original rooms were. Even areas from the Crystal Dynamics games were recreated, so while they're obviously not up to the same level of detail the similarities are striking. On the flip side, however, I thought most of the "new" areas felt a bit dull, sometimes boxy and lacking attention. Some of the secrets don't register properly or don't contain any pickups. The levels rely a bit too much on ledge hopping and on that regard I think some camera angles would help as we have no control over camera while hanging off ledges, without the walkthrough I might have never made it to the end. It's somewhat on the easy side and the author is quite generous with weapons and medipacks, but I found myself wasting most of my inventory in the remake of The Cold War (from TR2G) as the mechanic exposure is in place but instead of a warmth bar it's your health going down like crazy. There were only two or so flame emitters to heat up, but admittedly at that point I was oversupplied already, it just made exploring things slightly more annoying than they should. I spotted a few texturing mistakes along the way but overall it was pretty and enjoyable for the most part. (Bonus points for using sound motifs from Metroid Prime!). 3h10min, 22 secrets. 09/22" - Treeble (11-Sep-2022)
"This is quite a vast adventure that takes Lara to many familiar locations (plus some new ones). Here are my thoughts on each level: Thailand/Thailand Inner Ruins: The first part is based on Fool's Gold from the official Golden Mask game. Many levers, a short timed run, keys to locate, and yeti, birds and tigers to deal with. The Great Wall: Back to go familiar territory. This well known favourite has been completely redesigned to incorporate Lara's new moves and a couple of additional traps. More keys, rats and the well known trap segment plus some enjoyable climbing and jumping. Hidden Tomb of Alexander: A variation of St Francis Folly, with some fun platforming and a quest for the four keys. Lower Foothills/Icy Slopes: Two more well known favourites (The Cold War and Tibetan Foothills), only it's a lot colder and Lara's health rapidly depletes due to this, so seek shelter immediately. Some fun snowmobile rides and yet more keys. Underground Fortress: What an impressive room. Some nice gameplay tasks like jumping around the waterfall cavern, avoiding blades and shooting giant spiders on dangerous floor. Tzzabelza/Kulo Tez Ramidir: A nice way to end the series, with a few levers to pull a fun Senet game which I conquered first time and a boss battle. Overall an enjoyable and not too taxing series. I spent just over three hours here." - Ryan (21-Dec-2016)
"No surprise the manor level recreated for seventh time is the most thought and complex of all included. Then Thailand is the best of main game, with stunning jungle atmosphere. The second part involves Underworld repicture but barely visible and totally integral with the old engine, while usage of sidekick or sidebeat character introduces another life aside of already roaming crocodiles and monkeys. Soon what started like a masterclass quest suddenly turns into what Beyond the Scion could become if EssGee absolutely stopped to care in the process. It seems all the ideas and patience have run out as we enter a series of obvious remakes randomly connected with each other whatever else the storyline may suggest. First goes The Great Wall and while I don't mind unexpected nostalgia zones like the Venice chapter from Realms of Destiny had, then I don't quite like if a whole map is again the same. I comforted myself by thinking it's familiar so at least short, but it appeared a new location has been added to make it longer which I must admit was quite creative. Most of original hit points were replaced with ideas the author considered great but I don't, examples being the initial pushable replaced with four cubes (yawn), dinosaurs replaced with tigers (meow) or the Xian temple substituted with a rope room (what?). Then for some reason we move to Greece and even with new moves provided I was bored to death by having to vault through the same ledges of St.Francis, profoundly renamed Hidden Tomb of Alexander so you won't notice - feels just like trying to sell a 60% butter which imitates 82%. At next leveljump I resetted my frustration and gave the builder the third chance. The frozen pool seemed quite interesting until I spotted familiar sunken crates and the empty underwater alcove, once surely storing a golden coin secret... This pattern already resembled Forbidden Town but that one was at least repainted while here you have the same materials only different tiles. Still I thought "Cold War was one of the best originals, it should be fine" and played trying to ignore unfitting pushblocks and baddies. But then the author has managed to absolutely destroy the original impression with simple killer frost and fireplaces to warm you up. The idea itself is brilliant and could provide neat challenge if used with care, but the total number of heating flames in level is... two. If you remember the size and structure of the map, you immediately get the picture - it's like multiple diving and backtracking to rare air pockets, only designed as dry variant. Any attempt to survive it without medikits is simply futile if you want pickup completion and while forcing medikits isn't good itself, then not clarifying its inevitability made me try for hours. For this the author should be thrown into a cold river or at least nominated for a honorable ice bucket challenge (I won't mind if he nominates me in return). The last rooms of level are removed but it might be good this part could end one location faster. Now you would think after four remakes already included the author's mind will cry for creativity as much as mine did, resulting in a new crazy map, but the worst was yet to come. Imagine the original Tibetan Foothills remade in TR4, what a great opportunity to use the nitro bike. But no, the vehicle becomes useless after the first corner since the author didn't even bother to recalculate ramp distances. Instead he wants you to go these 11 kilometers on foot and he even filled the bridge gap to make sure you will. Never before I have seen a solution harder opposing what should have been applied - what an utter loss of time, all of it wasted on wandering over scenery identical to original but wiped out of unsurpassed enemies and badass sound, even the original Tibetan wind got replaced with absolutely unfitting ambience. After a quite long exposure to cold emptiness, gameplay has dropped so low it matched the level temperature. The bits were frozen, my favourite part of TR2 has been raped and if this is what I felt, I don't wanna know what the original author would think, but since Core never speaks to us I wonder if such remakes can be the reason. After I somehow made it through, after lots of unawarely taken breaks, I presumed Barkhang as next segment but here a twist occurs, as with another no word of explanation we're suddenly thrown to England - so whatever storyline was expressed in the readme, it already doesn't have any power. In Realms of Destiny transitions were also abrupt but at least explained by discreet plot lines, and here we get nothing. This final setting is another classic engine adaptation of Crystal Dynamics what restores some creativity, the cave architecture is quite impressive and a large part of it made me curious anew. But even this last bit returns a nasty surprise: somehow when scenery gets darker, the builder stops to provide flares so I was soon left with the final one to reload to, what was quite painful since I searched all the corners for one secret which is either missing or doesn't register. The last levels are much more coherent with each other, tasking and puzzles are much better and only the island fortress feels way underused. Eventually a quite strong twin battle climax ends the story as it should so the final memories are filled with satisfaction no matter of what. SUMMARY: This game should only contain Thailand, England and possibly some brand new transition instead of remake inbetween. I know the author's skills were poorer in previous adventures, but even if basic and full of extra access these were his new creations to explore, what I much preferred over a huge rebuild due to which a major part of this release is just skippable. I assume and appreciate he tries different concepts for different games so I don't consider this one a step backwards, but for me it's a step in wrong direction so I will wait for the next project in hope all the arrows will point where they should." - DJ Full (11-May-2016)
"I liked this trle, but they were too many places from previous Tomb Raider like the great wall or Thailand except at the last levels witch were great ! Tigers were sometimes stupid and didn't jump on Lara ^^ But other ennemies were ok." - Hedteur (21-Apr-2014)
"I was a bit surprised to see this level set rated an average of 8 when it managed to keep me immersed for 5 great fun-filled hours. After finishing it, I realized how so many builders these days seems to forget that a level is mainly supposed to be fun and not filled with obscure or impossible jumps and puzzles meant for us gamers to prove that we're "hardcore" or not. The overall gameplay here reminds me of the classic tomb raiding that blends open areas with more difficult puzzles here and there, pretty much the winning formula in my book. It starts us off slap-bang in the middle of a Thailand level (which isn't a shabby place to be stuck in if you ask me) and then gradually moves on to China, Egypt and Nepal. Each place has its own flavor of fun and I can honestly say that I never got bored in the slightest. There's also the nostalgia factor that kicks in as soon as you realize the level you're playing is a revisit. The Great Wall was my personal favorite because it felt like Lara was coming back to a familiar place after many years, and we get to see how the landscape has changed. There are more challenging bits throughout, such as during the Nepal area with the (literally) deadly open air that can wipe out Lara's life in a few heartbeats. But there usually plenty of medis and ammo (not to mention a rocket-launcher!) along the way, which shows that the builder took the time to think about the more easily frustrated gamers and gave us a way to keep going without having to restart or get someone else's savegames. The mood, music (aside from some occasional odd Final Fantasy song) are gorgeous and immersing and the visuals are stunning. Unfortunately, some textures and bits of the game geometry can seem pretty choppy or unpolished at times, but it can be overlooked given that it's a project mainly done by one person. Overall I feel that this was probably the best level set I've ever played and I would have loved to give it all max scores if it wasn't for some choppy "end of the world" views and a couple of bugs. This one has definitely earned a high spot on my replay list." - Janny (29-Sep-2011)
"I like some others on here was initially perplexed at the initial rating that this release received. Having played a few 'epic' adventures so far this year, I was looking forward to this one enormously, and I have to say that for me personally it didn't disappoint. Let's start with the positives. For the most part this series is visually stunning. I adored the Croft Manor addition and found that to be a great relaxation exercise which instantly made me warm to the game. Normally I find manor's pretty dowdy and boring, but not this one, and it kept me entertained for a good 40 minutes or so running around picking up keys, secrets etc. Lighting is again excellent, with some fantastic use of colour and ambience. I also liked the use of the white-fog in the winter sections, which really does make the whole place feel cold. Speaking of cold, the use of an 'exposure element' was also interesting in the winter levels. While initially it frustrated me I respect the idea as something new that I personally hadn't come across before. I didn't ever feel stuck or frustrated by the gameplay either, and typically where there was no camera clue for a door lever it was because it was already close by enough for you to see or hear. Music again was great and added to the atmosphere effectively. The whole game has a very cinematic feel to it. However, it's fair to say that the Angel Within does lack polish in a few key places, which when you look at the effort that's clearly gone into this build is disappointing. A few of the larger set-pieces suffer from 'wall-papering textures which given the clear skills of the author seems odd. On more than one occasion I spotted missing textures in major rooms. The flickering objects are also occasionally distracting. The only other thing I would say here is that I feel the author's best work is when they are producing their own levels rather than 'echoing the greats'. I don't mind the odd tribute design here and there, but there was too much from TRII, TR Anniversary & Legend (to name a few), that got re-stamped out here. While it would be ridiculous to say that they are direct copies, I enjoyed the early Thailand sections more because they came completely from the author's own imagination. The other issue (which this level isn't alone on), is I couldn't see why I trotted the globe to meet the black knight & the doppelganger. If you're going to go to all these places, make sure there's a key/pickup/plot-line that reveals why you needed to head to the next place. I completed The Angel Within in 6 hours and 13 minutes and I'd say that all of that was good quality gameplay. The game combined with Croft Manor is definitely worthy of your time to download and play. I promise that the positives way out-way any negatives, and that this really is an exceptional piece of work. Play & enjoy. Highly Recommended! Stiggy" - TheStig (20-Sep-2010)
"After reading most of the reviews I had mixed feeling when I started playing this one, but in the end I have to say, that this is a wonderful set of levels and I could really feel how much effort the builder has put into putting together this multi level game. As others already reported, it does have its flaws, but I think that they were not enough to dampen my positive experience playing through this. The builder seems to have used hi-res texturing throughout the game and especially in the parts that had lots of decoration I experienced some dramatic frame rate drop and textures blinking in and out. Unfortunately I also ran into the bug where the game would crash when I tried to re-load a save game during the Thailand levels, but fortunately there weren't any other bugs of that kind once I reached the Great Wall level. Many of the levels were strong reminders of some of my favorites from TR1 and TR2. I specially enjoyed Tomb of Alexander, which is a bit of St. Francis Folly and also the Great Wall and the Lower Foothills. The massive underground Fortress is another impressive structure. Game play was not overly difficult, but there is a good amount of rope swings, spike traps, timed runs and more or less challenging jump sequences. I really enjoyed Lara's new moves and they were put to good use in some of the wall climbing areas. I didn't really care for the health loss in the snowy cold levels, but I sure did enjoy riding the Snowmobile over the bad guys in good old TR2 manner. Lighting was excellent during the whole game and I never had the feeling that it was too dark or too bright. There were plenty of flares and other pickups. The enemies were fairly easy to kill throughout the game and the boss fight in the end was a nice treat that I wish more custom levels would have. There were lots of things in the game which I hadn't seen in other custom levels like the TR4 Senet game. There are plenty of custom objects here and there. Lara also had a Diary, which didn't really contain much useful info, and the one thing that bothered me the most was that there are no binoculars. I am using binoculars all the time and not having them was a bit disappointing. They would have been really helpful in the Great Wall level where Lara has to cross a Canyon and the texturing of the area where Lara has to jump and grab is really hard to identify as the light of the flares don't reach that far either. That was the only part of the game were I was actually stuck for a while, but lucky for me, there was already a stuck level thread in the forum and after reading there I found my way across. The one other thing I had mixed emotions was the sound department. In some areas the sound is just perfect. It is repetitive music and for the most part very nice and creates an almost dream like atmosphere with sounds that are very new Age and sometimes reminded me of the Lord Of The Rings movie. In other parts the music can be rather annoying and I had to turn my speakers down after the first loop. Despite all the little mistakes and flaws, I think the builder has done a great job in creating this adventure and I would really recommend it to everyone, especially if you like to look around and enjoy beautiful texturing and lighting..." - Blue43 (17-Aug-2010)
"A huge download, but you do certainly get good value from it. It starts out with a nice long intro movie with good audio background choice and if you experience very slow reaction times when moving through the menus you may want to delete the background bmp files and it will go faster again.
2nd Abbingdon Estate (6/8/8/8, 30 min, 4 secrets): This is an optional warm up play, but still worth giving it a go. The hunt for the four secrets is fun and you can marvel at the tons of objects that the author has squeezed into the manor, some of which do flicker, but it is not that bad really. There is a shortcut here, as you can puhs a block right through a fish statue.
Thailand / Thailand Inner Ruins (7/8/9/8, 35+20 min, 3+2 secrets): An easy start into the adventure with yetis and tigers to deal with, a few keys and switches to find. Texturing seems rather repetitive and you will run into the occasional invisible door block. Audio selection is good and the waterfalls look really nice. The inner ruins offer crocs and nasty parrots and some fun hopping around ledges. Unfortunately more objects blinking in and out of sight here and many very squashed or misaligned textures.
The Great Wall (8/7/8/7, 30 min, 3 secrets): A trip down memory lane and you get a short but fairly tricky timed run to manage and a series of interesting acrobatics to do. There are several invisible walls that spoiled the otherwise good impression of the setting. A small block puzzle and a nice trap course round this level off.
Hidden Tomb of Alexander (9/7/8/7, 70 min, 3 secrets): This is when I started really having fun with this series. The choice and placement of objects, the hopping around the pillars, the good use of Lara's new moves and the non-linearity of finding your way to the four keys adds to an intriguing level. There is also a nice timed run and a second one to a secret and the only thing that spoiled it a bit were some beginner mistakes like the wrong OCB in the spikes, so that they popped up out of thin air.
Lower Foothills / Icy Slopes (8/7/9/8, 25+30 min, 2+3 secrets): An interesting idea to have Lara lose health when outside in the cold and recovering when standing near a fire. As for the gameplay I did find it a bit annoying though and lost way too many health packs in this part. Good atmosphere here with the use of fog in the snow, leopards and guards and lots of snowmobile riding through canyons and caves. There is another big shortcut, as it seems the author mixed up two key types, so you end up having one in your inventory, while you are supposed to work for it first and the rather long backtrack on foot is a bit tedious.
Underground Fortress (9/8/9/8, 40 min, 3 secrets): Now that is what I call an impressive cave. And not only the looks are nice - the gameplay set inside and around it was great fun too. An easy timed run, plenty of jumping and climbing around, a few push blocks, a nice river and waterfall area with more ledge jumping and a well designed room with deadly floor and spiders to battle. The only downside was the fortress area where I did search forever for that hole in the ground - a guiding camera would have been really helpful here.
Tzzabelza / Kulo Tez Ramidir (9/9/9/8, 30+5 min, 2 secrets): The final levels are a very worthy ending to this quest indeed. Again nice and well used custom objects to enhance the setting, some fierce looking enemies to battle and of course a great pleasure to play a game of Senet again! The final fights with the Black Knight and the Doppelgaeger are not really all that tough with the accumulated weaponry, but still a decent enough boss ending.
All in all, this is a long adventure that will likely grow on you as you play through it - and is definitely Skyler's best effort and certainly recommend for all those who enjoy playing through a series of connected levels." - MichaelP (02-Aug-2010)
"I've heard either good and bad opinions about this levelset, so I was thinking about downloading this one quite a lot. I was pleasantly suprised. I can tell you that this is Skyler's best work so far, even if it has some flaws. It's good to see how much the builder improved. Texturing is brilliantly done and makes the whole game eye-candy. Gameplay is finally, various and entertaining. Although I must mention some mistakes which ruined the fun a bit. Music. Through the whole game, I heard musics which aren't fit to this game. Some of them are background musics, that made me kill the music sometimes. Guess the next one is not the builder's fault, but some of the objects kept dissapearing for me, which was quite odd, or, they didn't have collision. Invisible walls are also quite weird. But these things are negligible and I must recommend this level for everyone. Pretty good job!" - rtrger (17-Jun-2010)
"I must have downloaded and played the revised version of this mega-set, because I didn't experience any of the more serious bugs mentioned in the reviews and stuck threads (sluggishness caused by excessive vegetation, game crashes, slow inventory screen, etc.) I'm at a loss to account for some of the crueler remarks in those reviews, for I found this to be a challenging, varied and exciting adventure that all raiders should experience. The house level can be played separately, and since I had already done so upon its earlier release (with equally positive vibes), I decided not to play it again here. Even so, I managed to squeeze nearly six hours of gameplay out of this enjoyable romp. Highlights were (1) a dizzyingly tall structure in Hidden Tomb of Alexander, where the slightest misstep would send you plunging to your doom, (2) some nice rides on the icemobile in the Arctic levels, and the game of Senet in Tzzabelza (which I won, amazingly enough, on the first try). If you're fortunate enough not to experience the reported bugs--and you won't know that until you download it and start playing--you're in store for a rare gaming treat. Highly recommended." - Phil (20-Apr-2010)
"A 383 Mb (0r 392, as it says in my PC) download seems like a little excessive for this particular offer, especially if that is because of the intro and the unoriginal final with Lara walking in the snow and the helicopter soaring up above. Sure it must have taken a lot of work, but the work is incomplete when you think of all the irregular slopes, excessive greeneries that get in the way, ends of the world, disappearing textures, never ending and suddenly ceasing music loops, places you can't or don't have to get to and more. I can't even remember most of it anymore. The new-ish moves are generally put to good use and there even is a seneth game near the ending when Lara must fight two hard(because they take a lot of bullets) but simple to kill enemies in a row. Not even the dreaded earthquake is missing here. I have to say, in total honesty, that I was a bit bored most of the time. Still, the game could have been much better with a little more modesty and much more beta-testing. That means I think Skyler can do better. Really, I'll be looking forward." - Jorge22 (14-Apr-2010)
"As I am helping Dutchy with the walkthrough I had to play parts of this level set for a second time and I got more annoyed at almost every corner with this game. Not sure if the beta-testers did a good job or that Skyler didn't take any notice but the game I had, I experienced quite a few crashes when I tried to save. Texture wise the job is not well done at all, in some levels textures are missing, right in Lara's face. And of course a big NO as there are NO binoculars. The second Thailand lever is so full with greenery that my computer had a hard time to keep up. This is really annoying playing wise. A remake is not always better as the Great wall will prove. There are numerous places where Lara reaches the end of the world that I just ad to try in every level to see how many I could spot (too many anyway). Places where there was a secret chime and no secret. The MAN that is mentioned in the read-me, well apart that I hardly could understand what he was on about, scared the living daylights out of me. AND the secret (Gold Cross) didn't count. Spikes the wrong way around, invisible blocks in front of doors, to name a few. Sloppy to say the least. OK.... As beta tester are we offering the job just to play a level before everyone else or are we serious about the job? Or as builder why use beta testers if you don't listen to them anyway. That is the 40 million dollar question. Either way this mini game is screwed up big time. And I, as beta tester can vouch for that. Totally disrespect for the players as well for himself. Using the script to make enemies harder to slay, fine, I have nothing against it, but it is plain ridiculous to shoot the black knight for 5 long minutes, just by jumping back as he needed 325 hits, yes 325 hits to finally die, that took 5 minutes of my life I never get back. This felt like Legend, lots of places you cannot visit, tsk... As for the house level, your dinner will be way cold when you see the way the food has to travel from the kitchen to the dining room. A pity though." - Gerty (09-Apr-2010)
"The Angel Within: A 10 level game that, like the previous game I played (Courels Sands), leaves a lot to be finished. Sure it is nice to play in many parts, but then some parts are looking so bad they spoil the good parts IMO. Maybe it was rushed a bit I don't know. I had to delete the BMP files from the screens folder, because my inventory was irritatingly slow, after that it was normal. What was wrong with my inventory? It was all messed up. Even after a fresh install the problem was still there. All the text of the weapons and ammo was mixed through each other Here's a list of other things I think a good Beta testing team could have helped the builder with I think. There were a lot of missing textures, stretched/compressed/rotated. There were invisible blocks in front of several doors. Numerous end world routes and invisible walls blocking other possible routes. 'Empty' secrets (great wall) and other secrets didn't count as I suspect the secret numbering in the level wasn't correct. There were many objects you could get stuck into (collision?). One flyby went through the wall (last lever for Key puzzle in Hidden Tomb). At the start of the Tzzabelza level I had a lot of blackout walls and floors In KTR I noticed the animation of the Grenades, as there's no Gun I think it was meant for Lara to throw these hand grenades, well that animation doesn't work... But don't get discouraged by this, it's certainly worth to play and with a bit more help and experience this builder might be a great one. The architecture was great; the Icy Slopes where you could have great fun with the Snowbike were truly realistic. Still confused about the number of secrets... 25+4 in the Home level the builder states, could only find 2 in the Tzzabelza level, and believe me, I have looked everywhere. But I did find a key that wasn't used. One key remained in the inventory and could give you a very big shortcut (again, beta test!). That Senet game must be a pain to set up, but it worked well, pity that blue tile wasn't really reachable without touching the other colors. And.... A must for a game like this... the Binoculars.... But nonetheless a real adventure that takes you around the world, play it and look for yourself." - Dutchy (01-Apr-2010)
"I started with the Mansion level as it was a different layout to most of Ms Croft's houses (I've seen the layout before but I can't remember where!) I was enjoying it thoroughly, despite the game crashing, even found all the secrets, when it became impossible to continue as it was crashing every few seconds. Shame really. The main game is massive, six and a half hours of net play with 36 secrets to find (only found 18!) The gameplay is varied, some areas are brand new, others are re-jigged areas of other games. Don't take that as a criticism as the areas are very well re-jigged, just using the 'bones', as it were, of the TR areas with new twists, gameplay and enemies. Look out for Lara suffering from exposure! Some problem with the game crashing but it seemed to improve as the levels progressed. Still had a crash every time I went into the inventory and scrolled past the grenades - strange, but I just stayed out of the inventory! The downside to the game were some missing textures, disappearing walls, illegal slopes and very large areas with little to do. Despite this, the levels were well and imaginatively made and the game is certainly one to keep you occupied. There are some classy moments such as dodging a boulder that promptly crushed a croc I hadn't seen that was sneaking up behind me - lovely! It's a tribute to the builder that despite all the problems I had, I still enjoyed it so much." - Diz (24-Mar-2010)
"well what can i say ... this is a huge game ...... i mean will keep u busy for long time cos contain more than 6 levels .... i dont remember exactly ..... well my fist impression was at the late stages that i play George Maciver games . same huge rooms with very tall structures with alot off levers and JS -es and alot off shimmy along cracks some off it invisible at first glance /just the graphics are poor cameras inexistent and alot off glitches wich u cannot find at George Maciver games ....-here u must work the builder - the rooms are very well builded with multiple routes overall the conception and how was think all the rooms geometry / puzzles is very good . the sounds are repetitive and boring ...... THE PROBLEM OFF THIS GAME IS WITH EXECUTION ..... COS THIS GAME HAVE VERY MUCH GLITCHES / invisible walls and overall suffer alot at visuals / graphics ...beside cameras are allmoust inexistent so after u pull a lever or a JS u cannot see what door u open or what changed wich u might use in the particulary room .... and this is a big backthrow .... also this one despite - begginer builder mistakes is well crafted /areas - building- and huge rooms -very well designed - but have very unpolished .feeling ....all in all iff this builder improve on visuals and to work with cameras and beta test his next game will have a big succes cos ideas have alot and talent too ... not bad one with alot off variated places from caves / icy mountains / involving bike ride too / castles with very tall multilevel structures and underwater areas - i am very curious off this builder next game i keep a eye at him cos have imense talent ." - Jack& (23-Mar-2010)
"I had a quick look at the mansion level, simply to admire the architecture, but, having played the first version and being eager to get on with the adventure, didn't linger too long. Thailand/Inner Ruins: You get to play with yetis, tigers, crocodiles and macaws (an admittedly strange mix) and explore the lush vegetation, which is occasionally so lush that it's impossible to see where you're going, but the rich, steamy jungle atmosphere is very well realised and, despite a few missing textures and edge of the world issues, everything looks very beautiful. The Great Wall: I found it quite a treat to have a version of this old favourite with up to date graphics and Lara's new moves. If, up to now, you have been feeling that this game is a masterly example of style over substance then I should like to reassure you that things are about to get a lot more challenging. The builder has taken the basis of the original level and added some excellent new agility tests, plus making the original ones a great deal harder than any of us would have able to cope with way back when we were so new to raiding. Hidden Tomb of Alexander: There's a real St Francis' Folly vibe to this part and finding your route to access the various rooms and switches on all the different levels isn't always straightforward, but I always enjoy that type of scenario. There are no enemies - it's just your brain that will be exercised. Lower Foothills: In a neat twist on the original game, instead of the icy water leeching away Lara's health, it's the cold outside air that does it, so racing through the outdoors and keeping inside as much as possible is the best course of action. You will inevitably have to gulp down a few medipacks along the way however. Luckily, enemies are sparse and easily dealt with. Icy Slopes: Lara seems to have adapted to the cold by now, which is just as well or the medipack situation could have been a bit serious. This is also a pleasant re-interpretation of an original TR level and I had much fun riding the snowmobile and occasionally running over enemies - always acceptable. Underground Fortress: This is quite an imposing, if somewhat austere, area and climbing around large caverns and stony passages is the order of the day. There's a short but fun fire tile room to navigate that I thought was rather nicely done. Tzzabelza: This is quite a short section, mainly notable for a game of senet, which I always relish (especially when I win first time, heh). Kulo Tez Ramidir: For your boss baddies, you get to battle the Black Knight and the Doppelganger, who are tough but not particularly difficult to bump off with your pistols if you just keep moving. Or you might just want to use some of the lavish amounts of Uzi ammo provided. In any event, once you obtain and use the key of destruction you're pretty much at the end of the adventure, apart from a last cutscene. It's not perfect - some sections work better than others, but overall it is an entertaining game and well worth playing." - Jay (20-Mar-2010)
"For the style it seems the author is a disciple of PH. About the gameplay generally is good, although I missed (as usual) cameras when pulling switches; example: in the Fortress level, the author suppose that the player have explored carefully all the outside area, but when I pulled the floor switch, I got fool looking for something in a very dark and huge area until I found the hole in the water. Many rooms are too dark and I missed a lot the binoculars and more flares. Perhaps rooms are too big with few objects inside and few tasks to do; some secrets are very easy to find but another ones are very hard (I'm still figuring out where to use that small yellow key in the Icy Slopes level). The best for me was the atmosphere with all those cool melodies and nice flybies. Lights are well worked, but as I said many rooms are too dark. I liked a lot the textures too, but there are a lot of small defects I must discover; it seems that the author was very hurry to release the adventure; or all nine beta testers were not very cautious or the author ignored them, 'cause there are many many missed textures, sometimes complete panels on the walls; another times Lara can explore areas when she gets trapped and can't return to continue; there's a lot of ilegal slopes too; there are objects in midair and another ones disappear depending the angle you see them; in some rooms the scenary turns black when moving Lara; another times you can reach the end of the world hitting with invisible walls; there are many (excessive) bad placed doors with an invisible block in front of them; and many other bad details I can't remember now. I know that the author could fix all this, but for some reason he didn't. For me the game is not ready to release this way. Even so I've enjoyed it and there's a lot of work behind. Thanks for the effort!" - Jose (17-Mar-2010)
"It's not easy to review this set of levels. There are single levels I would have rated higher than I did for whole package; there is no constant niveau of quality. Of course, the scenery in Thailand is well created, although some irregular slopes and a lot of graphical problems really have impact on the game. Objects appear out of nowhere at the moment you reach them, the twinkling of many objects can be quite annoying. I'm not a level-builder and I don't know, how such problems could be avoided. But they obviously can, as the improvement shows towards the end of the level-set. And there is also a lot of improvement to the levels we already know from this author. It was nice to play "Great Wall" from TR2 again with new moves, some modifications and a few timed challenges, I often miss in newer levels. It was also nice to be taken back to TR2 Gold, although the freezing to death-episode is not really convincing and may be a bit annoying. Annoying also the missing binocs. But it's absolutely worth going through "Lower foothills" and "Icy slopes", for the adventure with unfortunately only an idea of a storyline really starts after these two levels and it gets better and better until the end. The remake of Alexanders tomb before the two icy levels gives a hint of what is coming up there. Altogether: Nice remakes and the last four hours of gameplay on the highest quality-level. Absolutely worth playing!" - Christian (16-Mar-2010)
"An entertaining six hours of play, that kept me happily at my computer for a series of enchanted landscapes and involving exploration. In preparation for this I played the old "Tomb Raider Destruction," and found it more than a little flawed. So it was a pleasant surprise (if not shocking) to find that Skyler Ortega now deserves an award for most improved builder, an improvement made in record time. First, the well-made "Abbingdon Esate 2" is now an optional home level, so players can leisurely explore it at any time, or choose to get on with the real adventure. This starts in Thailand with lush vegetation and yeti-like forest creatures. The Thailand levels are attractive, and immediately show the author's skill but, especially with the second level, I felt there was too much decorative vegetation. It is constantly in Lara's face, plus packing the level with objects makes the screen motion choppy. I had Lara walking around corners, rather than running. (None of this is a problem in later levels.) Lara made progress, intending to get back to a number of interesting places, but then a level would end. Since I only got about half the secrets I clearly missed a lot. After Thailand, there are several levels inspired by TR2, which should go quickly for those familiar with the originals. I found these a nice break, though I have mixed feelings about the changes. Lara now takes damage from Tibetan cold, so she has to seek out a fire or get inside to keep from slowly freezing to death, or using all her medipacks. And I didn't really care for the heavy snowfall reducing visibility. Two of these levels will be fun for players who like zipping around on the snowmobile. Mixed in with these retrospective levels is the "Hidden Tomb of Alexander," which takes basic ideas, though not much else, from TR1 St. Francis. The climbing through multiple floors can be a real puzzle, one reason I enjoyed this, but it is truly possible for Lara to make her way from the bottom back to the topmost level. I got completely stuck here since it seems the only way for Lara to get by a push block is to jump through a corner. It will be incredible if this is the official solution. For me, the best levels came at the end. There is "Underground Fortress," with a timed run and clever exploration. I had little trouble, though it is odd the author chose to remove the binoculars, which might come in handy here. Also very good is "Tzzabelza," with interesting floor levers, and a game of senet. I can confirm the author's warning that saving and reloading during a game may cause problems. Lara was one square from winning, but I took a break. When I reloaded a save, Lara spun a one, but nothing happened. It was necessary to restart the senet game from scratch. There is an onscreen damage counter when Lara battles enemies, and this helps a lot in the final encounter with the Black Knight and the Doppelganger." - dmdibl (14-Mar-2010)