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Shabaobab's Tomb Raider The Lost Artifact Reimagined (Demo) by shabaobab

Crofti 6 8 8 10
DJ Full 8 10 10 10
Jorge22 8 10 10 10
release date: 25-Jul-2023
# of downloads: 781

average rating: 9.00
review count: 3
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file size: 377.00 MB
file type: TEN
class: Remake

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This must sound bad, but I preferred the first part. It's short, so you can't get tired or confused, and it's easy to figure out. The second part, in Scotland, finds Lara in a gigantic castle environment where it's very hard to orient oneself, know where to go, what to do next. I did all the (very tight) timed runs and all that, but let's face it, I had to use the walkthrough a lot. In the end, it's basically about finding levers and doing timed runs. The overall design and atmosphere are very good (not so much the gameplay design because, as I pointed out, it's rather confusing). The TEN features are put to good use. The ending is rather sudden, but that's to be expected. Recommended although you might need the walkthrough as I did." - Jorge22 (20-Aug-2023)
"Not a big fan of demos, but because I love TLA & this is a TEN project played anyway. Positive is the incredible atmosphere especially of the Scotland section, textures and lighting are perfectly implemented, I only found two places in the huge second level where textures were missing. TEN brings smoother gameplay, new animations and beautiful underwater effects. Music is mostly from the classics, but there is also new Scottish-based music, but the latter could have been omitted. The main focus of the gameplay is on exploring the many new areas, since the author rarely kept to the original (room layout). Besides tight time-runs, there are mainly levers to pull and doors to open, and this many, many times until you finally get to the final gate, where you have to use the thistle stones. Level 2 is really just keeping the player away from the room with the final door for as long as possible. There are new tasks to do through torch puzzles, rope swings and the boat, but on the other hand, the timeruns, the many side rooms, the extensive use of the diagonal edges make everything much more complicated, sometimes frustrating. The type of camera movements repeat themselves too often for my taste. Many enemies were also overpowered, don't know if that's because of TEN. And then there were bugs, of course the flying fish are funny. But in diagonal walls Lara gets stuck when jumping or even disappears in them. Also in the water she sometimes can't pull herself up at a 1 click edge. I also had some crashes, no idea why. One more problem I have: many rather small rooms are very twisty and/or there is too much stuff in the way, for example the bridge, why are there so many annoying boxes there? In the original I loved the open and large rooms, here you have to crawl through 1 click high gaps and the diagonal walls in small rooms make everything even more cramped. I'm not a fan of that, sorry. Also in the first "bonus" level there are such twisted small rooms, unfortunately, but the level itself, which exists in TLA only as a loading screen, is a nice bonus from the author. I have mixed feelings about this demo version of TLA, great visuals and picturesque atmosphere are contrasted with winding rooms and too often repetitive lever pull/door open actions, plus lots of timeruns, overpowered enemies and some bugs, including being able to enter areas of the castle that are not supposed to be accessible. Yes, there is a tutorial section at the beginning, but the readme file should also explain all possible animations (I had problems jumping from the monkey swing in level 2, if there had been something in the readme I would have been grateful), then it is certainly even more fun and less frustrating. A mixed adventure." - Crofti (04-Aug-2023)
"I don't think this game has major weak spots aside of repeated climbs in the second level. I would also add the thistle hunt because not having it feels like an abrupt end. I didn't get the issues the others had, and I enjoyed tight spaces on the contrary (must be my obsession of efficiently used space). Due to 10/10 atmosphere, it was a pleasure even played too slowly as I recently tend to. Great demo, highlandly recommended. Give it a fling." - DJ Full (31-Jul-2023)