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Poseidons Sanctum by Sarikman

AdamR 10 10 10 9
Blue43 9 9 9 8
Ceamonks890 9 9 8 9
DatoDavid 10 10 10 10
Diz 9 9 9 9
DJ Full 9 9 9 8
dmdibl 9 9 9 9
Ekrixi 10 10 10 9
Jay 9 9 9 9
Jorge22 9 9 9 9
Jose 9 9 10 8
Josey 8 10 9 8
Juan Carlos 9 8 7 8
Jungle Raider 10 9 10 10
lokky99101 9 9 8 9
manarch2 9 8 9 8
MegaGamer 8 9 9 7
misho98 9 9 9 9
mugs 10 9 8 8
Phil 9 9 9 9
Rainmaker 10 9 10 9
Rambo 8 8 9 7
Ryan 9 9 9 9
SeniorBlitz 10 10 9 9
Shandroid 10 9 9 8
TheStig 9 9 8 8
Treeble 8 8 8 8
release date: 14-Nov-2011
# of downloads: 48

average rating: 8.93
review count: 27
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file size: 164.00 MB
file type: TR3
class: Rome/Greece

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This is a set of four levels that sees Lara arriving to a small town in a Greek beach and then finding her way down into an underground temple in search of Poseidon's Trident. The storyline plays out throughout the game thanks to the inclusion of dialogue clips, which by the way net the author some bonus points for providing them in English when it's clearly not the native language of the actors. My biggest concern is that perhaps the TR3 engine is a bit too dated for adventures on such epic scale, it definitely fails to handle the openness of most of the levels and as a result you get a lot of flickering and some objects becoming invisible as you move about. Gameplay is pretty obvious and straightforward for most of the time, and there are quite a few trap gauntlets to keep you on your toes. Although there are only so many ways you can use midair steering in slope jump sequences, the author has also included some of these and they're actually fun to clear, although admittedly you'll be needing a couple of tries until you succeed. The author has also featured a fine selection of audio tracks, with tracks from pretty much all the games (and movies) in the series available at the time of release but also some external pieces, all of which added a lot to the general feeling of the game in my opinion. Another thing that stood out to me was how creative the author was with the Trident placement; since Lara can't interact with the statue, the author made it mandatory to flood the area to retrieve it, which also keeps the artifact in sync with the mythos surrounding it. On the downside, even though there were even pictures of crash spots, I couldn't help myself but compulsively still jump towards the no-no spots, so maybe a wall or some sort of object to bar the player would have helped, and I also experienced a weird crash later in the final level. Otherwise, this was a damn fine adventure that kept me busy for the last couple of days, and I understand there's an extended version which I should be checking out within the next weeks. 2h40min, 11 secrets. 03/20" - Treeble (01-Mar-2020)
"I had a lot of fun with this level pack, I really loved how the builder used a variety of textures from different settings efficiently to create some pretty nice visuals for the different locals you explore, they were all charming and good- looking, the level design improves on the foundation established from the author's previous work, with more balanced combat encounters, and more freedom to tackle objectives at your desired pace, with nice secret placement that relies on you having a keen eye without being obtuse or cryptic, I also have to praise the good use of music tracks that enhanced the level setpieces and helped give the adventure a larger escale, with good use of background music to set the mood. Excited to see what the reboot has to offer!" - SeniorBlitz (13-Jan-2020)
"A nicely crafted raid in the TR3 style that I thought provided as much enjoyment as a lot of the TR4 levels do. It's a pity that the textures are a bit clunky by Next Generation standards (or are we just getting jaded by the newer stuff?), but the builder's probably done the best he can. The gameplay consistently entertains and provides a considerable variety throughout these four levels, including timed runs, safe tile puzzles, a couple of vehicle rides, block puzzles and one mightily intense boss battle against Sophia. The difficulty also ramps up nicely throughout so by the time you've passed the easier sections, you should feel confident enough to master the more challenging parts. Great fun and highly recommended." - Ryan (28-Apr-2019)
"This level is better in each aspect than Sarikman's debut - each flaw I complained about has been erased or occurs less frequently. I had three hard times with: 1) finding the church key which is harder than surrounding secrets; 2) redoing the bridge pushable because the secondary destination was more prominent, 3) battling Sophia whose arena design proves the author is rather mad. Also I think these levels should have rather been built in TR4 because saving and reloading a hard TR3 level takes definitely too much time. On the other hand absent jumpswitches and shatters save some... SUMMARY: Already one of these little yet complete adventures which left me encouraged and well prepared for the full challenge in Reboot. Recommended." - DJ Full (01-Jun-2016)
"I really enjoyed this amazing levelset everything was just perfect and for tr3 levelset this the best one I've ever seen I hope this amazing builder makes if so I we be downloading it strait away. The best part of this levelset was the boss fights the sophia fight had such amazing music and was very difficult but fun at the same time" - lokky99101 (06-Dec-2014)
"An excellent and all-around incredibly entertaining series of levels here that makes the most of what the TR3 engine has to offer, utilizing it in ways that I do not believe I've seen too much of in other levels. Gameplay is satisfyingly challenging and offers a good amount of variety(but not to the point of frustration), lighting, objects, enemies and texturing were handled rather effectively(despite objects fading in and out of existence on certain occasions when the screen gets too busy), level designs are very immersive to run around in(at least that was the case with me) and the atmosphere in general was just so absorbing that I found it incredibly difficult to put down. Unfortunately, not everything is perfect. For one thing, the voice acting isn't really all that engaging, with Lara and two familiar foes(which I won't spoil the names of), lacking a lot of emotion in their vocal performances and as a fellow voice actor myself, that is practically a necessity if you want potential players to think of your characters as anything close to believable. It's also painfully apparent from the get go that the actors chosen for this project don't necessarily have a good grasp of the English language and I personally feel a lot more could have been done to address that issue. Oh well... And secondly, as well-chosen as the custom musical choices can be, I personally feel that some tracks can play at rather inappropriate times, generally leading to a bit of immersion-breaking and mood whiplash(especially if you have a epic adventurous combat track from TR Underworld play straight after listening to a dark and depressing ambiance track from TR AoD for the past 15 minutes.) Truly a shame that a lot of people chose to dismiss great releases like this regardless at the end of the day however, simply because its not built under the main TRLE engine. Hopefully someday we'll see all that change if Sarikman ever decides to tackle making levels under TRNG, but as it is, this is one long adventure that I can still easily recommend any curious raider, to at least give a shot." - Ceamonks890 (02-Oct-2014)
"Another tomb raider 3 level. Since this was the highest rated tomb raider 3 level, I decided to give this level a go. I wasn't disappointed. The gameplay was fun and entertaining, but a bit bland here and there. I had a good time killing all the enemies that I encountered in tomb raider 3 (nostalgia attack!) :) I enjoyed the nice looking atmosphere throughout these levels. Then there was that weird texture bug at the end, but the overall textures were good. Recommended level." - MegaGamer (29-Mar-2014)
"Gameplay & Puzzles: I found the game rather fun and that during all the four levels, but there's nothing outstanding here which puts it above other levels. I also did not enjoy the long blockpuzzles. But exploring the areas and some good jumping parts were nice. Enemies, Objects & Secrets: Best here were secrets, they were well hidden and enjoyable. But enemies and objects are also good, there are many objects from other games than TR3 and the enemy placement is rather nice except the boss fight which is too annoying. Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: Atmosphere is convincing, the construction of the areas is solid always. Sound could be more effective and cameras are what can be done with the limited methods, as it's not a TRLE level. Lighting & Textures: While textures are well placed the lighting is sometimes rather flat and often dark, although that's not a problem since you can fix it yourself. In the last level is a strange texture bug and it does not look very good. Total: 8/10, a quite good game, but nothing special in it to justify high ratings." - Rambo (06-Mar-2014)
"If you avoid Greece class levels, here you should make an exception. You may see things that you never saw in other levels and the most strange is that this is a TR3 level. I don't know if using TR4 would make it greater or worst, but this level sure worths playing. It took me more than 4 hours to complete it and find all secrets. TR3 may not support many visual effects, but this in not big problem here 'cause the gameplay won't let you notice it a lot. You will face puzzles and challenges. Many of them will be hard, but not confusing. I like this in a level. Many reviewers wrote that they found it dark in some places. I didn't need a flare in the whole game. Maybe it depends on what kind of screen the PC has, maybe. Some of the textures in the first level are not so beautiful (the TR2 textures), but the whole scenery is good. The atmosphere is nice in every level and the quad bike is quite funny. Also, you will listen to many great music tracks. Maybe there were too many of them, but I think I like it that way. Sarikman knows how to handle TR3 engine very well. Having tryied his new level demo, I am sure of it. Anyway, despite it is a TR3 level, I think it will give you good time playing it. Few levels nowadays have good puzzles and so much action in fights. I wish it would be for TR4 just to see it more beautiful. Recomended!" - Rainmaker (10-Aug-2013)
"In many ways you could copy and paste my review of the author's previous level (which is no bad thing). Visually this is nothing special, where this level really excels is once again in the complete experience provided and the strong gameplay throughout. Locations are varied so you'll never tire of being in the same setting for too long. Combat is good without ever being overwhelming (stigs do love a bit of a raptor battle!). I did find myself bumping up the gamma in TR3 at times as a few locations are very dark. The only other negative on the experience for me was the soundtracks used in the levels got tiring at times. I'd encourage the author to look at the excellent TR ambience tracks out there rather than trying to fill every moment with music. All in all I netted 4 hours and 21 minutes from Poseidon's Sanctum. Definitely enjoyable and another nice change of scenery with the use of the TR3 engine. Samikman definitely has a handle on how to structure environments and deliver solid entertaining gameplay. Recommended. Recommended, Stiggy :)" - TheStig (21-Jul-2013)
"This was one of the most enjoyable level sets I have played for tomb raider 3.It is clearly seen that the author has put all his effort to make a very great level set so unique.The game play and puzzles should get a 10.There were many great puzzles and boss battles.The one that you had to create the cross especially was clever and original.There were some hard part especially in the 3rd and the 4th that some players complain like some slope jumps but unlike other players I liked them because they were very challenging!The weapons and the medipacks have good use because you would actually use them through the game.I will give enemies 9.The boss battles were really good designed but you have overdone it with the enemies at some parts in the 4th level so it was getting tiring after some time.Atmosphere sound and cameras should get a 10 for some great areas like the lighthouse the church outside and inside the village,etc and some great background music making the game play unique.The lighting and textures was very well placed in my opinion.Took me 02.54.07 to finish the game ending with some nice credits.This is a must play game that you don't have to miss!" - Jungle Raider (09-Nov-2012)
"Yet another very good TR3 level by Sarikman. This time he took care to give Lara all the ammo and medipacks needed to fight the "evil ones" - good. It seems there are a few bugs along the way but fortunately I didn't find any. The presence of fightable bosses, Sophia included in the grand finale, feels much better than an exaggeration on mutants - good. The textures and settings are nice when you think it's a TR3 level with no NG fancy stuff. The music is appropriate. I guess there isn't much more to say rather than I had fun playing Poseidons Sanctum and I bet you will too." - Jorge22 (27-Apr-2012)
"That's a great levelset by Sarikman. I enjoyed all the levels, except the bit in the last one whit the deadly floor. I know the level must be challenging but there's a line between hard and annoying which must not be crossed. I just kept dying in there but I finished it somehow. The T-Rex cave in the third level was pretty good but maybe some more Raptors to fill it would've made it better. Also on the second level with the church all those enemies were pretty annoying. The textures are very well applied and everything looks very good despite the limitations of the TR3 engine. That's a levelset which must not be missed - recommended!" - misho98 (12-Apr-2012)
"One of Tomb Raider's primary attractions for me is the detailed and varied surroundings made possible by the TR4 engine and its enhancements. I'm now playing Mists of Avalon and replaying Neon God, arguably the most beautiful custom packages of all time. For this reason I find myself increasingly less enthused about playing TR3 (and, heaven forbid, TR2) levels because of their inherent limitations. On the other hand, TR3 does allow the player to adjust the gamma settings, eliminating all complaints about excessive darkness. All this being said, I greatly enjoyed this four-part release by Sarikman, spreading out my playing time over a couple of weeks. The early levels have dimmed in my memory due to the passage of time, but I recall that the textures in the first level were relatively crude and didn't get the series off to a smashing start. However, the gameplay was crisp and challenging throughout, so I have no complaints in that department. The fourth level, The Hidden Sanctum, took me about an hour and a half to complete and in my opinion it could easily stand on its own as a single release. It has about everything: death-dealing monsters, an invisible platform room, a room with many death tiles, and an ending duel to the death with Sophia. It also has a serious flaw, and I would have been hopelessly stuck when the game froze while Lara was swimming along a passage, without the warning in dmdibl's excellent walkthrough (you have to save and reload in the passage, both coming and going). The T-Rex that I encountered earlier was different from the TR4 version; not only is it tougher to kill, but if you're not careful it will grab you by the head and sling you from side to side, killing you stone dead even if you're playing in god mode. I can only imagine how much more visually appealing this game might have been had it been built in TRNG, but it was still mighty fun to play. High recommendations." - Phil (19-Jan-2012)
"After a refreshing debut, Sarikman now provides us with a whole levelpack consisting of four full levels:
Poseidi Village - 35 minutes: Set in a nicely textured village, this level at first can be quite confusing as it's not obvious where to actually start. Even if the gameplay structure was pretty linear and simple, everything was just flowing so well and every area was extremely fun to explore. The builder actually managed to build a linear level without the usual lever search and this is something absolutely necessary for a good level. There were some tricky traps (hammers, slicers, deadly pools) and also a few clever pushable puzzles in the second half of the level, plus a maybe too short boat ride. The only issue I had in this level were that at some angles the enemies and objects simply got transparent and thus it was pretty hard to proceed. Also, the voice of Lara could have been much clearer (not only here, but throughout the pack) as I mostly needed to use the attached readme to know what she has said.
The Orthodox Church - 15 minutes: This level is actually pretty short but in contrast to the boat ride in the first level, there now is a very long quadbike ride with many jumps (some of them were very tricky) that was plain fun. The setting was pretty convincing and the texturing was good but maybe the areas looked too simile because of uniform texturing. After quite a challenge you eventually reach the church area, where I rather found it confusing to progress as the button to open the door to the inner area is actually inside the area, and the way into it can be accessed by jumping onto the nearby wall. Also, the button puzzle was a bit trial-and-error as you couldn't see all open doors. However, I very much liked the textures inside the church.
Dungeons under the Church - 60 minutes: The longest and perhaps most elaborate level of the set. There are in general two paths to progress through the creepy and atmospheric dungeons with fun gameplay elements; a lot of slope jumps, timed runs, block puzzles (one of them maybe was too long, but the cross puzzle at the end was clearly hinted and great), boulders to avoid, and so on. The architecture and texturing was pretty solid here but even if players are able to increase the gamma setting as we got to learn, it's way easier to simply not make too dark corridors. Since there are a lot of flare packages provided, I however don't complain. The TR 2 items and objects were a nice touch, and the secrets were in contrast to the first levels mostly challenging to gather, and the end with the audio voice and the prize was quite fascinating.
The Hidden Sanctum - 50 minutes: Started with a strange bug for me, the area was pretty dark textured (no, it wasn't the usual texture bug), but exiting the game and restarting helped for me, and I could enjoy the nice outside view. The level was an interesting mix of Coastal Ruins and St. Francis Folly, and also started rather odd, with a strange place to insert the Ornate Star. Afterwards, this level turned out to be just as appealing as the last one, with again two longer routes to explore, this time however there is a lot more combat that brought Lara to use her first medikits in this levelset, of course the fight against Sophia at the end was pretty health-consuming. The highlights in this level were the room with the deadly floor, the spike wall room (which can be quite tricky to master) and of course the sequence to get the trident which has to be seen to be believed, and of course the nail-biting finale - yes, there were a lot of levers to pull, but the challenge is to escape from Sophia's rays and the Tinnos monsters, so it was a great adrenaline rush.
It all ended with Lara escaping the temple and a nice slideshow to finish this level with 2:40 net gameplay time for me. A must-play in my opinion, as it's one of the best TR 3 packs released, mostly due to thorough gameplay, but also with a great Greece setting and a nice atmosphere throughout." - manarch2 (09-Jan-2012)
"Another good work from this author. There are some bugs, in third level the game crashed and Lara's body disappeared. I found excessive darkness in some rooms and also there are some small defects in the design; in first level you can reach the end of the world; another times, the enemies are triggered before Lara enters in a room, so you can shoot them from outside and when you finally enter the cool musics start when there's nobody there. There are some tricky tasks too, like the tight timed run in the fire pillars area, but doable at least. Nobody said that this four level adventure was a piece of cake for Lara, no. Anyway the game is worth to play with some interesting puzzles and situations, enough ammo and medipacks to deal with the enemies, good and well placed musics in correct locations, an enjoyable and dangerous ride with the quad, good use of the cameras and a spectacular ending with Sophia you can't miss. Completely recommended." - Jose (26-Dec-2011)
"This is a level made using the Tomb Raider 3 objects and enemies. It is a level with some nice puzzles and with a lot of TR3 enemies hard to be killed. Some part are a little bit boring, a lot of jumps and traps, but anyway has some good and iteresting moments, so if you want to play it, do it, you will have some nice moments. About bad things, well, a lot of bugs, many times the game breaks and takes you out. Rooms have not individual lights so Lara always looks plane and not 3 dimensional. The worst thing that took me very close to stop playing is the dark. I think is nice to have a dark atmosphere, where you have to use flares to discover hidden objects, but this level was toooooooo much, not enought flares available and what I really hate, many rooms not only dark, but absolutly black!!!!! I had to save the game many times in order to keep the ridiculous number of flares available. With the flare you only can see a little bit around Lara, I stopped trying to get some secrets because it was really almost impossible to find anything. I know the hard work that represents making a level, but unfortunally the black rooms of this level were a terrible thing." - Juan Carlos (15-Dec-2011)
"I am new in this site and I didn't know that there are level using older engines than TR4. When I found it out I saw that this level had the higher score and I decided to play it, as I love TR3. It is awesome, fantastic, magnificent. I could never thought I would play again a TR3 level. This level is even better than Core Design's levels. Sarikman knows how to create a perfect atmosphere for TR3. So classic but so advanced gameplay at the same time. You have to be an advanced raider to complete it. The author used the traps with better way than the original game, as he did with the enemies. I like that Lara doesn't have all the weapons from TR3 in the inventory. The level would be too easy if you had Desert Eagle. Using MP5 and shotgun with smart way give points in gameplay. The places are well constructed and along with the perfect music and Lara's words creates the most awesome atmosphere. For examble, when you get into the church you will listen some Georgian orthodox chants or when you are fighting Sophia, you will listen to a Toccata and fugue from Bach. Enemies are hard to kill and you have to find the right way to kill them. Items were smartly placed, like the trident which you had to make a room flud and reach it on a statue. The greatest part of all are the puzzles. Sarikman used his mind and he made the greatest puzzles I've ever seen, like pushing the blocks in order to look like a cross. The cameras are helpfull and many times you will feel like watching a cutscene. Lighting is good. Dark in a cave, stong in an outdoor area and many colours mixed together. As I can remember, lighting in the original TR3 was a bit annoying sometimes. That isn't happening here. That game is absolutely recomended and no one should miss it. A perfect ten from me. I believe it wouldn't be so great in a TR4 engine, that's why I am giving it so high rates. Love it. I will try playing and other games from this author." - DatoDavid (15-Dec-2011)
"I had never played a TR3 level since the original game, made by Core. This was a very good surprise, no doubt. I don't agree completely with those who complain about TR3. Although TR4 has a better game machine, there are in TR3 some characteristics that should not have been dumped in TR4. See, for example, how Lara crawls automatically when she grabs and enters a high crawlspace; observe that it is not necessary to hold the Action key all the time when Lara has to push or pull a block. She pushes or pulls square by square, that's true enough, but at least doesn't run the risk of passing by the right location, and this system is less tiring for our fingers. Another example is the action of quitting the game: in TR4 we have to "pause (P)" in order to exit, a thing that I never thought quite right. "Esc" is so much more logical. But I am forgetting to review Sarikman's game, am I not? Well, it is very good, highly recommended, and I didn't give it an "all 10" score only because of some bugs, and because the game was a little dark. In fact, it is a creative and difficult game with no boring parts; beautiful and arresting. The puzzles really deserved a 10. Hail, Sarikman!" - Josey (01-Dec-2011)
"Sure one of the best levels I played recently and definately, the best TR3 level ever. The game is terrific. Lara is in a peaceful village looking for Poseidon's trident, but she finds out that it isn't there and she visits a local church, by the way, the church area is very well constructed and the chants inside it are awesome. It creates nice atmosphere. In the church she finds a scroll which lead her in some catacombs where she finds the key for the real Poseidnon's temple where the trident is placed. The gameplay in the two first levels seems simple with many good tasks and puzzles though. A fight with a terrorist who throws fireballs, jumps over flames, blades coming out from the wall and a pretty nice ride with a bike. The last two levels are harder. There are dinosaurs, a T-Rex, boulders and many traps. You will find some block puzzles. One of them is something we haven't see any other time. Lara has to push the blocks in order they seem like a cross and that's how the gate opens. The last level is full of nice gameplay. Monsters and giant wasps will attack you. Lara has to overcome some nice tasks, like a room with a deadly floor and you can see where you can stand only by looking the ceiling of the room, a timed fires run and my favourite, a room with moving spiky walls and deadly floor. You must not stop even for a second running and jumping in that room and the music creates a nice stress. The fight with Sophia at the end is awesome and Lara advices you to be quick. You may face some bugs in the game, but I think they exist because of the limited power of TR3 engine, but they are not a trouble. You may not even face them ever." - Ekrixi (30-Nov-2011)
"Another really good TR3 level that could have been a really great TR4 level. As I'm not a builder I can't comment on why builders use this old, clucky programme, there must be a reason. However, as a player, I have to say that it's not a nostalgia trip, it's not a"Aaaw, wasn't TR nice back then?" it's just an irritation that the levels not as good or as playable as it could have been. And it's such a pity because this is a really fun level. It's well made, well lit, loads of imagination, very good gameplay and keeps your interest level at a peak throughout. There are baddies to kill (don't worry, there's loads of weaponry and ammo), interesting jumps to make and timed runs to curse over. The baddies sometimes seem to come in overwhelming droves but the builder's been kind enough to ensure that there's usually help such as a convenient block or corridor, if you look hard enough for it (much obliged). This is a 'must play', even if it is TR3!" - Diz (27-Nov-2011)
"Poseidon's Sanctum is an excellent TR3 adventure and offers such interesting game play, that not once did I miss any TR4 features or a more modern design. There was a long and fun quad bike ride, a short boat ride, plenty of interesting jump and slide sequences and plenty of enemy action. There was also a good amount of exploration and several smart push block puzzles, although I have to say the one in the raptor cage area was a bit long and tedious. For the most part the game play is very fluent and straightforward with only minimal backtracking, but while it starts actually quite easy it does become more challenging the longer it goes. Lara encounters spike and burner traps, deadly floors - some in combination with moving spike walls, invisible platforms and the likes and it all peaks with a tough boss battle. The game had a really good atmosphere with plenty of nice background loops, well-chosen sound effects and several speech sequences. Unfortunately those speech parts were also mixed with music, which made it very hard to understand what Lara was saying. Texturing and lighting was also pretty well done. Some minor flaws here and there, like the disappearing roof parts of the church, which I think can be overlooked and complaining here would be nitpicking. At times it also rather dark and since TR3 Lara doesn't own binoculars, a fair amount of flares had to be used. Overall this was a great adventure and should not be missed by any seasoned raider. I hope to see another adventure from this builder soon, Even if you normally don't play TR3 levels, you should give this one a try - it will be worth it! (About 3 hours, 6 secrets found)" - Blue43 (26-Nov-2011)
"I'm with Mugs on the disliking of the TR3 inventory system (just what were they thinking?). If this very wonderful level set by Sarikman wasn't so, well, wonderful, I may have pitched it just because of that ridiculously tedious save system and inventory. That said, I endured and am so glad I did! The level starts out fairly easy and this is deceptive. It gets much more difficult. There is a very good quadrunner drive, and a needless boat trip leading to some seriously fantastic final two levels that just blew me away. Sarikman has poor Lara testing her every skill to get through these great looking levels. There's some easy puzzles and some you need to think over, and there are some jumping sequences you will be working on for quite a while. There are some texturing missteps, pop-up and improper end of the world areas, but the author is very good at letting the player know all about anything that might trip you up. Sarikman mentioned in the forum that he feels music is significant in levels, and I agree wholeheartedly. Music can make the experience so much more rewarding. I really enjoyed this great level set and I really hope that just because this was made with the TR3 engine it doesn't scare anyone away. This is classic gameplay with a very challenging final boss. Great job!!" - Shandroid (25-Nov-2011)
"It's been a long time since I played a TR3 game. I remember now that I really hate that inventory mechanism and it takes a bit getting used to Lara's animation differences. That being said, this is a terrific game! Zachos provides us with plenty of fun and challenging (but not frustrating)gameplay in this game that takes us from a charming village somewhere in Greece, through the Orthodox Church and into it's dungeons in search of the Hidden Sanctum. The enemies include animals (some with rather strange habits of sinking into the ground and popping up with "gotcha" written all over their smug, knights, and those big galoots with the poisonous claws, and, of course, Sophia. Not to worry, there's plenty of ammo and medipaks to be found so you can concentrate on the challenges of the adventure. There's also a couple of vehicles thrown in - so something for everyone. What I found "wanting" in this game were the obvious architectural flaws that required special notes. Parts of a roof are off-limits. Parts of a wall are off-limits. Why not just correct that part of the level-build so that players don't have to scratch their heads wondering if this is one of those parts? I also think it's very unwise to have music playing at the same time Lara is speaking. I really enjoyed myself and I highly recommend this game." - Mugs (24-Nov-2011)
"Yes, yes, yes. This level could not be more great. Sarikman prooved that a TR3 game can be even more magnificent than TR4. This is excellent. Many builders should learn few things from this author. As you are playing, you forget you opened a TR3 game. Lara'a adventure beggins in a village. She bumps into houses in order to open a door in a sewer and finally she finds a boat and she gets in a cave where it is supposed to be a hideout. I liked the secret with the blocks and beams there. When she finds the temple she was looking for, she realises that it isn't what she expected and she goes to a church just for sightseeing, but there she finds a scroll which leads her to the real temple, after getting the key to unlock it from some dungeons beneath the church. The first two levels doesn't seem so challenging, but they are very interesting. They have good puzzles and some easy challenges, like performing good jumps and avoiding fires and blades. Also, the riding of the bike is enjoyable. The atnosphere in the church and in the tomb is so nice. Very good lighting and the chants made the atmosphere completelly perfect. Lara talking was helpful and it makes you understand the story, something that is not happening in many custom levels. After that, the real adventure starts. Into the dungeons there are many traps and deadly dinosaurs. In addition, seeing the crusadors from TR4 in that level was pretty nice. That level is my favourite. There are some well placed puzzles. I think making a cross by using pushable blocks is wonderful. The last level is the hardest. Tough enemies, masterjumps, timed fires and so many things to do. The monsters are hard to kill, but there is a way to kill them without problem. Just stand on some stairs and they won't be able to hit you easily. Getting the trident from Poseidon's hand was interesting. The battle with Sophia is the real challenge. Lara tells you to be faster. When you kill her, you just exit the temple and you see the credits. The pictures were pretty good. Sarikman always cares about these staff. Also, I've learned that the main theme of the game was written just for the game. That author really cares about the image of his levels. The music was brilliant in the whole game. It creaates a magicfull atmosphere, or other times scary. The gameplay is always great and sometimes you have to be an experienced raider. The cameras are always helpful and they seem like cutscenes (when a monster is aproaching Lara, or T-Rex getting out of its lair). Lighting was succesfully placed and texturing was wonderful. I liked the way the author used the textures in the sanctum just to make some murals. Also, the secrets are well hidden, except the church level where I think they are very easily found. Many times the secret itself is a puzzle. I thought about giving a lower rate for enemies, objects and secrets, but I replayed the game to find all the secrets and I am glad I did it. It worthed it. Surely a must play. You will love it." - AdamR (23-Nov-2011)
"Another quality TR3 level from this builder and Lara's visiting Greece - how lovely. This four partner starts off quite gently as Lara gets to do a spot of sightseeing in the pretty coastal village and visits a church, but the gameplay becomes progressively more challenging and the final section in the lighthouse will really have you on your toes. Most of the enemies are fairly easily despatched with pistols and you may initially think the pickups are over generous, but you may very well be glad of them by the end as Lara has to battle fierce, fire ball throwing mutants and, for the boss ending, her old nemesis Sophia. There are some fun agility tests in the final part too - a tight fire tile timed run and (my favourite) a wonderfully crafted and inventive take on the 'get across the room on the safe tiles' scenario. Fan of TR3 levels or not, this one really is not to be missed." - Jay (22-Nov-2011)
"An excellent example of what can be done with TR3, comparable to better custom TR4 levels that are being released today. This develops in later levels to exciting gameplay, challenging jumps, and opponents like the T-rex and alien mutant flipper monsters. First, a few words for those who have forgotten how to play TR3, as it would be a shame for any player not to try these four levels. The differences in play to TR4 are negligible. TR3 has no sidestep for Lara, but press the Shift Key in combination with either "left" or "right" to make Lara sidestep. In TR3 Lara cannot shimmy around corners. On the plus side, TR3 has a gamma feature, so that if rooms are overly dark, increase the gamma for that area, then remember to turn it back down later. Now for the levels. Lara starts out in a peaceful bright seaside village where there are a few enemies and obstacles to avoid, but mostly exploration. Lara gathers ammo but she hardly seems to need it (grab ammo for later). Keep a sharp lookout for secrets. There is an all too brief boat ride. This is made up for in the second level with Lara on a long quad bike excursion. She reaches an Orthodox church and players may notice that tasks are gradually increasing in difficulty. Each of the first two levels takes about an hour, but they are an introduction to the last two larger levels which each take about an hour and a half, for a total of five hours play. Level three, the dungeons under the church, is when the difficulty steps up with tricky jumps, Lara sprinting from giant balls, or confronting a marauding T-rex and fun-loving raptors. Throughout I thought texturing and atmosphere were well done, so that the lava cave areas are suitably darkened, as are the cavern passages where Lara has to find her way. These were favorite sections. Level four, the hidden sanctum, starts with a lighthouse where players might have trouble remembering how to place the star artifact. Now the fun increases (or turns nasty), with jumps over a deadly floor, and alien mutant flipper monsters. There is a tight timed run over flame pillars. All that is just the beginning. Use the MP-5 long distance weapon to shoot Tinnos wasps from across a big lava room, before they push Lara into lava when she goes for a secret. It is new to see Lara taking a trident from a Poseidon statue, instead of placing it as in TR4. Sophia shows up for the climax, cackling and hurling blue bolts, only to meet a surprising end. Note that I used 14 medipacks in the entire game, but 10 of them were in the last level, many of them in the Sophia area. A challenging and memorable adventure that gradually grows to become more and more involved, recommended for all players." - dmdibl (17-Nov-2011)