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Center of the World by Psiko

Akcy 10 10 10 10
Alexis608 10 10 10 10
CC 9 10 10 9
Dick 10 10 10 10
DJ Full 8 9 10 9
Drew 7 7 8 8
eTux 10 10 10 10
gfd 5 5 9 10
Grayboy 10 10 10 10
JoeTheCrazyGamer 10 10 10 10
Jose 4 10 10 9
Juan Carlos 10 10 10 10
Kristina 9 9 10 10
Lorena 10 10 10 10
Magnus 10 9 10 9
manarch2 7 9 9 8
Mario 10 10 9 10
Martin 10 10 9 10
MichaelP 10 10 10 8
Phil 10 10 9 10
Roberto 10 10 10 10
Ryan 9 10 10 10
Solange 6 8 9 9
Tombaholic 10 10 10 10
Treeble 10 10 10 10
Xela 10 9 10 9
release date: 15-Jan-2002
# of downloads: 153

average rating: 9.41
review count: 26
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file size: 54.51 MB
file type: TR4
class: Fantasy/Surreal

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
""Intimidating" is the word, and much more complicated than the prequel. It gave me three phases: 1) accomodation, 2) reward, 3) stuckfest, so I guess the project has overwhelmed the author himself. Recommended but with a walkthrough open." - DJ Full (24-Sep-2022)
"Wow, this is magnificent! I would imagine that this would have caused quite a splash when it was released, and judging by the reviews, this type of game is really a matter of taste. I for one absolutely loved it. It's undoubtedly a confusing and rather spread out game, so I was thankful for the walkthrough in quite a few places (although even that was a bit vague) which enabled me to at least keep moving a bit faster. Even then, I still spent over three hours here. The remodeled enemies and objects are amazing, the textures and graphics are wonderful and the gameplay is sufficiently challenging (and yes, head- scratching). This is a real tour de force, and a masterpiece that should not be missed, especially if you're an experienced raider." - Ryan (28-Dec-2018)
"I'm simply astounded that a game of this depth and complexity could be released when the level editor had been available to the general public for barely two years. It would probably create a sensation if Psiko were to release it for the first time now. You're required to go back and forth between two levels to perform tasks and acquire pickups that allow you to finish. The graphics and sheer immensity of both levels are simply staggering, there's rarely a dull moment, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself from start to finish. The provided walkthrough (by two authors) is of course helpful, but one part was riddled with descriptive holes and the other was painfully obscure at times. I turned to Dutchy's TRA walkthrough for relief, but I found that the differences in the two versions were so substantial that the TRA walk was of limited assistance. I stuck with it, however, and was always able to make progress through persistent effort. I didn't experience the problem reported by Jose in his recent review, but maybe that's because I used the walkthrough as a road map from beginning to end. This production is justly considered a milestone in the history of custom levels and should be experienced by all serious players." - Phil (09-Jun-2016)
"Again, I can't give an approved to a level I couldn't finish. There are very tricky tasks, but that's not the reason 'cause all tasks were not very hard. I think the levels are not properly beta-tested, 'cause I suffered a fatal bug which prevented me from continue playing so I couldn't play the last part of the game. In one of the jumps between levels, I drove the buggy near a jumpswitch and a nearby trapdoor opened; later after done some tasks, the walkthrough shows "drive to the lower floor where you pulled the jumpswitch and a wall lowers automatically...". In my game that wall never lowered even if I drove back to the previous area and return again, so I got totally stucked. Anyway, I was several hours playing, and I can say that the gameplay, even with all those helping cameras, is not easy, 'cause the confusion created with all that jumps between the levels, the very huge areas to explore with a lot of backtracking if you don't know where to go, numerous places where you need to jump to "obscure" ledges, etc. I also missed some more ammo for the shotgun, 'cause I had to shoot many hard enemies only with the pistols. On the other hand, the new objects and enemies are impressive, with a lot of work behind, the musics are very well chosen and the new textures are cool too, but some areas are too colorful and recharged. All in all, an extraordinary adventure worth to play if you are patient and I recommend follow the walkthrough from the very beginning." - Jose (03-Jun-2016)
"Firstly this was an amazing TRLE which is best played after Techno Egyptains Portal since this is a direct sequal to that. I liked how the weopons were redesigned (E.g. The Master Gun) in this game, Psiko really knows how to make a good level. A massive improvement on the Previous installment (Techno Egyptains Portal) and I like the way it begins where Techno ends. The textures were really awesome and lots of colours used (Which we can always expect from Psiko). Recommended to anyone. This never had many secrets but they were all hard to find. This TRLE will leave you wanting the Full Game Straigth away. It takes about 6-8 Hours to complete." - JoeTheCrazyGamer (20-Feb-2016)
"It honestly took me several tries to finish this level due to its very complex and partly confusing nature. Needless to say it's a masterpiece of its time and even for today there are really some amazing sights, the room construction is very intricate and there are several great moments when you realize where you just came to and fantastic object usages are the icing on the cake in here. Shortly said, this is a highly stylisized fantasy world that will certainly appeal in many regards. Not everything is quite perfect, the texturing is a bit eclectic at times and doesn't always work as well as it could, there are some minor camera issues and several background sounds weren't quite my favourites (especially in the car rides). The gameplay is rather mixed, with some really clever puzzle ideas and clever progression at times, yet at other places the missing or misleading camera hints together with the large spaces that have to be covered cause a lot of headless running around without knowing what to do next - more and better guidance for players would have been apt here. There are many large areas with complex geometry that it's sometimes impossible to know where to go next. Still, I found parts of the exploration to be a rather nice challenge in itself, the vehicle tours are well planned and a few timed runs really will keep you on your toes. It's all in all a very memorable adventure no matter of the building time, and a milestone in TRLE history. I found one secret in 1:45 hours." - manarch2 (14-Feb-2015)
"It's not often that I transition from absolutely dreading downloading a custom level to it becoming one of my all-time favorites - this one pulled it off. After trudging through the stupor that my eyes held, due mainly to visual overload, during the first half an hour of wandering aimlessly, something connected, like a light bulb activating for the first time. I suddenly "got" it. The surreal techno theme; the grand architecture; the eerie, yet fascinating story and environment. All of it melded into one experience that I am unlikely to forget. This is like "The Persistence of Memory" of custom levels, and it definitely deserves its spot in the hall of fame. I could literally feel the efforts of the author emanating from this masterpiece, from the new textures and music to the expansive and deep gameplay. The interaction between the split levels is no less than masterful, and lets you traverse the many heights of these towering structures, and see the world (or center of it) change as you progress. This one is a must play, hands down. Just be sure to stick with it until your eyes adjust to the true beauty surrounding you." - Xela (01-Aug-2013)
"Revisiting the scenes of past glory, or more precisely revisiting the 'original' scenes, aka Psiko's world; a very unique time and space environment, with amazing sights to be seen. And having played his magnum opus, TRA, some years ago, this was a fun revisit. A lot of fairly familiar territory... albeit a much more naive version. Familiar yes, but did I remember how to do it? Noooo! Only certain small sections. I would still recommend the walkthrough, even now, after all these years, because it is still an enormous undertaking. But is this first offering a little on the dark side?! No matter, it is still well worth visiting, and still highly recommended. And proves yet again that these oldies are just as good as what's on offer today. All Psiko's levels are one-of-a-kind. You'll not see this anywhere else. They stand alone. It's almost unfair to compare them to other levels. After the initial shock to the eyes we become so involved in this strange looking otherworldly place, with it's unique storyline, objects, enemies, weapons, and Lara's outfit. And talk about BIG! We reach dizzy heights in these enormous areas. Wonderful manoeuvres to perform, like the run across breakable lights in the sky, the extremely tight timed run that requires a leap of faith, all the unusual jumping and climbing, great use of the buggys and clearing it's pathway, and more often than not just plain standing there wondering how it all came about. I absolutely loved making my way around this place, even if the route seems totally illogical at times, or we're stuck trying to figure just where on earth we need to go next. And I still don't know what those robot screens are saying! If the player has not already completed TRA, this will give them an idea of the wonders of that game, and might even encourage them to download it. Some great elements that are still a surprise: the underwater personnel scanner, the huge light beams, the opening, closing, and general movement of gigantic objects, the vehicles, and so on. So much to describe, so little time! The 'puzzles' consist of moving certain objects around having found and placed important items. It's really all about getting from A to B by the best route possible. A very unique unforgettable experience." - CC (12-May-2008)
"You think you know how TR levels look like? Well, then prepare for something new. The scenery simply amazing, custom textures, objects and fantastic architecture, it's really like something alien. 'Just' two levels, but they are huge and complex, we have us explore carefully, and remember where things are, because some places we have seen, we can reach only much later. This could be confusing at first, until you become familiar with the levels, therefore perhaps only playing for the second time you can really appreciate gameplay and the monumental areas. We must look around carefully where to go next, and even if you see the solution, maybe aren't sure about it because it seems impossible at first. Of course at the end it all make sense, the logic of the routes, the mastery of level building become evident. Not many of the nicely made enemies, but you won't miss them, as you can concentrate on finding the next step. Great music and sound effects, spectacular cut-scenes, especially the flashback, it gave me that shivering experience when all the hair on your body are raised by excitement. (I don't know how it's called in english) The author clearly has a very deep story to tell. Sometimes when reading a book or watching a film, I feel like it's kind of a work of life of the author(s). A few exapmles: the world of Tolkien, Matrix, or Fifth Element. They not only want to tell their story, but to show us the world they have dreamt, as it happens through the tale that takes place in it. Probably the world and story, at least their basics, were in their minds from childhood. They continually improved and extended it, and when finnaly got into the position they was able to tell it, reached a level of complexity that turned out really great. These are the stories we never forget because touched something in us, at least in me they did. In TR custom levels Psiko discovered the tool with which he can tell his tale. Maybe you find it strange that I compared CotW to those classics, and I'm not saying it's equivalent, only to point out that at the deepest roots of storytelling and the invention of visual design I felt similar inspiredness. The possibilities of winroomedit are obviously much more limited than of books or films, still he was able to create a world which exceeded the limitations of the very tools it was created with; usually you need a genius to do that. Very different scenery and atmosphere, this is not just one of the custom levels, it's a whole new world, ADVENTURE (with capital letters) it can touch us, lift us up and take us away. Thank you Psiko for this great and rare experince." - Akcy (27-Nov-2007)
"I have very mixed feelings about these levels: on the one hand I have to admire the technical achievements, which are probably unmatched thus far. I mean, every texture is new, all the enemies look different, the guns sound different and even the icons in the menu are new. Also, let me add that the whole thing is oft-accompanied by lots of new sound FX, speech and music, most of which is placed well. More than this, the levels are just so impressively huge, and often have you performing breathtaking jumping many hundreds of feet in the air. All of this is very good indeed, as is some of the gameplay. Ah, the gameplay. I feel it was flawed in several ways and I will talk you through all of them. Firstly, these levels are quite monstrously difficult (impossible jumps to impossible places and death round every corner): only the very best should conceive of tackling them. Secondly, there are far too many 'death-tiles' and it takes a long time to realise what will kill you and what won't (the downside of new textures). That's not the worst of it though, sometimes a 'deadly' tile is safe and vice versa (though not often, I'll admit, but it surely shouldn't happen at all?). Thirdly, the areas are mainly empty of enemies and it can get very lonely running around with nothing to shoot. Fourthly (and talking of running around), I have never been so hopelessly lost in any level; I have never felt such confusion about where to go and such frustration about what to do. If you play by the rules as I almost always do, you will find yourself utterly lost and clueless in giant locations. Fifthly, there are quite a number of hugely annoying fixed cameras, which never serve to help the player; they just show off the graphics. Lastly, surfaces that are marked 'climbable' aren't always anything of the sought and, on other occasions, the opposite happens. Very annoying. I'm sorry, but I have rarely felt as frustrated, confused and, though I hate to say it, downright bored as I have been playing these levels. To be honest, the only reason I carried on instead of forgetting them altogether like I've done with some other so-called classic levels, is because this is the 'prequel' to the highest rate TRLE level of all. This took me 5 and a half hours of aimless running around which degenerated into blatant walkthrough 'cheating' towards the end because I'd just about had enough. I only ever found 1 secret in all that time." - gfd (13-Feb-2005)
"I have mixed feelings about this game. It looks like nothing I have ever seen before. The areas are enormous! And gorgeous! The story is interesting and makes sense. The technical aspects of moving Lara around thrilled me. The jumps and moves look impossible and they nearly are but I love working on a jump lining Lara up and practice over and over again till I nail it. I probably loaded the save over 50 times before I nailed the crumbling platforms but after I succeeded once I could do it in my sleep. I think I repeated the words: 'Omg I can't believe she could do that jump!' a hundred times through the game! What I didn't enjoy so much was how difficult it was knowing where to go and what to do next. It is a huge place to run around in when you don't have a clue what to do. Never ever before during a game have I peaked so much in a walkthru or asked friends for help so often when I was stuck and that ruined the gameplay for me. It is a very difficult game. Very good if you are up for a real challenge. And if you are looking for something completely different. Then you won't be disappointed! The few enemies are good the Techno Egyptians are gorgeous too bad you can't let them live... The sounds are excellent and so scary I had to turn it down to a minimum or I couldn't sleep after I played. I felt very proud and satisfied when I had completed the game!" - Solange (29-Aug-2004)
"Wow. I usually don't like these split levels where you go back and forth and back and forth again between themselves because they tend to become boring and confusing but these ones proved me wrong. These levels are HUGE but you will only leave to the other part when you have to not when you can. That was a bonus in my opinion. Another remarkable point is all the new stuff psiko has included here. About everything has changed new weapons and one of the nicest Lara outfits I've ever seen. Very technological but still far from being the catsuit that spreads to your mind... I've reviewed each bit of the level as an independent level because that's the feel I got from them. It was past 3 in the morning when I finished this game! Gripping to say the least... New Rha Shining Star - Part 1 (30 minutes): the level starts out with a quite challenging level of complexity. The areas are huge but it should not surprise you - it's the typical psiko after all! Some textures are bad but they are not out of place here (if such phrasing is correct) and the lightings are somewhat psychedelic. More than what they were in TEP (and yet sometimes just too dark). A couple of caged ahmets and also a lot of artifacts I couldn't get for they were locked in storing glasses - could they be a new TR1-like Scion? You need to drop rolling blades in order to proceed to the next level. Center of The World - Part 1 (1 hour): I was mistaken. I thought that the previous level had some of the biggest areas the Editor could handle but I hadn't seen this. Double what you saw in the first level and you'll get the picture of the size of Center Of The World. Your quest is reasonable easy but the means to do it are not. You need to get access to a buggy car - you see it right at the beginning but you will only get it after doing several tricky jumps climbing up and down and shimmying around. Also the first enemies will finally pop - technoegyptian demigods and also some kind of harpies which will come out of their eggs as soon as you blow them up. When you finally ride the car you're back off to level 1. The song was very nice for a change of the usual jeep track but it is too short and gets repetitive after some time. New Rha Shining Star - Part 2 (40 minutes): now that you've got the buggy you can access the higher areas of the first level and finally get your hands on the four (?!) Scion pieces. How they will get along together I still don't know but I am sure we are about to find out. There are some tricky jumps to do here (I thought it was a little annoying to aim successfully for that second monkey swing ceiling) and some statue pushing as well. Once you've killed the four guardian ahmets you are given access to a chamber where you'll meet the father of Atlantis. Yup a pseudo flashback cutscene follows. Center of The World - Part 2 + New Rha Shining Star - Part 3 (20 minutes): just a quick raid finally inside the Cathedral. Very unusual as expected. Some tricky jumps to do on the rooftops and finally getting access to the second buggy car and then back to level 1 to drive through that passage that we opened by dropping the other buggy in a low area to push statues etc and it's stuck there. Then back to level 2. Center Of The World - Part 3 + New Rha Shining Star - Part 4 (30 minutes): we're back to the Cathedral and its uniqueness. This time around we'll have to move lenses to flood the thing and I found it to be a rather cool trick the use of the buggy's weight to activate the fountain or whatever it was. Then a long swimming to do (shouldn't it mess the tech stuff Lara uses?) to get two Embryo Activators. Swimming back to level 1 one more time to have a quick shortcut to the top of the Cathedral. Though this time there are several laser lines around and... well they don't make any sense. Sometimes Lara will be caught and then it's game over for you. I tried jumping into every one and came to find out the correct ones only in the last try lol. Center Of The World - Final Part (10 minutes): back into the Cathedral for the last time we now can use the stolen Embryo Activators to trigger more happenings in the Cathedral. There's an actual technoegyptian embryo in there! After that you will have to climb atop the Cathedral to enter the new trapdoors and enter the final level. Great music. New Rha Shining Star - Final Part (15 minutes): you're actually back into the very beginning of this game but as you will notice everything has changed. Finally the steel tower appears and that huge egg that was underwater is now very high where the light tunnels from the Embryo end. What you have to do here is rather simple - you have to open the kernel entrance doors and to do so there will be a lot of climbing both walls and poles. You go up and down a few times and finally you reach the ending room which features the cliche 'to be continued'... Total time: about 3h 30min. All in all definitely a must have. One of those to keep a safe copy for ever and ever." - Treeble (28-Jun-2004)
"My first review back then (which was my first review for a custom level ever too) didn't really suit a level like this so with the level's re-appearance on I thought I'd give it another go. Why the (relatively) higher ratings though you might ask? Well back then this level really seemed very difficult to me while now I've already replayed it about 5 times or so (with still getting stuck along the way on some bits!) and most importantly back then I also had no idea (well maybe slightly) what an impact these two humongous levels would leave to me. Firstly I had played loads of levels before this one too but only after finishing this one dared to send in a review (needless to say I carried on and am now nearing the double platinum milestone). But enough about me and more about the actual level - as a custom level it is very impressive a masterpiece even nowadays (21.02.04) as it's very hard to even imagine a level where as much work has been put into that would compare to it - custom textures custom objects customised Lara non-standard gameplay - I think it would undoubtedly be a hit even if released now with it's great appearances. But what I liked and still do most about this level is the great storyline behind it which is even more enhanced with the addition of a very well crafted cut scene. An idea of a race living in the center of the world and taking over the 'surface world' for their needs and that Lara has to stop their ancient God/leader from rising gives this soup a whole different flavour than there would be if this had been one of the well worn scenarios (I don't mind those but something different sure deserves some praise doesn't it?). I can't really name a thing I didn't like in this massive double level as everything seems to be so well thought through and put together it's really difficult to find a fault. The buggy car rides are fun the numerous jumps over the floating crumbling platforms and other places (like the monkey swing bit before releasing the 2nd buggy car) challenging THE timed run as well and much much more so be sure not to miss this epic. It's a matter of taste of course and this rather surreal setting might not please everyone but to me so far it's the best level I've played no doubt about it." - eTux (22-Feb-2004)
"The first thing the player will notice is the large areas although common from the author from his previous level and some smart switches. The adventure starts in water and as you emerge from it colourful textures are caught by the eye none of which are related with Lara's world as we know it. Of course what we have here is far apart from the classic adventures of Miss Croft the outfit and the environment are giving away the picture that this is a level without real parameters. Really his work is very promising besides the fact that at some point half way through the gameplay becomes disproportionate from the other half. The player will be faced with some hard-core situations for example nearly impossible long distance jumps and you must be prepared for hours of frustration. You will encounter some original floating platforms that you must use in order to access another area but as I described before that is going to be one of the parts that you might think that it is not worth the trouble; trust me it does so stick to it. This level of difficulty would have been more acceptable though if only there were other actions to perform at the same time so that our favourite character is always on her way. By passing unexplored areas with no clues whatsoever if they are reachable at another time and long highways leading to the next level and back leaving again unopened doors and artifacts those and the above are reasons enough for someone to become distressed and abandon the effort of finishing the level yet again. Even when the action starts to get better the player must find the way back to a previous area but within this huge level that is not possible without searching for several minutes. As I understand what the builder had in mind was to actually create a non linear level. I am sure the custom made sounds are one of the many qualities of this game. New entered areas are beautifully dressed by dialogues and original music. The most fun part is the sound when the buggy car is moving. Don't be surprised by the alternation of the objects' titles or even by the new guns both compliments of the builder. Referring to alternation none of the usual enemies are there they are reconstructed but absent for a long period of time. The puzzles also differ from most of the levels out there although we are used by now to complex puzzles. Surprises await you in rooms with raising blocks. Now at some point your path will be crossed with an extraordinary cut scene. I can't say much about it because it will spoil the fun I can say though that it changes the scenery and it is a time loop. I wish there were more flyby scenes within the level and not just to show bars that have been opened; it will really help to retract our footsteps when needed. Traps mostly related with fire are everywhere even when you least expect it for example what seems to be an ordinary floor tile it might not be quite that. Nevertheless the wonderful textures custom music and custom objects make this level very attractive for players that seek something different and challenging. Once the difficult part is over there is still room left to enjoy this some kind of space adventure with Lara. I must say that when the game was released it was innovative and still is in a way but the author definitely deserves recognition for his ideas and we must admit he was saying far into the future of TR custom levels when he created his game. I am eagerly waiting for the full game to be released. " - Kristina (17-Feb-2004)
"So now I have played it too. And what an experience - quite as expected I might add. Center of the World builds a lot on what TechnoEgyptians Portal has shown us many many months ago. Of course COTW is much more mature in its architecture and overall structure and if my taste for textures would not be so different from Psiko's and if I had liked the 'new Lara' a little more I would have indeed given my first 4x10 rating after almost 500 levels played. So taking it step by step while this technically alternates between two levels ('New Rha Shining Star' and 'Center of the World') for me it played sort of like 5 levels as follows: Part 1 (30 min.): Nice warm up with already some highlights like the new scanner switch the Techno Egyptian Health pack and new movable objects. Good camera work two very tricky jumps and some climbing and levers. Part 2 (80 min.): Meet the Techno Egyptian demigod. A huge area unfolds with Psiko's typical sort of industrial atmosphere. The TV with the ever-repeating announcement of the New Rha is hilarious. This is also where the one annoying element about gameplay is rather present - burning floor tiles. You learn the hard way which ones these are. Overall very very few pickups. Again two tricky jumps with grab to master. Really liked the rotating blades the orbs with the remodeled harpies and of course the magnificent jump sequence across the floating platforms - not that hard if you know how. And of course the buggy which you get at the end - you have to see it to believe it! Part 3: (40 min.): Amazing how the highway for the buggy integrates into the overall architecture and how separately there are those tricky narrow slopes you need to maneuver. In this part you find the one secret (remodeled shotgun) and deal with a lot of fire and burning tiles. A demigod shooting at you while monkey swinging again movable objects and you release four remodeled ahmets which you need to kill to pick up four Scions. After part 3 you are being entertained by what is probably the best cut-scene in a custom level - too bad I did not understand much of the words but I can still read what was said in the 'read after you played' folder. Part 4: (45 min.): In this part you need to explore a lot to find your way get the second buggy and move those lenses into position - very neat effect indeed. Again a set of floating platforms to master even a little trickier this time and the real hardcore gamer highlight is of course the timed sequence. Took me about 20 tries - but by now I could do it with my eyes closed. A very long dive towards the end of this part basically deprived me of most of my healthpacks. Part 5: (30 min.): In the Grande finale of this game you face a few more marvelous special effects remodeled harpies and giant scorpions and demigods and a bit of climbing and lever pushing. I thought the opening of the glass dome was awesome and while the ending is a little bit of a let down at least the 'to be continued' let's us hope for more. Definitely a masterpiece but of course it will polarise the players (and did) in its uniqueness and specialty. I for one can't wait for more from Psiko." - Michael (25-Jun-2002)
"In truth this level is so special and unique in every way it doesn't deserve to be rated on the same scale as others. Every object is original. Every enemy is customized. Every weapon every inventory item and every single texture used is an original work done with exquisite skill and care. In fact we're not even playing TR here we're playing an entirely new game based on the TR game engine and with Lara as the single common point. Psiko has created a vast and amazing world here which is rather intimidating when you first enter it. But the game map and design of the levels is done in such a way that you slowly peel away the layers until the solution is found. For me this was 6 hours of thoroughly engaging gameplay without a single dull moment. Along the way there are many puzzles to solve many very hard skill sequences and the use of 2 entirely original vehicles (buggys) which are integral to finishing the game. Enemies include fantastically rendered Techno Egyptian demigods ahmets and the coolest giant scorpions you've ever seen. They're so fun to look at you may forget to shoot. The architecture and graphic design throughout is simply brilliant but especially so is the cathedral. Part building part living organism it pulses with energy. Given the vastness of the levels and the number of textures it's amazing to think that each one was created by the author. Adding to the atmosphere are many original sound FX and dramatic and beautiful background music. Cameras are used perfectly to enhance the flow of the game including a long cut-scene halfway through. And there's much more than I can describe in this short space. Every player should experience COTW for her/his self. And it really is an experience!" - Tombaholic (25-Jun-2002)
"This game is huge! Actually it's not really a game it's two levels but the author seems to want to call it a game so let's go for that. These levels could actually be mistaken for a game because of their originality and difference from other levels. You'll see how much the levels differ from other levels already at the beginning when you see Lara's new outfit and the 'unique' texturing. Both levels are like that different texturing new and re-textured enemies different architecture (the levels are huge) new objects and even two buggy-cars! There are two new weapons (of which one is a secret) but if you cheat you will get two other weapons in the inventory. Lara's animations are wrong when she uses them and their names are 'different' but I can't help to think that the new revolver might be a preview of things to come...Anyway I loved these levels (all three hours of them) and I would want to tell you everything about them but I don't want to spoil the fun for you. This game is really worth the huge download (apparently everything about this game is huge) and you shouldn't miss it. Okay I'll tell you this about the game: There's a 'cutscene' in the middle of it you'll get to jump between the levels several times and if you don't get stuck at least a couple of times you're super-human." - Magnus (25-Jun-2002)
"Center Of The World is a masterpiece of level design a masterpiece of computer art and a masterpiece of very hard game playing. Kudos Psiko-Maestro! Put it simply this is the biggest and best TR level out there - try it if you think you're hard enough. I do have criticisms. I think if all games were this hard I'd choose to do something else with my spare time. Psiko lays it ALL on: huge confusing levels unclear aims very tricky platforming loads of traps/burners ... the result is that much of the gameplay lacks a flow or rhythm usually associated with TombRaider. Here you are always struggling with something - always lost or confused; when you do solve a problem you are already stuck with the next one. Personally I'd have preferred a few less burners and the chance to explore the great layout without the grief that's entailed here. Having said that apart from needing help with the start and again at the end (and err the timed run - but that was my fault thanks Gloria) I made it through most of COTW without any outside help. ... but it felt like trench warfare - the progress was so slow and arduous. Overall: 10/10 ... more like 20/10 even with the faults lolololololol. But next time Psiko build in a bit of slack so that a 'flow' can develop - then you can really show-off your superb level design skills." - Dick (25-Jun-2002)
"I cannot say this is a level. I cannot say this is a game. This is a real artistic work! Even more in so many ways this is close to be a masterpiece! What can I say? The gameplay is very 'Psiko' you have to look everywhere you need to look at each corner each shadow each place and then find the way to go on. This is a very hard game just only for advanced players. Many truculent jumps a lot of tricky moves for Lara. The rooms map is superb. The flipmaps are wonderful. Objects and enemies are in simple way: the most beautiful work I have seen in custom levels and there are even better than many official objects and enemies. About the use of cameras well: just WOW. There is a sequence between levels after getting the four scion objects that it is a masterpiece. Textures are also very 'Psiko' but now worked most of them in good way and with a less aggressive combination of colors than in his first level. The animated textures (the TV and others) were a big and a lovely surprise. The music is also a great work. So I can only say 'Bravo Psiko' and 'Thanks Psiko' for let me play this level. Now some things I think could be better: 1) More lights in some rooms this will make a 3D effect for Lara. 2) Something I really don't like is: that the same textures sometimes are climbable sometimes not sometimes do nothing sometimes burn Lara why?? I think the game is hard enough so it is not enjoyable when Lara dies so many times just because you have to guess when the same texture will hurt Lara and when it wont do it! I think this resource is not necessary. 3) The game is hard in ability but I would like more puzzles where you need to think in a logical and clever way. And please Psiko the game must be a pleasure so when the player needs five hours to find an opened door or a climbable texture it can become a torture or even a boring level that the player wont finish. Anyway this was 'peccata minuta' if we see the great artistic work that Psiko has made." - Juan Carlos (25-Jun-2002)
"This is a non common game. Everything is different: Lara objects enemies sounds everything but those things are not only different but also perfectly worked. You need to go to everyplace carefully if you want to arrive to the end. You must know how to move Lara perfectly because many of the places that you need to get are really difficult to be got. The things I have enjoyed more were the enemies because you find old known enemies absolutely changed in the author style. All music is new I liked the buggy's theme very much. In honor to the true "Congratulations Psiko". In Mexico we should say that your work is 'chingón' 'de poca madre!'. Will you teach me how to make levels?" - Lorena (25-Jun-2002)
"First level I have given a perfect rating - deserves scores of greater than 10 for gameplay and atmosphere. This is better than a straight tomb raider level it's Psiko's game built on the TR engine. Expect to get stuck lots but read the threads and Psiko is really quick in giving support. Plenty of novel items to keep your interest high - retina scanning health modules weapons and a customised buggy. Music and sound effects were interesting but not to my liking. This level impressed me greatly and is a must to download and play." - Grayboy (25-Jun-2002)
"I have played and resolved approximately 300 of current better levels TRLE in the world. I have intentional to delay this book review on the COTW of Psiko for better being able to judge this WORK. In fact I think that this adventure of Lara can objective be judged a BEST WORK to all the effects without null removing to the levels between the first places in the list which I appreciate equally. I assert that the COTW is perfect in all its members. In particular I confer (10) to the gameplay because no BUG has been from found me the movements and dynamics of Lara in the game is most credible the game vision is adapted the player and the impression living the adventure is real and concrete until the panic not being able to exit from sure situations! For the section 'Enemy Object and Secret' also the voting is much high one here: ( 9.95) in order to the relative lack of enemies behind every angle is from justifying with the same weft of the work also however the same enemies has a not common intelligence in levels TRLE. To a sure point of the level a TecnoEgizio it attends to you in ambush to the escape of a long vertical scale and then other in a phase of the climb to the cathedral is defended behind an angle. Another in a phase of the climb to the cathedral hits to you with precision while you are about yourself to free the second Buggy car in other case must resort to the astuteness in order to avoid the claws of the BEASTS! The created objects then from the mind of Psiko are incredible! You think only to the Buggy Car and arms until the reconstruction with of all the objects of the inventory! The architectures of the level are majestic and precise appearing also realistic as constructions and very structured with their plans and their distance of game. The secret part has in the attainment of secret 'impossible' a touch of absolute constructive and novellistic class. The atmospheres of the level are exceptional. The beginning is similar a 'Spielberg' scene an adventure sense total invades the mind of the player who endured comes been involved in the action going then to the discovery of the fantastic secret world of the COTW. Just as TOMB RAIDER is come forced to examine the gigantic structures to the search of the opening mechanisms crosses and of access doors other levels. Perhaps as far as the audio part catches up touched limits here never up to now. The sequences bound together to the sounds are in perfect tune. And huge the film appears then in which LARA meets the Alien RHA that has given origin to all that. The vote is attributable maximum (10). Care to the lights and the texture also is here from making I want to specify the general effect seeds dusk intentional and is determined from the fact that we are to the Center of the Earth! But is true that all the several zones explored from Lara are rendered in real way thoughts only to the over elevated swimming pool and the effects similar to scales you furnish. Also the brightness of the teche are free from critics and every zone is recreated with the right dosage of the lights. The texture then are all devised and reconstructed and very stirred between adapting themselves perfectly to the imperial style that the author has intentional confer to the visual general aspect. Specific vote (10). In conclusion I think that the COTW of Psiko signs one new AGE in the construction of levels TRLE. The new term of comparison could be defined but also a level outside competition for its technical and artistic contents. It newly compliments Psiko in the wait of a continuation to the COTW begins to play again!" - Roberto (25-Jun-2002)
"The only problem of this level is the dimension of the environment: you need a powerful CPU to avoid 'mechanicals' movement of Lara!" - Mario (25-Jun-2002)
"To compare this level to others and to try to give to it an appraisal of 10/10 extremely are limited since are to outside of the standards. The level has been totally constructed nothing has been already seen before! From the objects to the enemies (very putting them in the strategic points) from the menu of the inventory to the crews without to hold account of the same Lara. A truly ex-novo job original and creative. The atmosphere created from musics (mixate and some not of TR) from the lights the television cameras optimally put. The filmati ones are worthy of a cinematographic director to the point that in some points the suggestion is highest and it is remained fascinated just like when a film is looked at. If I could vote it with appraisal of 20 points rather than 10 I would give them without a shadow of doubt. As also you would give 20 points to the architectonic structure that is a true one CAPOLAVORO: all structuring in height. Finally to try to carry a.termine the cotw is a challenge with if same is on the technical plan that on that one of the enigmas. This is a game for true connoisseurs." - Alexis608 (25-Jun-2002)
"This level is a work of art - a true labour of love. Tricky gameplay cunning jump combinations and seemingly unreachable switches to torture your mind - first class. Genetically modified enemies though few and far between add to the game. Lara gets a new outfit some new weapons and ammo and a modified vehicle with in car entertainment! The lighting and textures (though not to everyone's taste) make this a unique TR experience. The use of colours make it one hell of a psychedelic trip (no drugs required) - a nightmare for Lara to resolve! My only criticism is that some of the dialogue (specifically in one cut scene) was difficult to make out - though that doesn't take too much from the game. Well done Psiko! - I can't wait for the next installment" - Martin (25-Jun-2002)
"I'm impressed with the originality of the texture objects and ambiance of this game. It's like no other custom levels and a completely different game. Nothing reminds you of any level in TRLR; it's like playing out of this world! More impressive is how Psiko the creator was able to design the plot so you need to go back and forth just two levels to complete a nine-level game. And he laid out some of the tasks and even pick-ups at the beginning but you won't be able to do or get anything till later in the gameplay. Result: you get stuck in the beginning level trying to do so many 'un-doable' tasks and get unavailable objects! Gamers are so used to the linear and straightforward progression of the TR series so that we hate to go to the next level without getting or doing everything in the present level. COTW is nothing of this sort; you need to go forward then backward to accomplish your goals. But if you think it's just the confusing route that makes this game difficult think again. There are many occasions when you see clearly what to do but just can't do it! Some routine just require strictly precise coordinates and timing to achieve; definitely not for a TR beginner. My only criticism is: the game lacks cohesion. Some activators to advance in the game are loosely connected (some switches and levers are so far from what they intend to activate or like devoting a solitary lever enclosed in a dome just to raise a block to get on another set of levers). I mean you need to assemble the switches not just for the sake of giving the gamer a tough time or giving a task a semblance of a puzzle but you also have to consider the gradation or level of importance and thus difficulty of certain tasks and levers as the game progresses. This must be given careful detailing. In this sense the game's development lever locations and task progression can further be improved. But all in all I like it for its novelty. Even the story behind the game is well and imaginatively construed. This is one game that's been given so much passion in its making and gamers are required no less heart to play it." - Drew Pizza (25-Jun-2002)