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Laras 2D Adventure II by Alex Chap

Allicya 8 9 10 8
DJ Full 8 8 8 8
Hedteur 7 7 8 7
JesseG 8 7 6 6
Jose 5 7 8 8
Larabiker301 9 8 8 7
lokky99101 6 7 7 5
manarch2 6 7 7 5
Nephilim 5 7 8 9
Phil 8 8 8 8
Rambo 7 7 8 6
Ryan 7 7 8 8
release date: 03-Mar-2015
# of downloads: 178

average rating: 7.33
review count: 12
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file size: 245.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Bugs/Functional Issues
  • For most of the adventure Lara had her left arm stuck in a weird position. I think it was because of a level-jump with a torch. Thankfully it did not cause any issues with gameplay.
  • While a text file gives a heads-up that this happens, it can still be frustrating to have the save function disabled in specific places, having to replay long timed sequences if Lara slips up. In other areas the jump button is disabled.
  • Enemies can shoot Lara from the background but she can't fire back at them.
  • As one may expect from the title, the adventure is 2D, sort of - Lara is often locked into a lane running left to right. Unfortunately there is some inconsistency here and there are times where Lara does indeed have to walk toward the back or front, and it's kind of a visual guessing game as to when this happens.
  • Speaking of visuals, they are a mixed bag. This levelset has 10 worlds that have different aesthetics, which is a nice variety, but the textures in each are pretty repetitive. There are also quite a few texture-less surfaces, which I believe is intentional, but still hurts immersion quite a bit.
  • There a few puzzles that I appreciated, such as the musical notes floor that has Lara finding the correct path across the room.
  • Enemies have lower health than usual, which I think is a good call considering there is less room for Lara to maneuver. However, they can deal more damage, so players need to make use of their arsenal.
  • Quite a few interesting platforming challenges and timed runs for Lara to conquer. It could be a room full of rising lava, or a room with a huge air current that pushes Lara onward with great speed.
  • I may have not always understood what was going on, but there is a comic flair present here that helps this levelset stand out, and it could serve as an uplifting break between more serious raids.
Time: 2 hours 36 minutes | Difficulty: Hard | Rating: 6.75/10" - JesseG (27-Mar-2024)
"These "concept" games are really a matter of taste and opinion and whether you can grasp what they are trying to portray, but I still found this to be more enjoyable than Lara's first 2D adventure. It's less buggy this time around (save and camera bugs aside) and the creativity in some of the tasks is much higher. The different spins on the various timed runs are admirable and a few of the puzzles (including the wind tunnel section in level 9) are brilliantly thought out. The varying sceneries/textures in each level provided nice changes of pace and the music choices were jovial if a bit grating. I thought that the tightropes were just plain annoying though, especially in a game like this and as a result, the controls invert themselves and make it too difficult. The constant button pushing exercises also got pretty tiring after a while. Despite all that, it's an enjoyable and unique experience overall and worth trying out." - Ryan (23-May-2019)
"I had not a good experience with the first 2D adventure from this builder, so I parked this second game more than a year ago. Casually I found it this days, and I decided to play it this time. Many enemies need few shots to die, but the demigod in the first level was hard to kill. For some reason I got many problems with the icy sloped blocks attached to a wall in level 5, and the nasty patrolman I coudn't kill makes me waste a lot of medipacks. In the first library, what's the right book to pull? The library with the big skull spitting blue rays was also very hard to pass, and never found a hint to know what book to pull too. In the next screen the game crashed continuously when shimmying, and in level 7 I was not able to cross the tightrope (this task should be only for a 3D game, not appropriate for a 2D game) so I decided to abandone the game. Why? I was tired to do always the same kinds of jumps, go up and down, jumps and more jumps, backtrack to press a button or get a key and go back to the previous platform... Very repetitive. Enemies and objects are well placed, the game is decent textured and some levels have a very good atmosphere, but after play several levels I got tired and bored. Even so you can take a try 'cause there's an original concept for a custom levels and if you like 2D games this can be good for you." - Jose (26-Jul-2016)
"The author cared a lot about topic variety but not enough about transitions between them, and particular locations. If the camera is constantly looking in the same direction it leaves much space for graphics, so these rooms should be beaming with details while they're often very poor - for instance the pirate ship is 90% wood and the VCI segment consists in 90% of metal. This time the side chase camera tends to work independently from the events occuring from the screen, but I think with TRNG you could apply it permanently so the view wouldn't jump from screen to screen but create a smooth old-school scroll. I also didn't see the reason why you cannot save at certain points, and if that was done as a solution to a problem there must have been an alternate one. SUMMARY: After 3:00 hours, 600 savegames and 20000 metres in 2D space I see this as far from perfect but anyway obligatory - it shows what can be done, it may inspire to push the concept further, and I think we should get at least one such project which is no less than mindblowing." - DJ Full (13-Jun-2016)
"Nearly five months after its release, this level set appeared to me to be underplayed and under-reviewed. Since no one else had stepped forth for walkthrough honors, I decided to give it a crack. It's one of those decisions where in retrospect you realize you've bitten off more than you might have cared to chew. Still, with the builder's assistance I got started and soon became engrossed with the project. I got 2D games such as this one out of my system long ago with the demise of the old DOS classics such as Duke Nukem, Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure and Biomenace. For this reason it took me a while to get the hang of it again, but this 10-level game starts off mildly and works its way up to quite a frenzy near the end. The later levels took me at least an hour of net gaming time to complete. Level 7 was a veritable trapfest, and a most difficult one at that. There was the tightest of timed runs in Level 9, and I almost packed it in before finally conquering it after more attempts than I would care to admit to. There's one secret in each of the first 9 levels, and the final level is little more than a brief dessert to finish off the main course. My game clock registered a bit more than four hours at the end, but I'm sure I spent several times that in actual playing time, saving and reloading on numerous occasions while trying to keep myself moving steadily forward. I'll stick my neck out and venture a guess that at least two of the latter levels are for experts only. Maybe that bold assertion will bring more players/reviewers out of the woodwork, which these levels certainly deserve." - Phil (27-Jul-2015)
"A very different game but very fun to play. A bit childish and simple, but with good visuals. 8 to gameplay and puzzles because it can get a bit repetitive sometimes, and I expected more of puzzles. 9 to enemies, objects and secrets because they're good, but they're not too diversified. 10 to atmosphere, sound and cameras: they fit very well to every situation and the visual in the level. 8 to lighting and textures: lighting is very well used, about the textures, they're good but another thing here that I expected more diversification. And some of them are a bit stretched. I spotted some cracks too. Conclusion: We can see a few mistakes that I hope Alex can improve in future levels, but its a very different, fun levelset and still good looking to take your play time." - Allicya (09-Jul-2015)
"Ill be honest I didn't really like this level set because I had encountered a few glitches and also I don't know if anyone else has had this happen to them but I had a few save bugs and that meant I took most of my time trying to figure out what had actually happend then all of a sudden it was because of a stupid save bug overall I didnt actually mind the levels and some of the textures were quite well chosen" - lokky99101 (26-Apr-2015)
"That's a pretty funny level we have here ! I personnaly enjoyed the concept of a 2D Tomb Raider and levels are really nice. Camera goes to 3D vision while loading game in some points, but it's not that disturbing. Ennemies are squishy, 3 gunshot and they are dead (pretty realistic) Some parts of the game makes you think you are playing a "joke" map, like the weight falling on your head from nowhere in the train for exemple, or even the "Asterix and Obelix" game on NES with the horrible music and snow covering the screen. It really is a cool map, even if I think this is not a revolution, but you can have a good time playing it for a few hours of gameplay." - Hedteur (10-Apr-2015)
"Well I got to say, this custom set is more better than the author's previous level set. With more levels (I think), better gameplay experience, and more intuitive and unique game design, you'll definitely be in for a ride. The gameplay is spiced up in certain levels while others are toned a breather level. Often, the level will feature creative puzzles and I haven't the least bit discrepancy for any of them. However, the only game mechanic that got me was the 2D camera effect. It's a nice idea but at certain times, it really did get in the way. It was especially a hindrance when Lara has to walk on a tight-rope in order to access further areas. As a player, I couldn't tell which way she was beginning to lean towards and soon, I'd just press both directional buttons hoping I hit the right one in time. Other than that, everything else was amazingly executed for an author like Alex. Enemies were not used sparingly and instead, enjoyably, thrown at you in packs. You can chose to use your pistols (like this reviewer) or use all the weapons you're bound to pick up to make life easier. I'd do the latter since they're traps galore in this custom set that has the possibility of draining your hp in a second. Secrets were well hidden; I could only locate three out of the nine placed. Atmosphere was...Alex, if that makes sense. It's supposed to be more of a 2D game- like experience so it's pretty hard to review this objectively like a regular Tomb Raider 4 game. Sounds are funny and are unique to each level which really spice up things. Camera work is the main point here hence the 2D appeal. It really does work and I can't wait to see more levels doing stuff like this. Lighting isn't this level's main feature as some rooms are bland or just monotonously doused in one color. Funny as it goes, some rooms are then colored beautifully; some rooms contain fog which really lighten things up for the better. Textures will need the most work as they are stretched, squashed, generally, not applied correctly. Some appear to be wallpapered. But, I can't really say much since it appears that some levels, some textures are deliberately applied to look like that. Overall, in my opinion, this is definitely a step up from the authors previous levels and I enjoyed absolutely every minute of this. You can definitely tell this author is developing his own unique style of building." - Larabiker301 (03-Apr-2015)
"Gameplay & Puzzles: Very nice idea of 2D gaming and it's quite fun, everything is unusual and sometimes challenging. There are a bit boring bits but some are really excellent. Not so many puzzles but that's okay in this level. Enemies, Objects & Secrets: Very nicely chosen and designed objects and enemies, fights in 2D are quite new to me, very good. The secrets are sometimes hard (like one is almost invisible) but some are a bit easy. Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: Most credit goes to the continuous third-person view, quite a work, the atmosphere is really nice because of that. Many sounds are fitting but some are annoying. Lighting & Textures: The texturing is with few mistakes and solid yet not impressive, the lighting is okay, overall looks are a bit betterable. At least the retro feel fits here. Total: 7/10, ambitious and succeeding well." - Rambo (20-Mar-2015)
"Quite enjoyable I must say. I actually desire more platforming for this 2D kind of game especially when Tomb Raider is designed with that as one of its specialties, than shooting and backtracking in quite monotonous routes. Talking about backtracking, lots and lots of it. We reach the end of the area we can go so far, press a switch and no actual hint what is going on by that, go back somewhere to find some apparently-to-be a door opened, enter, press a switch and go back to that 'end', continue to the next area, and so on. Some platforming are of course pretty descent, but most of them are too monotonous and less challenging compared to the first 2D adventure made by this same author. As for the enemies, there are many of them, and we will find ourselves surrounded by them and in the normal difficulty of combat in classic Tomb Raider games, we would get so much trouble in fighting them for we aren't able to avoid with side jump which is one of the regular combat tricks. But to be fair, the author has made them weaker here, so I'll say that shooting them can be fun sometimes. And remember that one part where we run and jump around carrying a torch in a dark area? Well the torch doesn't work at all, I think that's a glitch. I really like the musics and the atmosphere here. Each level has its theme flavored with a great choice of musics that fit the theme, mixed with a classic fun games feel. The environments are great too, the author actually took the backgrounds seriously, which is not very common for a 2D game type. Sometimes we can see the enemies moving around pointlessly, which I really think that's cool, it adds some life into the rooms. And many times we see some textures with entertaining texts and signs, great work there, Author! The last but not least thing I have to mention is the camerawork. 2D angle is pretty cool, but sometimes it went back to behind the person angle especially when we grab and crouch, or after we load on certain points or conditions. And I think it's kind of fatal and should be fixed." - Nephilim (12-Mar-2015)
"Although with a quite mediocre and tedious first level that also has a fairly unfair wraith chase in it (or did I miss something?), this level grew more and more on me and by the end I enjoyed my time well here. Here and there you can still find some rather pedestrian parts with very simple platforming that the builder really could've cut out, but nearly every level had at least one highlight that makes it worth playing through. It all culminates in the truly exhilarating 7th level that really was great fun to accomplish with all the special tasks, a lot of unique timed runs and some magical moments on top of it. If the other levels remotely come close to the quality of this one, my gameplay score would rise in the 8-9 range. Anyway, the 2D concept has been even more refined in here and the work behind all the fixed cameras, special architecture etc. must've been immense. There are still a few moments where the cameras are a slight problem, e.g. on vertical room connections where the camera mostly switches into the lower room even when monkeyswinging or jumping in the upper room, but in the timed runs and other jumps they thankfully work fine in most cases. Enemies, just like it has to be in a level like this, are plenty but also very aptly placed and I liked how they attacked from the surroundings and have to be shot in order to progress. The plenty of objects are also rather well used, so that there's always something to admire even if your movement space is limited. There are a couple of animation problems, e.g. on the chests in the first level, but they aren't a large gripe for me. Maybe the only problem here are the poleropes of which not all seem to be working correctly, so that, for example, I had to press the right button when Lara stumbles to the right. Oh well. The atmosphere has also received more care than in the builder's previous level, with more realistic scenarios presented, yet still the architecture feels rather simple for the most part and texturing and lighting are basic at best and never quite excel. It's all in all a much more elaborate piece of work and very enjoyable for most, yet also could've been cut down slightly to prevent boring moments and also could receive a visual refresh. Still these things shouldn't prevent you from playing this great game. Found all 9 rather well hidden secrets in 2:15 hours." - manarch2 (11-Mar-2015)