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Kartvelishvili by Perceiver

DJ Full 9 9 9 8
Drakan 10 9 10 9
eRIC 9 9 10 9
gryffinstark 8 10 10 10
Jay 10 10 10 10
Jorge22 10 10 10 10
Jose 8 9 9 9
manarch2 9 8 9 7
Mman 9 9 9 8
Phil 10 10 9 8
Ryan 9 10 9 9
release date: 19-Jul-2019
# of downloads: 253

average rating: 9.20
review count: 11
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file size: 142.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Coastal

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"A proper adventure which feels good when finished, both because of immersion and player effort invested - yep, it's a bit tiring, also the size gives it liminal mood which might be liked or not. Visuals are inferior to any other element of the game, I think they need more love from the builder." - DJ Full (01-Dec-2023)
"I loved this level, the author has corrected these errors of the previous level which was very dark. Even in the dark places we have enough flares. Very good construction with a very realistic athmosphere, texturing and lighting are almost perfect (some texture defects). Highly recommended." - Drakan (25-Oct-2019)
"Very good adventure from this builder. There is a "hub" level from where you need to visit another levels to get keys; this could bring some confusion, but once you properly explore the village, the backtracking is not very tedious. The enemies are well balanced, as well as the outside and underground areas too. There are some interesting puzzles, the secrets are not hard to find and the history is quite consistent with the gameplay. After the first boss I got out of explosive ammo, so I couldn't get the aqualung and never explore the underwater maze. I missed some more ammo for the extra guns too, but usually the game is not hard to play and enough entertaining to take a try. Good work, Yuri!" - Jose (09-Oct-2019)
"Excellent adventure , the underlying storyline is a parable on the effects of violence and greed. The narrative is very well made , little by little we have the testimony of men from the past , Georgians or Russians, soldiers or villagers , named or unnamed men and the big picture takes its form. The pieces of the storyline go well with what happen on the screen. I like it when it makes sense , for example when the demoness is destroyed in Corrupted valley , the evil tree/skeletons disappeared. I did not got rid of them for i spared my explosive harpons. There isn't a lot of enemies most of time , but they are very well used. The only humans you kill is at the beginning of Tears of Rioni, this passage in a mine does not last very long , the rest of the time is spent in outside areas and undergrounds, all places are atmospheric. I like the calm in the deserted village you hear almost only the birds , you can feel the melancholy and the weight of the past. The game is immersive whenever you make quick progress or not. The setting is good and quite original , Perceiver has used objects and textures from Back to Basics Northern Legends and there are also stuff from other sources i have not identified, and alltogether the whole design is excellently coherent. The last level is spent in water caverns from which you explore 2 Orthodox churches, we are in Georgia. Gameplay is quite varied and sometimes inventive. Good puzzles , exploration, and some trap as well, it is not predictable. There was only a few things i did not liked : for ex: it was easy to overlook a grey lever on a grey wall at the beginning of Falls or Rioni for there was no static object around that switch ( a false good reason to get stuck ), or the fact that the rumbling of the squishy blocks in one of the two churches are felt in the other as well. But nevermind these details, i want to congrat the builder for this very good game." - eRIC (10-Sep-2019)
"The theme here mostly combines various Back to Basics materials (although there are also custom objects and textures), but it does it in a way that both makes sense and creates something that feels quite original, with a hamlet surrounded by mysterious ruins. The lighting and texturing is a bit on the grey side, but it's mostly well designed, although a few interiors are a little plain. The objects manage to fit well despite their varied sources, and there's a nice use of things like occasional text to convey backstory. There's also a use of Dark Souls type level titles, and I guess the greyish visual style is also an attempt to evoke the style of those games.
The gameplay is relatively challenging in terms of exploration, with quite a bit to find in intricate areas. It uses a semi-non-linear structure with other levels branching off from the central area, with it being possible to do the main levels in any order; this also helps focus the gameplay, as each level is relatively self-contained in itself, so the overall structure doesn't get too overwhelming. It makes use of various custom "next-gen" gameplay elements to put a twist on familiar things, and generally makes good use of space to make small-scale areas unfold in interesting ways. In following the Dark Souls inspiration there's also a poison swamp area (though the actual swamp is thankfully avoidable). Having an optional aqualung was also an interesting way to reward exploration. The only thing I found a little questionable are the breakables that only explosive arrows work on, as it's a bit deceptive when other weapons don't work. A great set that creates a somewhat original setting and adds multiple interesting gameplay aspects on top of that." - Mman (29-Aug-2019)
"Overall, a very beautifully made levelset, with engaging atmosphere. Level design and some elements of gameplay and sound design are heavily inspired by Dark Souls! Enjoyable. Tip: Make use of ALL the save slots. Failstates possible." - gryffinstark (26-Aug-2019)
"At least for me, this is clearly the raw material that classic tomb raiding (or maybe the best and most creative trle) is made of. Great, solid architecture coupled with excellent atmosphere (sounds, music, lights and a certain je ne sais quoi), a fine balance between different kinds of tasks, multiple, well connected levels and different environments (including underwater areas with a good use of the aqualung), an immersive universe that won’t get you tired and never too demanding. I mean, this is fun! It’s true that I think there was a platform jump sequence in the village area that didn’t seem to serve any practical purpose but that’s fine… Now, this would be the moment in which I’d start describing the differences between levels, enemies, traps, challenges, but I find it better to leave that to you who, I’m sure, won’t leave this one aside. Clearly four tens." - Jorge22 (14-Aug-2019)
"With literally thousands of custom levels to choose from, I believe the raiding community has become somewhat jaded in its nonchalant acceptance of new entertainment that continues to be released on a regular basis. I could have chosen any one of several recent releases to make this point, but Kartvelishvili (whatever that means) is as good an example as any. It never ceases to amaze me when dedicated artisans devote their time, talents and energy to master the intricacies of the level editor and share the fruits of their labor without charge to a ready and willing and sometimes thankless horde of players who sample their wares and frequently damn them with faint praise in their reviews. There's no risk of that in this case with this reviewer, however. I enjoyed myself thoroughly during the four hours that it took me to navigate through this four- part adventure. The gameplay is crisp and inventive without ever becoming unattainable by the player of average skills. The only complaint I have is the darkness that typified the builder's first release, but it wasn't as pervasive and ample flares are provided in any event. Close to being a perfect level in my book. High recommendations." - Phil (02-Aug-2019)
"What an adventure. This four-parter is a joy from start to finish. The beautiful coastal opening area, the village, the creepy swamp full of tree enemies, the underwater areas – all just gorgeous. The gameplay should provide something for everyone too, although the timed runs may be a bit too tight for inexperienced raiders. It kept me entertained for a net four hours and twenty minutes and I was really sorry when it ended, which is always a good sign. I also really liked the music that accompanied the load screen." - Jay (01-Aug-2019)
"A wonderful and highly atmospheric level from a builder who has learned a lot since his debut level. Taking place in a very special and never visited before setting, this level features a good bunch of very realistically designed areas with good visuals. I say "good" because the texturing at times leaves a lot to be desired actually, there are several nastily wallpapered parts, end-of-the-world moments and a lot of misplaced textures that disturb the otherwise great look and feel of the whole thing. Anyway, sounds, cameras (except of a few going through walls) and architecture are very nicely done. The gameplay does not stand behind that; it is often quirky in its ideas and actually never dull. A lot of different tasks are presented here, some of them posing a decent challenge, some of them being good puzzles, some of them involve careful investigation of the areas. There is also a sense of storyline, which is always a plus, and the timed sequences are finally not that generous so that the time actually matters (it happened a lot lately that I did things in half of the time or even less). I was not a fan of those forced health loss moments when you drop down from high ledges, though. Perhaps there could be some more decorative objects, but those which are used are used well and enemies are also nicely placed overall. The twelve secrets are quite well hidden and added to the challenge. Overall, I spent 1:55 hours in this game and was fairly pleasantly surprised, definately recommended." - manarch2 (27-Jul-2019)
"The first effort by this builder already showed definite potential, but the excessive darkness in that release somewhat dampened the proceedings. This one however, posed no issues in that department for me. Right from the start, the scenery looks incredibly pleasing and quaint and has a good atmosphere, even the connecting corridors manage to look good which must have been a difficult thing to get right. I'm sure that the textures and objects in this game were taken from three fairly recent BtB contests, but they actually work really well here, even when combined together. There's plenty of enjoyable tasks to accomplish, never too difficult but requiring some thought on the part of the player. The timed runs were particularly engaging, but again nothing too frustrating. What I also thought was remarkable was that the enemy/pickup ratio was just right, meaning that there was plenty of supplies scattered around, but even if you did find yourself running low, taking them out with pistols still shouldn't prove too bothersome, which kept enemy fights on a fair playing field. Highly recommended overall." - Ryan (26-Jul-2019)