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release date: 19-Jul-2019
difficulty: challenging
duration: very long

average rating: 9.20
review count: 11
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file size: 142.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Coastal
Hall of Fame

author profile(s):

June 2008 - Ureki, Georgia:

Between the freezing winds of Russia and the scorching sands of the middle-east, nested in the Caucasus, lies Georgia. What a beautiful country! After all the hikes through the mountains I am enjoying some nice weather by the black sea.
A couple of days ago I went out on a boat ride and the guide talked about an old fishing hamlet, by which he avoided passing. He said that area has been plagued by all sorts of misfortune for centuries, diseases outbursts, famine, floods, inexplicable deaths... One way or another people could never live there for more than one generation. They say it is cursed by a grave sin of one of the founders.
I am not a supersticious Girl. I think all those disasters just gave the place a bad juju reputation. But if there is actually something sinister going on I might do something about it. I am gonna swim up there tomorrow very early in the morning. If there is nothing special at least I can get some nice pictures.