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Poseidons Sanctum


release date: 14-Nov-2011

average rating: 8.93
review count: 27
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file size: 164.00 MB
file type: TR3
class: Rome/Greece

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Note: Level download package updated on Nov 21, 2011

For many years, Lara was searching for Poseidons Trident which is said to give to its owner the power to control the water. She searched for it in Greece, in Egypt, in Italy and in Turkey, but all of her trips did not have the result she wished. This summer, Mis Croft decided to go on vacations. As she was searching in internet for a place to go, she found a coastal village in Greece named Poseidi. That place is called like this because there is a nearby ancient temple of Poseidon there, currently in ruins. Lara thought it could be a good chance to look there for the trident and if she will not find it, she could just relax for a few days in the village for vacations. So, she prepared herself for a new adventure or for some days of relaxation. But Lara does not know that an old enemy managed to survive from their battle and is looking for the artifact too. It is Sophia Leigh. She has managed to make a new weapon in her laboratories, but she needs more power, because she is not fully recharged after the battle with Lara. She is also heading to Poseidi. Will Lara Croft manage to get the trident first and how will Sophia surprise her?