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Tomb Raider: The Little Things - Prologue by Uzi Master

Christian 7 7 8 8
DJ Full 9 10 10 9
Don007 8 7 7 8
Gerty 6 7 8 7
Jay 8 8 8 8
Jose 6 8 7 9
manarch2 7 7 8 7
Phil 9 8 9 8
Ryan 8 8 8 8
release date: 20-Jan-2014
# of downloads: 118

average rating: 7.86
review count: 9
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file size: 80.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: South America

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Reviewer's comments
"The rocky climb in the first level seriously needs a fast return so you don't have to repeat it if you climb it too early The hourglass in this level and the spike energite in the next one require backtracking if you fail to get them first try (which is very likely especially in the latter case, because you either notice a certain puzzle on time or not). Otherwise this is an underrated masterpiece on many levels, incomparably more immersive than its crude looks may indicate, and after the insane satisfaction it brought when finished I won't care about minor issues. Just play it." - DJ Full (13-Jul-2019)
"These two levels differ so much from each other that it seems like they were made by completely different builders. The first part, Remains of Atlantis, is a relatively serene exploration level in and around a ship environment, with a few tasks also taking place on a beach and surrounding islands. Absolutely no enemies here, so the focus is on a lot of lever pulling and a quite long-winded block puzzle (although the animation sped proceedings up a little bit). Despite the very simple and mundane gameplay, I quite liked the setting due to me liking levels set on a ship, and I gained a certain amount of enjoyment from it. The second part, Hidden Depths of Atlantis, however, is the polar opposite. A darker setting, much more enemies (maybe too much at times), complicated puzzles and traps and quite a bit more backtracking. It becomes more of a shooter here as the enemies gang up on you (especially towards the end) but the weaponry provided should be just sufficient to get you through successfully, at least after a few tries. It did provide quite a change of pace after the almost forgiving first level. I mostly enjoyed this game, but I would only recommend it for experienced players or those not adverse to a bit of frustration." - Ryan (13-Aug-2018)
"It seem that the levels have not been builded by the same author. The first one requires a lot of exploration and backtracking, with very few enemies; the second one is quite long, more lineal and has excessive enemies and pickups. The gameplay is based about pulling switches and finding and using keys; there's some push-block puzzles, but easy to solve, and few more. The enemies were very very hard to kill (I think about 30 revolver bullets for a single enemie is excessive). There is an important bug in the room with the damned high jumpswitch and four wall switches: I used the wall switches first and the jumpswitch at the end; even running again over the trigger tiles, the trapdoors moved, but I was not able to grab the edge of the first platform jumping from the block, so I had to reload, repeat the nasty jump for the jumpswitch and pull the 4 switches again. The objects were the best for me, excellent. The texturization and the lights is very good too. In some flybies the cameras cross the limits of the walls, but they're useful anyway. Recommended only to play with the walkthrough in hand." - Jose (18-Aug-2014)
"This is a two-parter where the parts differ so dramatically that it might have made more sense for the builder to have released them separately. The first one is a rather sedate exploration of a Caribbean-style beach environment with plenty of light and a paucity of action moments (no enemies). By contrast, the much more complex second part is dark, heavily involved with difficult platforming, and fraught with highly resistent enemies. Even playing in god mode I had a hard time withstanding the onslaught near the end as wave after wave of creatures descended on me. The weaponry and ammo pickups are generous, as well they must be, but I have a hard time comprehending how anyone playing by the rules could possibly survive to the end. Anyway, the adventure took a combined four hours and fifteen minutes for me, assisted by Dutchy's marvelously clear and complete walkthrough. Not for the faint of heart, but an exhilerating adventure that I feel is worthy of higher scores than it has received to date. Recommended." - Phil (24-Mar-2014)
"Really a game with good'n'evil sides, it is rather enjoyable at the whole. The enemies... matter of taste, but the objects and secrets are fine. Something which won't be liked by everyone but I rather liked it." - Don007 (20-Mar-2014)
"This one took me more than 6 hours on the clock and in real life a couple of days. Glad Dutchy was here so he could nudge me in the right direction or else I would have given up a long time ago. So in other words: confusing! The first one I found very slow, especially as I had to backtrack way too much. No fun is doing the same nasty jump sequence a second time. The second level did have more to offer but I have to admit, not my choice of fun. There is (in my opinion) a bit of an overload of enemies. Again I was so lost at times and climbing again up and down did kill quite a lot of the joy in playing." - Gerty (13-Feb-2014)
"This really is a game of two halves; one could almost believe it was produced by two different builders. The first section evokes the spirit of Maria Doria and is pretty much enemy free, the emphasis being firmly on exploration, initially on an island and thereafter on board ship. I may have seen the genre better done, but it's one I like so I had quite a bit of fun with it. The second part of the game is set in Atlantis/Natla territory and, if you have hitherto been feeling the lack of enemies, be careful what you wish for. This level is absolutely teeming with tough Atlantean baddies and they come at you in gangs. There's a large area to cover, searching for many energy crystals to gain access to new rooms and some of the to-ing and fro-ing can be a bit confusing, although the 'hub' area format is one I always appreciate. Despite some frustrations with the game and the rather over the top the bloodbath at the end (pickups are generously supplied, but you'll really need them), overall I found myself enjoying the game quite a lot. Suitable for players with a bit of experience and good observational skills/high patience quotas - think I just ruled myself out there, but I still had a lot of fun." - Jay (02-Feb-2014)
"Prologue remains of Atlantis: 5-6-7-7: It's indeed a prologue regarding the monstrous 2nd Level which is completly different from the 1st one, in which we have to explore an island, a wreck and some underwater-areas. The whole scenery is not quite convincing, atmosphere is not realistic and lightning doesn't fit in the most parts. The most remarkable are the not habitual ways Lara has to take through vast and unclear areas. Places visited to early are evoking a lot of long and annoying backtracking to finally find the needed item at the other end of this large environment. Exploring a wreck is the most pleasant part of this prologue with quite straight forward gameplay. Hidden dephts of Atlantis: 8-8-8-8: A totally changed atmosphere, higher Quality in all concerns, just another game; also the level of difficulty has increased, gameplay is quite more demanding. The heart of this 2nd Level is a huge hall with a lot of demanding and interesting tasks to perform. Several timed runs, doable but not easy, are spicing this game up. An enormuous number of crystals have to be found to get the final artifact. An uncountable number of enemies has to be defeated on the way, health and ammo are sufficient but it is advisable to household carefully with it: Towards the end gameplay is becoming more and more monotonous by defeating enemies to get a key enabling Lara to reach the next battlefield. Finally you'll be glad that you've made it with a medipack and a few bullets left in your backpack.The 2nd part is quite recommended." - Christian (02-Feb-2014)
"Remains of Atlantis (5-6-7-6): I'm sorry to say that this level didn't appeal to me at all. There are certainly some nice-looking areas but the weird combination of natural and man-made architecture didn't work well here and the architecture is sometimes rather unrealistic. I guess that the builder still has to learn a lot in building natural environments. I found the texturing to be quite messy at times, and the mix of grass and base textures on the island is lost on me, while the lighting feels slightly more sophisticated. One thing I really disliked was the overload of items on the island, this should have been reduced to a minimum and as it is it feels like a cheap way of adding credibility to the setting and disguise other shortcomings. The gameplay couldn't have started much more uninviting, because it starts with several possible paths to go, some of which are very time-consuming, which all end either on a closed door or at some ammo only. The first one is especially nasty because you know you need to do the whole jump sequence once again to get there, plus the backtracking if you haven't got an earlier save. Apart from that, there is quite a bunch of pretty uninspired lever-pulling to do here, which only gets interrupted slightly with a few decent puzzles. The "ship" section certainly was the most inspired part (though still heavily relying on levers), and the block puzzles, even if buggy (I also found a fall-through floor in one room), were somewhat fun with the accelerated animation. 60 minutes.
Hidden Depths of Atlantis (8-7-8-8): This level and the previous one are different as night and day, not only because of the setting, but also in their quality. The gameplay picks up considerably, with much better efforts in building a fun adventure. There is a good dose of everything in this level - puzzles, (sometimes really difficult) platforming, timed runs, great exploration of the large hub area, memorable atmosphere. It's true that there's a large dose of to-and-fro'ing in this level but in a rather bearable way. The flybies are mostly well done, the secrets are fun to find and the looks are decent; maybe still a bit blocky at times but there are several interesting structures for a change. I think the only place where this level totally fails is close to the end, when poor Lara has to kill dozens and dozens of enemies which seemingly never die. It was already annoying to kill two or three enemies of each sort, but when all species are thrown together in one room I guess the fun goes downhill after some time. Even if it was not really fun to kill them, those fights still fall under the "memorable" category, because seldom a builder is so crazy to put four(!) Seth type enemies in one room, even the game engine couldn't properly handle those and several objects heavily distorted or even duplicated. 100 minutes.
Summary: Missing balance is pretty much the first thing which comes to my mind in this game. I presume the second level was meant to be the core of this game, but the builder should have better left it as that, since the first level outstayed its welcome and has several nasty decisions in terms of gameplay; a short introductory level would have been the better choice IMO. And while the first level didn't even have a single enemy (except the wraiths), the second one has clearly too many of them, "insane" is a too harmless word for the end of it. Still, the better parts of the second level make me think the main level of this game could be quite interesting - but better leave those weird "experiments" with heavy enemies away. Found all eight secrets in 2:40 hours." - manarch2 (26-Jan-2014)