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Tomb Raider: The Little Things - Prologue


Uzi Master
release date: 20-Jan-2014

average rating: 7.86
review count: 9
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file size: 80.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: South America

author profile(s):

We all know about Lara Crofts escapades, accomplishments, and her infamous trophy room. By the time she left to India in search of the Infada Stone, she had quite a collection built up. The Dagger of Xian, stolen away from the Fiama Neras clutches a year ago, the Iris, retrieved from Von Croy Industries a few months prior, a mounted dinosaur head from one of her various encounters.

But there is one treasure that begs an explanation; the shattered fragments of the scion. When did she get it? She certainly never retrieved it back in 1996, it was not at her house in 1997 either. This small detail hides a large story, and Laras return to Atlantis is only the prologue for the tale. A few months after defeating Marco Bartolis cult, news reports circled around about a lost ship commissioned by none other than miss Jacqueline Natla. Intrigued, Lara quickly set out on a small charter ship to investigate. Having obtained the larger ships coordinate via unscrupulous means, she knew exactly where to find it. A small, destroyed island Close to where the pyramid of Atlantis once stood.

Lara noticed something on her approach to the island, a blocked off cavern. Could it contain some un-touched sanctum? A part of Atlantis Lara had not seen? She came to investigate the ship, and the facilities left behind, but her mind was fixated on that cavern. In reality, she knew she would only explore the laboratories and wreckage until she could figure a way into that submerged cave.