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Shabaobab's Tomb Raider The Lost Artifact Reimagined (Demo)


release date: 25-Jul-2023
difficulty: medium
duration: long

average rating: 9.43
review count: 7
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file size: 377.00 MB
file type: TEN
class: Remake

author profile(s):

Note: Package updated on Sep 16, 2023!

This is a demo for Shabaobab's Tomb Raider: The Lost Artifact Reimagined. This includes the first level and a portion of the second level. Happy Raiding!

Make sure this is installed if you're missing dll files!
for x86 version, download and install this
for x64 version, download and install this

Only minutes have passed since the hideous creature that Dr. Willard had become gasped the last breath of its violently short life cycle. The Experiment had failed, the gleam of immortality returned to the stars from which it came.

Lara looks on silently, oblivious to the press of the bitter Antarctic wind. Suddenly a ragged figure emerges from the dark, gaping hole of the meteor cavern - it is Willard, a human reborn, but in the throes of death. A hand gestures wildly, a final guttural laugh tears through the silence, the figure slumps forward and is still.

With snow already forming a ghastly shroud over the body, Lara quickly tears an object from the dead man's grasp. A wallet, its monogrammed 'W' now standing sadly against Willard's last earthly remains. Inside, the usual collection of tattered mementos, a hodge-podge of foreign currency and... but this cannot be! A familiar expression glides across Lara's face - an eyebrow raised by a wry and knowing smile. Before her, a telegram urging an immediate return to take possession of another artifact now secure beneath the Scottish mists at Willard's Loch Ness Estate.

'The Adventures continues,' says Lara, to nothing but Willard's dark laughter still ringing in her ears.

- When a new level loads, Lara might not be able to draw her guns. This can be fixed by selecting a weapon via the inventory or a hotkey.
- Beware flying fish!
- Puzzle Holes might be a tad buggy visually. This will be fixed in a future TombEngine update!

Sep 16, 2023 author notes:
I highly recommend playing the x64 version! The new sprint slide works properly in this version.

The demo has been updated and includes new modes:
Environments are inspired by the original and the main gameplay flow will be as faithful to the original as possible. This mode has more optional gameplay and additional secrets.

Environments are inspired by the original, but all gameplay flow will be remixed along with new additions for a reimagined take on Tomb Raider The Lost Artifact. This mode has more content.

- Beware flying fish!
- The boat might drift. Thankfully, once you're in the main loch, the boat is entirely optional.