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bERT's World by EssGee

afzalmiah 8 9 8 7
Aims 7 7 8 8
Anurag 8 6 8 8
Bene 8 8 8 7
bERT 7 7 7 7
Catherin 7 8 8 7
CC 7 8 8 8
drguycrain 8 8 9 9
Duncan 7 8 8 8
eTux 7 7 8 5
G.Croft 7 7 8 8
Gerty 6 7 8 6
Jay 7 6 8 7
Jenni 6 7 7 5
John 6 6 7 5
Jorge22 8 7 7 7
Jose 5 6 5 6
Josi 8 7 8 7
kimmybambi 8 8 8 8
Kristina 6 8 8 8
Lady Lara 8 9 8 7
LePerk 8 9 6 6
Magnus 5 5 6 5
MichaelP 6 9 8 6
Obig 7 8 9 8
Orbit Dream 8 9 10 8
Phil 8 7 8 8
QRS 7 8 8 7
RaiderGirl 8 8 8 7
Ruediger 8 7 9 7
Ryan 6 7 7 7
Sakusha 8 9 7 7
Sash 5 7 8 7
Staticon 8 8 7 7
Torry 9 10 9 9
Treeble 6 7 7 7
Whistle 8 8 8 8
release date: 28-Sep-2003
# of downloads: 73

average rating: 7.39
review count: 37
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file size: 24.30 MB
file type: TR4
class: Joke

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"I was quite disappointed about the gameplay on this level, apart from some exploring around for items, keys and switches with some platforming and a couple of pushables to progress into new areas there wasn’t Much else to it. The music was good if not repetitive after a while and it was nice not have to use a walkthrough as most of the gameplay is quite obvious or simplistic I’m not sure about the lighting and textures really it all seemed quite repetitive and basic and unfinished in terms of lighting especially but it’s definitely not boring and I did enjoy exploring the houses and riding on the bike at the end" - John (17-Mar-2022)
"What an absolutely beautifully well-done level! Lara is so beautiful in her outfit; her cute pink top and her matching pink braid elastic, her earrings, shoes etc. Lara's textures are smooth. Beautifully done city - linear, annoyingly okay maze with words of encouragement found along the way, a classic boulder trap that takes you by surprise. The ambient custom music is fun to play to and doesn't get annoying at all. Really enjoyed playing this level =)" - kimmybambi (08-Mar-2020)
"This is labelled as a joke level and it is quite wacky in places, although not the most whimsical out there. It's a moderate length raid through a relatively quaint Belgian town (minus the guards and spiders) to finally end the level on a bike. It's somewhat visually crude and I found the outside areas to be garishly bright (although not terribly so) and the gameplay is by today's standards rather simplistic aside from a maze at the very start that may or may not confuse you greatly depending on your orientation skills. It probably wouldn't make quite a splash today, but I liked the music and it's not without a certain charm." - Ryan (21-Mar-2018)
"Even when Scott is one of the best level builders I know, in that age I think he was only testing his habilities with the editor and another software. All the entire level pressing buttons and shooting the same enemies (small spiders, thugs and guards) except in the last part where I had to move some vases and get some keys. The level starts with a nasty maze, and be sure to find the button to open the exit door first, otherwise the backtracking should be terrible. There are some new objects, and new textures too, but except the background music and the final track when you ride the bike, I couldn't hear more sounds; cameras are poor too. Texturization is not bad, but not enough to fill the usually empty roads and courtyards with very few objects; some rooms are too bright. Playable but I didn't enjoy it." - Jose (26-Oct-2016)
"I never really had the opportunity to make bERT's acquaintance (any relation to eRIC, I wonder?), as he had come and gone before I gained a firm foothold here. He seems to have acquired something of a reputation during his brief stay. This level is billed as a joke level, but I found it to be just a visually appealing and relatively crude (because it's over 10 years old and reflects the available tools of that day) jaunt of about 40 minutes. It has a rather linear feel to it, pushing a button here to gain access to an area there, but the gameplay is straightforward enough (assisted by the walkthrough written by Anurag, another former regular here who has apparently moved on to other things). It's always a pleasure to play an EssGee level, old and crude or otherwise." - Phil (29-Apr-2014)
"This was a fun level. Lara is in a city where her main goal is to steal bERT's bike. First I want to talk about the flaws. In the beginning there is a maze. Is there any TRLE players who like mazes? I don't think so. Even EssGee hates mazes! Another thing is that the lighting wasn't very impressive. However this level is a joke level with the audio and writing on the walls. The gameplay was pretty fun by killing guards, breaking into bERT's home and finding things like keys. Good level and everyone should have a go." - afzalmiah (05-Mar-2011)
"LOL. This is certainly one of the most creative Joke levels ever created. Of course you can't expect much from such sort of level, but you do get a lot more than you'd expect. It's really a very linear level, although the maze at the beginning might be a little offputting (some fun messages written on the walls in there, too). There's maybe a little too much running to and fro, but when you finally get into bERT's place things settle down. Funny thing is that you don't even have to break in: bERT leaves his keys inside the fridge of a bar in the neighborhood, so make a mental note should you ever want to raid his home. Lara not only steals his bike, but also takes a few bottles of beer and a box of chocolate! That glutton! This is your unconventional raid, not many of these are available, so if you want something different, you just found it. 40 minutes. 04/08" - Treeble (01-Apr-2008)
"A cute joke level made for bERT who apparently loves his beer, hates mazes and loves bikes. Gameplay is simple and quite linear with environments often repeating - loved the ending though: got a great sadistic thrill running over all those guards to the theme song of The Benny Hill Show." - Jenni (19-Dec-2007)
"I had to see what the big deal with this joke level was, after all the favourable reviews it had got. And people are right - for a joke level, this is surprisingly good. Then again, when your greatest competition is 'Lara in a Box', being good doesn't really mean much. It's all relative, after all. This is clearly a level the author built just to have fun and not have to worry about great gameplay or texturing. As such, it's reminiscent of the kind of levels you'd expect from first-time builders, with bad texturing, horrible lighting, and uninteresting gameplay. There are however some things which save this from being a complete waste of time. First of all, there are some quite nice areas in this level, and, amongst other things, you get to visit a library and Bert's home. Also, the jokes are pretty funny and very much in tune with Bert's sense of humour. I liked the notes in the maze and the hidden Tomb Raider room in Bert's house. The music is different, but fits well in the level. My favourite part in the level came right near the end, and was music related. Overall, this is a surprisingly good twenty-minute joke level, but I think you need to know who Bert is to get the most out of it." - Magnus (31-Jul-2006)
"A really great idea! Thank you, Scott for such a fun and beautiful level. Everywhere you'll find some nice and funny hints like 'don't forget to review this level' ;-) or 'WANTED bike thief' as well as funny graffitis in the maze at the beginning. You'll face a few baddies like spiders and guards while listening to a well chosen backround music. This is a must play level in my opinion because it's so wonderfully different from the usual (boring) TR levels." - Tinka (31-Mar-2006)
"This is a really fun level with a very well-constructed atmosphere. i really like that this is a "joke" level, yet it still has rich gameplay and puzzle elements. The music definitely puts just enough of a smile on your face to keep you going even when you're frustrated. The hedge maze is tough, but the silly graffitti helps a lot. Other than the hedge-maze, there's really nowhere to get lost; the path is really straightforward. All the narrow, euro-streets are very lovely. The chocolate shop, bookstore, and bar were nice. And the tombraider posters in bERT's house were certianly a nice touch. There are a few enemies--spiders, constables, and the occasional goon. the scene right after you steal the bike is quite funny. i really don't have any significant criticisms: it would've been nice if there were a few more shops, i wish bERT's neighbor's back yard was accessible and had some gameplay elements, and i wish the level didn't end quite so quickly after nabbing the bike. But all in all, this is a very enjoyable level." - drguycrain (25-Jan-2006)
"I can't believe that Lara was in any fit condition to steal bERT's bicycle after the veritable assault course of a route to his house. All that beer, chocolate and sheer energy expenditure would defeat any normal mortal. I think it is much more likely that he went out drinking and just forgot where he left it (I know someone who does that). :-D Meanwhile, back at the review - Scott has managed to make an excellent little fun level out of poor old bERT's sad loss. Happily, I like mazes, so I was very pleased at the start of this adventure to explore an excellent maze. All those little gardens were very restful. Shame on all you maze-hating graffiti artists. :-D Everything about this whimsical level is charming. The music was perfect and never as cloying as I had expected it to become and I just loved the baddies but those Policemen looked vaguely familiar, though. Great fun - thanks Scott." - Staticon (29-Dec-2005)
"I read the background story to this level and even if the real incident was not funny at all, this level is :) I loved the settings, the messages in the maze...all the beer scattered over the place and especially the bike and the Benny Hill music in the end! A great level that should not really be classified as a joke level really...but hmm as what then?. It has a lot of things to to and solve. Mainly near the end. Great job as always Scott!" - QRS (12-Dec-2005)
"At last something resembling to real life. A cute joke level with plenty of gameplay. Sneak into bERT's house break objects and ransack his place and ultimately steal his bike from the garage avoiding/murdering police and guards on the way. If you know bERT and haven't played this level then you don't know what you are missing." - Anurag (24-Jul-2005)
"This is the best 'joke' level I have ever tried. The anti-maze graffiti the textures showing the wine bottles and the beer mugs together the breakable computers and the ending were quite hilarious. The objects the enemies and the secrets were very original. Unfortunately the WAS file was probably running out of memory. So a few objects were invisible (example:the invisible enemies near the attic). I was also incapable of converting the mp3 files into wav files (apparently there was a problem with the parameters). However I was able to listen to temp.wav. So I had an idea on the sounds used in this level. Download it now!" - Sakusha (11-Apr-2004)
"What an enjoyable little level. As soon as the background music started it brought a smile to my face! I thought the maze was a bit stressful but with all the funny remarks written around it I managed to stay sane. I have to say the whole time I was playing this level I had a craving for something sweet strawberry flavoured I think it was because Lara's top was such a bright shade of pink it made me think of strawberry flavour hubba bubba bubblegum! It would've been funny if the enemies felt the same as me they get ready to attack Lara but as soon as they see her top they run off to the nearest sweet shop to buy some strawberry gum and leave her in peace! Now that would have been funny I'm yet to see that in a custom level. I was so into it that I forgot to save and ended up being mowed down by a beer barrel. I never would have thought it'd be the drink that kills her! LOL anyway good level hope to see more joke level's like this in the future. Keep up the good work! ;)" - Aims (20-Mar-2004)
"This is the best 'joke' level I have seen. In fact it plays as a shortish normal level with a good story line and varied areas. Find your way into bERT's house after killing annoying little spiders tough guys and two different type of cops and then liberate the best looking bike seen in a level. The gameplay is not particularly difficult but the novel pickups etc make the game play fun. Graphics is also fun with lots of graffiti and novel scenes which are well thought out and suitably lit. Well worth a play" - Whistle (16-Jan-2004)
"Well you simply must play this level. No doubt about it. It is simply a joy to play (even when you're stuck - lol). I've never laughed out loud so many times during a level. The graffiti the music Lara's outfit the bike (WOW - the bIKE!) Lara's sound bites the pick-ups - I could go on and on. The beer bottles lined up near bERT's computer at the ready. (Now we know where he gets his sense of humor :)! ) I'd play it again just to go through the end sequence once more. That itself was worth the price of admission as they say. Simply wonderful EssGee. Everything was so well-tailored to suit its purpose and so entertaining. Thank you for this little gem!" - Lady Lara (30-Dec-2003)
"And what a hommage to our friend bERT! I had a lot of fun playing this so-called joke level. It's perfectly playable from beginning to end a light soft adventure after some dark level just for relaxation. I never knew bERT drank so many bottles of beer! But that's ok my Lara had a few herself together with some chocolate bars. Absolutely brilliant from the initial maze with the funny messages to the barrel trap and all the adventures in the streets of some Belgium town to bERT's house itself (you live well buddy!) and the final golden touch with the bicycle ride while running over several guards and almost being ran over by a careless car driver. Loved it and you'll love it too if you only take the time not to be discouraged by the joke label and download it as you must. I'd like to see some more adventures of the kind sometime..." - Jorge22 (03-Nov-2003)
"I wasn't really sure what to expect when I loaded up this level though considering both the author and the subject I knew it would be interesting and probably a lot of fun (and it was). I enjoyed all the personal touches added like the beer and chocolate the bicycles the tour guide the welcome mat outside the house - even the maze was fun with all the custom textures and messages. I'm not sure how long this took to build but with around an hours gameplay on what's supposed to be a 'joke' level I'll be expecting EssGee to put out fun levels like this all the time!" - RaiderGirl (12-Oct-2003)
"This level is a huge fun. I understand that this level is for bERT but I wonder if who loves the beer and the Belgian chocolate so much: bERT or EssGee? Or both of them? :-) Although every good man loves these things. :-) Well the bike was stolen and it must be found. My car was stolen and maybe EssGee knew that 'cause the car which is nearly hits Lara in the end is very similar to mine. Perhaps should I talk to Lara? I also gladly would have been in this quarter which is full of with beer and chocolate even if there are some scenery bums cops and spiders. This is not a difficult level and if you have lost some energy because of the steam blowers take a beer and you will fine. And there are some chocolate for the children. :-) In the house the Workshop Key's hideout is interesting: a sarcophagus camouflaged as a bookshelf. On the storey you have to pull the vase beneath of the picture's centre. I found 2 secrets: the Tour Guide and the chocolates in the bike shop. Even the Santa Claus doesn't have more chocolate than I have. :-) The added sounds fit perfectly to this level I was nearly dancing in my chair. The textures are also great. I recommend it to everybody good pastime." - Obig (09-Oct-2003)
"A joke level more by storyline than by design so make sure you do read the readme. What you get here is a truly imaginative and very enjoyable and at times funny 45 minutes raid through a Belgian City (loved the ambience music). It has fairly linear and straightforward progression with not too many difficulties. Cross a simple maze (hilarious graffiti in there) avoid a rolling barrell battle a few spiders and bad guys press half a dozen buttons push two vases around and find and use three keys. There are also two secrets to be found. The custom objects spice this level up quite a bit and alone make it worth playing. The architecture of the City squares is quite simplistic but still works ok and the end with Lara riding a bicycle to the Benny Hill tune is brilliant. Play it for a few chuckles." - Michael (08-Oct-2003)
"For a joke level this gameplay is more than we normally get with a joke level so I was rather surprised. I liked this maze funny enough. Specially with all the writing in it made me feel less clumsy going through it. For the rest if those bottles of beer were for real I would be drunk drinking them all LOL The enemy here are spiders so Bert get your duster out of that basket and get cleaning and later the police will be after Lara after she borrows that bike. That car whooshing in the street had me reloading as I thought that was great to see. 28-09-2003" - Gerty (05-Oct-2003)
"This is a fun level thanks bERT for allowing EssGee to make this level. I had a good chuckle at this one. So big thanks to EssGee. Yes I got stuck in a joke level but others got stuck at the same place so I don't feel too bad. I got both secrets and learnt about Lara's dark side that thieving b***h. Lara looks good in her casual clothes but the level around her was ugly in most places but it's only a joke level and a bit of fun so who cares. The bike looked good and slow down for that final gate or you might miss the wanted poster." - LePerk (04-Oct-2003)
"Oh tell me what more could you ever want in a level and the 1000th at that other than a bottle shop a chocolate shop and a bike ride at the end with the Benny Hill closing credits theme music? Nothing right! Well then look no further. I am a little worried though as Bert's neighbourhood is what I would call slightly seedy what with all the uniformed old boys and musclebound thugs running around there's also the very convoluted route just to get to bERT's place I mean I love visiting friends but if I have to go through a hedge maze climb to the roof of a building scald my ass on all those steamy vents and avoid a runaway beer barrel every time I want to call round then I may just ring them instead. The biggest worry though is the fact that poor old bERTie's gone and got himself a major drinking problem yes it's sad folks not only does he loose his house keys in the local bottle shop but he's also hiding booze in a vase at home. Me thinks it's time for an intervention. I think for this reason that it was very appropriate that Lara went ahead and stole though I prefer the word borrowed his bike as she is only looking after his welfare truly do you really want to see our bERT in hospital because of a drinking and riding accident! No I think not!!" - Sash (03-Oct-2003)
"From the opening gambit where we find a stubby of beer cooling in the town square pond to the final exit where Lara nearly gets run over by an Aussie driving on the wrong side of the road I was is stitches for this hour long romp at revealing what we are all here for. To have some fun. As stated you first quench your thirst on that lovely cool stubby of beer and off to the maze where others have been before. 'I hate Mazes' greets you upon entering (everyone nod their heads) and the graffiti continues until you finally locate the exit. Belgium has beer littered everywhere and if you are not finding keys amongst the beer bottles you are dodging rolling beer barrels and fighting off rather large Belgiums with beer bellies LOL. Naturally you are off to visit bERT and once you find the key to his house you will marvel at what a neat lad he is. Not only does he stack his empty beer bottles systematically he also hides the key to his attic craftily which is infested by nasty jumping spiders and finally the key to the mystery that sent you on this search in the first place. The missing bicycle. So it's off to unlock the door retrieve the stolen bike and 'Yakkaty Sax' your way out of there. I admit to seeing the initial idea to this at the Downunder Tombfest in August but EssGee has taken what was initially a joke and made it into a playable enjoyable level. Fair dinkum that's good work mate!" - Torry (03-Oct-2003)
"Belgium! The land where beer bottles and chocolate can be picked up for free! Or isn't it? I've been there twice and didn't get any of either. Probably Lara does a much better job at finding things than I do ;-). 'bERT's World' is a level with many funny little ideas. I only didn't like the beginning with the maze that much as it does give you a wrong impression what the level is about later on - impatient players may feel tempted to switch off before the real fun starts in the streets and houses of the Belgian city. Gameplay is comparatively easy and the swinging music in the background provides a unique kind of atmosphere. I never thought I'd say one day that I want more joke levels but this is a new path to tread." - Rdiger (03-Oct-2003)
"What a funny level I had a great time with it. bERT's house is really nice but he has definitely the TR-syndrome I mean the attic lock is downstairs! And of course there is a special Lara room. But he should have cleaned out the attic there were nasty spiders there. But before you are in bERT's house you have to wonder through the city to find it. You'll meet a few bad guys (I wonder if bERT hired them?) and guards. Now Lara can never go back to Belgium shooting people is much worse then stealing a bike isn't it? If they ever catch her she'll be in jail for life. A fun level so go for it!" - Josi (03-Oct-2003)
"This takes joke levels to a new and welcome high point and it honors our own bERT. Many interesting touches here: those funny graffiti comments on the maze walls beer and chocolates as medpacks wall sized Last Revelation Lara in bERT's house and is that a picture of bERT on the bike shed/garage wall? The Welcome Mat outside of bERT's house that Lara takes literally. The music can get cloying after a bit but the Benny Hill music during the 'caper' is another imaginative moment. Worth the download - I really did have a smile on my face for most of this level. Well done EssGee!" - Bene (02-Oct-2003)
"I don't want to call this a joke level at least not compared to the other joke levels around! I think it's a fun level with humoristic touches such as spiders in vases hilarious signs the 'Ahhh' sound when she finishes a beer. The mission here for Lara is to steal bERT's bike! :o In order to do so she has to find her way to bERT's house and the key to unlock the door. When inside the house she has to find the key to the workshop where bERT's bike is and then take off....The people in town has been told to stay away because of this armed woman running around. Only police men and some big bad guys are lurking around." - G.Croft (01-Oct-2003)
"What a wonderful bunch we level builders are. We toil away for no financial reward simply to provide (hopefully) entertainment for others; and by God EssGee has certainly achieved that here! Due to the exact science that is the MPrager scoring system this level will probably never achieve the suitable ratings greatness that it deserves...isn't life unjust sometimes? But how can anyone seriously complain about any possible Gameplay flaws here when the Author wonderfully self-deprecates any such shortcomings? (But please note: Joke level - Gameplay. Not a combination I have ever seen before but enough to deserve high marks just for that element alone!) I couldn't get the custom sound files to load so missed the Theme at the Finale but I was laughing too much to hear it anyway. It's hilarious damn fine work fun to play and goes right to the top of the 'Orbit Dream favourite Custom Level' list. Splendid!" - Orbit Dream (01-Oct-2003)
"This is terrific stuff. I had a smile on my face right through the level and I burst out laughing at the first written exclamation of 'I hate mazes'. It puts you in a good humour straight away. I loved the idea of chocolates and beer the bike tour book and finding bERT's house keys behind the bar at the pub! hmmmm. Absolutely loved those back gardens and interiors that brilliant bike and the bike shed. Although the whole level looks very simple there are a lot of great details and uses for things we've seen before that bookcase that computer and the lighting is superb. Loved the way the spiders pushed the chair away in the attic. And I cracked up laughing at the final scene. I found both secrets. Lara looks very pretty with her pink top pink earrings and pink hair ribbon white shorts and soft shoes. People have had roses buildings stars rivers lakes towns named after them but bERT is the first person (I know of) to have a custom level named in his honour. Now that's something. Drop what you're doing right now and play this level." - CC (01-Oct-2003)
"If you usually avoid joke levels like the plague do please make an exception in this case. If you are a regular visitor to this forum you will be well aware that bERT is a much loved member of the community who lives in Belgium. For the full plot see the author's readme. This is simply lovely - medipacks have become Belgian chocolates and beer the music is charming the atmosphere wonderful and the graffiti in the maze is hilarious. You get a few guards and thugs to shoot and a lot of streets and houses to explore but I'll tell you that's the very last time I go in bERT's attic; it's full of spiders yuk. The ending with Lara making off with poor bERT's bike to the sound of Benny Hill music is absolutely priceless. At about an hour this is probably the longest joke level in the business. It's certainly the best. I found two secrets and laughed a lot. 29.09.2003" - Jay (01-Oct-2003)
"Hurray for beer and chocolate! A thoroughly enjoyable romp and I see no reason to demean it as a 'joke' level as most levels could really use some humor. A maze that for once was fun - I felt I was looking at my own graffiti - and the opportunity to pillage bERT's virtual house like a true hooligan. A secret that was the 'Great Belgian Bike Tour' instead of a artifact that has nothing to do with the story getting to have one's way in chocolate and liquor shops - with all this what more could one ask? In bERT's house Lara kept targeting something inside the walls - and kill it - even the cockroaches better watch out! The bike and bike ride were terrific. My only complaint was that there was too much running around before getting into the meat of the bit. A load of fun and I would love to see more in the same spirit." - Duncan (01-Oct-2003)
"What a privilege to have a level with your name built from someone else of course. It's a joke level but not that short as it took me an hour to complete. The author has taken some of the complaints our dear bERT has expressed occasionally but not only that and created a level that will certainly make you smile if not laugh out loud. The setting is based in a city and it couldn't have been anything else as we are talking about our Belgian friend therefore we get to visit his city and house. Don't expect to see the places as they are the textures used are simple. I liked the idea with the chocolates and beers although we are stuck with two choices here unless Lara doesn't need any health during the level; we either going to get her drunk or fat lol. There is of course a middle solution drink some beer to loosen up and have a chocolate bar or two keeping the balance. This is the first time I 'cursed' not the author but bERT because of that maze it's not horrible but bad enough and if it weren't for that mad Belgian not liking those we would have been spared. Obviously I am just kidding which is the most appropriate thing to do playing a joke level like this. The objects used are original though a barrel the chocolate bars and beer but also the enemies which are spiders guards with moustaches and big musclemen with strange looking face and bats. The gameplay is simple so I can't rate it very high but this is definitely a fun level and if I could I would have given a nine just for the author's great idea. There are some keys to find and two secrets from which I only found one the Tour Guide and accessed the second with some help; I have to pay more attention next time. Signs in some places especially in the maze are hilarious but what I didn't like was Lara's top which is pink and boy do I hate pink. The bike was great and while heading for the exit you see another sign with Lara's face that characterizes her as a bike thief. The most amazing thing though and I am still impressed by it was the small car speeding very fast in front of Lara and the bike behind the double doors. I don't know how the author did that but it was an amazing moment. The custom sounds were a nice touch although it was a little annoying to hear the main theme throughout the entire level; that theme reminded me old Paris for some reason. I really loved this level and would recommend it to everyone; you are going to have the laugh of your life." - Kristina (28-Sep-2003)
"This is a very fun joke level my highest rated one to date - and it deserves it fully - the textures and the lighting might be a bit amateurish (IMO) but the 40+ minutes I spent here were great and even the maze with the funny signs was great as was the whole way to bERT's house. Fortunately (for him lol) bERT wasn't home and Lara could smash all his antique vases to get the beer he hides in them and raid his house to eventually get the workshop key (am wondering how you could possibly get it inside the computer? lol) and steel his bicycle (which is a hilarious moment and ending for this level - must see!). Another effect I liked was how it got darker and darker eventually - being bright at the start of the level and rather gloomy at the end of it. Definitely worth a try - download it now!" - eTux (28-Sep-2003)
"I think this is the first joke level that's actually worth to be called a level. Now I hesitated to review this one because a week before being made public I had the chance to give EssGee my thoughts about it. But since the only gripe I had (a labyrinth so early in the game) was solved by EssGee himself (putting on messages in the labyrinth) I think I may be allowed to review it too. As far as reality goes: 1) my previous home was a house that indeed now is under construction (thought it was well done the construction site); 2) no Australians should NOT come to Belgium if they think we spread around beer all around town for the first one to find them lol; 3) yes my bike was stolen but had no idea the friggin' woman did it! There were not as many Belgian police men killed however: by the God of Belgian pralines Leonidas that scene looked like one from Terminator 3! I loved all the inside places in the last part of the level: cosy backgardens the attic what a nice shower room the bike work place (yes I do hide my best chocolates for myself there the minor quality ones are for the guests). Side car turnover into a bike was well done me thinks. Music was well chosen nice strolling one during the level and the Benny Hill (?) one during the theft of the bike. All in all surely the best joke level yet. And by the way she can have my bike because I have a much better one now: if she dares to touch it the franchise will really be over and done with..." - bERT (28-Sep-2003)