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The Well of Lost Souls


Billy the Kid
release date: 08-May-2001

average rating: 6.83
review count: 21
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file size: 16.70 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Lara is now on her way to the Airport for her flight home. She has just finished her business with the Cairo Museum (see 'The lost mine of Solomon'). She was glad to be leaving as the City it had become noisy, what with tourists and the police sirens going off all over the place after a large bank robbery which seemed to make the place even more loud. It was late when she finally left the city behind so it was not surprising to find herself stopping for the night at a small town hotel. Here she over-hears the locals taking about a disused well in the dessert, 'The Well of lost souls' they called it. It seems the 'foreign' army has taken it over and set up camp. Lara made some discreet inquiries as to this old well and was rather surprised at what she was told. 'Ar!'. Replied the hotel owner. 'You want to know about the old ruins and that accursed Well...When my grandfather was a boy, there was a local man 'Mustafa' he went down the well (being an excellent swimmer) and, because he was, er!, how should I say- a little bit crazy. He'd heard that there was some kind of treasure down there - as I said Miss Croft, Mustafa was a bit of a fool. Any way, he was never seen again. And since that day, nobody here will go any where near that place. The water just simply dried up - very odd. Some people claim to have heard strange noises coming from the well. Myself, I think it is the dead camels that have come back to drink from the well that no longer gives any water... Is there and treasure down the old well? What interest does the army have there? Lara is curious. She goes to the Well and finds the army guarding the well to be heavily armed. She must get down the well. But how? There are to many to take on by herself; maybe she could draw them away...