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Creative Concept Challenge: Kukulkan's Legacy


release date: 14-Aug-2023
difficulty: challenging
duration: medium

average rating: 7.69
review count: 4
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file size: 814.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: South America

author profile(s):

Important notes, read before playing!!!
The story offers you 2 different endings. Everything depends on your decision after the boss fight. Listen carefully to the dialogue.
Secrets here work more likely as Resources from the reboot series.
This is a checkpoint driven adventure. You will have no opportunity to save your game at your will, except for the 2 areas due to their complexity. Checkpoints are one-time only, so once you activate them, you should use them to save the game, as leaving the save game window will result in losing the given opportunity to save. On average, there is one checkpoint every 5 minutes of gameplay. I have also kept them in the complex areas for those hardcore players who are willing to take the added risk.

Story: (Time-wise we are located between Rise of the Tomb Raider Shadow of Tomb Raider)
Lara Croft has recently come into possession of an ancient scroll, purchased from a street vendor on one of her travels. Upon returning to her mansion, she opened the scroll and found the ancient Mayan texts. As her knowledge of this area of archaeology was not good enough, she decided to contact Mr Stuart, a Mayanist, to ask for help. Mr Stuart gave her some basic Mayan symbols with their transcriptions and wished her good luck in translating her scroll. After a few weeks, Lara managed to get something disturbing. The Apocalypse is in motion, as ancient forces are trying to get to the surface. Lara contacted Anaya and together they set off on an adventure. After arriving near the place described in the scroll, they set up camp in one of the nearby caves, which provides them with cool temperatures and safety. This is where your adventure begins. Can you help Lara stop Kukulkhan or any of the infinite possible forms he has taken this time?

This project was originally intended to be a Triple C competition project, but due to a lack of active builders the competition was canceled. I feel bad about not realising the project as I have already built it. I followed the Triple C rules and all the requirements given, so here they are:
I must build one level project which follows given requirements:
I CANNOT use boulders and I MUST use day/night elements.
Theme must be NG.
I had to use provided .wads (mostly plants and animals)
I had to use a set of provided textures. At least once each. I can add any textures I like
I had to use provided music (I placed it for night area)
The project had to be inspired by the provided image (provided as one of the pictures for overview)
The given folder is included in the level for anyone interested to see.

Special thanks to voice actors:
LARA == Lilly Jericho; AH PUCH == Tom Reginald; PUNA == Nev Byte; PEDRO DOMINGUEZ == Zreen; SOLDIER 1 == Sniping Saix; SOLDIER 2 == Tom Reginald; ANAYA == Nondescript Midnight; IX CHEL and CHAC CHEL == Marlena Crystal

Special thanks to my testers: Tommy Raider, Korny, PedroCroft, Liinx86

Special thanks to: Titak for providing me with the script of heat bar