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Helm of Fallen Defender


release date: 26-Mar-2022
difficulty: medium
duration: medium

average rating: 4.89
review count: 7
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file size: 184.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Ireland

author profile(s):

If you read, try to imagination voice of Red no pants from Cow & Chicken.
Helllllo it's me, THE BUILDER. This is my secound level of Tomb Raider called Helm of Fallen Defender. I present you a LIST of BUGS.
I work few months, only in weekends. When I was closer to the the end, the more bugs appeared. 1) Unbreakable window ( just jump there)
2) Lighting (screeching) sound when you use key and puzzle
3) Polerope, sometime Lara use animation like walk on the rope
4) Save games, in 3-4 places are problem with save (when you load you see only horizon and Lara). Don't play all on one save.
5) Archer uses gun sound, when he shoot crosbow, and diving, water sound

Level played 5-6 times, and its playable and you can finish it.
If you want a Secret, DONT KILL Aries(Lambs) Special Thanks for my Wife, she use her voice in level.