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The Legend Of Hawksmoor (Demo) - St Saviour's Wharf


release date: 08-Jan-2024
difficulty: medium
duration: medium

average rating: 8.71
review count: 6
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file size: 72.60 MB
file type: TR3
class: City

author profile(s):

Brief Level Synopsis

Lara arrives at St Saviour's Wharf, on the trail of Sophia Leigh, missing, presumed dead but showing signs of life and activity around London. Her investigations have brought her to this location, a supposed entry point to a lost river of London, feeding into a crypt designed by famed architect Nicholas Hawksmoor.

A seemingly quiet, abandoned dockyard hides a wealth of puzzles and hidden foes. If this location hides a secret passageway, getting there will not be straightforward...

About this Level

This level, intended for eventual release as a multi-level project, started life as a Create a Classic 2021 entry. During 2022 and most of 2023, the author stepped away from TRLE to focus on other personal projects. Returning to building towards the end of 2023, releasing this level for Advent Calendar 2023 was a natural step to take while work on the wider project gets back underway.