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Laras 2D Adventure II


Alex Chap
release date: 03-Mar-2015
difficulty: challenging
duration: medium

average rating: 7.33
review count: 12
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file size: 245.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

author profile(s):

Lara is back in the 2D world. But it would be a different region of the world ... Totally scatty.

Lara rediscovers again places rich in natural elements, but the greatest novelty of this region lies in the fact that these new places are now representative of a particular emotion, as if the world had its own conscience. On top of that, these places are full of themes from movies, such as cartoons, horror or spy movies.

In this new adventure that awaits Lara, there is no question to raid something, but to restore the heritage of these places, the 2D World is unaware of his wealth and of the destruction that is raging ... But this is not without risk, Lara became a legend for this world, famous or not, and that the populations present are nice or not, they will do everything to eliminate Lara. It will be difficult for her to stay discreet and face pervasive destruction. But who knows what secrets Lara will discover? Is it possible that there are other regions?

This is for you to discover ...