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Creative Concept Challenge: Kukulkan's Legacy by DroneQuadcopter

DJ Full 6 8 6 7
Saki Croft 8 9 9 9
release date: 14-Aug-2023
# of downloads: 734

average rating: 7.75
review count: 2
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file size: 814.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: South America

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Probably the least enjoyable of Drone so far. Even with saving, something tells me a boss fight with 35 raptors is not a good idea... it might be recommended to play everything minus that part and then watch the endings on video. Visually, same as usual, not enough transitions are used - which could be the competition limitation, but with the same effect as if it wasn't. Cameras are too dragging. Sound is often broken. Music is notorious. Then I replayed in easy mode and it was even worse since the drum track stayed forever and even overlapped with default flute music. In that version I also managed to break the angel boss fight as the white angel simply refused to react to spikes. As follows, the game took me several days while it should take max 3 hours. Also, was it really necessary to include 500 MB of ambient tracks (no impact on rating but still a seriously oversized download)?" - DJ Full (28-Aug-2023)
"I really loved this custom and enjoyed it even thou I played the version with limited saves! The builder, for me, structured so well the save points that it wasn't frustrating even because in some section the saving function was always active (especially in lava zones). I love how the builder mixed together old and new Lara features, I love how the secrets was placed all over the adventure and I really loved the osts too! This level of course it's not for everyone because it's quite challenging due to limited save but if you have patience or you like challenging levels this is meant for you! If not the builder has done an easy mod for saving as much as you want! The only thing that I'd suggest is maybe do a function where if you die you can skip the cutscene! But for me it hasn't been a problem at all since I'm very patient. I love even the story behind this... Again Puna!? Plus the game has two endings that I've done both and you can see them on my walkthrough! The sad/bad ending it's shocking 😱 but luckily we have the good/true ending 😍 Plus the game has a unique puzzle the one for the levers and the bird chirps in two different pitch levels that was innovative for me and funny to understand! Keep up the amazing work Drone 💪❤️" - Saki Croft (26-Aug-2023)