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Techno Egyptians Portal by Psiko

Akcy 10 10 10 10
Bigfoot 10 10 10 9
CC 8 7 9 10
David 10 9 9 10
Dick 10 9 9 7
DJ Full 9 8 8 8
Drew 8 8 7 7
Elpasodude 10 7 10 10
eTux 9 8 9 8
G.Croft 9 8 10 8
Gerty 7 8 8 8
gfd 8 9 9 9
Grayboy 10 10 10 9
Jay 9 9 10 9
JoeTheCrazyGamer 10 10 10 10
Jose 6 8 7 9
Juno Jim 10 10 10 10
Kristina 8 8 9 9
Lorena 9 9 8 8
Magnus 9 9 10 10
manarch2 8 9 9 7
MichaelP 10 9 10 8
Minox 8 8 9 6
Miya 10 10 10 10
Phil 9 9 9 9
Philip 10 10 10 10
Qwendo 10 9 10 10
rtrger 10 9 10 9
Ryan 9 9 10 9
Salvin 10 10 10 10
Sash 10 9 9 10
Scottie 10 9 10 8
Seemeister 10 8 10 10
Tombaholic 10 10 9 10
Treeble 10 10 10 10
WebKnight 10 9 9 10
Yoav 10 9 10 10
release date: 18-Jun-2001
# of downloads: 122

average rating: 9.14
review count: 37
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file size: 23.40 MB
file type: TR4
class: Fantasy/Surreal

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Aims to a world not a set of rooms. Being one of the first ever like so, it must have been helluva impressive back then. Today it looks quite unaesthetic and rather dated, but you can still feel the intention behind and enjoy it as you perform just a few interactions but with a lot of platforming leading to them. All this jumping and climbing was a bit confusing because I found some skips and didn't know if they were intended or not, but the map, although very big, isn't that complicated, so I managed to go through somehow. Recommended." - DJ Full (22-Sep-2022)
"Again, you can't help but admire the skill and imagination of this builder to create stunning and surreal environments, which may not be to everyone's taste, but are no doubt impressive. This level is no exception, even by today's standards. The textures are weird and wonderful yet somehow manage to work, some of the cutscenes and audio are brilliantly executed. The sheer size and scope of the sceneries you explore could get a bit daunting and confusing, but the walkthrough will get you unstuck. The actual tasks aren't difficult, but remembering where the various locations are could be. Still a must play though." - Ryan (26-Nov-2018)
"It's fascinating to see the debut level from probably the most original, inventive talent ever to grace the level editor. Seeing what he managed to produce with the basic editor, it's hardly surprising that he's evolved into such a major talent. It's not always the most straightforward of levels, but with occasional assistance from the walkthrough you should be able to complete everything and I urge you to do so. This is just too good to miss." - Jay (25-Jun-2016)
"I take my hat to the incredible imagination this builder has to create amazing environments. Cool architecture, colourful texturization and incredible objects. Even with a good design the gameplay was not so good for me, 'cause it's too no-lineal and I found often closed doors and dead ends; also all is based about jumping, climbing, gymnastics and pull levers, except some fish statues I had to drag. There are many cameras helping you, but another times I missed a camera shot when triggering something. Also I missed some more enemies and more packs of flares to light my way. Take a try; this level will never leave you indifferent: you will love it or hate it." - Jose (02-Dec-2015)
"With a name like Techno Egyptians Portal you can't help but check it out and psiko clearly has a good imagination with all his levels. I think the textures were cool and seemed great. It also stretches the boundaries of what an Egyptian level can be, with so many colours. There was some awesome puzzles especially with the fish statues and the objects which were self created. The only thing I would like to have seen was some more flare pickups because the game is dark, however since the game is awesome I can't downrate it. I'd recommend playing this one before you play the sequel, Center of the World. Takes about an hour to complete." - JoeTheCrazyGamer (08-Jul-2015)
"It was by curiosity I try to play this level because I have play the entire saga and the screens in looks differents from the TRA - Techno Egyptian full version. And it was a nice stroll for me through this fabulous game. We discovered of course many objects present in the full adventure and also audio but it was a pleasure to rediscovered it again. The gameplay is maybe a bit hard and some objects and switchs are very well hidden but nothing impossible. We are a wonderfull flipmap sequence when the big "eggs??" is opened, it's my favorite moment of the adventure. I can just imagine the nombers of rooms to build this effect. Great job. Some textures are maybe sometimes wrong rotated and the game is maybe a bit dark but it's not really important I think when I see the amazing work of the builder. Don't miss this game even if it was a bit old. Congratulation Psiko ;)." - BigFoot (09-Apr-2014)
"This level is very large, very difficult and very complex. It is difficult to properly identify because the textures are a little (a lot) messy, which is very harmful to the gameplay. Many slopes, small passages, ... Too bad that the different places where to put the puzzles are so far from their discovery. For example, I would never have found where to put orion without walkthrough. Correct level throughout." - Minox (14-Mar-2014)
"I can say this level is really entertaining and built with great ideas, the builder had a great ability to create fitting objects and lots of new textures. But in my own opinion the nice textures weren't really placed well. Many of them were streched, wallpapered, vertical instead of the correct horizontal way placed, some were oddly combined with each other. Lighting was better, in some corridors however it was way too dark and the builder ultimately didn't even give the player a single (!) package of flares, so the two flares we have in our inventory are the only ones in the level, which was not really good. Gameplay was rather challenging but there never were frustrating parts - the hardest ones were actually secret paths. Sometimes, however, I wished more intensity of gameplay; that means you enter a big area and all you do when you exit is climbing jumping and finding lots of levers in here. Maybe doing some timed runs (didn't find a single if I remember correctly), more puzzles (well there are at least two little fish puzzles where I still don't get the clue from the second), and maybe not so often the well-known lever hunt. There were some really cool things in this level, such as the immensely huge area with the ball thing that gets broken in the middle eventually, the machine where one places the hand of orion and the architecture of the room around it, also I found camera work was quite professional and there were lots of camera hints where to go next, also sound usage was quite engaging and the rather crude texturing didn't fully spoil the mysterious atmosphere created. Overall a good level, maybe not a Hall of Fame level by today's standarts but at least a masterpiece for this time I think." - manarch2 (11-Jul-2011)
"Well well, so this is the prologue of TRA-The Techno Egyptians. Some level builders would be glad if they could build such a level only once in her life, but for Psiko was it only the prelude to his masterpiece. Of course all is not gold that glitters, because here one can see several stretched textures. But one must consider the whole picture. And then the stretched textures are less significant. Many rooms and objects look already now excellent. If I had not played TRA-The Techno Egyptians yet, I would now burst with curiosity. Now and again I stood around helplessly for a short time and asked myself how it goes on, but then I have found, actually, always quickly a new area. And sometimes I was firmly of the opinion that this or that jump is unfeasible. Then afterwards it had turned out that it was easier than I had thought.
Summary: If there should be players who have not played TRA- The Techno Egyptians, they should play anyway first this level (and of course COTW). Since then one has a good training and an insight look into the world of Psiko. And then one is optimally prepared for TRA-The Techno Egyptians." - Scottie (01-Jun-2011)
"This is truly an unique level. When I started playing the game, I thought it's horrible because of the weird texturing.(and I saw some streched textures too)But after a while, I started to like it. The final part is wonderful, both the gameplay and the visuals. The gameplay is so complex in the whole that the level made busy for long hours. A single level! I liked the sounds too, but would've been great if Psiko had made more of them. These levels are clearly show how many potential is in the TRLE. Thank you, Psiko! A wonderful experience!" - rtrger (27-Feb-2010)
"Mind you this level was built in 2001 and in those days there were hardly any tools to aid the builder. Whether you like it or not that is all up to the player, but aside from the eclectic choice of textures and loads of stretched, squashed or wrongly rotating ones, if you are up to a challenge, this is for sure a game to try. Here you have to put your thinking cap on and although I do like a challenge I don't like to go up, then down and up again, down again and again up. That is a tad too much for my taste. There are loads of goodies to collect (if you like the going up/down/up part) so you have more than enough ammo to battle the enemies you meet and there aren't that many. Anyway Antonio for sure stretched the limits of the"old fashioned" LE and designed loads of new stuff which we take too much for granted these days. So for that alone I take my hat off." - Gerty (08-Jan-2008)
"I played this years ago, but even today I'm astonsihed by its beauty and originality. I think it went before it's era and set an exapmle to follow. I understand here we could saw custom texured Lara for the first time, and the author created his own textures and mixed sounds, the result is really remarkable. High quality level, and quite difficult, we need all our jumping skills, and sometimes we have to look around carefully where and how to go next. Huge areas with great architecture to explore, full of beautiful statues and other objects. Lots of ammunition, but just a few a enemies. More flares would have been helpful. Great story, perfect planning and implementation, a milestone among custom levels." - Akcy (21-Nov-2007)
"There are a number of highly-rated earlier levels that I had never played, and this was one of them. I put it off mainly for the reason that it was supposedly included within the builder's massive TR-A. However, although I did play that classic several years ago, very little about this older level reminded me of it. For that reason I found it much more refreshing and enjoyable than I otherwise would have. However, the walkthrough got so horribly confusing near the end that I enabled the flycheat so I could get quickly to where I knew I had to be, so I could complete the level. One of these days I'll block out another 24-hour period so I can relive the experience of TR-A, but this earlier effort is a worthy tune-up. Recommended." - Phil (10-Nov-2007)
"As far as this builder's levels go - I played and finished COTW before this one, so maybe the distinctive feel both - in the gameplay and atmosphere didn't quite grab me as it would have, had I played it before that undeniable masterpiece, but it's a great level all the same offering a clever course that takes you through a group of simply enormous areas, given a fair amount of tasks to handle while you're at it - mostly in the form of particularly tricky jump sequences. The looks are generally good - very far off your average Tomb Raider level, and emphasized by the awesome giant structures like the 'egg' that probably still to date ends up being one of the hugest flipmaps ever used in a Tomb Raider level - surpassing even such highlights as the flipmap in Tomb of Seth (TR4), but only surpassed by the one in the other Techno Egyptian Portal, that's part of the full TR-A game. As mentioned before though - I can't say the looks grew on me entirely - maybe because comparing to "Center of the World" of the same author, it seemed like he was still trying to find his niche in here, and overall the texturing came across as patchy and grungy. Nevertheless, it still has that unique flair that's bound to make this one of your more memorable raiding experiences ever since you'll have discovered Tomb Raider, and definitely worth a play, though some of the game's elements will seem quite dated nowadays." - eTux (30-Oct-2007)
"I said the same thing about psiko's other games, he really broke into a whole new concept. No more Tombs, and I believe he was the first one to actually CHANGE LARA's look !!! A very interesting and challenging game, which I am about to play again..." - Juno Jim (28-Oct-2007)
"TEP precedes COTW. But I played this old level after the latter. I was intrigued by Psiko's penchant for difficult moves. True enough TEP had its own share of these 'finger-dexterity-a-must' kind of routine; in particular, I still remember the story at the skeleton area where you need to snag half a piece of the pick up at the upper ledges. Difficult acrobatics there, I must say. All the screenshots and step by step account (helped indeed but) didn't make the task any less difficult. And the puzzle of the dolphin (is it?) statues --- a little switch is all there is. But that got me stumped for days! I was still getting the hang of the tricks of these custom level designers, this being just my second. But the whole concept --- Techno Egyptians in the inner space, portal in the egg structure --- was a novelty then. Thus, was born the storyline to the complete game and the rest is history." - Drew Pizza (31-May-2005)
"From the very first minute you will notice this level is something else, definitely extraordinary - worth of a replay, if you will. The level is huge, really huge and so is the portal which is, I believe, the gigantic egg that you will hatch. Yes, it does open and reveals something that nature can't explain. The beginning was hard, but once you first find the egg it becomes a little easier, but still is complicated because you'll be moving forth and back and the level is huge - so you better have a good memory. Objects were mostly new (level is old!) and even Lara herself got a new 'V' outfit - what does the V stands for I don't know. There were very few enemies (a couple skeletons and some harpies) and I did miss flare pickups - some areas are just too dark. Found loads of medipacks though. Texturewise I remember the discussions of years ago, between this author and another glorious one, not that I want to remember, but it's just hard to forget. The textures aren't quite eye candy, but the whole thing gets this technologic organic look and it looks nice as a whole. If another author would use these textures and if he couldn't apply them in a good way, the level would be quite monotonous and boring. Lighting is superb in some places and just dark in others. The sound was pretty good in my opinion, some of the original TR compositions were reworked to fit this level and it did blend in perfectly. This is just another of those 'must play' levels - 2:10 hours, 1 secret." - Treeble (28-Jun-2004)
"Well the first thing I saw was Lara herself, and she looks all padded out like an American Footballer, which is not very flattering and I didn't like it. But I soon forgot all about that and was dazzled by the extraordinary architecture, texturing and colouring of this level. I can't believe that this is almost three years old. It's incredible. And the route through the level is so well laid that gameplay is a joy. It mixed exploration with good jumps and actions. A retextured globe is a lovely blue fish, there are four of them, and I was stuck for a long time before I realised I had to swap two of them to open a door. Usually when we see Egyptian objects and enemies in a non-Egyptian level it stands out like a sore thumb, but for some odd reason they fit perfectly in here. That is harpies, skeletons and crocodiles, and what used to be an eyepiece/cartouche has been redesigned to a lovely object in two parts combined. If there is a moan at all it's the not-so-obvious route around that gigantic room with giant statues and the 'water' column in the centre of an enormous structure that looked like an egg. Here I got totally confused. And in the end I took a long time to find the drop to the final water area. What is most memorable after playing the level is the textures and the colours." - CC (07-Mar-2004)
"The first thing that will hit you about this level (and will keep on hitting you through out) are the dozens of new textures and objects. These really help to give the map a 'fresh' feel and make it look very nice to boot. The second thing that'll hit you will doubtless be the (mostly) non-linear trek through the environment. This is almost always a good thing me thinks, except when a level becomes just a nightmarish maze-like confusion (like The Last Crusade). Now, this map doesn't fall into that trap but, because of its large, complex nature, a couple of confusing cameras and a few jumps that seem so difficult you may think them impossible - it comes perilously close. Not that close though! One thing I didn't like about this level was the fact that there were several things in it that you would never really think of doing (requiring a trip or two to the forums I'll wager). But it's not so abstract that you'll visit there more than two or three times. I don't think a beginner should attempt this adventure though. Lastly, despite the fact that you'll find tons of ammo, there aren't many enemies at all (which means you may start feeling lonely here and there) so what's the point of all those explosives? Still, an excellent level, featuring brilliant new textures, incredible leaps 100's foot in the air and an interesting 'feel' to the whole place. I completed it in 3 hours 30 minutes and found two well hidden secrets." - gfd (02-Mar-2004)
"Starting this game again I thought it would be frustrating and quite difficult to finish. To my surprise I got through smoothly without being stuck once just delayed a couple of times because of some jumps. Of course I remembered what to do and where to go but still it seemed easier this time, maybe because we are used by now in playing levels which are extremely difficult therefore we became experienced raiders. I am sure everyone knows by now the author's style which includes colourful textures and custom made objects. The setting is all high tech, combined with Lara's outfit which isn't much to my liking gives the idea that she is lost somewhere in space in a strange planet. Is this earth no longer as we know it? Have people's beliefs changed or so it seems and they are waiting for New RHA mighty their new leader? Who, where, what are questions something yet to be answered and the truth to be discovered. The enemies are none in this level which isn't bad at all. A few things I found the first time I played this I am afraid are still not fixed but I believe with the release of the entire game which is now completed the author will provide improved versions of both his levels. At the beginning it possible to access a room with a lever inside by simply jumping over a slope and go through the open corner of a window, DON'T do that, it will spoil the game. It is possible to drop through a closed trapdoor after the big explosion but again DON'T because that is not the right way to continue. Last there is a block you need to lower to finally access the underwater area you have been seeing all along from the beginning of the area but couldn't because of the current, it is possible to finish the level without ever lowering that block but of course DON'T do it if you find the wrong way, you've come that far don't give in now. Lara will have to find two pieces of the Eye and two pieces which will form the Star and also a hand. I really enjoyed this level which doesn't seem to be completely out of the TR theme, it has nothing to do with classic TR but recently more and more levels are released with Lara having to explore hostile territory or even planets. The eye is used to these environments so I believe this level will get the credit it deserves. It's truly a wonderful level, one that no one should miss. I found three out of four secrets and completed it in two hours." - Kristina (17-Feb-2004)
"Yes I remember this level very well. It's the hardest level that I ever played with difficulty to find the way, excellent puzzles to solve and wonderful textures from another world make this level the best and the place in the 'Hall of Fame' is the right place for this level." - Yoav (16-Feb-2004)
"If there were a rate box for work and assiduity I should rate this game with absolute 10. In elaboration, this is the most complex custom game I have played. I am trying to create a level and I know how hard this work is, so it is hard for me to rate this level, but a level is not only hard work, also a correct work in every way. I cannot rate with 10 in game play because for me it is very important sequency of the level. This level has a lot of ways and rooms but is very easy to lose the right way. Enemies become very easy because you have 70 or more explosive arrows, so you can destroy them very easy. Health, you don't have to worry about it, you have 20 medical packet, but flares, I would like to give you all my granades for 5 flares! About objects the new objects are excellent. Sounds, camera: level has some very nice, but level needs more. I would like to see more fly by camera. Now the most difficult point: Textures. I am very amazed with so many new textures, I liked the rocks with textures that seems to be quartz, but too many textures and colors was too much for me. Author mixes white bricks, with yellow bricks, with blue quartz, with metal, with roof textures, with red bricks, with EVERYTHING. The point that destroys this hard work of creating textures was put textures extended and others shorted. Create new textures is hard, but put textures in correct size is simple. Game is very good. This is a level that I recommend for all people who wants to see a different world of Lara." - Lorena (25-Jun-2002)
"Great level - took me longer to complete than TR5. Good response from psiko when I got stuck. Best level that I have played." - Grayboy (25-Jun-2002)
"WOW - the best custom level I've played yet. Very difficult, had to e-mail psiko several times for help (he was very helpful, and sounds like a nice guy. Very good sound and new textures, could have done with more enemies. Looking forward to finding out what is on the other side of the portal" - Philip (25-Jun-2002)
"This spectacular level is not only an overwhelming feast for the eyes but it also satisfies the mind with a medium to extremely difficult level of game play. As everyone else has said, this is not for the first time player as even the seasoned player like myself had to go grovelling to the creator for help, which he happily gave, and still then when I finished after 2 hours of in game play, although possibly another 2 hours were spent just going crazy searching for my next move and reloading after missing most of the insanely tricky jumps, I had only found 1 of the 4 secrets. There's nothing more I can really add except to say that I had an absolute blast playing this level and when it finished I was left a little stunned because I just wanted it to go on. Oh yeah you should check the body Psiko gave Lara....steroid abuse or what!" - Sash (25-Jun-2002)
"Awesome, awesome, awesome! I am writing this review at 3am in the night, right after completing this level, which just grips you and does not let you go. With 3.5 hours of net (!) gaming time, it is the longest custom level I have played so far and definitely one of the best in terms of gameplay. It twists and turns, has some difficult and some indeed very (!) difficult passages, while always giving you a glimpse of areas you still need to explore at a later stage. Clearly, a novice raider would be easily discouraged, so I would only recommend you play this level after some decent practice with the easier ones out there. I actually did find four secrets, not sure that were all of them, but Lara sure had to work hard for each. The story is brilliantly unfolded, especially after you open the portal and when you think the level comes to an end, it sort of starts over again and you revisit many of the places you have seen before. Yes, there were some (not very disturbing) issues, such as the flare bug, an invisible pole and sometimes the animations are a little slow (but Psiko claims to have fixed this in the latest version already). Pick-ups are few and again there is not a single one, which is easy to be reached. Enemies are also few, I came across the first skeleton after about an hour and only towards the end a few more banshees keep you busy. You will find many things never seen before, such as a 'newly built' Lara (not only re-textured!) and some never before seen objects (pushable fishes!). I am rating a little lower on lighting & textures, because even though texturing fits the story, I found it sometimes too patchy and just not my kind of style, but other players might greatly enjoy it. Not fully sure whether that final disappearing block that opens the way to the exit is really a timed sequence - if so that should be changed, because if you missed it and do not have a savegame, you have to start over. Anyway, take an afternoon off and play this level if you are up to the challenge!" - Michael (25-Jun-2002)
"TEP stands out as perhaps the most completely original level yet released for LE. In addition to original textures, there are new puzzle pieces and moveable objects (which have been seen in levels since, but Psiko may have been the first to achieve this). All this makes TEP somewhat of a ground-breaking level. The look of the level, with its riot of colors and textures, may not appeal to every eye, but it does fit the futuristic, Orwellian theme of the level perfectly. When it comes to gameplay, this level is a blast for more experienced raiders. Some very tough and unusual jumps and challenging puzzles make for several hours of enjoyable gaming. Enemies aren't a big factor, but the ones you find are cleverly placed - like a skeleton that can push Lara off a narrow walkway (after you've taken a while to figure out how to get her there). All in all, this one is a must-play for serious raiders." - Tombaholic (25-Jun-2002)
"An unbelievable level - you have see it and play it. After 3.5 hours and more than 15.000 meters distance traveled you certainly feel proud that you have been able to complete it. In the huge halls that spread out vertically across several floors, it is easy to lose your reference points and you will come back and visit the same places a few times. It is definitely not a linear level and there are various options to reach the goal. Secrets are very well placed and you need to work hard to get to them. There are only few 'normal' jumps and you need to be quite experienced to reach some of the areas. Lara and her virtual world where created using CAD and so you will need to allow for a few 'hick-ups' with the animations. If you want to have textures and puzzles never seen before and extremely high difficulty, then play this level, but play it on your own risk J If you have questions the author gladly helps - without his support I would have long given up. Oh yes, there are actually also a few enemies, but they do not play a key role, and I did not find any flares, so use the three you have with care. And another hint: Collect those medipacks: Not because of enemies, but to compensate for a few of the high falls..." - Qwendo (25-Jun-2002)
"There are some levels out there which simply astonish with their complexity, and the imagination and skill which has gone into their creation. This is one of them. The author, psiko, has created his own WAD and textures for this little adventure into a parallel world where Lara has to explore a pseudo Egyptian world in order to overturn the government (or something). However don't let this fool you. This is a top rate level, very large indeed (it took me over 4 hours on the clock to complete, over about two weeks) and with some devilishly tricky puzzles. First, the textures. These are very nice indeed, and the whole level has an original look and feel to it as a result. It's all nicely worked out as well, with wall murals and statues emphasizing the feel of the place. Sounds too are nicely used, and there are some pieces of original music to be added into the audio file to allow the game to work. What is really impressive though, is the gameplay. Each area you visit opens out into larger and larger areas. From an initially small start, the level gets very complex indeed, with a great deal of climbing and exploring to be done. I have to admit to getting stuck on several occasions and having to ask the author for help (which was promptly and graciously received which was very nice) and so a couple of what I perceived as the 'problem areas' are explained below. Don't read these paragraphs if you want the fun of figuring it out for yourself ...1) In the area with the flaming central machine, once the lever is pulled up to the right of where Lara first enters the area, you see a door opening. The next stage is to jump up on top of the various rocks which litter this area and make your way around. It is not apparent that you can get onto the rocks, but there is a way. 2) In the room with the first skeleton, getting out of the room is quite tricky, as is getting to the lever up on a raised walkway (where the skeleton is). Leaving the room involves finding a wall-climb, ascending, sliding, jumping and twisting in mid-air to grab a ledge, pulling up, back-flipping and jump/grabbing to hold a higher wall-climb and then ascending to the exit (whew). However to get to the upper ledge where the lever is, I've no idea what the intended solution is, but at the point you backflip and jump, by holding the left movement key as well, Lara can jump back and forth a couple of times before landing sufficiently on the next square along of the upper walkway allowing her to slide back, grab and then shimmy along to where she can stand. This all sounds a little complex in explanation, and that's because it is complex and hard to do, so wait until you get there, then it might make more sense. 3) Once in and exploring the room with the large central egg-like structure, you need to eventually get to a doorway which you can open (I think from the lever in the skeleton room) which is on top of a rocky outcropping with no apparent way of reaching it. To get there I went around the edge of the area, climbing up the various platforms etc. There is a point where you come to a barrier which you jump/grab and then back-flip off to hit another ledge above (this is right outside the first skeleton room (I think)). From here, if Lara runs and jumps *over* the barrier, with grab depressed she will land on another ledge (where there is another room to explore), and from the edge of this walkway, a *very* tricky jump can be made down to the open door. 4) Beyond this door is a whole new area to explore! But how to progress through it? Having killed the crocs, Lara can head underwater through a passage to another small area, where a tricky sequence of pull ups, twisting back flips and grabs allow you to get to the next area. 5) Once you have the two parts of the portal eye (one in the skeleton room, the other up above via a hang-ladder off the first area Lara arrives in) then it's off to the portal room, which is located up above the main area in the 'egg' room, reached by heading up left from where you first enter the 'egg' room down the slide. To get back to this ledge, I ended up having to traverse the skeleton room again to the exit, then down ledges to where there is a room which overlooks the skeleton room (but which has no apparent function) and there's a ladder down from there which, on descending, leads back to the first ledge via a back-flip at the bottom. 6) Finally ... once all the places have been explored, and Lara is up above the rooftops in the earlier areas, she must reach a floating blue island via a tricky jump from the side. The problem I had was that I had no idea where I was supposed to be going ... it's to the floating Blue Island where another lever awaits. And if all that whets your appetite, then go for it! This is an excellent level. Full of great ideas and great graphics. Can't wait for the next part." - David (25-Jun-2002)
"Great gaming, great puzzles! This is a must play level for all players who like a challenge. I personally think the texture is a little bit too much, but I understand and appreciate that Psiko has done a huge job developing these new ones." - G.Croft (25-Jun-2002)
"I think I said it in another review: I don't like Tech-Raider. But this is totally different from everything I've seen before. Same gameplay, but it's a new game based on the TR-Engine. New objects, new textures, new outfit for Lara. It's not TombRaider, but it's really great. You must download this!" - Webknight (25-Jun-2002)
"This is the second time I have played this level and I still think it's wonderful. New textures, new objects, a 'new' Lara and lots of difficult jumps. There are not many enemies in this level though, and when you finally meet an enemy, you just have to blast it away with your crossbow. This is just a wonderful level and I can't wait to play the next one." - Magnus (25-Jun-2002)
"This is one of the best tomb raider levels that I have ever played. It practically feels like you are playing another tomb raider game altogether! All it needs is a new logo and title screen! It has new objects, great textures, new music, even a new Lara! This level is incredible. A must-play for any Tomb Raider fan." - Elpasodude (25-Jun-2002)
"A massive and brilliantly put-together level. For me TR, at its heart, is all about difficult and inventive platforming (jumps maneuvers etc.) ... at least that's how it began. TR1, 2, 3 kept true to this ethos; developing a style of platforming that still no other game has really matched. But then the franchise seemed to lose its way somewhat - it got nicer to look at but rather pedestrian to play at times as more and more of the platforming got stripped out and sanitized for the sake of ease of play and more conventional puzzle solving. As a platforming game TR2 was the high watermark, and it is the late levels of this game (Temple of Xian and Floating Islands) that Techno Egyptians Portal perhaps owes its roots. It doesn't look like these levels - but it plays like them, i.e. sprawling levels full of fiendishly tricky jumps that could be impossible but aren't and jumps that look do-able but are in fact impossible. In other words this one is a bit of a head-trip. You might end up banging your head against the monitor with some of the maneuvers (the backflip-from-ledge-and-mid-air-twist-then-swerve-sharply-to-left jump was one I found ..... 'difficult' to pull off - and so will you. I did get stuck a few times and at one stage asked Psiko for help - but I managed to get unstuck and go on to complete the level before the reply came. So to sum up ... It's the first time in ages that a TR level has actually intimidated me into thinking that it's beyond my ability to complete. So when I did finally get to the end, the sense of satisfaction was immense. Best custom level yet and much better than most regular TR levels. Well done, Psiko." - Dick (25-Jun-2002)
"This level is better than all levels I played! Wonderful, very difficult but logical puzzles and incredible jump-combinations. I needed 5 hours and 12 minutes, in one piece(!) for this level. Nothing for beginners. I am waiting desperately for the next level of Psiko" - Seemeister (25-Jun-2002)
"I think that this level is the apotheosis of the Tomb Raider Level Editor. I like the textures, the NEW objects and the Gameplay. This level has various locations and a new Lara. For the first Time Psiko changed the 3d model of Lara Croft. I think that you MUST download this Level." - Salvin (25-Jun-2002)
"A variable gameplay, many new objects, very difficulty secrets, a perfect atmosphere, coloured lighting, new textures... a perfect level!" - Miya (25-Jun-2002)