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Helm of Fallen Defender by Shaleigh7787

black horse 2 5 8 5
DJ Full 4 5 5 7
JesseG 3 5 7 6
Jose 2 5 5 6
manarch2 2 5 5 5
nad 4 4 6 6
Ryan 3 5 6 6
release date: 26-Mar-2022
# of downloads: 125

average rating: 4.89
review count: 7
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file size: 184.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Ireland

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"🟩Pros: ● Impactful sounds and sfx ● Nice models 🟥Cons: ● Cryptic ● Confusing level design ● sponge bullet enemies ● No camera hints after switches ⏹Overall: If I could, I'd rate this level impossible without walkthrough, hidden objects and keys with no hint, and no sense in them at all! The hidden lever in the tree was absolute evil, who would've guessed? Even after reading the walkthrough I had troubles locating the right jumping spot. And there are places where you have to pull glitch jump and mechanic, omg, idk why would anyone build a level requires glitching or pixel perfect and broken mechanics, that's not challenging but rather annoying, spent 3 hrs just to complete about 20% of the game, then decided to just follow walkthrough and it was never fun, there's no accomplishment. A nice level ruined by poor mechanics and decisions. *The fact that builder acknowledge these points and published it anyway baffles me, luckily never ran into the save bug O_O*- Sorry for this salty review." - black horse (31-Oct-2023)
"Optional. Foggy mood might appeal to some, sheep and other objects were rather nice, but the entire thing could be better both in gameplay and immersion. It wasn't needed to obscurily hide pickups, interactions were too random so the plot felt lacking, and the savegame bug was notoriously disturbing. All together it made the level rather tiring." - DJ Full (21-Sep-2022)
"There must be a reason for the corrupted savegames in many areas of this level; the number of rooms? It's really very nasty to play always checking if your savegames work every time you save, and if not, go back to a previous room after complete a task to save there and go back again to the place where you were playing and continue. Sometimes you are forced to complete the tasks in one go (the room with many traps, to place the scepter) or you'll be doomed. Another issue I didn't like was the unnecessary hard tasks you must repeat several times, like in the room where the lasersight is: the running jump to the ledge in the corner with the low ceiling was specially hard because the author raised one click the corner of the ledge (I don't know why), and I needed to take that nasty jump three times. Also the gameplay is quite bad, with small keys lying everywhere difficult to see and even more, you can advance without the necessary items to explore new areas, and when you note that you need something you have to go back a long way to explore a lot of previous areas to get those items. Definitely, not a pleasant level. At least the architecture is good, and the builder took an efort to place objects to ornate the rooms, but it's not enough to offer an ejoyable level." - Jose (18-May-2022)
"Ambitious? Oh yes, but definitely too much so as in its current state, this level does not work at all. The gameplay throughout this 90 minute long adventure throws up all sorts of problems: whether it's the hideously buggy gameplay, the extremely arduous backtracking, the savegame bug (which can be circumvented, courtesy of the walkthrough but understandably some raiders prefer to avoid that), the unfair hiding places of some objects or the clumsy room connections, everything screams of a lack of proper beta testing, which appears to be confirmed on the level info page itself. Surely the builder could have spent a little more time polishing this up, at the expense of a delayed release? Looks-wise, it's not bad and we rarely see the Complex Simplicity package used these days (always been among my favourites), although everything is on the bland side in terms of textures. Music isn't too shabby though. Overall, not very enjoyable I'm afraid." - Ryan (18-May-2022)
"Phew, there's a lot of functional issues here. Thankfully some are listed in the level description, but some attempt at working around the listed issues would have been appreciated. There is no hint where the save/load bug occurs – the answer is when Lara is in the outdoor area with a key and an underground crypt. Aside from the listed bugs there are a number of other ones – illegal slopes, missing textures, and one nasty glitch that caused me to give up completing the adventure: a pushable statue on top of a raising block which was still stuck in midair after the block was lowered. With the functionality out of the way, there were a number of other things I was not a fan of: missing camera cues, unmarked climbable surfaces, and a plethora of hidden pushable blocks. Sure, I know you can find these with a flare, but that's about as enjoyable as doing an escape room where you spend the whole hour shining a black light literally everywhere. And then there's the moment that has me mark this down as "very challenging" - that evil jumpswitch that's inside a tree canopy of all places. Even after I found it in fexinspect I found it very difficult to get Lara to grab onto it. The visuals fare better than the gameplay, but only slightly. The textures, when they exist, are applied fairly well in man-made structures, but are quite jumbled on natural surfaces. The lighting is very flat and the only dynamics seem to come from sun bulbs and some lit torches. The one thing I can give props to is the architecture, which is pretty interesting and gave me incentive to try to keep exploring the various areas. Abandoned at 1 hour 9 minutes." - JesseG (09-Apr-2022)
"This is the second level of a very ambitious level builder. There is enough to do if you play through all the areas, although the whole area is not that big. Besides some blocks and statues that you can move, you also have to complete some plattforming, find objects and keys to get further. There are few enemies, and if they are, they are poorly used from my point of view. However, the tasks are designed to be quite simple, so you shouldn't have any problems here. Despite some good actions, there are also points of criticism. Apart from the loading bug that is mentioned by the autor, which was very annoying because you didn't really know where to save, some actions weren't quite clear to me. I had found two Lapis Lazuli in the game although I only had to use one. Since one was lying around in the first big outdoor area, I could have saved myself some plattforming and actions. Also, I didn't understand the point of using the knight. Usually it leaves something behind. Only here it was rather tedious to get rid of him without killing the aries. He left nothing behind. The Lapis Lazuli for the crown was lying around before the knight comes out. The sliding action with the knight statues was probably meant to cause a hatch to open. In my game, it was open when I entered the room with the fireplace. I havn't found out what else the action should have been for. Putting all that aside, and playing everything as the author intended, it is a varied and not too difficult game. The areas are suitably designed, though quite empty, the lighting is used quite well in many areas, only the music could have been used better in some places. All in all, a simple level that should have been tested beforehand." - nad (08-Apr-2022)
"You can already see the main problems of the game just reading the levelinfo page. The builder states he played this a few times and then released it - not a good idea! Beta testing is necessary and it really shows in multiple places in this game. There are many areas where you should not save because after a reload you cannot progress anymore, but you will find this out only by trial and error as the builder doesn't give you any hints, even if he seems to be aware of the problem. Very nasty. Camera hints are another story; while absent most of the time, there are also camera bugs (e.g. when you place the spear) and since the triggered things are usually just *somewhere* on the map and massive backtracking is possible, good luck with this one. It's all in all an exhausting and just not enjoyable game. Many large areas to explore with many empty and pointless rooms, only minor puzzles, platforming and trap parts and most of the time you're just running around headlessly because you don't know what to do. Even if there's a hint the jumpswitch in the tree (small spoiler: in an area with just one tree) is totally obscure, and the underwater area towards the end is also horrible in that regard. While at times atmospheric and decently textured, the design is also often lazy with a lot of missing or badly placed textures as well as dull and flat grey lighting that also makes it hard for the eyes, and also sound bugs and misplaced objects. On the other hand, the few enemies are rather effectively placed and there is some work in terms of flybys (not very helpful though) and sounds. The single secret has nothing to do with killing the sheep (since I did that and still got it) and by the way was not very well hidden. Despite this review being rather negative, there is some raw potential in all this, and real beta testing had prevented a lot of the (rather heavy) inconveniences in this one. Finished in an hour of playtime." - manarch2 (06-Apr-2022)